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There was a note weeks ago that was sent out from Facebook headquarters to the users about some changes taking place.

In it they also announced that they reached 150 million users in February, meaning:

it would be the eighth most populated in the world, just ahead of Japan, Russia and Nigeria.”

Wow, so Facebook is so famous and so used that online businesses that are not utilizing it as a resource are just going to die eventually.

One recruiter I worked with recently has a group that she updates with jobs that she is recruiting for.

I am against Facebook in many ways although I use it extensively. Beshou filled up my application for Facebook months ago and I was one of the most last webby type to get on Facebook, although we do have a bernos group.

When I updated my profile, I decided to put ‘None’ for the location but ‘None’ is a city in Japan, I later found out.

I got an email from a random Ethiogirl saying she wanted to see me on her next visit to Japan, along a list of other Ethiopian residing in or around Japan. With replies and updates at least a dozen emails went back and forth before I told them I didn’t know what they were talking about and to take me out of their list of Ethiopians living around Japan.

Weeks later one Sunday morning I receive a call from an international number, I didn’t pick it up the first time, but it rang again. I picked it up and ended up talking to an Ethiopian girl in Dubai, who apparently found me interesting, although she didn’t even know about bernos.

Usually its bernos that makes me interesting but this time it was me, I don’t know what. She asked what I was doing in Japan and that is when I realized that people thought I was in Japan because of my Facebook profile.

So serious, aye… I once had a phone call from a friend — a girl who was dating this guy whose picture she saw on his ex girlfriends profile together looking all cute and happy.

She asked if it was too forward to ask him if the picture was taken after they started dating. I told her “No,” if she indeed asks this, then he is going to think that the she is too much into his business too fast. Which eventually will change his outlook on her; well she asked and I was right, the relationship ended.

I also heard a story recently in which someone who was engaged got a note from a girl on his profiles wall saying thank you for helping me move from my apartment.

His fiancée saw this and put the brakes on the engagement because he hadn’t told her that he helped a friend who just happens to be a girl move without telling her.

I was thinking if she was going to be like that… good riddens eh! The marriage would have been a headache anyways.

49 Responses to “Facebookologist!”

  1. 1 beshou

    hahahaha! aye noli! great blog!!!
    and yes, ppl do take that thing waaayy too seriously.

  2. 2 helen

    You have your number up on facebook?

  3. 3 Sak'ita

    The important thing is…people really should deeply ponder about where their particular comment belongs: On the Wall or Messages section!!!

  4. 4 Mestika

    After catching up with old friends, college buddies and all, there is nothing left to stay on facebook besides being weregna:-)all into other people’s biznes but at the same time we let out there for people to know what we are up to

  5. 5 Dinich

    Have u ever wanted to say something nice to someone but never seem to find the time and the chance to do it?

    That is why I luv facebook.

  6. 6 Nolawi

    and that is when your wife is going to kill you

  7. 7 Mestika

    Or vice versa for ladies :)

  8. 8 Dinich


    lol @ my wife killing me.

    The other day the drummer at church, an 18 yr old young kid, was killing the drums and I wanted to give him a pat on the shoulder after the service but never got around to doing it…That is when facebook came in handy. I left a note on his wall….

    But I see wat u mean…

  9. 9 Mamule

    Sorry Nol, too much talk about None. You said you didn’t know, i will say you should know … or now you know so don’t make a big deal out of it. About the people calling you, don’t put your phone number on FB if you don’t need to be called. why did you put it there in the first place?

    Aye Nol, yahunu blog yedekeme new bakhe.

  10. 10 tsedey

    the ‘None” story is interesting actually. I never knew ther’s a place called None in Japan. but having your number on fb is adding more work to yourself as you’d be accepting calls constantly and explaining unless you enjoy that.

    Question is: wouldn’t you prefer your city than your number if you are trying to be anonymous?- not sure what u’re trying to achieve.

  11. 11 Nolawi

    the point is I don’t really care too much about the profile thing… its people with no life that take is seriously

    I am only on facebook because i can manage the bernos fan and group pages…

    and thus I had my number because people call me with questions about it.. once in a while that is… so far its only been 4 four calls through the years…

  12. 12 Mengedegna

    I agree with Sak’ita and Mestika here. It seems like there’s more woregnanet than staying in touch on Facebook.

  13. 13 Anonx

    I like facebook! Mostly highschool and college… the highschool ones are interesting….

  14. 14 Anonx

    I like facebook! Mostly highschool and college… the highschool ones are interesting–no more mafia wars, please

  15. 15 senay

    i left a guy a message on FB because i really liked his name(not him didn’t even look at his picture)… nothing more nothing less… what will that make me?… though i give in …it feels wired

  16. 16 luli

    i think my main issue with fb is that 1.) it does make you weregna and 2.) you get this feeling that everyone is putting a front, c’mon how many of us put up unflattering pictures on fb? so you go around trying to create this perfect image of you and everyone does the same and you find yourself kinda stuck … all you see on statuses are bright and shiny quotes of inspiration or i’m so happy cuz of this or ecstatic cuz of that or brilliant quotes from famous people (i’m a victim of this as well) … you don’t get a sense of what’s really going on in people’s lives and that for me is what sucks about fb … if you look at it from a purely ‘keepin in touch with people i might otherwise never have heard from’ point of view, i guess it does serve that purpose

  17. 17 anonx

    Luli–i didn’t get that impression cuz its people I know and few do share intimate things mostly about family but for the most part a lot of humor from few active ones and things they like

  18. 18 yachilij

    choices ppl.. choices!

  19. 19 zema

    Senay I wonder what the guy’s name is… it compelled you to leave a message?

  20. 20 Sarah

    I think Nolawi uses facebook more than anyone he is just BSing.

  21. 21 senay

    Hi Zema , his name is “Zeweter Temesgen” for me the very best i have ever come across, rare and very meaningful … i leave the judgment to you

  22. 22 Anonx

    LOL! @Senay. you have a problem

  23. 23 Winta

    Senay, I know a person whose name is Awraris, seriously. Are you interested? LOL!

  24. 24 senay

    really, am i that crazy Winta? but please tell me Anonx and Winta what are your favorite names ? may be you are not that fare away from me…

  25. 25 mimishaaa

    too much exposure ema ale … but i love FB … nomatter what , at least i m there when i get the chnace … … its enjoyable …it keeps ppl closer … meeting up some old friends or relatives who you were once close … the pics, the comments ,it has so much to offer i guess :) )

  26. 26 story

    hahaha!! so funny i was tempted to go see the None city i went and looked it up just out of curiosity! I seriously don’t get the point why someone has to advertise themselves what is the reason? me and my sis were at coffee shop one day she bust out laughin coz most ppl there were were meeting it looked like for first time after they met online. their whole convo was like tryin to know who the other person are in some huge cicle in coffee shop.

  27. 27 Winta

    No no no, you are not crazy. My bad, I was just joking. Zeweter is a very nice name but you don’t have to contact him just because of his name you know. You never know maybe Ato Awraris is better than Ato Zeweter. I am just saying.

  28. 28 Nifas

    zeweter…what does it mean senay? I think my mind is going in the gutter.

  29. 29 senay

    Thanks Winta, for saving me…but i was not interested in Ato Zeweter other than saying he has a nice name…but you are absolutely right …a name is just a name!
    Nifas, zeweter means ‘hulgize’ or always

  30. 30 anonx

    I was joking to Senay…

  31. 31 saronm6

    senay, you are not alone. my brother ‘d absolutely agree with the name “zeweter temesgen”. too bad he is having a girl.

  32. 32 Phoebe

    hahah enjoyed this post. hilarious.

  33. 33 Mafia

    Great post. Nice blog design also, troubling to see your RSS feed though :S

  34. 34 SKgirl

    Wey Noli, you’re just too entertaining! Personally, I like facebook just fine. It’s upto you who you wanna add and chitchat or keep in touch with and avoid weregnoch!

  35. 35 Reatha Beaudion

    I can’t stand my page clogged up with this crap… If you wanted to play games join those sites. Facebook is for communicating with old and new friends.

  36. 36 Irina Dalpiaz the Mafia Wars Cheats Guy

    I love my family and friends, but, PLEASE…Use FACEBOOK to post pictures and comments…not invitations to farmville, yoville, and other annoying games.

  37. 37 Pride

    I recently deactivated my facebook during lent. I wanted a break from it and what better time. You would be so surprised how serious ppl take fb. I got so many emails, phone calls from friends asking if I was mad at them and that is why I deleted them. I guess ppl freaked out when they did not see my name on their friends list. Chill people, I deactivated my fb. I am a grown woman. When I am mad, I let ppl know. I don’t go on a facebook deletion escapade :-) What has the world come to? When we judge the strength of our friendship by facebook?

  38. 38 Saundra Tash

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  39. 39 Hsiu Pickett

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  41. 41 Neva Haldeman

    Does anyone know of any games on Facebook like Mob Wars, Mafia Wars, Gang Wars or Special Forces?

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