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silence & i 20 Comments

if i cried out loud over sorrows i've known and the secrets i've heard it would ease my mind someone sharing the load but i wont breath a word while the children laughed i was always afraid of the smile of the clown so i close my eyes till i cant see the light and [...]

preceptions-intentions 10 Comments

Clear intentions wrong perceptions loud speech unknown existence p resistance encouraged shallow personalities

Interlude to Nonesense 59 Comments

beer taps uncharted like meer maps galileaic livers carted to ice-capped summits what are limits but self-deprecating tennets to the curious? the serious turn biles to the dials of cirius delirious taps on a dell’s eeriest keys bored if it weren’t for the dells’ funkiest beats alexander bell’s chunkiest rings marry voice to my ears [...]

Self-discovery Comments

learnt to talk, learnt to walk, learnt to read n' write, and argue n' fight. with some talk-backs along the way felt I knew everything and doubted all you say.

Danger Comments

In my mind visually I supersede the thoughts and now I am left with tools of Mental freedom So don’t step to me as IF I know more than What you think you know Because thinking is a dedication Never a normal process In different planes Won’t even speak English If I did not have [...]