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My rebellious mind…………
Sometime I do think about things
Usually, there is no problem but me.
I think I am afraid of everything but God.
Well if I am afraid of everything then
I admit! I am afraid of God too.
Everything scares me!
This is non enjoyable life-span.
And I always want to go against it.
But I couldn’t.
My mind runs, faster than light
Faster than voice, space-shuttle horse.
My mind walks, walks like somebody is running.
My mind doesn’t want to stay upper level of my brain.
My mind goes to the top of my brain and to the bottom of my toe.
My mind circulate my body just like blood,
Without any point rotates me.
My mind job is just to think!! (This is it!!)
My Mind don’t have any hand but leg
My mind!!!

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  1. 1 Ameleworq


  2. 2 abyssinia

    Beautiful mind…

  3. 3 Watch

    Hi Bernos!
    Like the name of your blog. Intriguing!
    The thought of a mind. You just nailed it. “Rebellious mind”. Mind can’t grasp the concept of God. Only by faith the heart know that God exits. Only the heart have capacity to believe.
    Just a reflection from the heart.


  4. 4 mister.mayhem

    beautiful piece – just me. very enjoyable. thank you

    on another note…

    WTF is going on with the press ? its been like 3 months bernos. i miss my bernos compadres.

    mayhem out

  5. 5 Doro Mata


  6. 6 Dinich

    Good to see Justme as a blogger….beautiful thought provoking material that I find easy to realte to…..

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  9. 9 Fawn

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