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the shower: prt II 21 Comments

The kitchen is only a few paces away, yet seems like it’s comfortably lounging at an infinite horizon. She must have noticed; she asks if I need some water. “Please. And there’s some Excedrin in the cabinet too, if you don’t mind.” She dutifully complies, this Ruth person. She just arrived this morning, and she’s [...]

the shower: prt I 17 Comments

Waking up on a Sunday morning is always a sensory overload. Especially here: a damp basement where mold and dust marry each other, and erupt into an unsavory odor of their own microbial consummation. Debris ejaculate smells like mildew. The air becomes an expansive womb that carries little dust-mold fetuses, bellicose zygotes that take absurd [...]

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Working hard or hardly working We are working this week, with no internet connection other than to process orders from around the world. We love you guys but we also have lives, and thus we are not going to be updating the blog this week as we are busy at the ESFNA event here in [...]

Chebsi Love I 33 Comments

I have been a reader of Bernos blogs for quite some time. I enjoy most of the writings here. I have always entertained the idea of submitting a piece but always fell short of this ambition. Part of it is my Mechem yeMaylakekegn sInfinA and the other part is finding a suitable topic that fits [...]

the ethiopian i did not found 70 Comments

part I i wrote this email to my friends about three weeks ago about my experience in Ethiopia. for what it worth, i thought the bernos community would like to hear about some of the things I experienced. enjoy. any feedback/questions/comments are welcome. ————– it’s been some 18 days since I got to addis and [...]