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Bernos At DC Soccer

Introducing Party DC a micro site, for which we have recruited a few people, including Wondata and Beshou; Who are going to update everyone interested in events during the Ethiopian Sports Federation of North America tourney in DC.

The Good News; is that bernos is going to be present with our own booth at RFK stadium during the Soccer tournatment from June 29th – July 5th, and also bring back a few of the sold old bernos tees including:

For our bernos customers outside of DC, we are going to have these tees available online prior to the event; the last week of June. If you haven’t already bought a tee from bernos, COB Thursday by noon will be the last day you can qualify for free shipping Dawit introduced last week. Get one now!

About Party DC

Bernos introduces Party DC which is a micros site that will be up until mid July. The plan is to organize and inform people that are interested in the different events and parties happening throughout the pre and post tourney.

The Reasons; to organize people interested in partying at the right place. To organize people so that we can solicit discount rates for tickets at shows, clubs and other events.

But most importantly to make the party we are at instead of fighting with security paying 40 bucks to get in at the so called right place.

So go to and Sign Up and Subscribe!

18 Responses to “bernos @ dc soccer”

  1. 1 want help

    I love Ethiopia! I am not so sure about Ethiopians. I wander if the Ethiopian Diaspora became blind to what is going on in Ethiopia. Where is all this pride going? What does it mean? Are the people going hungry Ethiopians? Do they feel the pride? Do they know it is the millennium? Please, if anyone knows a non religious organization that we can all work with let me know. I will be celebrating the millennium donating.

  2. 2 Nolawi

    How came we are not getting much feedback on this.. what up people menew… do you like the updates.. ????

  3. 3 Totit

    Hey Nolawi…wont be around so, did not comment…

  4. 4 Wiit

    stop assuming everyone will be there :)

  5. 5 tpeace

    To organize people so that we can solicit discount rates for tickets at shows, clubs and other events.

    what do u mean?

  6. 6 Nolawi

    Wii Totit, I wrote a little replya nd my browser failed.

    Anyways we know that most of the readers here are not going to be present thus we let the promo for this in a different site…

    but feedback is great otherwise we don’t know if something is a good idea or not.

    tpeace it means that promoter contact us to put us on ist since we have a big microphone.. but if we organize the people in a list or whatever platform then we have the proof… that we have a big microphone….

    this way we can ask for a discount and say if you want my people to come here we nned this or that. otherwise we will go to the competition minamin…

    let me know if you understand..

  7. 7 tpeace

    so bernos is tryna get all the party-goers organized so they can all get discounts …so the bottom line is: if u wanna party on a budget sign up on bernos…
    that wasn’t clear earlier, got it now.

  8. 8 Nolawi

    exactly.. peace genius nesh eko!

  9. 9 Totit

    Well It sounds like it is a great Idea…I like TPeace mabraria….atere metene yale…yet to the point…Party on a budget…I like…:)

  10. 10 beckymood

    how u doin Beshou….anchi gurage…

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  15. 15 Sukait Sharma

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  16. 16 Ann Johnston

    LOL. I guess.

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