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my significant secret 118 Comments

Airing your dirty laundry; behind closed doors; biting your tongue; left in the dark; covering your tracks; keeping it under the hat; under wraps; on the DL (down-low); mum is the word; off the record. These are English idioms off the top of my head with a little bit of help via Google; basically verbalizing [...]

Qualified for WorldCup 35 Comments

Now that we finally know which countries are going to the world cup in South Africa this summer, wiki published a map and it’s really intriguing. Looking at the map, the green for qualified; {see Large version here}nearly all of Asia except the two Koreas and Japan; as a matter of fact, even though this [...]

The Default 99 Comments

What I call reading today is not what reading is really is? I continue to buy books but just use them for reference or skim through it as fast as I can while I am simultaneously listening to music. I can’t really remember reading a full book with no distractions. The default reading for me [...]

Forenji Olivia Wyatt 39 Comments

Ethiopia from olivia wyatt on Vimeo. Filmmaker Olivia Wyatt went to Ethiopia to document the music of 13 different tribes for her a film on tribal Music on Ethiopia. Along with the film, she took some Polaroid’s of her experiences with the locals. The shots somehow found my inbox via two sources. See more on [...]

Obama’s Soft Care 10 Comments

That is what they call it, the republican pundits that is.  Currently I am in my office working but with my headphones on. I am quietly listing to the Obama’s bipartisan health care summit. I and those around me, those of us that sacrificed money as well as time to get Obama elected are finally [...]