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If Nolawi Ca Koo, So Ka Yu! 61 Comments

There is a prominent Chinese American chef on PBS named Martin Yan; he makes Cantonese style quick and easy stir-fry recipes. He has a popular phrase at the end of his show where he would put the last garnish on the entrée and he would loudly say and remember… If Yan Can Cook, So Can [...]

Posers 16 Comments

Last Thursday, which happens to be the day that our own Meron turns 22 years old, we went to celebrate it by organizing all her closest friends, presumably, to a dinner gathering. We decided on having dinner at a famous local Moroccan spot her is DC. The whole enchilada, it’s a seven course meal but [...]

Clones or no clones? 95 Comments

How would you react if you discover that the juicy kurte sega you had for dinner last night was from a cloned cow? Well, if the idea of eating a cloned meat doesn’t quite sit well with you, on your next trip to a grocery store, you’d want to check the meat label and see [...]

Ethiopian Meatballs 199 Comments

I like integrating American food with Ethiopian. One of the things I remember growing up was the mini meatballs on toothpicks that were served Hors d’œuvre like at wedding and birthday parties. We would always have them and gibjza’s in our place… I really loved them, and everyone I know loved them too; they disappeared [...]

Tire Sigga 6,547 Comments

Some Ethiopian expatriates are under the impression that eating raw meat is unhealthy. The act like eating raw meat is an uncivilized Ethiopian fad that should be stopped where it started, in Ethiopia. Well dears, eating raw meat neither started in Ethiopia nor is it only practiced in Ethiopia. Not only is it perfectly health [...]