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Spring is in the air. It is breezy and sunny. It has the feel of an Ethiopian morning . Be it windows, garage, driveways or basement, cleaning is underway.  It is like people are waking up from a lengthy sleep. Finally it is time to break away the last layer of the winter cocoon. Yes…the snow has finally melted exposing the unraked leaves from the fall. The vegetation has already begun responding to springs pleasantries. The grass is yellowish green and spongy.

It still retains water from winter. Tulips are sprouting. Neighbors have started lingering around mail boxes longer than required .The Nosy one’s are updating the loners on who in the neighborhood got divorced, who had hip replacement done, whose son is graduating this summer, who is contemplating the biggest garage sale ever and the sorts.

Every year my elderly neighbor comes up to me and after a brief catch up swears that this will be his last dreadful winter in this sleepy snowy town before he moves  to Florida. Don’t we all wish…?

It seems that the grand entrance of spring motivates us to look fit. My long black winter coat with its flattering cut is neatly folded and stored in the basement. I endearingly call in “gebena shefagne.” It somewhat makes me look leaner than I am. But, alas spring comes along and reveals the true rolls I acquired during those long winter evenings. Soon people will also fulfill their duties of going bare. It is only fair .After all the trees were bare all winter long.

For me spring is largely a season of revival and awakening, a season to detoxify spiritually and physically, a season to give-up ,a season to repent, a season to regret , a season to rejoice in a newly resurrected promising future.

Somber thoughts aside, I gleefully say “welcome bright colors.” And I boldly say “bring on the bugs” because a night sky full of fire flies is worth all the sharp mosquito bites I will suffer .I take it my blood is the sweetest around .Wow …. Nature, warm and accessible simply makes me happy.

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  1. 1 Haben Woldu

    Spring is definitely a time of growth for me! Growth in every way. It just so happens Easter falls in the spring months. Easter has always been a pride of re-defining myself, self reflection, cleansing of the mind and soul, and most importantly growing and rediscovering new things! Bright colors are evident every where, but its the bright colors inside us really shine through. With the first sign of the sun, it seems that we are recharged and ready to spring abound. How I love Spring! I heart thee!

  2. 2 SaraA

    Loved the way the article was written.

  3. 3 Nolawi

    Indeed. I am completely depressed in the winter… and happy in the summer… but its not about spring but the brightness….

  4. 4 endalc

    congragelation . to for this . bigen to spring , more to good pawer .conform .that your part ime .

  5. 5 anonx

    Too for this.
    Begin to Spring,
    More to good power
    That your part I’am/(in me)


    (You’re a poet E. at the rate you are going, watch out world.)

  6. 6 leo

    @anonx i think you understanding endald little by little…good job
    @nolawi, i feel the same way…i am smiling and energized the whole week…im so in the good mood, i hope it’s not temp…

  7. 7 beshou

    biskut, i think u captured the essence of spring. well said!

  8. 8 saronm10

    nicely done biskut, i love everying about all the seasons except the dreary winter. oooffff. glad its over. i called back home and was talking to my mom, and she is used to my crying about the snow, and freezing temps. so she asked ” how is the weather now days?” and i told her spring has began, but winter will always be here the next year.

    anonx, how u doing mate?

  9. 9 tsedey

    nice piece biskut, the descriptions are picturesque. love it love it love it. but i love summer more :)

    fyi, for those not in the know, tsedey=spring in amharic :)

  10. 10 biskut

    tsedey ,eastcoast summer is simply too humid for me .Makes it harder to enjoy the sun .your name also made me think when the Ethiopin spring falls .I know bega starts in september and winter in june but as far as tsedey ,and fall (belg) i don’t know .If anyone does please do share the info .I presume there is also another season called meker …

  11. 11 Nightingale

    Biskut, so picturesque, just the way I like it!
    Leo, I bet we hv smn who better understands/appreciates Endalc. :)

  12. 12 anonx

    Hey Saron!

    Thanks for asking, I am doing good. Batteling spring allegeries the past few day…and this article is not helping. I hope you’re doing well.

  13. 13 Corp Alumni

    love all seasons. don’t mind winter too casue I tend to get a lot done (work, get organized, catcup up calls, taxes…) during the dreary times of winter than spring/summer.

  14. 14 Lamont

    I was just telling my friend about that.

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