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ohh soccertime 104 Comments

I haven’t been able to concentrate enough to think straight the last week let alone work. I have been watching the first world cup in Africa. Tshabalala & Drogba are my two favorite players this cup. I have never been able to understand true fans of soccer that root for teams other than their own. [...]

An Anthem for the people 24 Comments

i aint mr. right but i am mr. bright/ the starlight type/ the bark fits the bite There’s never been a lack of intelligence in Hip-Hop; never been a lack of clever, witty lyrics and impressive flow. So what makes this cat Anthem different than the rest? Perhaps some context is needed. Ant is a [...]

munit 149 Comments

Nolawi wrote a piece about Munit’s video “Noro Noro” a little over a year ago. He was referring more to her style of music and how much he loved the fact that it was not synthesized, or over synthesized, like a lot of Ethiopian music nowadays. I don’t remember how I met Munit, but I [...]

Hello World 39 Comments

When it comes to Ethiopian/Habesha mainstream musicians I’m always skeptical about the talent, or lack thereof.  Yes, you can call me a harsh critic.  I have my circle of friends to thank for that and who were nice enough to groom me into the music lover I am today. Betty was introduced to you, the [...]

Forget FB, Tweet 32 Comments

Daym, is what I was thinking when I saw the above chart, the growth rate of twitter is unheard of in the world of web. Twitter is now processing 50 million Tweets a day, which comes to about 1.5 billion Tweets a month. By Comparison, Facebook which has more users and the number two website [...]