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She called; I was in a building where reception was terrible. I picked up, as she had tried to contact me in other means regarding the juicy happenings of the weekend.

I could barely hear her; I told her I would call her in 2 minutes from downstairs. Two minutes later, she is not picking up. I went down the elevator, searched for a private location with better reception, all in 2 minutes and called her.

Annoyed! I let it go, as she is my friend but she really need to get some training in consideration.

There are those people that pick up the phone all the time, I love those guys! But it should also be understood that every phone call is not suppose to be picked up. Hence, the thing called voice mail.

And give me time to check the voice mail, and if necessary I will return the phone call. My mom calls me and leaves a message, and calls again and again till I pick up. I always tell her that I was peeing; and she jokes with me, ‘that’s a long pee!

I had a girl friend once, who was always annoyed that I didn’t pick up the phone, I was always surprised that she would complain the few times I didn’t pick up the phone, because she never picked up her phone calls from others in front off me.

I would ask her why she didn’t pick it up, and she would reply with ‘bakeh I will get to them another time.’ Eventually I found out that a lot of people get annoyed with her because she only gets to them at her convenience. The hypocrisy was that she expected different from those she wanted to her from regardless of their convenience.

I have a few people on my must talk list, they are on my favorites and even if I am running to a meeting, I pick it up and tell them that I would call them at a certain time. There was a time where I would end up talking on the phone for about 2 hours a day, replying to people that only call me when they need something.

Now I moved to an hour between 6 & 7 on weekdays, I use that time to reply to all those voice mails that I get daily; including those that need something from me.  Of course there are exceptions to the rule.

By far the most annoying thing is people that always have to check their phones at all times. Please keep that cell phone in the purse when you are at a dinner. If you want to text and talk on the phone while at dinner please do it at the next table.

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  1. 1 luli

    lol your beginning paragraphs reminded me of something i read somewhere “I hate it when I just miss a call by the last ring (Hello? Hello? Dammit!), but when I immediately call back, it rings nine times and
    goes to voicemail. What’d you do after I didn’t answer? Drop the phone and run away?”

  2. 2 spacefog

    Luli ,
    Nols ,
    Confused as ever

  3. 3 Rahel

    I think you are right.. On the pickicking up … There are also a lot of ppl that never pick up.. That’s annoying

  4. 4 Dinich

    I almost never pick up my phone. I check my voice mail at least twice a day, usually 4-5 times.

    I try to prioritize my return calls not based on who is my fav person but based on how important the issue is. If you leave me a voice mail saying “I just wanted to say hi” chances are you ll be at the bottom of the list of calls to return. Funny part is a lot of ppl leave that kind of message even though they might have something important to talk about.

    I like voice mails. They cut out unnecessary chat and bla bla bla. Some people just don’t know how to keep it short and to the point.

  5. 5 ep

    Nice read!
    My only problem is, I check my voice mail once in two or three days…sometimes in a week..
    For urgent matters , i follow up on SMS..
    I check missed calls and prioritize to call back if i was expecting from that person or, if it is favorite person so to speak.. :) ..but everyone in the missed call will get a call from me someday (that doesn’t include Private Numbers)
    However, if i am expecting interviews minamin, i check my voice mail every now and then

  6. 6 Anonx

    My phone at all times is on vibrate. I miss most of the calls I get, some intentional, most unintentional. That saves me the embarrasment of interupting a meeting or other people’s quite dinner. At restuarants, I think the entiquette is to put on vibrate or turn the celly off.

  7. 7 Leo

    I hate those people who keep calling you until you answer
    “I’ve been calling you, menew tefash?”
    “I’m very busy” you know i’m not that busy
    “oh i understand, i’m busy too” really? then why r u keep calling me sicko!
    and they talk talk and talk
    “i got to go, i have stuff to do”
    “ok, i’ll call you tomorrow” why???? can’t you tell i don’t want to talk to you?
    “ok see ya” i should have said don’t ever call me again but ???
    and they call you the next day and days after that…
    what do you do?

  8. 8 Kok

    @ Anonx: Amen! Mine stays on vibrate too. It’s always plugged in in my room or way down in my purse. The idea of having to be accessible at all times is so strange to me. I recently went without my cell for 2.5 weeks and after the initial frustration of no music/internet at all times I was quite at ease…as for my social circle, not so much.

  9. 9 anonx

    Kok- you got saved of my wrath. On mobile screen I read the 2.5 as 25 initially and was gonna ask what planet you live on. 21/2 is manageable distresser. Where u on vacation?:)

  10. 10 SaraA

    I hate people who think that just because you have a cell phone, you have to pick it up. I love having “my moments” which exclude cell phones. I also love txt messages as you don’t always feel the need to talk to everyone.
    @ Kok: U stop answering the phone for all the people you don’t want to talk to…after a while, they will get tired of calling
    @Nolawi:Agreed with u all the way!

  11. 11 SaraA

    Sorry I meant Leo and not Kok

  12. 12 Bed_ford

    Nice read

  13. 13 Wurgatu

    Kok wrote:

    the idea of having to be accessible at all times is so strange to me.

    enem yawu negn!

  14. 14 Kok

    @ anonx:
    Hahaha – honestly, though. After 2 weeks, it’s all the same. It made for a very peaceful & self determining existence.

    @ Wurgatu: I say we call for a National Cell Free day – give everyone a taste of the experience.

  15. 15 Hiwot

    Nice read..

    SaraA wrote:

    U stop answering the phone for all the people you don’t want to talk to…after a while, they will get tired of calling

    Yes most get it thank God! lol

    Anonx wrote:

    My phone at all times is on vibrate.

    Mine too.. mostly intentional but at times I forget to turn it back on after work… and it’s so rude constantly checking your cell/txting/ while in the company of others, it doesn’t prove you’re super busy or on demand or anything really – just plain rude & probably missing out living in the moment, you’re not here or there just out there waiting/smsing/…. Unless you got family stuff that needs immediate attention, shut it off I say

  16. 16 Anonx

    I have been told that the skinny phones once on vibrate have a dual purpose for the ladies. It ups phone sex one notch…mine is a blackberry, dont ask me….lol (did I say that!?)

  17. 17 Kok

    @ Anonx:
    Wow…you took it there. For the record I got a blackberry too so I wouldn’t know.

    However, I heard of ipods being able to be used in this way…kinda(again for the record I do not own an ipod): http://www.dailycandy.com/all-cities/article/31791/OhMiBod-Vibrator

  18. 18 Anonx

    No Kok! I am guy, I don’t have IT to take it there. And my back got do not enter turned on. My remark was more of a *wink, wink* @ Leo. That way repeat harrasers can bring joy as well.

  19. 19 Kok

    @ Anonx:
    No, i meant you took the conversation there…that was bad enough. ;)

  20. 20 helen

    I read somewhere some people even intrupt sex to answer their cell, check their text and facebook. You are right Hiwot talk about not living in the moment.

    @ Anonx:
    I doubt that is true… I dont think it works. How will they get to finish if they have to stop to answer calls all the time? :-) But then again according to this http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/21216988/detail.html article some women would rather give up sex for a year than their cell phones for a year… so maybe it works.

  21. 21 Anonx

    Holly Cow! Kok. That iPod has an external device? That woman inventor is a genius. Why can’t I be that smart? :)

    Helen: I think for it to work, you have to have a repeat offender or a willing participant, the point is to let it vibrate ’till to voice mail and receive recall till finish :)

  22. 22 helen

    @ Anonx:
    Spoken like a true “willing participant” I think :-)

  23. 23 Anonx

    you are funny Helen. I thought your gender usually does not have a problem finding a willing participant. if you advertise it, buba from your next door will beat me to your door.

    in any case… whats your number? ;)

  24. 24 Leo

    Lol. I have a blackberry so i don’t know.
    I was talking about those family members that you only want to talk to once in a while but they call you frequently. I just can’t tell them not to call me so i answer it once in five missed calls, is that wrong? I mean what would you say.

  25. 25 helen

    @ Anonx:
    my number is (212) 555….. but I dont have a skinny phone. I do have an ipod tho ;-) .

  26. 26 Anonx

    Happy Halloween, except for the JWs of you… I am spooked out today, thanks to you Kok and Helen.

    Leo, go rogue, don’t give a damn. I’ll see you at the dinner table this holiday season.

  27. 27 Leo

    Please i want you to give a damn. Lol

  28. 28 Wurgatu

    Annox,Kok and Helen….u guys are betam chewata awakiwoch…a creative witty charming mind….luv it!

  29. 29 some lady

    one of my biggest pet peeves: people who talk on the cell phone or obsessively text while you are hanging out. for goodness sake,there is a human being right infront of you, with the decency to give YOU their time and respect.

    when im around others and if i get a call, i first ask them “do you mind?” or whisper “excuse me”, keep the convo short and to the point then return my full attention the individual(s) with me.

    unfortunatly, constantly waving your phone about has somehow become a status symbol, as if you are extra popular. you go to the club and everyone’s is clicking on their iphone, you go the park, same shit. you go the cafe, that’s all you see. people are losing the capacity to socialize face to face, instead its twitter and texting. pathetic.

    and no this is not the grumpy banter of an old woman, im only in my mid 20s.

  30. 30 Nightingale

    Ato Nolawi, whr u @ yihe hulu siwera, kebrit chiro zor malet yelem….lol

  31. 31 temelkach

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  32. 32 Nolawi

    @ temelkach:
    sure email us info@bernos.org

  33. 33 Shanta Magnotta

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  35. 35 Ayana

    Lol……HILLARIOUS.IM NOT A CHITTY CHATTY INDIVIDUAL,I AVOID LENGTHY CONVERSATIONS AT ALL costs b it on the phone or otherwise..and that irritated the crap outta some pipo i know….could be my attention span or something,but if u didnt get ur point across in the first 5 minutes then thats on u..Next

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