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Another a Midget! 33 Comments

If you have been reading bernos for a while, then you will know that the bernos readers helped name a midget; a baby that is. My sister had another baby boy today. Betam interesting. Eventually all these babies that all you people are having will be adults. It’s amazing! Congratulations to my sister, I guess! [...]

The BIG 3.0. 68 Comments

On October 12, 2008 I will ‘turn the page’ on my life — from the twenties to the thirties. I have never thought of myself as a man, I always think of myself as a boy, although I probably have been a man by socially acceptable standards from the last ten years — and possibly [...]

Chibo'ying 288 Comments

A picture sent to me in one of those forwards from people I kinda know.

The 'beautiful' game 58 Comments

There is a saying that football (soccer) is the beautiful game in the world. But after watching the extreme violence and brutality of football fans in the movie “The Football Factory,” I was left to wonder if that saying was an irony. This movie unfolds the dark world of British Hooligan culture thats replete with [...]

The Time Has Cometh! 57 Comments

The Official FIFA world cup is approaching the 100 year mark since its beginning in 1930 in Uruguay. It took forty years before the world saw an African country participate in the world cup. Morocco became the first country to qualify in 1970’s Mexico City world cup. The team lost in the first round to [...]