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Now that we finally know which countries are going to the world cup in South Africa this summer, wiki published a map and it’s really intriguing.

Looking at the map, the green for qualified; {see Large version here}nearly all of Asia except the two Koreas and Japan; as a matter of fact, even though this will be the first African World cup out of 53 countries less than 3% will qualify in the world tournament.

Nearly all of South American and most of Western Europe seems almost always guaranteed. It’s not just me saying, it but FIFA ranking system is terribly flawed.

Its seems so complicated that I think most of the soccer players do not understand how it works. You can read more about the process and the recent update here.

Now if in two years if a new team becomes fantastic but the team has never participated with another team that is deemed to have a strong competitive state then it’s weighed against them. Kind of like boxing, if you don’t get a match from the champion how are you suppose to show the world that you can possibly beat him.

I will be rooting for the below teams to win the whole enchila this year.

35 Responses to “Qualified for WorldCup”

  1. 1 datdude


    with all due respect, the world cup is actually being generous in giving African teams more than 3 spots, same goes for Asia who shouldn’t have more than 2 teams. The reason europe and S. america have so many spots is they are consistently producing quality squads.

  2. 2 mesraq

    I think Nolawi was saying the system is unfair not because not because of the number of African countries rather the system favors teams with history.

  3. 3 Yared

    Sounds like n*GG*s are asking for affirmative action for world cup entry too… wow… unfortunatley it is based on skills and yearly track records…. and the hosting continent is allowed at least 5 countries from in it… This has been the dealio since day one.. I don’t see what the fuss is about… Africans can’t do anything that deals with the word “organized” anyway including organized sports like soccer…we need productive niggas in this life…, “No time for whine and tears.. wasted water all that is.. and it don’t make the flowers bloom….lol.. ”

    Much love to all

  4. 4 Dinich


    U r mixing up FIFA ranking and world cup qualification….For world cup qualification each continent is given a quota….u can be Djibouti and u r entitled to compete for one of the 5 spots allotted for Africa.

    But for FIFA ranking purposes the stronger the team u beat, the higher u score and hence u can move up the ranks fast. But FIFA ranking is only used for seeding purposes to group teams for the tournament.

  5. 5 Nolawi

    Dude Yared, the ranking system looks at the history of a team for the last eight years… – well it did till recently.. :)

    Dinich enlighten me.. are you saying the worldcup qualification process doesnt have anything to do with the Fifa ranking system…

  6. 6 Dinich


    Yes sir.

  7. 7 Getu

    You little bigotted MFer, why dont you tell us how it is that “Africans can’t do anything that deals with the word “organized” anyway”? Is this something you’re writing to get your daily ego fix? What do you have to support this claim of yours? Readers here may overlook this, but Yared is claiming that Africans’ skin color is actually correlated to their behavior. In 2010 someone is actually writing this and noone is calling him on it, not even Nolawi.
    BTW, Africans earned their 5 spots, 6 this time, through their historical performance.
    Great picks Nolawi, although I’d have them in a different order.

  8. 8 Wurgatu

    Ayi getu, nolawin bemenkor yanten awaki mehon lemasayet yemititir poor guy….

  9. 9 anonx

    I rarely watch soccer, unless it is world cup. But when I do, I can’t help notice the trend in ‘Americanization/basketballization’ of European soccer, whether it is La Liga or Primer League. So how is it that African talent dominates, yet Africa still trophyless? Never mind trophyless… only once has an African country appeared as a real threat at the world cup. While at the under 21 Cups, African teams do dominate, but only once, one team made the same leap at the WC. Part of the problem seems to be management and corruption like the one of Ivory Coast at the last WC where the player threatned to walk out because their bonus money disappeared to some corrupt management.

    My hope is that at every Cup,specially this one, make it to the quarter-finals,semis, finals… win or lose there is besides the point.

    (Nol, whats up with the exclusion of Alegria from your list. Its an African team that plays in an African continental game, their win is just as good for the continent)

  10. 10 datdude

    if we are being honest Yared has a point at least when it comes to soccer. We excel at running but it requires none of the organization as soccer. Europeans and S. Americans take the time to develop and nurture their players, and when they play the game they play as a team. Same can’t be said for almost every african squad that has graced the world cup except cameroon ’90 and nigeria ’94, and I think both teams had europe based players and white coaches.

    It doesn’t mean we are genetically inferior but we have things to improve on.

  11. 11 Yared

    LMAO @ Getu
    “Biggot mofoka” huh… hoo hah haaa… I love it..
    You are showing signs of inferiority complex issues you are dealing with in your subconscious mind.
    Lets reverse the question and ask ourselves what have africans done that deals with the word “organized” in our life time(how ever long you have been living)? Then compare whatever you come up with.. with the rest of the world?
    I found out that we are up there on top when it comes to trying find someone to complain to and/or about…
    I ain’t tryin to bad mouth anyone… I am african too.. Just Keepin it Rezeal 101 Cuz….

  12. 12 Yared

    I would put my money on Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire to go far… Ghana has talent that will come in from their U20 team that beat Brazil in the fifa U20 world Cup finals… You’ll probably see the whole U20 team in the world cup… As far as Cote D’Ivoire they are playing beastie soccer fo’ sho.. We have 6 african teams to watch.., Its gonna be a bomb as summer fo sho’.. I would recommend everyone place some bets against Mexico on the world cup opening game.., South africa will pull an up set fo sho’

  13. 13 anonx

    Yared, I think you just contradicted yourself. African ORGANIZED soccer is successful in the U20 tournaments– you said it yourself. At the bigger tournaments, you may have a point, something is missing. That’s is just sport, in many spheres organized African activities is also successful. Look no further than SA… how did Apartied come to an end? It remains to be seen, but also SA is organizing a successful WC tournament. Do you not see African organizations behind all the changes and struggles taking place in Africa? I tend to think the problem is not that Africans can’t organize, its just that there is lack of education/skills and visionary leadership.

  14. 14 Yared

    20/20 vision ova here bro… I see it for real and I’m lovin the progress….

    The most prominent Economist will tel you… Africa is where the money is at..? U.S has bullshit stocks to make it seem like it is on the up and up… but no export… Technology.. maybe.. but Gate’s mama aint’ raise no fool… military technology… U.S gets off them shits… instigating and simply being currupted… Illusion runs this mophukka.. I love living in the u.s tho’ cause you have the most brilliant people in the world around you…

    Anonx: I like how you are disecting what I’ve said and I completley agree with your last sentence brotha…

    Do you know how many blacks are in law schools… hispanics…. we are looking for white slaves to take back to africa and say… get on this boat here wigga… i need you to come over to africa and help me build this mofakka…
    I have a dream that one day a black brotha like me will have white slaves…lolol…
    I got all this from a fiction book… perhaps… hoo hah haaaa… NOT

  15. 15 Dinich

    What Africa lacks is professional soccer. The fact that we r good at under 20s proves that we got talent. But the under 20 teams are players with little to none professional experience. The difference is Europeans and latin americans move on to professional soccer but african players go back to playing in mediocre leagues that provides no funding at all. I doubt if those players go back to practicing once a week but I am sure the rest of the world practices everyday. So that mkases african players amatuers but European and a lot of latin american palyers, now even MLS pay their players an attractive package and put them through full time focused practice. That is the difference. It all boils down to $$$$. Money is the difference. To succeed at the international stage, high pressure professional experience is a must. Unfortunately, Africa is wayyyy behind in professional soccer. But the good news is that Europeans coaches are more and more shopping in Africa and within the next 5-10 years There will be tons of African players in Europe. That will hurt African leagues but it will help African national teams.

    Here is something I always fantasize about: When I become rich, I will start a new club in Spain that imports only African players into la liga. I will bring all those talented 16-17 year olds, pay them well, put them through some intense training and win la liga and the champion’s league and sell those players to other clubs for record amounts. This is the most profitable venture I can imagine. For world cup they go back to their countries and win the world cup.

  16. 16 Yared

    Dinich… you can’t use the word “only” africans in a club team specially in europe… affirmative action might have to play a role…lol… but I don’t see why not start club teams in africa and then export “for record amounts”… if you’re really about yo money…. sell’n niggas…
    Anonx am I contradicting again…?

  17. 17 story

    I can’t wait for the WORLD cup to support and root for the African teams. I really think they are GREAT teams.
    My favorites are Ghana and Cameroon. I am a bit sad Senegal did not make it. They were great during 2002 World CUP.

  18. 18 anonx

    So we are counting down towards WC 2010 in SA….ok, here is an arm chair analysis, full of bias and amateur.

    Two WCs ago I made killing putting my money on France. Only a fool would bet against Brazil, but also only a fool picks a South American team to win on a European soil. Most WCs in Europe a European team wins; I guess familiar ground and crowd support is an advantage.

    I don’t understand why Algeria is not taken seriously; they are the reining African champs. I expect them to do some damage in SA. They are lacking African crowd support though–Nolawi left them out, it don’t spell good on your own continent even if you carry a ZZ (Zenedin Zidane) potion. Ghana… they disappoint when it matters, and I think they will disappoint again. Its one thing when you are defeated by your opponent–that’s excusable– and another when you defeat yourself because your mind is somewhere else preventing you from taking advantage of a spoon fed opportunity. Ghana brings that baggage. If I want to be harsher, as much as Ghanaians are my favorite West African people, they have disappointment written into their national soccer team character. Ivory Coast…Dragoba is a lethal finisher, but he aint no Roger Milla. Dragoba can not carry his team. No African team gets humuliated at WC, and that’s a credit to their D. Pure strikers like Dragoba wait to be fed, but that also don’t spell good if your feeders are worried about if management is gonna feed them. One should play for their country, but they also play for money. WC bonus belongs to the players alone… will Ivory Coast make sure that happens? If I can stereotype based on the one and only well-to-do-son of-a-coca-farmer Ivory Coastal(IC) school mate/friend, I doubt that these corrupt-bombastic-pychopath-Parisian-wannnabe-francophen IC leadership will look after the best interest of their players.

    Nigeria and Cameroon, I look forward to see them break their record. That I think can only happen with a Roger Milla type, one all round superb player and on field leader capable of carrying the entire team. No matter what they say, soccer is an individual sport or it’s an individual sport in Africa and its takes one well rounded lethal individual.

  19. 19 mikematic

    FIFA is a joke. Football cannot progress when those dinosaurs still chair that organization.

  20. 20 biskut

    somebody put a leash on potty mouthed yared .He is all over the
    place…sports,psych,history ,politics …..anyway
    I will be rooting for cameroon .I don’t know much about sports but as a child i do remember cameroon playing very well in one of the world cups .I remember one of thier players dancing his little dance on the corner after scoring a goal.

  21. 21 Sword of Gabriel

    Interesting stuff,

    Will not join debate in full as this happens to be my passion and I may not stop if I start. However, Dinich’s explanation for African Team’s underperformance (not moving on to professional football after youth experience) is the closest to the analysis shared in professional circles…

    While a lot of the above teams are quite good and can scare many, unfortunately the draw has not been kind to them (Nigeria in Argentina’s group, Algeria in england’s, Ghana in Germany’s, Cameroon in Holland and Denmark’s, Cote d’Ivoire in Brazil and Portugal’s, South Africa in France’s.) I think Ghana and Nigeria may have a shot of getting out of the first round, and maybe algeria as well. The rest I won’t hold my breath.
    In theory, algeria should go far as about 70-80% of its team are French. It’s guys whose grandparents may be Algerian immigrants but they were born and raised in France, play in France or other major european leagues, were trained in French professional development system, played for France national youth teams, but never made it to France A team. Many don’t speak arabic and had never been to Algeria (Lacen, Meghni, Ziani …) but France has too much talent so they finally accepted when they were offered Algerian passports & joined the team. And they made it to the WC!

  22. 22 Dinich2

    Yared Yared Yared…somehow some of the stuff you said does have validity

  23. 23 Yared

    @Biskut… “I dont know much about sports but uhh…”

    Nice nick name.. but.. potty mouth ain’t sittn well ova here kneegrow… what have I said faulty that made you uncomfortable…? may be uhhhh “The Truth”.. Truth is Real and Real is a Mothaaphukka…
    Obviously..The truth is u like strippers on the pole like Roger Milla from Cameroon dancing by the corner flag..lol.. you ain’t gots to lie craig”movie friday” lolol… that is most likely what intrigues you more than the sport itself.. nothin wrong with that, its part of the entertainment.. but no substance… every world cup team has a completley different “team” since it is every 4 yrs.. rite ? ryte? riiite…

    @ Sword of gabriel
    Cote D’voire and Cameroon have a tuff group schedule.. but.., I dont see the other african teams not advancing to the next level… for your last two sentences; I have to say you lost ur rabbit ass mind… that was some deep shit.. and you should put it on a greeting card… or better yet get yo bad ass self out there and write a fiction book bro…

    lolol.. yea … get out there and sell some niggas.. if you don’t, somebodyelse will.. and you only live once..
    Sword of gabriel is rite about the “If I start I can’t stop part” but why not start and finish …

    Can anyone tell these people to bring Ethiopian Alien T-shirt back available… that has to be my fav one so far.. and change the name… that beautifull art deserves a better name 4 real… call it nancy or konjo or somthin..lolol I will leave the creativity up to you but goddam change the name… Treat your products like your children… give them a nice names and sell them to white people (Angelina Jolie) no offense… just a little productive criticism

  24. 24 Yared

    By the way.. Dinich.. don’t be screamin my blog name that many times… It ain’t my rezeal name lil loca

  25. 25 Cecil Sirianni

    ahh the beautiful game. Where would we be with out it. Nice blog will check back again to see if you have any updates

  26. 26 LeCreusetCookwareSet

    VRy intriguing to read it :P

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