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TPJS 41 Comments

In recent years I have been bewildered by the route Ethiopian music has taken. There have been a few bright lights here and there but those are the exception to the rule. The rule has been to market over produced and over synthesized music. And then, I came across Tommy T’s (Thomas Temesgen Gobena) CD [...]

Made In Africa and T.I.A 50 Comments

A couple of months ago, we told you about this artist named K’naan. We also told you that we attended his concert in DC and that was great. I also wrote a short review of his album , Troubadour. We also had the chance to meet K’naan, his band and his management team. At that [...]

Bernos – Steering Upward… 22 Comments

Interview by Shirlene Alusa-Brown ( Photography by Bernos | Posted Monday, April 6, 2009 Bernos stands for quality.  Bernos stands for cultural pride.  But what is Bernos? Bernos is becoming a cultural phenomenon in the Washington DC area.  Their shirts have been seen on K’naan, featured on several local news outlets, and are poised to [...]

on the radio 43 Comments

Do you listen to the radio? I do, I listen to NPR and Conservative Right-Wing Talk Radio. I want to hear what they are saying about Obama now. I was really getting pissed of when they were talking about Rev. Wright. I called the Mark Levin Show — approximately 4 million listeners daily. After the [...]

Feel the BEAT – CANCELED Comments

Friends and Family, Unfortunately, the AfroBeat party has been canceled due to matters that are out of our control. The venue is undergoing renovations. We are as disappointed as you are and we TRULY apologize. For those of you who were looking forward to the FREE TICKETS to the Magic System show on Sunday, we [...]