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tempations… 22 Comments

I have a lot of temptations. Everyday, I am tempted not to get out of my bed; I want to sleep in. Maybe take a pill that will just knock me out and sleep all day, possibly another day. There was a time in 2008 where I was so busy that I opted to schedule [...]

Lack of Patience 27 Comments

All good things come to he who waits” When ever my little brother sees or hears something about how someone does something really stupid and gets caught in the web, he always says ‘what an idiot!’ Who in their right mind would accept passively wait for something to happen and call it a virtue. Call [...]

Loide 26 Comments

At a New York tribute for the late great Miriam Makeba, I was lucky enough to be sitting in close proximity to my personal old man crush, Mr. Harry Belafonte (he may be old but he’s still hot) when this new artist hit the stage and performed one of my favorite Makeba hits, “Soweto Blues” [...]

Gash Haile's Teza 20 Comments

My summer has been busy. Busy, as in I  have had no rest.  I like it like that.  It keeps me going, motivated about every project I get involved in. This project is special. It’s near and dear to me and I have been wanting to be a part of it for a while now. [...]

Minimalist Me 42 Comments

I saw a story recently on a TV about a high powered business man who bought a condo in New York City but was to busy to actually move in. He hardly had any furniture in the apartment except a corner tables with lamps; no chairs, just one stool by the kitchen, apparently he doesn’t [...]