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Oldies but Goodies V-II 157 Comments

Funny Songs continued The positive responses to part 1 made me understand that I needed to podcast some more gems from GeTu Ayele. I was having a phone discussion about part 1 with my friend Efrata when she informed me that the song Ehud YeEqub Tela by Fantu Mandoye was remade and was on YouTube.

We gonna barty! 28 Comments

Beshou is always talking about music; you know,…about two weeks ago we started talking about bernos’s anniversary celebration music selection. The bernos crew is actually more of an online crew, we meet but we don’t really meet. We are almost ever together… we have our monthly meetings minamin… with all of us together.. well not [...]

Oldies but Goodies V 14,761 Comments

The Funny Songs I remember in the early eighties when Hibret Terit (Variety Show) used to bring some funny songs performed by the veteran Fantu Mandoye. In one skit it was he with Tshaynesh Bekele playing his daughter discussing the passing of arranged marriages and the thing called Love. The title? “Yet Hedesh Neber?” As [...]

Konjit 261 Comments

Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder You know the kind people turn around for…; the one that singers write songs for, painters paint about, the kind poems are written about… It exists, and society based on environment has a consensus. The liberal idealists we are would disagree! We would say that beauty [...]

Nolawi Speaks I 92 Comments

Instead of writing my article, I am podcasting it….