Stuff I like 182 Comments

This is going to be a series of post with stuff I really like.  Basically I will post the stuff maybe a picture or a video or a link and a little description.

Hey I like a lot of different stuff; let me know what you like?

  1. Ergonomics office chair – since I spend a lot of time on the computer and I am so restless, I like to have the perfect chair, I am consistently unhappy with the design and flexibility of most office chairs. I just ordered the below a few minutes ago.
  2. Basil- I love the taste smell freshness of basil, its one of those things that makes food m mmmm so gooood you want to bite your fingers. You can’t make any type of decent pasta with no basil, not dried old basil, fresh basil – it only lasts about a week in the fridge so you have to make something good everyday. And don’t cook it but use it as a sort of garish, put it on after you are done cooking.
  3. Hot Coffee- There is nothing more important than the first coffee in the morning. I live like a zombie, who hasn’t gotten enough sleep in weeks. I have hard time waking up and the coffee is the only thing that gives me the energy to go from the morning to early afternoon. I love the smell, taste and the feeling coffee gives me.

182 Responses to “Stuff I like”

  1. 1 tsedu

    like this idea Ethiopian version of Oprah’s fav. list ,the chair looks so comfortable ,my husband is a PHD student with minor backache would love to know the name of the maker ,please post .Thanks Nolawi.

  2. 2 Nolawi

    here is link one and two to choose from. the above is for my body style…

  3. 3 hewe

    I’m w/ you on Coffee Nol…..2) Injera Be-Shero 3) bekemem yabede Shai(tea) 4) my cell phone :)

  4. 4 Selam T

    Yes. Coffee is my all time #1
    1. If you love coffee the way I do. Invest in a small
    Coffee home roaster machine(Fresh Roast Plus). You will love it! and love it

    (I can also tell you where to buy the best Yergachefe green coffee if you are interested)

    2. My Bialetti Mukka Express Cappuccino Maker has been spoiling me for 6 months now. it takes less than 10 minues to make a cup.

    If you plan to give yourself a gift for X-mas get these 2 items.

  5. 5 Nolawi

    my email is nolawi.petros at gmail so email me with details please on the yergachefe

  6. 6 toothpick

    Sumatran coffee
    Moleskin notebooks
    Fine-point Sharpies
    Basil pesto

  7. 7 Nolawi

    i love moleskine notebooks too:)

  8. 8 Selam T

    I did send you the info. Yergacheffe check your mail

  9. 9 biskut

    paper towel
    Awesome all purpose cleaner
    granola bars
    rosemary leaves
    kitfo be tetebese kocho
    shell toe addidas
    black liquid eyeliner

  10. 10 petite

    Stuff I don’t like:

    When Nolawi closes some of the comments on older blogs – and I’m not able to leave a reply to one of the most ridiculous articles written. OMG I can’t believe there’s an entire blog on Nazareth school hatin’. I’m disappointed.

  11. 11 Lula

    hey, we want the info on the yergacheffe coffee too ….and the capiccino maker. where to get it menamen…please post Selam!

  12. 12 helen

    1000 TC Egyptian cotton Sheets, a big down comforter, my Gabi – I love sleep obviously

    dessert – Tiramisu, creme caramel, creme brulee, millefoglie, pear tarts … ummmmm & coffee or tea to go with

  13. 13 wudnesh

    Candles and unique candle holders ,
    Home decorating and Beautiful Homes mags.,
    Paintings that take you away to the location/place,
    Good food, Tea,Tea,Tea, and fresh out of oven bread,
    Garment steamer

  14. 14 datdude

    is saturday considered a stuff? cos its been #1 on my ranking for a few weeks now….

    #2 the new expressway completed near my crib, get to work in under 7 minutes going legal

    #3 somale store now even closer to my crib, phone cards and ambasha on one trip. Now to figure out how to make chechebsa.hmmmmm

  15. 15 Mitti

    ummm my gabi, misir wot be tikus injera, Aster ballads on a rainy afternoon, music, music, music, shai, the color orange

  16. 16 Nolawi

    ha who like misir—

    i hate misir wot…

  17. 17 Dinich

    Nol, shurrup!!!

  18. 18 Mitti

    Dinich, was your response out of the blue (lol) or in response to Nolawi’s inexplicable dislike for misir? Nolawi, why? why? WHY?

  19. 19 Anonx

    I like shiro, and anything made out of pumpkin, pumpkin pie, pumpkin wot….

  20. 20 Mikematic

    I like big butts n i cannot lie lol j.k…

    I like:
    IBM thinkpads
    Cohiba cigars
    Tazo zen tea

  21. 21 Selam T

    The The Bialetti capuchino maker:
    or google it

    Ethiopian Yergachefe, buy it roasted or green

    Coffee Roaster
    Fresh Roast Plus 8 Home Coffee Roaster
    Just google it.

  22. 22 justme

    ethiopian tradional song…with coffee..any given day i can take it….
    Reading sunday’s NY.TIMES art section only….

    more to come…stuff i like,,,,,,

  23. 23 wudnesh

    I guess u never had arif misir wat.

  24. 24 Guadegna

    Gabi & Kimem shai with CSI or LAO….any crime drama
    yebeg shorba grammy used to make :)

  25. 25 Nolawi

    ya my chair is here

  26. 26 mitmita

    bernos baby

    Addis Tea

  27. 27 tpeace

    weird jewelry
    canon sd 1100 powershot camera
    mp3 player
    green tea frappacino

  28. 28 spacefog

    -My Mom’s cooking
    -Good Music
    -Any Kind of water body(oceans, lakes, Big swimming pools)
    -lying in hot sun(Egna Gibi)
    -Tall well-read men

  29. 29 biskut

    how can you not like misir ?
    They have aphrodisiac and certain enhancing properties eqo :) or so they say…..

  30. 30 Lula

    -independent coffeeshops
    -great blogs
    -nice ethio. restaurants
    -steve madden shoes
    -flip flops

  31. 31 story

    i agree i also hate misir or even kik

    Things I love
    1) Daily coffee ceremony with Etan burning(i mean burning to the point the smoke fills the room and alerts the smoke detector)
    2) some more Etan with popcorn
    3) Crazy glue(i carry one all the time fixes things)
    4) Ice cold watermelon
    5)abesha films/music
    7)nature with trees and open spaces/mountains
    6) Bula
    7) Gelato
    8) Well prepared Mitmita

  32. 32 datdude

    what is the green misir called? arengwade misir? anyone….

  33. 33 Dinich

    You misir haters I feel sorry for you. How can u be abesha and not love misir?….This is what America does to you(::)

    You guys are victims of neo-colonialism….see your doctor…

  34. 34 Dinich

    Dear victims of neo-colonialism. Read this:

    Lentils, a small but nutritionally mighty member of the legume family, are a very good source of cholesterol-lowering fiber. Not only do lentils help lower cholesterol, they are of special benefit in managing blood-sugar disorders since their high fiber content prevents blood sugar levels from rising rapidly after a meal. But this is far from all lentils have to offer. Lentils also provide good to excellent amounts of six important minerals, two B-vitamins, and protein-all with virtually no fat. The calorie cost of all this nutrition? Just 230 calories for a whole cup of cooked lentils. This tiny nutritional giant fills you up–not out.


  35. 35 S

    Basil is some of that goodness. Indeed. Basil pesto too (made with pecans instead of pine nuts).

  36. 36 munit

    - Lip Gloss
    - High heel shoes (>4″)
    - Fresh hot Coffee
    - I can’t also imagine life without Google

  37. 37 karanbola

    If you test misir soup vinigar on it You never said bad thing about misir

  38. 38 Mitmita

    wikipedia – I can’t believe it has made this list yet.

  39. 39 tsedu

    Nolawi this may change your mind about misir wot the expression goes like this “misir qula qisore” sorry for the profanity .

  40. 40 Anonx

    Dinich, good one, I will still stay away from misir though because it upsets my stomach

  41. 41 Mitti

    thanks Dinich, although i must say my love for misir is unconditional, i would still love it if it didn’t have an iota of nutrition :)

  42. 42 eLbie

    omg- you so made me dedicate a WHOLE blog to you…

  43. 43 Dinich

    Mitti, Same here…I luv misir with all my heart, with all my soul, and with all my strength…beqa.

  44. 44 Abraha

    I like black (African American) girls with firm buuts and long legs , good quality cali bud, gomen wot and money.
    pussy is always on my mind.

  45. 45 Abraha

    I like black (African American) girls with firm butts and long legs , good quality cali bud, gomen wot and money.
    pussy is always on my mind.

  46. 46 beshou

    my bed and my pillow (i value my sleep)
    the city paper
    live shows
    dark chocolate – esp mom’s homemade chocolate cake
    food! (good/great/exotic)

  47. 47 masinkomelody

    *Scented candles
    *International Delight French Vanilla coffee whitener
    *Roibos tea
    *Milk frothers

  48. 48 hewe

    Masinko, is frother ‘Selbabot’(yuck) or the foam thing? :) because i thought it was foam but then i’m not sure… wiki at work….

  49. 49 masinkomelody

    ewww no – not selbabot…i hope they don’t make any gadgets to make selbabot! It’s to create the foam hewisha…

  50. 50 Aynaddis

    My bed and all that’s on/in it; doing my hair, my eyes, my lips; I love it when it rains at night; of course, coffee…; and i love Dinich in any and every form

  51. 51 Selam T

    I love rainy nights in Addis, all the sound on the roof etc. One thing I miss.
    I plan to keep some kind of Korkoro in my pattio and let the rain hit it.
    Except not much rain where I live.

  52. 52 hewe

    aynaddis dinich as in potato or dinich as in our dinich here on bernos??

  53. 53 luli

    lol hewe i thought of that as well

  54. 54 Aynaddis

    LOL…I didn’t even think of it! I meant potato…But i guess, I have officially declared my love for Dinich here on Bernos. No prob. I have enough love to give…

  55. 55 Totit

    Nolawi, can u tell me what criteria u used to choose ur chair? I stay in my chair for long period of times, and it is the least comfortable chair ever..and I am feeling it…that is the only criteria I have…

  56. 56 Nolawi

    i buy it by how comfortable it looks and if it had a lot of adjusters…

  57. 57 Nightingale

    I love candles, shells, pebbles, mugs, tikus shiro wot on a rainy day, classical music, lamp shades, nice pens that make my handwriting look real good, cartoon films, wet towels, the moon, comfy underwears, soaps(yegela samuna), sweets, Ketchup, and I love rice.

  58. 58 Nightingale

    Forgot to add nice sexy jeans.

  59. 59 Repz

    Morning hot coffee is my ultimate desire in every day life.For some reason I am addicted to 7eleven coffee.Anyway..anybody know the name of an Ethiopin coffee that smell even before you open the package. I mean kinda a knock out smell. As I heard they mix the grounded coffee with some bacteria or something. I don’t know how much its true. But really I was searching for it long time.anyone?

  60. 60 WUDNESH

    wet towels? huh?

  61. 61 Nightingale

    Yeah…I love to have those in my purse. Nice little things to clean dirt off almost anything, and better than tissue.

  62. 62 Tsedey

    in your purse? wet towels in your purse?

  63. 63 Nifas

    -caramel ice cream
    -Heineken & cigs
    -a nice comfy bed
    -saturday mornings

  64. 64 Nightingale

    Aygebachehum ende? There are these little wet tissues (sealed) for sale. Like wet wipes (it’s a brand name demo)…. enji I would be a freak to have wet dripping towels in my purse…..this was funny though. Lol @ all of us.

  65. 65 wudnesh

    ok ok…lol… u r talking about moist towelette, got it! Lol at the thought of erTib foTa in your purse .

  66. 66 Nightingale

    Imagine how heavy it would be……etTib foTa. This is something to think and laugh at for the whole weekend.

  67. 67 Tsedey

    endezih beluna….aaaawo.. now it makes sense… am reminded of Monica from F.r.i.e.n.d.s-clean freak

  68. 68 saronm3

    I like a lot of things
    basil and rosemary
    ppl with inteligent and briliant mind(mostly men)
    and yes i absolutely agree with nifas on the comfortable bed and saturday mornings

  69. 69 hilarious

    swimming in cool clear water lake
    driving stick-shift barefoot in winding country road at dusk
    dry earthy wine (bordoux) and good cigar
    classical and jazz music &
    real good pasta dish

  70. 70

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