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The Language Choice 24 Comments

The words for dating always confuse me. I don’t understand how dating differs from hanging out; if you go on a date does it mean you are dating? Blah blah I personally just call it talking. I am talking to this girl. If we hang out a couple of times, i.e., we go on a [...]

Find me Consensus Comments

I was just browsing the web, reading the reviews of customers who bought a certain products on Amazon; scanning to see if a book is popular or lame. I found that half the people think that the author is a pretentious bastard who can’t write for shit and then other half either thought the book [...]

unfathomable 926 Comments

Location: In front of 4 kilo AAU, café X, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Time: 9:30 PM It was a random Thursday night. Gorgeous Addis Ababa evening weather. I can still feel the fresh breath of air on my face, my arms. I was a freshman at the University and I could not get enough of the [...]

bamboozled! 20 Comments

I got burnt, played, bamboozled, punked, schooled fucked over, taken or whatever else slang terms are used when someone is fooled. My sister recently told me that she hates it when someone tells her that they are a good judge of character. The phrase is, ‘I know people;’ knowing people as in figuring out someone’s [...]

Word of the Month 34 Comments

Just yesterday I was having a conversation about how words matter.  Essentially the females in via my social networks said that: actions speak louder than words” I have written a little bit about using words to expressing ourselves about this time last year. And essentially most people disagreed with me. One of you even quoted [...]