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Buna Anyone? 26 Comments

This pair of maps show the global presence of Starbucks coffee shops and McDonald's restaurants. When examined graphically, both companies act as global hubs that connect some of the world's poorest, most remote countries with some of the wealthiest. There was only around 1000 Starbucks in the mid-90s and around 6000 today. An increase of [...]

Wok Wot! 35 Comments

About five years ago I bought a Wok. Why? because the Japanese version the Iron Chef became the hottest show on the Food Network. For those of you who do not know, I cook a mean everything. Bobby Flay’s southwestern style mixed with anything works for me. Just wait till you taste my cheese steak [...]

The inadequacies of life in the U. S. 26 Comments

We just had Fasika last week. We made Doro Wot just like Ethiopia, well not exactly; I mean we had twelve biletoch and eggs in it but the twelve pieces were comprised of only legs. Kind of like the twelve leg packages in plastic wrapper at the local grocery store. Yes a Doro Wot with [...]

Ethiopian Hooters 20 Comments

When was the last time you were served by a male waiter in an Ethiopian restaurant? If you are like me, only once; and in that instance the waiter happened to the owner of the restaurant. Ethiopian restaurants servers, in general are only females. Of course, I am talking about the restaurants here in the [...]

NiT'ir Kibe 35 Comments

A friend who decided to cook for a group of people did not have NiTr Kibe, so she decided to cook with regular butter. I must say it lacked depth compared to what I am used to. Ethiopian food is complicated to start from scratch. In a sense, all ethnic food is complicated. For Indian [...]