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Getachew goes Punk! 49 Comments

The Sixth Ethiopian Music festival was held between January 9, 2007 through January 17, 2007. This year, the festival was dedicated to Amha Eshete, Ethiopia’s first independent music producer. Though I was in Addis during some of these dates, prior engagements and unforseen events prevented me to attend all but one date. The closing date [...]

Oldies but Goodies V-II 76 Comments

Funny Songs continued The positive responses to part 1 made me understand that I needed to podcast some more gems from GeTu Ayele. I was having a phone discussion about part 1 with my friend Efrata when she informed me that the song Ehud YeEqub Tela by Fantu Mandoye was remade and was on YouTube.

Oldies but Goodies V 4,954 Comments

The Funny Songs I remember in the early eighties when Hibret Terit (Variety Show) used to bring some funny songs performed by the veteran Fantu Mandoye. In one skit it was he with Tshaynesh Bekele playing his daughter discussing the passing of arranged marriages and the thing called Love. The title? “Yet Hedesh Neber?” As [...]

Oldies but Goodies IV–RELOADED 48 Comments

Kebebush’s Mood I think Kebebush from the Bernos Press (aka BP) is in love! Out of no where, she tells me she has an idea for an article. The idea? A podcast of love songs by Aster Aweke The truth is Kebebush is a Graduate school student and with papers and exams creeping behind her [...]

Oldies but Goodies III 80 Comments

Nolawi's post on "Fua Fua yilal Dodgu" reminded me that I had slacked off on the blog and need to get back to business! For those unaware, "Dodgu" was first performed back in the early 60's if not earlier–I still have to find the original artist.  Netsanet Melesse re-recorded it in the mid 1980's with [...]