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Miriam Makeba, known to fans worldwide as “Mama Africa,” was an international symbol of the anti-apartheid struggle and South African musical legend.

She died early Monday in southern Italy after performing at a concert against organized crime.

Miriam to me was one of a kind. She loved her country and loved our continent. During her lifetime, she was one of Africa’s most unifying figures from shoreline to coast. Africa will produce other great singers and greatly talented women. I am however certain that Africa will not produce another Miriam Makeba.

Here are a few songs that are my favorites.

Pata Pata

The Click Song

5 Responses to “Mama Africa”

  1. 1 Hidaya

    Ahh Mama Africa has died, RIP I am her fan…

    Mirian Makeba was one of a kind, she had beauty, grace and warmth ,she had talent, she was brave and she was incredibly articulate whenever she spoke about her country’s struggles and suffering RIP MM and peace be upon you…

  2. 2 Hidaya

    I forgot to mention, thank you to Nolawi for the article and the clips…

  3. 3 Nolawi

    no problem
    she is the best ever african female performer..

    bizunesh is a close second@

  4. 4 maebel

    Frankly, I only knew her name as it is kind of famous In Ethiopia for reasons that are still inigma to me. Because, I once tried to find her musics in every music shops and couldn’t find any. I hardly found any Radio DJ playing her music too. So, I was more heartbroken to find the death of Some beautiful South African Singer, whose name I can’t recall now. But her music is so popular here, in Addis, and her Clip at the KORA AWARD..was so nice! especially to see her greeting Mandela with grace and honour was really enspiring.

  5. 5 Luke Rines

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