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Aka Could I have been any luckier? My love for Ethiopian music started at a very young age. Both my parents loved music, my mother was a huge fan of traditional music whereas my father loved the modern. Between the two of them I was made aware of the sounds ranging from Kassa Tessema and [...]

Getachew goes Punk! 54 Comments

The Sixth Ethiopian Music festival was held between January 9, 2007 through January 17, 2007. This year, the festival was dedicated to Amha Eshete, Ethiopia’s first independent music producer. Though I was in Addis during some of these dates, prior engagements and unforseen events prevented me to attend all but one date. The closing date [...]

Ayayayaya yaa! 106 Comments

Sentimental songs that put me in the back to the days of boyhood; I was actually old enough to actually listen to these hits of the time. These songs are not oldies but sure enough are goodies. His singing career span to almost three decades; one of the leading vocalist of the then very popular [...]

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She told me that she finally found her soul mate, but he lived in California mT’s setiyo, soul mates come only in close proximity! Months later she told me; I was right he wasn’t the one after all. I think I could woo the heart of anyone I want, call me a Guregna ‘chauvinist pig!’ [...]

A Washint Melody! 65 Comments

A Podcast for a Fallen Comrade I have often referenced memory in correlation with our senses. When we think memory, we don’t necessarily think about the sensory stimuli that inputs the data to our brains. However, everything is sensed; we live by our senses. From the little I know, the sensory system is so complicated [...]