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bamboozled! 20 Comments

I got burnt, played, bamboozled, punked, schooled fucked over, taken or whatever else slang terms are used when someone is fooled. My sister recently told me that she hates it when someone tells her that they are a good judge of character. The phrase is, ‘I know people;’ knowing people as in figuring out someone’s [...]

beck n call 20 Comments

It always makes me wonder why some women have their choices of guys while others don’t, regardless of their physical appearance. I know women who could pass for models that have problems getting and keeping a significant other, while an average Jane will have a man of her choice at her beck and call to [...]

he's not my BF! 46 Comments

Well, I wanted to say something about this for a while now, I sense I might have hinted the way I feel about the topic here and there but I wanted to tell guys what I see. But as easily as I express myself I didn’t know how to flow the words to say this [...]

Weekend Marriage 68 Comments

I see her every morning in my commute to work.  She is a pretty woman; probably in her early to mid thirties.  I immediately recognize her.   I know her.  Not her personally, just her ‘Ethiopian-ness ‘— if there is such a word.  I always smile and say hi and she does the same but we [...]

Cross Section of Addis & Georgia 53 Comments

photo source The smell of yerga chaffe fills my nose and I am taken by the rich seductiveness of its scent. It takes me to Lake Tana, to the buna farmers, and back again to where I am now. Where am I? I am sitting in my boyfriend’s family’s house after dinner and witnessing the [...]