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Update: Bumping fist with Michelle

Now I really dig the idea of a bumping fist with the president.

Because if we are willing to work for it, and fight for it, and believe in it, then I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation and restored our image as the last, best hope on Earth. This was the moment – this was the time – when we came together to remake this great nation so that it may always reflect our very best selves, and our highest ideals.

The end of Barack Obama speech I just heard.

More of the speech here. And podcasted is the Obama Campaign theme song City of Blinding Lights by U2.

He walks in to that every time, its amazing.

42 Responses to “This was the Moment”

  1. 1 tsepeace

    beyond Amazing:

    Congratulations to everyone who’s supported Obama! and now its on to the white house ;)

  2. 2 Wurgatu

    What a really happy moment!
    now,all roads takes to…..

  3. 3 Dinich

    What an extraordinary man

    Things he is going to do for sure:

    By November redraw the electoral map and if elected President make a big dent in partisan politics with unprecedented level of cooperation between the two parties.

    My prediction for Novemeber is a landslide win for Obama.

    Things he will have tough time with:

    The economy. War in Iraq. All the promises he made about healthcare bla bla.

  4. 4 lemat

    It was an emotional moment for me last night. I am thrilled. Congratulations to the entire optimistic supporter. Let’s keep that and move forward.

    “Yes We Can”

  5. 5 lemat

    It was an emotional moment for me last night. I am thrilled. Congratulations to the entire optimistic supporters. Let’s keep that and move forward.

    “Yes We Can”

  6. 6 dawitm

    YES… this is indeed the moment!

    this moment is great, but it not yet over. we need to make sure mccain is beaten at election time. spread the word around every opportunity you get to make sure obama gets the votes in november. it is not too early to make the appeal.

  7. 7 meron

    wow!!! wow!!! wow!!! wow!!! WOW!

  8. 8 Hidaya

    The moment,the man both extraordinary, this is history making moment isnt it?…Congratulations to all his supporters…next moment should hopefully be pensioning off dead man walking McCain…

  9. 9 Wiit

    Everyday, I am growing to love him more! I also love how cool he is with the other canidates too. They try to rip him down, but he has a positive image toward them. He understand they all want to win and have different strategies, but does not mock them. He only proves that his strategey is the best one. That is the kind of President we need.

  10. 10 Dinich

    America….truly is a land of opportunities….where democracy reigns supreme…..

  11. 11 justme

    i just can’t wait to see his wife in white house..guys..

  12. 12 Justme2

    I have always voted and will be voting conservative. I just don’t understand how people who have suffered so much under communism would elect left wing liberals let alone THE Labor union’s golden Child.

    We Ethiopians need to step away from the emotionalism that grips us everytime we see an African face and get real. Color is only skin deep and we have been squandering our votes. We are hard working individualists. That is why we can never find a home in a democrat ruled black electorate that continous to offer its vote to candidates that reward it it more handouts via hefty taxes on people that work for a living, i.e. you and me.

    Stop voting for poverty and for big government.

  13. 13 Bilena

    Get this!
    Even more remarkable and historical is the fact that if and when Senator Obama is elected to be the 44th president of the United States. The wining candidates acceptance speech is scheduled to be on the same day of the (45th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther Kings famous “I have a dream” speech). Senator Clyburn brought this fact up yesterday so I researched it and indeed it’s very true.


  14. 14 Bilena

    Justme2 – you’re obviously the one out of touch with reality.

  15. 15 Grand Ma

    Cool & smart couples! Glad he got the primary nomination and good luck to him! I’m sure for many racist haters out there, it is a moment of facing the truth.

    p.s He won’t get my vote b/s i’m not convinced what he’s going to do with so many issues.

  16. 16 Aklile

    It is not always true, “Nice guys finish last” and coming November 4, our Barack Obama will be President elect of United States of America.

  17. 17 tsegure

    I will be making no decision tonight

    w-t-f was that about? She refuses to publicly step down.

  18. 18 Dinich


    A Canadian TV was playing Martin Luther’s I have a dream speech with Obama’s victory speech yesterday…the part where he said…I am the democratic nominee…

    And they were commenting on how Obama is the dream that Martin Luther had…..

    It was moving…

  19. 19 LoveJones

    I went to the Xcel Energy center 4 hours prior to the event and wow, can’t even get a sniff. I was standing in line for hours and couldn’t get in. We were able to see it on TV screens outside of the venue.

    Mind you, in the twin-cities, the folks are as White as it gets, but their support for Obama is greater than what we ever expect.

    Obama is bigger than life as we have our reservations about politicians; but his movement is real and not a facade.

    More than anything, I would like his presence to mean something to Africa and the countries. He should place some kind of a support system that lifts that continent, where in true facts does not necessarily need aid every year. Africa as a continent can support itself and should be presented with the opportunity once and for all. Strong sanctions against European and Western nations who continue to pollute and deplete the natural resources should be enforced. Give these African countries negotiation power to restructure their old fashioned contracts for Diamond, oil, and natural resources….

    More to come.

    My 2 cents.

  20. 20 spacefog

    Guys, did he really say this at Aipac meeting?

  21. 21 E

    I like Michelle’s dress. Very elegant. Her color choice is brilliant as well. Can’t wait to see her becoming Ms. First Lady. She has done so much helping out her husband but many including the media seem to give her no credit. They all talk about how great Obama is as if he achieved it all by himself. What a sad thing. She is an extraordinary wife. I want one like her for myself.

  22. 22 lemat


    “I want one like her for myself.”

    Yes you can find your own queen. Good Luck!

  23. 23 Tsedey

    What’s next for Mrs. C.?

  24. 24 filetew kuretew

    Here comes
    President James Earl Carter Jr. Numero Dos.
    AYAYAY. stock up on all the gas now cos you think things are expensive now. See what happens when Obama is Prez

  25. 25 Nolawi

    eeich an abesha republican is among us!

  26. 26 tsepeace

    Guys, did he really say this at Aipac meeting?

    yes…shocking! …i just hope that stunt was simply to secure votes and he’s not gonna be a sellout to fit in to Washington

  27. 27 Nolawi

    Oh shurrap Spacefog. Idealist BS. I think you should go support Ron Paul!

  28. 28 E



    take it easy ;)

  29. 29 Totit

    Hummm…Are u asking people to shut up when they r pointing to facts or what Nolawi …We call that bullying, I dont know about u…

  30. 30 Nolawi

    its not bullying it a disagreement

  31. 31 nyalasmoke

    yes…shocking! …i just hope that stunt was simply to secure votes and he’s not gonna be a sellout to fit in to Washington

    tsepeace, it is not simply a shameless pander, rather, he not only will have to keep his word but he will have to become more pro Israel than any republic president or even Israelis themselves just to prove his toughness. Actually it has already began. For instance his talk about “Jerusalem will remain undivided” is a very controversial stand to say the least. It is a position even to the right of Prime Minister Olmer! Just check how Olmert is shying away from making a comment on that particular point. I wouldn’t even be surprised if he decides to invade Iran/Siria on behalf or Israel. So don’t be hard pressed to find “change” in this particular US policy even if he becomes president.

  32. 32 yachilej



    love it..

  33. 33 spacefog


    lol @ 27

    AIPAC is no joke. They will make sure he delivers.

  34. 34 tsepeace

    my main concern is: this is headline news for aljazeera and other arab media! maybe headline news for 3 straight days…!

    Sure, obama is not seeking votes from Hamas leaders but really, if you’re working toward any type of peace in the middle east as a president of US; it would not be by going around declaring that you’re in bed with Israel during your election!

    This has nothing to do with idealism, our guy will be charged with the ‘inherited’ task of resolving THE root issue causing anger in many arab nations and people. This makes what he said completely UNdiplomatic. Where did the roundtable go, all of a sudden???

    don’t get me wrong, I’m a deep believer! and that’s why i say all this! mts…

    , my take issue is, given obama’s doing this to get elected (i hooooope he is, goddamt!!) he’s avoiding an inevitable blow from mccain who can claim obama is weak on national security for being soft on the “terrorist” hamas leaders…+ the jewish constituency is HUGE in the US.

  35. 35 nyalasmoke

    my take issue is, given obama’s doing this to get elected (i hooooope he is, goddamt!!) he’s avoiding an inevitable blow from mccain who can claim obama is weak on national security for being soft on the “terrorist” hamas leaders…+ the jewish constituency is HUGE in the US.

    tsepeace that will be yet again another historic naivety that will come back to bite those who keep giving him the pass in the hopes of getting him elected. Even if u give him the benefit of doubt don’t you think such posturing will effectively undermining his credibility in the eyes of those he is trying to bring to the table, rendering all his talk about diplomacy as another American Imperial sophistry albeit the change in the face of the leadership? Secondly, as spacefog has stated, AIPAC and the rest of the pro Israel lobby is no joke, so how do u expect him to renege on his promise? The best scenario in my perspective is for him just to do nothing but that too seems unlikely in the event Israel gets involve in a war with say Iran or Syria. SO dear tsepeace you have to face the fact that our dear Obama has already sold his sole to the devil. What can we do, u may ask.I say we can still support him but this time u gona have to ask more of him. His supporters must reminder that he can’t out republican the republicans and stick with his message of diplomacy and non-brinkmanship. And stop giving him free passes!

  36. 36 datdude

    I hope Obama will be a relief from the aggressive policies we’ve seen in the past from the US gov’t. Imagine how lightly these topics are being raised, we are talking about invading syria/iran? I don’t want to picture another tragedy like Iraq from ’91 onwards?

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