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I love the ladies; the drama, the emotions, the passion, the body and everything else excluding the confusion. Thus, I find myself running away when I see signs of ambiguity on their intentions with me; as you may already know.

Cuz, I don’t need confusion, now there is a theme song!

It’s hot and on point via lyrics. Cuz I don’t need it, I got options, ya wanna spend my time, ya got love for sell… Well, I don’t need it!

Update: I woke up this morning feeling refreshed. I was driving and listening to Steve Harvey on the radio… At the end of the show he said something about this song and they played it. And I loved the lyrics. I don’t need it. And I started to think about Ethiofused article and how this song would be the perfect theme song for it.

It’s obvious, although you ladies don’t get the song that he is talking about gold diggers who “wanna spend my time, wanna spend my dough got love for sell. ” if you listen to the give it to me part, its Timbaland voice.

The point is saying don’t waste my time.

I don’t need it [Bitch](Chick)8x
I don’t need it {come on}
{Give it to me} Oww yeah
Oww yeah, yeah {Give it to me}
I don’t need it, hey
{Gi, give it to me} heey
Don’t need it
{Gi, give it to me}Don’t need it
{I don’t need it}

[Verse 2]
I got options{A Oow)
It ain’t mine anymore
Had a man and
It was a long time ago

37 Responses to “I don't need it!B!t(h!”

  1. 1 lilye

    I don’t get it!

  2. 2 Nolawi

    what dont you get… the song?

    I am sorry you are confused.

  3. 3 helen

    I dont get the post or the song either lilye.
    If you dont need it why all the “give it to me’s”?

  4. 4 Anonx

    Nol and the song are saying give it to me without any strings attached, if you can’t do that, i dont need you, and i dont need it from you; they have options cuz more than one member of your species will put out without any strings attached, supposedly. You attach strings, then u’re a biyach, you’re taking his money one way or another :)

  5. 5 Tsedey

    ze zefen itself is confused..don’t need it…give it to me…had a man long time ago… got options…spending money.. wtf

    I love Jamie Foxx but this song didn’t do it for me. Nolawi, does this really reflect your views?

  6. 6 lilye

    Nolawi, INDEED! i am confused.

  7. 7 luli

    lol @ ‘what dont you get… the song?

    I am sorry you are confused.’ … ende, kalgebatis??
    Annox, thanks for breaking it down

  8. 8 Nolawi

    obvously you missed the sarcasm… luli

    I will get to the explanation of the song and what i means to me shortly after my 4 pm deadline…

    see you then ladies… till then compile your questions…

  9. 9 saronm3

    ” I love the ladies; the drama, the emotions, the passion, the body and everything else excluding the confusion”

    sorry nol, i think you are the one confused. i mean think about it, if you love the ladies , the drama, emotion, passion, and the body, you cann’t exclude the confusion. cuz, you have too many list to begin with not to be confused.

  10. 10 tpeace

    there we have it ladies and gents!

    nolawi has gone out and confessed that he is ethiofused!


    i kid nols…i kid :)

  11. 11 Nolawi

    I have updated for the slow people in here. Who could not hear the “give it to me part” is background… Timbauland… is agreeing and is jamming to Jamie…

    anyways this is not specific to someone or any recent experience.

    Tsedey, I do feel that most men get played by girls who are ambiguous about their intentions with people.

    Again I have written extensively about this

    Woo Me

    S word

    Stuck in the F zone! wondata

    independently single

    so there is no denying that I am passionate about protecting men

    Gin at the same time what i write is not always reality because there are times where cut lines do not reflect the specific situations…

  12. 12 Tsedey

    “Tsedey, I do feel that most men get played by girls who are ambiguous about their intentions with people.”

    I absolutely agree with you on that one Nolawi. I hate those girls too. Undecisive pple ain’t worth anyone’s time.

    and there’s noting wrong with protecting men as long as they’re decisive and clear about their intentions too.

  13. 13 biskut

    It is not being undecisive but putting our options open for someone better ….be it tsebai or otherwise to come along .If a man is stupid enough to hang around someone “undecisive ” as you call it then minim ayasazinim .What is wrong with unsealed deals .This does not have anything to do with money demo .

    why does jamie fox say “had a man ?
    ende isn’t he a man or is he …..i obviously don’t get it .ena demo
    you seem to snap at some ppl here .ende keep it cool and answer the questions .don’t be too defensive .after all you are not a professional columnist .even they can be confusing at times .

  14. 14 Nolawi

    i am not snapping at all – it might seem like that but i am betam level heading guy u doesn’t get swayed or annoyed or pissed off easily

    but what i am is very blunt so even if its seems like i am getting passionately offensive and defensive its not the actual situation… so relax honey!

  15. 15 datdude

    ladies why y’all gotta harsh his mellow,

    whatever joy he might have derived from this song is probably now lost by the barrage of dismissals…

  16. 16 wudnesh

    And people pay money for this kind of senseless zefen? mts.
    Nolsha, I know this ain’t anything to do with ur experience minamin, but, sille fiqer inna relationship article abezah…..hehe, I think u r ready to fall in love and commit to the girl with the right CV ;) let’s wait and see…

  17. 17 Nolawi

    what if I tell you that i have caught a fish already wude…

    Just because I write stuff doesn’t mean it reflects on reality.

    Meaning I date eko….

  18. 18 Hilbet

    Don’t lie, you do need it. You just don’t know what you are willing to put up with to get IT. You are begging for her to give it to you, you see. You are calling her ambiguous but you are the one who becomes that once you are unable to get your fix. Your dilemma, you love too many things about her but you confused her and now you are confused. So, the game continues and you go on whistling “I don’t need it” until you find your next victim to confuse.

  19. 19 Nolawi

    lol besaq hilbet…

  20. 20 tpeace

    hilbet…u’re sooo right on point! lol luv it…

  21. 21 Anonx

    He actually does not need it from you… ‘once had a man’ get it, its a threat if you dont change your take his money ways. and JF is rumoured btw, and to me his sitcom character is so gay.

  22. 22 Bez

    Anonx, The Jamie Foxx show is my all time fav show so watch what you say about it lol..

    I dont know what the hoopla is about analyzing these this lyrics, these lyrics have as much substance as a first grader.

  23. 23 mister_mayhem

    this song is kind of crass not my cup of tea

  24. 24 anonx

    Lol @ Bez I do like JF show too when I get a chance to watch him. Even closeted gays I find funny. About first graders and substance, first graders have more of it than this song. They grow up on Dr. Zues poetry, you know

  25. 25 Nolawi

    Oh Sharrup bez and anonx…

    This song has more substance that everything you two combined.

    I am kidding of course..

    ps Anonx. I need your email. please send it to bernos… thanks…

  26. 26 tpeace

    i dunno where this comment fits…but anyway…science says women get attached to men they have sex longer than men do to women they have sex with.

    here goes

    “For those of us who are sexually active, I would like to point out one thing. When you have an orgasm, there is a chemical change that takes place in your body. In particular, your body releases a hormone called oxytocin that binds you emotionally to the other person. For a man, the effects of this hormone last for 48 hours. For a woman, the effects last for 14 days.

    This explains why, after having sex with someone who is clearly a bad fit for us, we can end up in a relationship with them, even if it’s for a short amount of time. Far too often, these relationships can turn into long term relationships that ultimately end badly.

    It is recommended by relationship experts to not have sex during your dating and selection process unless you are okay with being emotionally bound to that person or having that person be emotionally bound to you for 14 days. Alison recommends not having sex with someone unless they fit all the qualities which are your Minimum Requirements that you need in a partner.” read full article

  27. 27 Anonx

    tpeace, that is why men make the boody calls and women take the call… :)

  28. 28 Nolawi

    ha so men you better make sure u satify a woman till she orgasms…

    if she can’t orgasm easily – go down on her till she comes…. even if it takes 2 hours…..

    do what you have to but keep her satisfied and you are set!

  29. 29 Nifas

    tpeace i wonder what happens when one has an orgasm solo lol

  30. 30 tpeace

    LOL u guys…! & all yall made 3 totally unrelated comments.
    annox — really really tho?

    nolawi woah didn know i was giving out a secret weapon for all the alpha male wannabes! thought i was helpin out the sistah’s out there…

    nifas LMAO — i guess if that’s not a justification for some self-love….right? hehehe tho u’re stuck with urself so i dunno what the effect of a severe attachment to urself will be?? *head spinning*

    it just confirms what a lotta ppl say tho — that sex results in totttally diff outcomes for men and women and no wonder men can be so nonchalant about it.

    anyways this explains what guys might see as confusion in some women — she’s tryna figure out if you’ve got those qualities before she committs to u for somewhat a long term — probably her attraction/feelings of attachment are battling with her mind cos sex paves a path toward long term emotional relationship… via her natural/chemical makeup

  31. 31 Anonx

    ummm tpeace… you answered the call, didn’t you? :)

  32. 32 Totit

    Lol Anonx…

  33. 33 tpeace

    lol…i ain’t a bootycall typa gal annox…hence my ignorance and curiosity…
    good try tho :P

  34. 34 Bez

    Tpeace, thanks for clearing up to me why I, a male, have a love and hate relationship with myself every 48 hours

  35. 35 Jaye Lagman

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  36. 36 Mande

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