Similarities? 84 Comments

This guys if weird, I mean really weird and whenI saw this video I couldn’t stop laughing. I could see how this could happen.

Regardless though, I was surprised this morning when I got an email this morning claiming that “… this sums of most of your articles on Bernos.”

Which is even more funnier than the idiot on the video. I really hope you guys don’t see me or parts of my opinions that I have shared through the past few years remotely similar to this guy.

Let me know

84 Responses to “Similarities?”

  1. 1 hahaha

    So I think it’s a lot like your articles where you think Ethiopian girls are ‘confused’, deceptive, etc. Of course, now you think the guy is weird … but you notice, the guy is pretty normal, albeit too effusive in his compliment giving, until the girl starts saying ‘I’m not interested in a relationship, but we can see each other again.’ OK?

    Then he tries to extend their hanging out for the day, and she brushes him off. THEN he goes hilariously nutty. He starts trying all sorts of things, like pointing out he’s seeing other women, he doesn’t think she’s that great, she wants him too much, and worst of all, he starts viewing her through other failed relationships he’s had.

    The main problem between these two people is that they’re not interested in the same level of “commitment”. They probably shouldn’t even be attempting to date. But they are, and the way things deteriorate is hilarious(for a detached observer, of course ;) .

  2. 2 haha2

    The girl just looking for a friend with benefits. Thats the new normal.

  3. 3 gola

    I don’t know about the girl but he is abesha.

  4. 4 besak

    Wow, the guy sounds more like DawitK

  5. 5 Yared

    Your next blog should expose how Ethiopian Ladies go out and have all kinds of sex with other races because “if they did it with habesha guys, there are worries about thier names being passed around in the habesha community as if they are some fast ass sluts” so Instead they mess around out of their race with people that don’t share the same values & morals with them and act all clean and classy around habesha folks … Call the blog Interracial Expos’e or somthin like Habesha Girl Psyche … So we can find out who thinks its true and who is a lair or 50/50? Also to find out if it is a new trend that needs to be talked about that fucks over habesha women mentally and physically.

  6. 6 wow

    wow, Yared. You sound lovely. I can’t imagine why (Ethiopian) women wouldn’t want to sleep with you.

  7. 7 endalc

    .thnak you so you to this your later .bot .you was say molqaq. sorry im not molaqaq.becheger ways.delot say something .miss .M/r sorry you donet me will realy .im not feel by your word because . u are not live on my neigaborahod ..i doent know wich one. me and you i doent know what do you went .tray..say. something there. because .i was .have good time .extuenge with every one laters. .with eny firends .good peoples . they are .was fellow will read .commenit . we tech shear .eny aidea .but at this time im stop. to everthing .

  8. 8 Nolawi

    @ Yared:

    its ok for people to do what they want and who they want.. its also your perogative to call them sluts if you want

  9. 9 wow

    wow, again. Nolawi, andande iko … tasdenegiTaleh.

    Thumbs up!!

  10. 10 Michelle

    Since Ethiopian guys are so great in every aspect, I just don’t understand why we Ethiopian women go for other guys! we need a rocket scientist to solve this question. Just look at Yared! What habesha girl would not want to date him ha!?!

  11. 11 Yared

    @ Wow and Michelle: Hah haaa… Trust me, all and any habesha girl would drop anything and any guy she’s dating “quick” for me if I give her one second of attention… This I Know for a FACT. But what I wrote earlier has nothing to do with me being able to get habesha girls, thats was not the context of the message. It focused more on matter of morals we were all raised with, that seems to deteriorate due to diaspora.

    @ Nolawi: Its true people can do whatever they feel makes them happy.. But habesha girls get mad when they see me with a white super model taller than, talking about “ohh yea he likes them white sluts” well, she aint no slut, She’s Educated and she don’t go around fucking dirty niggas and “she ain’t no Nigga Lover” if you know what I mean<< thought it was funny..lololol…

  12. 12 wow


    seems to me you’re hanging out with the wrong crowd in general (you judge people who judge you back, etc) which has nothing to do with the original article you proposed, which was that Ethiopian girls are basically sluts who sleep with ‘foreign’ men so that they can look ‘pure’ with habesha men.

    Just change friends (including whoever is calling u ‘dirty nigga’. I imagine it’s not habeshoch calling u that.) That way you can all sleep with all the foreigners you like. Live and let live, aydel?

  13. 13 Mitti

    @Yared, I’m very much hoping you wrote the above just to be provocative otherwise … well that’s just sad. Let’s see … I figured I should provide bullet points just to make sure I get my message across. First off though, Michelle and Wow, hehehe, well said ladies, well said!
    i.) According to you, the reason that habesha women choose to be adventurous outside of the habesha community is because the men kiss and tell. Here’s an idea, how about a post on how habesha guys could try to be classy and sharraaaaaaaaap!
    ii.) If habesha women date and sleep with other races it makes them sluts whereas you can date white girls and its A-OK! Or are you saying its ok to sleep with whites and not blacks? Or better yet, habesha men can sleep with pretty much anyone, including the very much coveted white girls, but habesha women better stick to habesha guys to preserve their culture and tradition? Habesha men like you? Yes, yes, that’s exactly what we should do.
    iii.) I fear I’ve just wasted 10 mintues of my life because I’m sure none of this will make any dent on your twisted way of thinking.

  14. 14 Nightingale

    @ Mitti:
    Afe kuret yibelelsh! :)

  15. 15 Maria


    The opposite of slut is not “educated” it is virtuous or a woman who is not a slut, men too this being the age of equality lol. Education does not stop a man or a woman being sluts. According to a white racist you might be refered to as a dirty N yourself all non whites are dirty N’s to racists, has this escaped your attention so far?.

    “well, she aint no slut, She’s Educated and she don’t go around fucking dirty niggas and “she ain’t no Nigga Lover” if you know what I mean<< thought it was funny..lololol

  16. 16 C

    funny how blogs on this site quickly morph to habesha gals/guys… habesha gals are all habesha guys are not shaaarp etc etc
    we got some pRRRRRoooooblems ppl

  17. 17 Dinich


    lol….I think every topic turning into a relationship issue is an indication of the demographics of readers here than anything else…

    It is kind of obvious that the majority of readers here are singles 25-35 living in America….this is an age range where the two sexes hit reality. This is the time when you find out that Mr and Ms perfect dont exist….this is the time when you are being forced to lower ur standards ….most of the comments are people struggling to lower their standards that they have been holding on to since their teenage years.

    I think this is just a stage in life. In the end most will learn to love and live together in spite of the difeerences.

  18. 18 Dinich


    lol….I think every topic turning into a relationship issue is an indication of the demographics of readers here than anything else…

    It is kind of obvious that the majority of readers here are singles 25-35 living in America….this is an age range where the two sexes hit reality. This is the time when you find out that Mr and Ms perfect dont exist….this is the time when you are being forced to lower ur standards ….most of the comments are people struggling to lower their standards that they have been holding on to since their teenage years.

    I think this is just a stage in life. In the end most will learn to love and live together in spite of the differences.

  19. 19 Nolawi

    Right dinich.. but also some of the comments are from married people too….

  20. 20 Dinich


    lol….I think every topic turning into a relationship issue is an indication of the demographics of readers here than anything else…

    It is kind of obvious that the majority of readers here are singles 25-35 living in America….this is an age range where the two sexes hit reality. This is the time when you find out that Mr and Ms perfect dont exist….this is the time when you are being forced to lower ur standards ….most of the comments are people struggling to lower their standards that they have been holding on to since their teenage years.

    I think this is just a stage in life. In the end most will learn to love and live together in spite of the differences. Nol will marry and start blogging about parenting on Bernos and relationship will no longer be a hot topic.

  21. 21 biskut


    You completely got it .Somehow on this blog every other post gravitates to these issues .I am also hoping the demographics you were referring to would be more like 20-26. 30 and over is way too old to dwell on this issues.By that age we have to be done figuring ourselves out and striving to feel content .

  22. 22 Gennet


    I just like you’re way of writing, commenting and responding. My english is not good, but I hope, you understand my message. I like the way you are and the way you state like ‘this is what I think and basta…’.

  23. 23 Dinich


    Sorry for he triple post…something weird was happening on my desktop.

  24. 24 Yared

    @ Dinich .. That something weird that hit your desktop was “Dinich..” :) funny name, you set your self up for that joke…lol :)

    @ Mitti.. You sound very confused,

    @ Maria .. yes Educated women make better choices than uneducated women about their choices of men.., I just caught a fly while it was flying across and with a little room inside my grip, I shook the fly up real nice and let him go… It felt like I liberated you towards Education….lol.. but yea…:)

    @ Nolawi, I think Gennet has a crush on you

    Hopefully Nolawi will marry Gennet and we can finally have him show her and her fellow Ethiopian Women how Write stuff that has substance.

  25. 25 Hiwi

    @Miti you’re funny
    @Dinich absolutely right
    @Yared you need major help! lol

    that’s the kind of attitude (mainly lack of respect!) that’s making habesha men & women drift apart, why in my opinion we see more & more inter-racial rlnships thesedays. as it’s obvious frm comments on most of nolawi’s blogs not everyone is ready to accept that fact, we need to live & let live. myself no exception foolish to still think there’s a slim chance my prince is a habesha lmao!!

  26. 26 Gennet

    @ Yared,
    I’m really impressed with your peaces full of substance, which reflect intelligence and utmost knwoledge

  27. 27 Yared

    @Hiwi : Yea I need help understanding your argument, there is no base to it. Are you trying to get some R.E.S.P.E.C.T Ms Aretha Franklin..? lolol…

    Respect your self and you’ll be respected. And with that kind of conversation you are NOT getting any kind of Prince. Reality will hand you one that is a Civil “A Taxi Driver” and/or a Gas Station Cashier.. :)

    Me personally I have standards and if I know a habesha girl has been with a hoodlum, a no good bum ass nigga, and/or some lowlife shmuck, I wouldn’t give her a second of my time and I will judge her based on her past and I will respect her from a distance.. Most habesha girls fit that category.. They have been either with a hoodlum, a no good bum ass nigga, and/or some lowlife shmuck.

    Which I think is a good thing because it weeds out all the bad ones and keeps them busy with eachother.

    And please don’t let me ruin it for all habesha guys. :) Personally I don’t care who, what, when, where and how anyone dates.., I thought it would be interesting to hear why today’s habesha women are so idiotic and gullible. The real ones know wtf I’m talkin about..

    Peace and Suck it easy…

  28. 28 Maria


    Liberated me towards education? I doubt it sunshine, but if the thought of it brings your “educated self” some confort far be it from me to disengage you of that notion, lol but yeah, it will count as my good deed for the day who knows it may go a long way to soothe those massive chips. And congratulation on the “education” that hasnt seemed to have taught you freedom from racial prejudice, lack of respect and tolerance for the choices of others even when you dont agree with them all basic stuff in educated folk. Now that three minutes are up I am out of this quagmire of a discussion laced with mysogyny and racism. Peace, the chips, the chips beware lol.

  29. 29 abby


    You are a definition of “DEDEB”. All abesha girls are way better of single forever, than dating someone as ignorant as you. I think you’re trying to take out your frustration of being rejected by all these beautiful abesha girls. The sad thing is you write such a comment and you consider yourself “educated”??? How interesting!?!

    Good thing there are so many abesha guys out there who are nothing like you!

  30. 30 Jerks are popular

    Yared, I believe you. The ladies are calling you jerks and all, but you’d be the first one they give it up to. No doubt! Pays to be a jerk!

  31. 31 Gennet


    Lol! Yared is just a funny, frustrated guy/woman. That’s all, nobody to be considered essential or thinkable for anything.

  32. 32 Yared

    @ Maria .., Sorry “Sunshine” I don’t tolerate stupidity and stupid choices even if they are made by someoneelse other than me. Prejudice is true and will always exist in any and everyone depending on the degree it is used.., Certain “groups” are known to influence eachother in making certain choices in life.. Right?? Now whether that choice be; Ethiopians Wearing Netela at church on Sundays or Ethiopian women dating “Niggas” out of their race on Mondays….
    Through Prejudice is how we know; Only “most” habesha people wear Netela. Through prejudice is how we know; Only “most” Niggas are bums and dirty. Notice how I used the word “MOST” and I didn’t use the word “ALL”. If I would have used the word “ALL” then that would have been extreme prejudice and hatred towards a certain group and I don’t practice that.

    Why do you have a fake Hispanic name “Maria”, why not a fake ethiopian name at least “Mariam” or “Meron”..? Did you know that says somthin about your Psyche.. Discomfort leads to self Destuction… It just might be a begining stage.

    @ abby : I am also happy for you that there are other habesha guys out there that are nothing like me… you only deserve someone like yourself… FYI.. I’ve never been rejected by a habesha girl because I don’t even try to hit on em. Because I judge em based on thier conversation, their past relationships and ashy lips and ankels .lolol… << thought it was funny but true, at least the ankle part.. oww and the stretch marks are off the chain… After I'm done, you might feel like I'm talking about you but Im not, I'm Just generalizing habesha women… No wonder thier selfesteems are so low causing them to stoop even lower, dating bummy habesha guys with corney jokes and dirty niggas that show consistency on that ass… Good Luck

    Peace and Suck it easy

  33. 33 Maria


    You will probably agree with me when I say lets bring this to and fro-ing to an end, for those who are polar opposite on beliefs or views like you and I seem to be will gain nothing by making those beliefs and views clearer by each response we give,and how much further we are on that polar opposite and we are probably boring everyone else reading it in the process which I regret on my part. I don’t agree with everything that you so far mentioned in several of your posts and neither do you lets leave it at that and if you want to make it look like you had the last word do that too with my blessings I do not mind. This is not an argument worth pursuing just for the sake of it on my part.

  34. 34 leo

    I’m mad at you for responding to him…

  35. 35 Maria

    leo wrote:

    I’m mad at you for responding to him…

    Leo,join the club, that makes the two of us who are mad at me. Be that as it may, my view is that bigotry needs to be challenged wherever it is found,the world doesnt belong to bigots and their warped views it belongs to those of us who are not and they need to be told. I also beleive in choosing what battles to fight wisely in life somehow I didnt get the balance right this time but we live and learn or rather I live and learn.Hopefully.Ciao.

  36. 36 Leo

    I anderstand but you can tell from his first comment that he is mad(cause didn’t get enough attention from abesha women) and wants to spit stupid to get reaction…

  37. 37 gola

    I was just following this conversation and lol then I reliezed you might be serious my heart cried for you. Please, see a psychologist. It does not mean you are crazy. I just think you need some help figuring out your fellings about abesha women. I could be wrong but I think one of them might have been your mother.
    With love.

  38. 38 mitti -metiti

    @ Yared erre affhen zigga endeee..ante asadage yebedheleh balge lij.. don’t you have a sister? maybe you do and she is the one dating another race chegwarhen yakatelechew. “eswaa befesatchew benne lekeketchew ” must be rejected by abesha girls all your life. bernose lye methe nedethen atewetta. otherwise Nolawi be bernos ashtoo neaw yemyasewetha. LOL.. any who This is the most ridiculous nonsense i have ever read in my life.I am surprised to see the lack of respect most of the guys like you yared. I don’t share your opinion at all, So do many Ethiopians. Your opinion is I guess a well intended insult to all African Americans. Disguised as Ethiopian, you tried to make divisions among coloured people. Let me tell you your opinion doesn’t absolutely reflect many Ethiopians’ including my self. It was because the sacrifice of millions of African Americans that you have comfortable life in America. Shame on you! Did you tell how you you came to USA to your white girl friend? Gegema I can tell how old you are ( 46) beteneshu koshaha zere asedabe!

  39. 39 totiet

    metti metiti, haha you are too funny LOL ” Nolawi bebernous ashto neaw yemeyaswetha” ha ha that’s funny. you right I totaly forgot about Bernous. also some ppl in the village weare it as a Caba right? yeah yared ante Gin yedekemge Domma ras nehh.

  40. 40 Yared

    Look at all the Love… :) wow what’s this world coming to. Ethiopian Women that replied negetivly to my comments have “NO CRITICAL THINKING ABILITY”. If you have read all of what I wrote and Disagree with me then I will still respect you from a distance. We can always agree to disagree. I just think most of the minds that replied negatively have a sheltered outlook and have “NO IDEA” about what I said, which is fine because ofcourse you’ll grow up a little one day or will you?

    For the Record: Most Habesha women are ignorant and have no idea about wtf they are talking about…

    Hint – Read the Blog from the start and you’ll know not one says that they agree with the true facts I stated, because they have no clue about what they are responding to, and got defensive because of guilt of being a goddam ignorant slut << a goddam IGNORANT slut was funny specially the IGNORANT part :)

    And to all my Beautiful and Smart Habesha women keep your head up and keep doin whatchu doin.


  41. 41 Maria


    Yeah I agree I could see he was angry. But I think that is not enough to turn someone mysogynist or a racist because of rejection, unless they were that way inclined anyway. Sensible people, men and women both take rejection in their stride, it is part of life.

    I have never seen anyone take it so personally that they end up de-humanising groups including those of their womenfolk who might have rejected them. The only places you see people taking rejection so far is in the news in the crime section. Man or woman did this and this to a member or members of these group because once when they were in their nappies someone from that group grabbed their toys, bit their leg or stole their icecream, or later when older, refused to date them etc etc. It is much more normal to think, oh well,that is that,next move or accept not everyone is going to want to date you or even wonder that it might actually be something about you that prompted that rejection, than say become a bonafide member of a group that hates their own women folk or even women of other nations or fellow black people whom those women might want to date and calling them sluts because of the choices they make or to even question those choices and their freedom to exercised them. I actually feel he is a lot more sinister than just feeling rejected. His view is an issue of control of other people’s choices and of racial prejudice coated in the language of the racist and the mysogynist. There we go again, we have one more time given him the oxygyn of publicity.Lets stop.

  42. 42 Yared

    @ Maria: Don’t be out there cheating on me with Leo :) and do you know the difference between SOME, MOST and ALL? Exactly idiota, pinche babosa.. ohh I thought you wuz mexicana Ju kno I mean mija…. hoo hah haaaa

    @ Leo: Nebsu you actin like a little akatari setaset lij.. keep it rezeal Nigga,, yeeaa Nigga.. lolol

  43. 43 C

    @ Yared makes a bucket full of sense!
    all you abesha women are emotional and confused and like someone said, he (meaning the Yared’s out there) will be the first one that you will give it up to! & very quickly
    the abesha women that i’ve come across (and I can see a comment on this line already..) want to practice a hybrid of ethio/american culture and in that process get themselves wrapped up in a bind that they can’t get out off…
    as someone said, 30-35 is where most ppl reconcile expectations with reality and the picture almost always is grim. hab women just dont’ like it when told (truthfully) that their shit also stink!

    ..sorry you all, but Yared makes sense to me on many levels (not all tho). i’ve met my share of hab women and my sorry conclusion is not so good. thanks for telling it as it is Yared

  44. 44 fikir

    My experience with abesha setoch,most of them, including the affluent and/or educated ones,
    are so fake/confused that their thought process always has to do with what other people think of them.
    my advise to you, be real, don’t think for second what people say about what people would say about you
    or about who you date. Don’t try to approach a guy just because he seems light skinned,taller than
    average ethio dudes,fashion trendy or have a loud circle of freinds in a city. Go for the one that are
    quite, and low profile…you will be surprised.

  45. 45 C

    ..oh yeah, one more thing– the more affeluent or educated abesha setoch are, the more they belive and expect to be treated like etege taitu or quee of sheba. their sense of entitlement is SICK! at best.

    reason that they go for other races is, in my opinion, due to this skewed sense of entitlement, which they initially recieve early in the relationship, but once the ferenges releize and tell them that their shit also stinks :) , the cat is out and …well it can go up or down depending on a lot of things,,,

    sorry gals, but most of you need to grow up. us guys need too …

  46. 46 mitti -metiti

    c, Fikir and Yared.. abet abet… you know now days most abesha girls are more educated than abesha guys. you see you can’t take it you can’t handle it. abesha guys are more gold digger than abesha setoch this days.. our name is changed from gold digger to nigga digger now? well get it together. atlest educate yourself how to treat abesha girls than we will respect you. now days I find out that all the guys looking for the girls with nursing degree ha ha ha ha.. atleast we make the money suckerrrrr errrrrrr.

  47. 47 Mamitu

    As an older person who has been married for over a decade, I think I could be yehager Shimagle(Shimaglit in my case). Why don’t you all agree to disagree and let it rest at that.

    To the Habesha guys that are talking about their frustration with Habesha gals and want to date out: I say go ahead and do what you think is best for you.

    To the Habesha gals who are thinking that they are not being valued by Habesha guys: Again I say look for what you want somewhere else.

    I think there is no need to beret eachother on a public forum that is read by people from all around the world as it reflects badly on both Habesha guys and gals.

    Yager Shimaglit Mamitu.

  48. 48 Mamitu

    I meant there is no need to “berate” eachother

  49. 49 C

    mitti -metiti..look here. I a not saying that abesha guys are free of fault. we’re all humans. But I am saying that absesha gals are confused, have an unrealistic sense of entitlement (and self worth), don’t know what they want in a man and don’t recognize what they have for a man…that’s all. molquaquoch!

    Mamitu- although your efforts are appriated, I think as a society, we need to talk openly and transpartently. It’s along time coming, espically in our secretive society. How else can we learn from our mistakes and move forward?

    All- as an interesting question, does this type of bickering reflect the general (and I dare say deterioriting) condition of our society, here and home (i.e fact that the political parties can’t get along, backstabbing eachother, stealing from the coffers etc)

  50. 50 Hiwi

    wow this is still going!! beKa leshimagle aschegerachu aydel ayyiii :)

  51. 51 fikir

    @mitti- metiti

    “girls with nursing degree”

    fyi, most of these girls who claim that they have a nursing degree, do not have an actual nursing degree…what they have instead is a certification of a week long class on how to clean an elderly person’s behind…lawl

  52. 52 Yared

    Some Ethiopian chick ran up on me talking about how she adores me an all and I asked her “what she did for a living? because I was feeling like a golddigger.
    She said she was a nurse?
    I asked her what’s my name? after she said my name,
    I said BITCH, did it sound like Gregory Issac.. she said no..
    I said ” Do I look like I need a night nurse”
    she said “uhhh..”, she didn’t know what to say
    I said BITCH don’t make me ask you again…lolol…
    Anyway I refered her to Mamitu… hoo hah haaaa

  53. 53 C

    Yared- you digress. leave the stage while still on top my man.

  54. 54 Totit

    SO at the end…how can we learn to accept each other for who we are…and how can we learn to live our life and let others live theirs….
    As much as we criticize each other, deep down we habesha chicks love you, habesha guys….and vise versa…So how can we close the gap that is being created between us…

  55. 55 Leo

    I guess by minding our own business…

  56. 56 Yared

    @ C you are rite brohamm, I did digress from the get go. this blog was about similarities..? and uhh differences..? I ended up talkin about whatever was on my mind.., I love habesha women and I don’t want them to feel like they are not wanted, I just gave them a little hard time and if they have a sense of humor they won’t be upset.
    I looooooove habesha laydees.., and I love Bernos T-shirts and Blog…

    Peace and I’m out for good.

  57. 57 tazabi

    Yared, you are a disgrace to all humanity…(was on my mind)…get evaluation…psychotic.

  58. 58 NewReader

    I was beginning to like this blog after reading unfathomable but this has discouraged and disillusioned me… why is it that we cannot seem to have a civilized conversation? We’re forever resorting to name calling and bashing each other.. @Yareb, even if you were trying to get under ppl’s skin you sound like a scary psychotic guy to me. I hope and pray that you’ll get the help that you very much need or find Jesus.. lol.. I’m not holding out too much hope tho. Seriously grow up little boy, stop being abusive and please stop using the N word, it’s quite disgusting! I really wish that comments that are racists and vulgar would not be permissible on this blog, it does nothing but leave a bad taste in one’s mouth…

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