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The Sweep Wave 98 Comments

One of those things that starts in a conversation at midnight on a regular day in a regular year. Our own .mike was swept of his feet… some eleven months ago… to the challenge myself try to beat the odds by supporting him.” According to him. I heard him and my issue and apparently every [...]

Signs of Ethiopia 14 Comments

Hand drawn signs are very popular, as they should be because printing large scale billboards in color is somewhat inaccessible, especially in rural regions within Ethiopia. Welcome signs are really popular. Here, I picked a few that give the impression of being worthy of note because of their Yetashe look Vis à Vie…

Roots is Here! 76 Comments

Roots is part of the body of a plant that develops, typically, from the radicle and grows downward into the soil, it is also the very foundation or source; origin; base; beginning More than the preliminary usages of the word root, it also used in connotations with other words, the disambiguation’s are endless. It is [...]

Of Symbols & Idiots 35 Comments

The word ‘ethnomusicology‘ carries with it certain connotations that may make one squirm: tokenizing, misappropriated cultural anthropology, exoticism, etc. However, after watching Itsushi Kawase’s three short documentaries on how music is interwoven into the fabric of those who live outside the fringes of conventional comfort, I am left refreshed that maybe, just maybe, there is [...]

EnQutatsh! 92 Comments

Image from Yilud September is the beginning! It is when Ethiopian skies bid farewell to the clouds of the rainy season and welcome the New Year! Daisies, called “Adey Ababa,” cover the highlands in gold. Young girls gather the flowers and go door to door singing the traditional New Year song “Abeba- Ayehosh!“ In Ethiopia [...]