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There are lots of types of people. There are those that are very calculated and only take risks after they evaluate the odds. There are those that never ever take any type of risks!

There are those that rarely take risks but when they do take risks it’s a big one. There are those who take risks professionally but never take risks in their personal lives.

There are those are very careful with money, and there are those that are free with money. Next months rent will be from the next paycheck.

Is being carful related with fear? Is falling in love a risk?

“Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”

Famous line from FDR, so poignant! Although it was in reference to politics, it makes are personal point. I am betam scared of taking risks! Especially with women, because I have noticed that people these days live their lives very non-chalantly!

How do they do they do it? How cold are they? Not just women but all people! Beqa every relationship, be it professional or personal is on the surface that nothing really hurts anyone’s feelings.

Could it be fear? Fear of being unprotected?

How can someone not fear of having unprotected sex, but fear opening up or taking a chance?

I watched a movie last night, I have seen it before but this time I was really listening for some reason. And the character King Arthur played by Sean Connery said something even more poignant than FDR.

“A man who fears nothing also loves nothing.  And if you love nothing, then what joy is there in your life?”

So fear is love! It kind makes sense to me.

My Biggest Fear!

All my fears is nothing compared to my fear of failure, not in single tasks but in life.

I am every so often very worried that my life will turn out to be a failure. What measurement is I don’t know! But I guess I have to come up with a measurement for what success really is.

I don’t know if I read this somewhere but sound good to me.

‘Success should not be judged by what you accomplish rather by the overwhelming odds you overcome.’

Now if only I really believed that!

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  1. 1 Dinich

    My motto for my fears:

    Fear God and u ll have no fear….

  2. 2 Nolawi

    oh sharrup with your god! – if god existed .. the world would be better

  3. 3 Spacefog

    Just wanted to say , this is the most honest reading I have seen in Bernos.
    The only thing I fear is committment in a relationship.

  4. 4 Mestika

    Sometimes fear itself incourages me not to fear. If I stop myself from doing something b/c of fear then I automatically do the opposite. I dont want to stop myself from meeting the guy,buy that house,car,get that job,attend a certain place,,etc based on your life criteria because of fear. That’s being Dekama

  5. 5 Muna

    You know one said 4% of our life is what happens, and 96% is on how we react to it.

  6. 6 Dinich

    Nolawi, I luv u too.

  7. 7 The Uncle

    ‘Success should not be judged by what you accomplish rather by the overwhelming odds you overcome.’

    It might be true for Obama but then I thought about it, if we really believe that this is true then we’re fooling ourselves. So I completely disagree. It’s quite the opposite.

  8. 8 chuni

    For some reason,recently i’ve developed this sense of invincibleness, like no matter what happens I CAN’t/won’t fail neger…it’s scaring me. But i guess my biggest fear is letting go of my fears. My fears keep me safe eko! what would i do without them. Just being is a scary thought!

  9. 9 Mengedegna

    I am one of those people who take calculated risks but also like to take random risks every now and then.
    When it comes to fear, however, I fear my conscious the most.

  10. 10 celebratelife

    When fear hits me head on I question my emotion and not just run away from it. Unless of course it’s a big ass pit bull coming at me 100mph then ain’t no time to think I need to get a move on.

    I don’t fear much in life but my biggest fear is heights. I’m the president of the Acrophobia society lol and I will overcome this fear if it kills me :)

  11. 11 Sewit

    Nolawi “oh sharrup with your god! – if god existed .. the world would be better”

    such an interesting comment. Why would the world be better? Is your image of ‘God’ one that doesn’t allow for anything that goes counter to his will?

  12. 12 Seble


    Interseting post, got me thinking. I thought I feared evreything in life, that I don’t take much chance in anything. Then after reading your post and some ppl’s comments I realized I do take chance now and then. I made a big career change couple of years ago although everone told me I’m making mistake, now that’s a big one for me. However, I still fear a lot of things like ending up alone (good Ethiopian men are hard to come these days at least where I live).

    With all due respect I disagree with you on one thing though. We all are intitled to our belives and mine is – God certainly exists.

  13. 13 Tsedey

    I fear death.

  14. 14 Mestika

    I fear death differently now since I have my own family. When I was in school I used to drive over 100 mph and never feared of what happens. Now I drive the speed limit. I fear of dangers situations. Before I never cared if I die but now I want to be there for my family. I fear death big time!

  15. 15 engida

    i fear regrets though i didn’t have much till now. i think that’s the worst thing to live with.

  16. 16 justme

    i fear future.!!

  17. 17 yebolelij

    McCain’s Fear-o-Meter reads 95 mph right now

  18. 18 biskut

    I have a fear of losing loved ones.I sometimes entertain the idea of a family member or a dear friend dying and fear takes control of me .
    On a different note
    some of you might disagree with me but i honestly believe you fall in love only if you want to.It is not something out of your control.

  19. 19 biskut


    you shut up ishii.

  20. 20 Totit

    Biskut I so agree with u….I think falling in love is something u totally have full control of…
    I have soooo many fears…but falling in love is not one of them…:)

  21. 21 Wurgatu

    ageing is my deepest fear. i hate to be yareje shimagile. i mean i can’t bear the thought of being WEAk in every sense of the word. how could one stand this??????? but there is always a solution….ending once own life!!!

  22. 22 maebel

    I fear to reveal my self, my thought, to speak my heart plainly and completely. Cause, If I do I may surprise most of the people around me and scare them to death. and I honestly am so void of the capacity to offend others. However, life is teaching me that I am offending them more by not telling them the truth, every time that I choose not to speak and comment, whenever I listend them so intently and told them to do what they think is best.

  23. 23 Nolawi

    Lol – wurgatu!

  24. 24 dawitm

    i fear being in love, cuz i have never been before. seeing some fools crying when they are in love makes me fear it so much.

  25. 25 cece

    I have a fear of getting sick. I guess you can call me Hypochondriac. My doc is tired of seeing me :)

  26. 26 Mestika

    is your fear to come out of the closet? just jokingly asking:)

  27. 27 tpeace

    hmmm maebel…interesting!

    the funny thing i’ve found is…when u air the ‘strange’ thoughts u release them and they kinda lose their weird weight kinda freeing u…

    i fear being dependent or stuck

  28. 28 Nolawi

    Fear of Dependency-
    Feminist tendencies!

  29. 29 Mestika

    For every reply we are generating another question, so tpeace ,,,,, can you describe what you meant on those two please.

  30. 30 Sleam

    I fear Sara Palin may become President…that is a very scary thought…

  31. 31 dawitm

    LOL Sleam, that is really a scary thought. but it aint goin to happen :)

  32. 32 tpeace

    dependency — on someone else to feel good about myself…kinda related to control. i’ve convinced myself i need that control on myself to be free…
    stuck — to be in a situation that i cannot create/weasel myself out of…

  33. 33 selamT

    YaP I fear Mccane and Sara P. I worry about it everyday. I can’t sleep …fear…
    I just pray and hope it aint goin to happen

  34. 34 Walid

    I fear that with all the financial and economic meltdown (characterized by Alan Greenspan as “once in a century”crisis), America might no longer be a good place to live. If history is any guide ,economic hardship breeds xenophobia and foments racism with dire implications for the social stability of the country.Hope my fear would be just that, fear.

  35. 35 dorze

    Fear is like a cloud, it has no substance
    but, when it is there it prevents the sun from shining upon us.

  36. 36 soj

    …I am afraid of the eternal struggle between the objectivist and the spiritualist in me. I wish these two were not mutually exclusive in my mind.

  37. 37 Getu


    Where did you read that historically, during difficult economic times Xenophobia rises? or was that made up?

  38. 38 Wurgatu

    i share your struggle too. i believe the objectivist in me is the one who is greatly dominating my intire being now…
    let the objectivist in you have the upper hand AMEN!

  39. 39 Grand Ma

    I fear for the future of Ethiopia (war, disease, lack of food, instabiltiy..).

  40. 40 Walid

    Getu,to understand how economic difficulties and Xenophobia feed on each other, you dont have to go that far back in history.I refer you to read the recent xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals in South Africa.

  41. 41 Getu

    But South Africa, unlike the US, is not experiencing an economic slowdown. I’m not sure the US is either.
    There’s been some xenophobia in SA but I dont know if it had anything to do with an economic slowdown.
    The two may feed off of each other; but I think it’s because its not possible to have an economic boom without paving the way for xenophobia.
    Anyway, Walid, I dont dont know squat about economies and xenophobiae, I was just warning against making unsubstantiated claims lest you become someone like me.

  42. 42 datdude

    I’m waiting for to hear what your fear might be? :)

    Mine is failing to live life to the highest ideal, the golden rule (love your neighbor as yourself). The longer i go on, the more people annoy me, (esp. non-ethios lol), and the more I find it hard to empathize with peoples situation.
    Ebenezer scrooge comes to mind. lol

  43. 43 Anonx

    I fear one of the twin voices in my head. Like in the morning, one says time to get up, and the winner says sleep just a little longer. Later on in rush, the loser says, what in the hell did u not wake when I said so. There’s no reply.

    Dadude, I think you’re too good for this world, if thats your fear. :)

  44. 44 zema

    Agree with wurgatu, old age is my greatest fear… the decline of mind, body and spirit…. the cruelest joke though is the lack of insight into this decline and thinking/pretending one is still young…. i fear it so much that i’d rather drop dead now if given the choice…. well not exactly this minute…but….

  45. 45 Hidaya

    Hi Datdude…

    I am now gonna develop a brand new fear of airing my ridiculous fears about things prompted by datdude :) though in some cases fear is too strong a word, so we will call it apprehension or anxiety inducing thoughts…

    ok lets start with pure physical fear first:, you might regret having started this D lol….so yes, heights frighten me, people on high things like ladders/scaffolding/escalators make me feel dizzy and I blink looking up at them thinking as I am of the minute they topple over and crush me to death.

    Cyclist do their bit to terrorise my thoughts too, I have more injuries caused by cyclists than any other one thing or being so I developed a fear as well as a conspiracy theory about them lol, it is a bit irrational as well because I think most in the streets of London want to kill me even if none know me or each other…

    Of the most abstract fears, I have a fear of things that happen randomly outside of one’s control with devasting consequences, fear of crime, fear of bad judgment(mine) fear of disease, having to deal with emotionally aloof people, and people with ultra unbending and rigidly held belief system, loss of people I love…ok that’s my lot, datdude you must be having the most noble of fears, good neighbours too, beleive me you wouldnt love mine one bit lol…

    Mine is failing to live life to the highest ideal, the golden rule (love your neighbor as yourself). The longer i go on, the more people annoy me, (esp. non-ethios lol), and the more I find it hard to empathize with peoples situation.
    Ebenezer scrooge comes to mind. lol

    43 Anonx
    Sep 30th, 2008 at 3:14 pm
    I fear one of the twin voices in my head. Like in the morning, one says time to get up, and the winner says sleep just a little longer. Later on in rush, the loser says, what in the hell did u not wake when I said so. There’s no reply.

    Dadude, I think you’re too good for this world, if thats your fear.

  46. 46 Hidaya

    Hi Anonx,

    Which voice wins in the end? lol?

  47. 47 Emebet

    not living up to my true potential

  48. 48 Anonx

    Right now Hidaya, one has a slight edge, the dormant, active only when I should be up with lead time not to eat but to remember that I need to transfer valuable items like wallet and keys, bus pass and building security badge from the day before outfit to now’s. Specially the security badge because I don’t want to enter my building as a guest, not again and the bus pass cause I hate to make a u-turn again. At night, I try to stay up as long as I can because partly I am afraid of not waking up after I sleep. :) I plan, I commit, wake at set time, no morning rush, then in the morning I get a wake-up call followed by a sleep call followed by the same calls over until the sleep caller wins and the loser takes a conciliation prize. But the no sleep, turn the tv on, distract strategy only intensify my dream; I dream most of the morning news and infomercial, scary. Like this morning, it was memorable: the voice in my head said ‘Most of us get only 6 hours of sleep’; the usual loser said, see. The voice said ‘so we should get 6 good hours of sleep, eliminate the tossing and turning. Take….’ The usual loser said , haha! check mate!

  49. 49 Hidaya

    Hi Anonx,

    Poor you, you must be exhausted :) You twin voices excitable chatter is very funny, they check each other out as well reason and whim, good voices who do their job well check mating each other as they are, mind you if they didnt it is not like you can scary them is it? scary thought stuck with voices you rather sack…lol..

    Your fear of not waking up if you fall asleep i eanderingly amusing ,a bit similar to mine with a slightly different slant..

    I have got issues with sleep as well, just not death related ones. I find eveytime I go to sleep I wake up and major major things have changed in the world overnight, so much so in the past few weeks but a reliable constant all my life, I go to sleep upon waking all is different, countries, people, political landscapes,personal circumstance, nature. Such things always happen to me..Then must play catch up at breakneck speed…Anonx, Is it weird that I expect upheaval and sudden change as normal and dont even take the time to be stunned anymore?, if only the need for sleep didnt get in the way it would cut out the element of being taken by surprise…

  50. 50 datdude

    So how high in a building can you go and still be comfortable?
    I also share in the this bicycle phobia you speak of, there are enough scars on both legs to show this is not unfounded. Most accidents occurred trying to do tricks, or showing off to neighborhood girls, one involved going head first into a neighbors fence which was made of TSID/Ishok ouuch.
    I guess I also share an apprehension of these abstract fears, but to a large degree i’ve sorta accepted all things are transient so that indirectly suggests a certain amount uncontrollable events…i think? lol
    BTW good fences make good neighbors they say, I’m starting to believe this is really really true :)

    I think you need to invest in a really really really expensive alarm clock, the kind that shakes you by the shoulders, splashes a cold bucket of water on you, and will forcefully drag you to your car by 715, or to the curb by 7:00 if you’re taking the bus lol Also you can catch the nightly news you missed at work on youtube, isn’t that what office computers are for? :)

  51. 51 Hidaya

    Hi Datdude…what shall I wish you, an exciting week-end or a restful one? :) I am undecided…

    How high a building can I go before getting wobbly at the knees?…not very high if I look up or down on any thing that moves upwards, like escalators and those glass lifts that show you exactly how high off the ground they are taking you,ufff, scary, normal lifts which dont have glass doors you can see thru I am ok with however high they go…

    The worst ones I fear are very tall office window cleaners, they are all tied in with long cables and things that go up high near the sky one minute, and then down back to earth again like flying people, years ago I used wait in terror for them to appear dangling right at the window of the office I worked out of nowhere and with a thud, just looking at them and how high up they went up would make me feel dizzy and I made sure never walked anyhere below them either incase one or more of them fell on me…

    About cyclists, I try to like them coz demografically many are veggies like me hate 4*4s like I do, hate our ex PM like I do again:), dont pollute the world unnecessarily like I try not to do are libertarians and liberals but it doesnt really count on the road where they turn diabolical with their demon bykes lol….

    “Most accidents occurred trying to do tricks, or showing off to neighborhood girls, one involved going head first into a neighbors fence which was made of TSID/Ishok ouuch.”

    Ouch indeed, and proper battle scarred:) fat lot of good did that fence if it didnt stop your fall….I have never ridden the demon byke past early teenage years, now I stick to the not moving one at the gym, I wouldnt dream of riding in the street of London, too much ego tripping on the roads, there’s feuds with everyone, the motorists hate the cyclists ,the cyclists hate the motorists, the pedestrians hates them both, and they all ram into each other causing havoc, not safe…

    Incidentally about fences making good neighbours…uhmm not sure datdude… here no amounts of fences or something called Leilandi tree which neighbours spitefully grow to a great height of like ten feet or similar height range to obscure the other’s view keep a good neighbourly feud down, all these feuds start with petty things then take a life of their on for years, I think it is funny unless you are the person at the recieving end of it lol……enjoy the weekend datdudey mate…

  52. 52 yegelae

    fear of being myself

  53. 53 Anonx

    Hidaya, I hope you got your shield handy though so that you stay healthy in front or behind the constant, normal, frequent upheaval and sudden change. It may be many things, but I don’t think its healthy. After an horrific event, you’ve heard people say ‘I don’t know whether I should cry or laugh?’. According to Berger, Picaso decided to laugh. That the essence of his art, not serious, but tragically funny laugh. This wierdo/cubist I never understand, lurks on the scene of my tragic laughters, like after a friend say she’s can’t contain herself at a meeting of a certain legal person where the agenda was the many trails of african immigrants and how to close it off, this after she and I have been discussing my cousin who’s lost somewhere on one of the african trails (sorry for being vague, its a public forum). We discussed how to stop your cousin at the border… that was the punch line for me. Did you know they got picketers at Wall Street cheering folks to ‘just jump’. I have heard there is already one victim.

    Dadude, I swear I get wake call at 6:00, 6:30 and finally at 7:00…. programmed my cell phone to make the loudest and most annoying sound. Thanks to bunna, I recover once I get to work.

  54. 54 Anonx

    Hidaya, we’re also gearing for a public holiday this coming Monday, it goes by ‘Columbus discovered America’. Tragically laughable. Join me…

  55. 55 Hidaya

    Hi Anonx…

    How is Columbus day?, anything eventful happening/has happened/will happen?:),

    Sorry for the late reply I have been struck by a deadly flu virus I think though the doctor disagrees and says I am exagerating and I am not quite there yet, and wont be if I keep taking the disgusting concoctions she prescribed, medication, then ginger and tomato soup all day, other tasteless green things, rest…what a strange doctor Anonx, no magic wand to make the nasty flu go, now it is all up to me if it goes or not,so doign that now because if I dont and get worse who knows doctor might still say “patient heal thyself” until I am at death’s door, what happened to holding patient’s hand and indulge their mild hypocondria? lol, no now they tell you to heal yourself…

    Yes Columbus day, joining you in laughable ha ha lol…how can a place that already existed and populated be discovered?…do they still teach that in the US? here revisionist history is quite the norm in schools and are given the official version and the alternative version too which is closer to the truth anyway lol…

    Your legal friend quandary is so familair sounding Anonx lol…if in law and especially immigration law and in origins from a country where your own people might turn up and become the subject of immigration policies makes immigration lawyers not british born see the process and how discriminatory it is, it gives lawyers of these backgrounds a headache and divided loyalties to have to obey the law of the land even if they disagree with it …I hate immigration law it is like fighting entire institutions most of them institutionalised racist and little ever changes, I am sticking to criminals and criminal law…I hope your cousin is ok and on his way to safety….

    Unfortunatetly no shields about sudden change, just a flexible coping mechanism I think and a wish to understand it in context…

    Anonx I am back to the heal thy self business,:)…. I will leave you with a line from a Zimbabwean song translated into English I heard today while trying to heal…it goes like this: “Call the mother of my children. I am hurt. I have been injured while training the ox…I dunno why but cant get that line our of my head lol and it is making me think of oxes too which I have never done…

  56. 56 Bez

    Hidaya, I was just reading your post and the part “I hate immigration law it is like fighting entire institutions most of them institutionalised racist and little ever changes, I am sticking to criminals and criminal law”. My question is dont you think criminal law is as instutionaly racist as immigration law (infact I would go as far as to say its “WAY” more). Just trying to figure out your reasoning to see if I need to adust my preconceived notions lol

  57. 57 Anonx


    Hope you’ve recovered from the flu, its such a drainer. I learned the hard way that sleep and sleep and soup carriers are the only cure…. if available. I’m just checking your post, btw. With all thats going on locally and globally, I am not reading Bernos as much. I will when I am in a more playful mood…

  58. 58 Hidaya

    Bez it wasnt a comparison between immigration law and the criminal justice system that I was making, I was pointing out that it is more likely to come across Ethiopians and others as immigration clients when working in immigration law, much less so in criminal law though not impossible and of course that is not the same of all non white people….

    Is the criminal justice system as institutionalised racist as immigration law? I dont know it as a fact so wont vouch for it but it is a safe assumption to make that criminal law is more likely to evolve a lot quicker that immigration law does,

    Is it institutionally racist? yes, maybe not the laws themsleves but the application of it and perceptions held by juries and the Judiciary themselves plus the police, but that also happens to poor whites and women and it is not just racism but class, background and mysogyny that these institutions practise but at a snail’s pace things are changing.

    I dont think much changes ever in immigration laws except to make them even more rigid than they are now, the decisions immigration adjudicators make are almost always wrong whenever they are challenged in court and now even to be able to appeal to a court agaisnt their many wrong decisions is made impossible because it requires something called “leave to appeal” which means to ask a court a permission to review a decision taken by a public body, but that is no good if someone doesnt have the legal right to actually apply for that leave …so yes I hate immigration law, nothing ever changes for the good, or even just the decent, in criminal law they at least try…

  59. 59 Hidaya

    Hei Anonx…

    Long time no see, how are you :) …Just 2 weeks from a new President how do you feel about it?, here is same old same old and everyoneis talking about Obama as a President in just days, our banks have stopped collapsing round their ears for this week, are yours ok? and it is raining cats and dogs like it always does…hope all is fine with you, my flu is gone but it left me with practically no energy ,I think I am convalenscing but off the soups I am never having them again Anonx they were vile eugh…Dont be gone for too long get in a playful mood soon-ish:)…

  60. 60 Bez

    Hidaya, I see you point more clearly now. I thought you was compaing the two parts of the law institution as a whole, but now I see you speaking from your personal views/conflict of interest in regards to the immigration laws(i.e ethiopian clients). I really do not have much to add to your assesment of the Immigration law since I havent really examined it to a deep extent. But from what you telling me (especially the “leave to appeal” issue you brought up) its sounds like there needs to be a long term systematic approach to solve that problem( Like Thurgood Marshall did by fighting selective cases, through the NACCP, that he felt would impact the segragation laws and over period of time used those cases as precedients in the historical case Board vs Education. I guess we waiting on the Thurgood Marshall of immigratin lol. Again Im not deeply knowledgable of the Immigration law but sounds like a interesting topic to research on. And you definatly know how to communicate your points cleary lol

    p.s I do think many criminal law in itself is racist as well although greater part of the problem is the institutional racism. I do agree with you though that the problem is slowly shifting from racism to classism. I guess thats what happens when its elites are writing the laws

  61. 61 Hidaya

    “p.s I do think many criminal law in itself is racist as well although greater part of the problem is the institutional racism. I do agree with you though that the problem is slowly shifting from racism to classism. I guess thats what happens when its elites are writing the laws”

    Hi Bez, I dont really think that there are laws which are racist nowadays, otherwise what would be point or the use of Race Relation Act? or the other race and discrimination laws? the problem isnt the laws , the problem is the actual system and the people in it who are mostly white and mostly male too from privileged backgrounds.

    These are mostly the people who are in power and who apply those laws, it is their views and their prejudices and the way they run the system that is the problem, and it affects defendants who are not white when they enter the criminal justice system and even the people who work in that system who are not white or male or a defendant are not unnafected by institutionalised racism.

    There are attempts at changing and modernise the Criminal Justice System as all are now frogmarched to “Diversity studies” to understand their collegues who are not white ,and all those unfortunate enough that enter the system as defendants. It is not good enough yet, but it is probably better than five years ago and five years ago better than the five years before , that is not to say it is any good now, it is just it was terrible then, in comparison…

  62. 62 Bez

    Hidaya! hi, I do not be on bernos that much but I had to get back on here and read your response, love me some convo with substance lol, anyways

    Again I agree with everything you stated except the law part. If you look at the “war on drugs” executed in this country most of them are structured and written in a way that disadvantages the lower class. I do not even want to get started the implications of the laws in regards to sentencing when it comes to drug related crimes like “Crack vs Cocaine”. The war on drugs is a prime examples of laws passed that are racist in nature and targetting african americans/hispanics. They indereclty are an attempt to keep certain race in check or in their place. I bring up the war on the drugs because as you know majority of those in prison are for drug related offenses.

    Idealy and for what it represents I think U.S is one of the greatest nation on earth mostly. But I do not know how a democratic nation can continue to justify the fact that african americans make up well over 60% of those in prison while they only represents about 13% of the population..I just dont understand how how a member of a group that makes up 13% of national population is 8 times more likely to be in jail than a member of a group that makes up majority of the national population.

    Again I want to repeat that everything you said is true and progress is being made. However, I will have to differ with you the extent of the impact of law in itself on race or class.

  63. 63 Anonx

    Hidaya, no rain here, but windy enough sometime feels like an African sand storm and I know what that is like, not fun. Thanks to Q-tip now. You betta believe it though, its gonna be by a landslide. The electorate map in the making is non that has been seen in almost 100 years. The only concern, overconfidence of me and like mes who struggle to get up in the morning and won’t wake up at all if it gonna be by a landslide. And that Bradley effect thing where people lie in public but tell the truth in private. If asked whether he/she is ready for a black president… can’t trust the public answer. IT was put in the closet, if you know what I mean. On banking they sort of contained the landslide but the levees were borrow from you guys cause here socialism is an evil spirit. There was a hearing today and the former ace, Mr. Greenspan blamed the mess on the investor’s insatiable appetited, he called it ‘the excess demand from securitizers’. Nevermind deregulation and cheap money…. did you save an alleged criminal or put one in jail today? :)

  64. 64 Hidaya

    Hi Bez…

    I dont live in the US so I know little about the American criminal justice system and how it works, I am aware it might be harsher than the our CJS but that is all I am aware of it I think.

    But coming back to the law, generally when laws are created at least here, but I would assume in America too they are created in good faith, yes sometimes there are topical legislation which are politically driven in their objective and opportunistic in nature but this mainly comes from the government and even that is vetted by their fellow politicians bth government and opposition in the House who might object to it and nt vote for it , incase the politicians vote for it, it then goes to another House in Parliament, an Upper House which is also the highest court in the land and is then dissected by a group of the highest qualified judges in the country and they have a say and a vote as to whether those laws ever come to be, if they find that the laws proposed are unlawful, they all huddle arund for days on end pulling it all apart , then they give their judment with big big formal words and the reasons for them, then throw it out…

    I explain all this to show a little how difficult it is to create bad laws, or laws that are discriminatory in nature and objective . I still think it is the system and the people in it that makes it institutionalised racism thrive rather than the laws.Laws can be challenged, amended, scrapped..they have been in the past and they will be in the future…racial perception of people in the Judiciary are trickier in comparison and as you mentined that might have an impact on sentencing

    But that is here I havent got the foggiest of how things are in the US, but I would assume they have similar procedures…

    I will stop here now:). I will get back to you on later date about the drug laws, but very briefly ,all drugs are not equal in their harm. They are classified and given ranks as to which is nasty, nastier and nastiest, sentencing takes that into consideration amongst other things like the amount of drugs, the purpose as is if it is dealing or personal use and if habitually get caught committing the same offence ….

  65. 65 Hidaya

    Hi Anonx mate how are you?:), winds, rains, we got them all here,at 85mph up north, the northern people must be having a taste of an African sand storm this morning lol, it is said some years it is not unusual to have just 2 seasons in this country from the beginning to the end of the year, rain and ice, this is one of those years.

    I read about the landslide, I even read about “Rednecks for Obama” groups who might vote for him?.., what? Anonx what is in Missouri? read it somewhere it is a state that determines who becomes President of the US…Colin Powell managed to surprise and delight us here, talk about throwing a political bombshell at the right time…

    Eh no overconfidence Anonx isnt that what cost the Democrats the election the first time Bush the 2nd came to power no? that, electoral fraud, or Ralph Nader, I am never quite sure which one it is exactly but more inclined to think it was a combination of over-confidence and fraud more than Ralph Nader, not again dear God, people go vote and dont think it is in the bag already…

    Here the only thing happening is Russians, …first someone in the government was accused of fraternising with one,a billionaire then it came out that the shadow Chancellor was once a guest of a British billionaire Mr Rothschild yacht’s alongside the initial government man and the Russian in question and was repeating private billionaire to billionaire conversations ,then the British millinaire got very cross about it and told the press that far from casting aspersions on the government man Mr Mandelson or the Russian billionaire, (I cant spell his nameMr dDebo-something long), it was the shadow Chancellor Mr George Osborne who solicited a private donation of £50.000 to the Conservative Party from the Russian several times, which is illegal and got him into trouble for a week now, of course he denies all of it, but Mr Rothschild says he’s got witnesses a fellow American billionaire who is ready to talk if asked…latest? this morning papers report Mr Mandelson has been caught fraternising with the same Russian when he was a trade Commisioner at the EU in June this year, it is gonna run and run this one and it is a race of who comes out of it grubbiest…

    “Nevermind deregulation and cheap money…. did you save an alleged criminal or put one in jail today?”

    lol, neither, followed around someone who does ie saves… and took lots of notes, soon I will be watched for a while doing the same ie supervision but I am in good mind in taking time out fro a variety of reason…

    I am not sending anyone to prison though,god God no I will be defending, got nothing agaisnt prisons as long as it is only for violent crimes, and crimes agaisnt the person, petty crimes, crimes agsint property and non violent crimes should have a different punishment that sending people to prison, ..see wooly liberal to the end me:), oh how the Republicans would hate me lol… I am out now,enjoy your week-end Anonx:)….

  66. 66 Bez

    Hiyada, again I agree with you completly excepttttttt for… lol. Wow, are you serious? you are not form the U.S. Your lingo and your mannerisms (in your writing) sounds like you are one of us down here lol. Based on the similarities and parlament talk, I am going to guess that you are from America’s Ugly cousin England :) (just messin lol). If so England is one of those places I want to visit since I have heard a lot about it. I never been there (well I landed there in between flights for like 2 hrs). I have a half sister in london. Anyways we do not hear too much about yall legal system too much over here. The only powerful people in yall country I have heard about is Winston Churchil (I read about him because I was reading about Obama few years back and his role model in politics was JFK. Then I read about JFK and then found out Winston Churchil was his hero so then I read about him lol). I admire his life from what I have read. I am sure there are a lot of influencial people over there that I have not read about. Right now in the U.S we have OBAMA and I still cant believe how perfect this man is. Its amazing no flaw, not even the typical womenizing personality usually powerful men fall for. He is kicking ass in the poll right now. I even convinced my politically apathatic mom to vote for him (first time she actualy excersiced her voting rights lol). He is like one in a life time type of leader. I been so engaged in this whole election process, I practically live on cnn.com or cnn tv. Ofcourse every now and then I go to foxnews.com or fox news to hear the other side of the story. They swear McCain is going to come back..But like hillary said “no way, no Mccain”bSo history is happening before our eyes right now.

    As far as the the way laws are made you are right there are checks and balances that are put to safeguard ouright racist or discriminatory laws. Just like everything else theories put to work usually have a glitch when excercised. Do not get me wrong American Legal system is very efficent but it need drastic improvments in the minorities rights area. Its just the racism views are so difficult to point out before they occur. A lot of people are not even aware of thier biases. Its exsisted for so long its almost subcouncious. So sometimes not out of malice but ignorance of the actual reality of the counsequences of these laws are not analyzed. The major problem with stems from the fact that minorities are not represented in the participation of legal process. Very few minorities are law makers, congressmen, senators, judges and lawyers. As a result these laws are often passed by advocates of these minorities that are themselves not minorities. We have made tremendous progress but we still so far away from addressing this issue.

    sorry for rambling lol, if you not from England and i guessed wrong..forget the whole england ramble lol

  67. 67 Bez

    oh yea the drug laws..look up cocain vs crack laws in the united states. Its actually one of the laws understood to be downright wrong by many.

  68. 68 Hidaya

    Hi Bez…

    Yeah, America’s less significant poodle like relation,… ugly as well?,Lord have mercy lol, but yeah useless, spineless and ugly yep that is us,lol…the lingo is just English isn’t it? ,it is less different when it is written than spoken I think, which is why it sounds like there is not much difference, one similarity here with the Americans, this country like your one is full of hefty people who eat everything and anything including probably their furniture and their pets..result? fat epidemic and death by gluttony…this amazes me and makes me think rude things about gluttons seeing as I have more sympathy for those who die of lack of food I am related to, than those who die of self inflicted gluttony greed…so that is us; useless, spineless, ugly and gluttons, oh dear lol, is Canada the pretty slim cousin then? lol…

    Churchill, people abroad know about him more than anyone in his own country nowadays unless they are in history, politics or law, actually some people don’t even know who the present day PM of the country is, let alone about Winston Churchill, I swear I am not joking lol…

    I admire Churchill because when he was faced with war he had almost a personal transformation that aided him in his capacity as a war time PM, apparently before the war he was a bit rubbish politician and a bit of a drunk and other things, but when war came he led like a leader should in time of crisis and he kept drinking,… we are cheering for Obama too, it is not only Americans who are scared to death of another Republican president, your president is our president too even when we cant vote and Obama is who this country seems to be cheering for….

    Bez google this Act.. The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, UK drugs laws , it will give you the whole Act, it will make classification of different illegal drugs and what the penalty is for each drug, from possession to possession with intent to supply to production and other stuff a bit clearer…I couldn’t list it here it is too long…

    “Very few minorities are law makers, congressmen, senators, judges and lawyers. As a result these laws are often passed by advocates of these minorities that are themselves not minorities. We have made tremendous progress but we still so far away from addressing this issue.”…

    True, in the Judiciary especially there is lack of representation of ethnic minorities, but that is almost everywhere, in health too which is dangerous….I am gonna stop now, I hope the Act will give yu a better idea of how illegal drugs are classified and the penalties for different drugs…

  69. 69 Anonx

    Hidaya… Missouri is the state where the latest landing of aliens as been spotted. Supposedly the aliens are here to fix the ever imploding campaign of the one who is not ‘That One’. In so many ways they continue to admit that ‘That one’ is ‘the one’, not dissimilar to when in the primaries that ‘that one’, the one, was been labeled as being the messiah, or pretending to be one. The only evidence they have is the large gathering of people that attend BO rally wherever he may be. So the alien are in Missouri because they feel sorry for this one who behaving like the stock market, reminding everyone of the worst part of American history (depression, segregation) volatile, erratic,

    in a not shell, I don’t know mate… I haven’t heard Missouri mentioned. The usual suspect are always the same one: Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida, so called purple states.

    I found out they have early voting in my state. I will be voting for BO tomorrow.

  70. 70 anonx

    Did I say not shell… Ops! Nutshell. Sorry

  71. 71 bez


    Haha is great to know we have obesity as a common trait we share as a nation lol. You know most of the great ones always have some kind of vice, so I wasnt to shocked when I read about Churchil and his love for the “sauce” lol. Thats what still suprises me about obama because I have not seen any negative side to his character. Maybe he is hiding it too well lol. And yea the Republicans are not popular right now in the U.S. Bush kinda of drove his party to the ground. Its funny sometimes because even McCain does everything he can to separate him self from Bush lol..hate to be bush right now. Im not shocked about people not knowing who who the PM is because over here until Obama came along nobody cared about politics like that. Most people couldnt tell you who the vice president was lol. Speaking of PM, Tony Blair looks like a pro bush guy..maybe im wrong but if I rememberd correctly he was on Bush’s “nuts” as we say over here lol.

    Im laughing about the whole cousin thing lol. Canada is like a retarded sibling as a result of interfamily breeding lol (hope there aint no candadians reading this). You not lying about the obesity factor. I hardly see skinny people now days. Even the kids are chubby lol. Your gluttony comment hit home because right before I got on here I just threw away a bowl of spaghetti because I thought it smelled a little funny :( . So guilty I am too. Altough I do admit I feel terrible everytime I see people have food fight on TV or Movies. I always think imagine how many people that will feed. I guess its the Ethiopian in me. By the way how did you end up in england? how long you been living there? (random Questin I knw lol)

    I looked at your link. It very similiar to the drug classification system we have over here as well. I see the point you are trying to make. It is a good system for most cases but the sentencing rules particluarly for the same amount of cocain the powder form vs in the Rock form is as racist as they come. In fact now its my turn to give you a link lol. Go to http://www.blackagendareport.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=446&Itemid=1

    its just one of many articles you can find. I want to know what you think about it.

  72. 72 Hidaya

    Hi Anonx mate, how are you? sorry for the late reply, I had the week from hell, deadlines, not enough time, stuff going wrong not enough time to fix it, tears, pressure, new dealine on and on it went I am inclined to call it the mother of all weeks from hell so that is why about the rudeness in replying this late, sorry again,forgive please?:)….

    Only seventy two hours to go eh now until a new US president elect…here it seems the whole country is awaiting and speculating with baited breath at who will rule us from afar this time next Sunday, will it be OB or will it be the other who isn’t “That one”.?..tic tock tic tock, we too are on a countdown maybe not as nervously as the American electorate but close enough..is this the legacy George Bush the 2nd wanted? putting the fear of God and loathing in citizens of countries beyond the US not only about himself but his whole party? I know us aliens from outside the US don’t matter in US politics and rightly so but it is feat of sorts when one man manages to make almost the entire world loathe him and his party’s politics, to the point they feel it is tic tock for them too, counting the minutes until the hour of a Democrat president comes, well OB’s hour to be precise:)….

    The man has got his work cut out for him Anonx, never has one man elicited so many expectations, at home and abroad, at home Americans want what they want from him politically and economically ,abroad everyone wants something too,

    The Euros want to make friends with the US again and stop being called cheese eating surrendering this and that ie the French, I think they expect that of the British since they have historical beef between them not uite from the Americans lol, (us adoptees stay out of it coz it is nothing to do with us), except the French are a bit tricky even with no beef if you’re a primarily an English speaker that is plain to all native and adoptee they call it being ironic, but yes the French want to make friends again, the Germans too and the rest…UK nationals here are praying for a President ie OB whose foreign policy doesn’t require dragging the UK into useless expensive unwinnable wars making enemies of everyone everywhere, or UK space being used to transport torture candidates of Americans Secret Services, someone who condemms torture and for those of us who are both British and Africans we are hoping of a government that don’t cosy up or do deals with murderous governments in Africa, an honest and fair broker in the mess in the Middle East,fair economic policies about Africa and much more…

    For me personally the change I expect is much more modest than most or maybe less depending on your view, to me this was primarily and always about race and I have no illusions that racism will cease to be either in the US or elsewhere because of an Obama presidency, it will not, but as in all things there comes a time and a moment when a glass ceiling is broken in society, it marks the beginning of something, whatever else happens after that there is no going back once that glass ceiling is broken, tic, tock, tic tock, it is a final countdown:)…..

  73. 73 Hidaya

    Bez apologies to you too I will get back to you a bit later today…

  74. 74 Hidaya

    Hi Bez…..

    As with Anonx please accept my apologies I am not normally this rude, that is what dreadful week has done to me ….

    Ah the so called greats ok where to start…

    Churchill, yeah, he loved more than the “sauce” him lol, he liked women and risk taking too, gambling maybe?…for me a foreign born Briton and a woman sometimes Churchill doesn’t sound too great like, as he was openly racist, probably a misogynist and half of Africa was under colonial rule British mostly on his watch but yeah if to defend your country form invasion is a great thing to do, and it is, he is great and times were different then, let a man be judged by the rules of his time and all that….

    I hope Obama in different times to Churchill and lets be honest our times therefore more relevant to us becomes a symbol of racial equality where a black man wasn’t stopped becoming president because he is a black man even if he was able and even if he could lead, ….even here suddenly loads of white people claim that they would have voted for OB if they were not foreign aliens who couldn’t vote for anyone, not being able to do that that all wish him that the Americans, enough of them get him there, I never seen anything like it …

    I keep imagining this is a wind up, then wonder some more like …where did all the racists go, like the ones who shot a London black man who was wearing an Obama t-shirt that had a caption that said “I believe” or the subtle political racists that go on our tv’s and claim Obama is untested and unexperienced, yep the same old codgers who didn’t hold being untested and un- experienced agaisnt a young Tony Blair in 1997, well relatively young as only politicians are refered to “young” even when they are in their forties, man was 42 at the time yet was referred to as young, in any other profession he would be called middle age, in politics 40 something is young, mind you when pitted agaisnt 72, 42 is young..

    I am only gonna believe it after the morning of 4th of November, gonna keep fingers and toes crossed too just incase and tic tock counting…

    *Its funny sometimes because even McCain does everything he can to separate him self from Bush lol*..

    Funny you should say that, McCain has just been given the kiss of death by Cheney of all people, if he wasn’t weeping before he must now….oh dear how the tide turns, couldn’t happened to nicer people lol…

    *Speaking of PM, Tony Blair looks like a pro bush guy…*…

    We hate him here, we hate Bush too and boo-ed him when he came here to let him know, but we hate Tony Blair more because he caused a lasting damage to his party and made it possible for people to want get rid of the Labour government which is not unlikely at the next general election his government is known for war, sleaze and now economic collapse and the economic collapse might be the present PM headache but it all stems from policies that were put in place when TB was PM and the present PM GB was the Chancellor..yeah and the fact he made it possible for folk to want to bomb and kill us on the underground because we collectively got blamed in a war three million people marched agaisnt one year and more over the years and of course the deception of Parliament British public about a war whose premise was a lie..s yes we hate him, liberal and conservative in the end everyone hated him, he knew how to win electins though and with him gone it is kaput for the present government at the next election unless a miracle happens between now and then…….

    Poor Canada …London is full of Canadians, always have been, then they say all have great grand parents in somewhere North England and they do…we like Canadians, they seem nice and mild mannered , some of them also speak a bit like British speaking people but with a North American accent, it makes them eerily familiar they are like the Aussies here,part of London’ landscape, I don’ t see many Americans unless they are in banking r work in the City….

    I have read the article, I am trying to find if there is such disparity in sentencing here between black and white defendants not just in drug crimes but all criminal offences, i think there is a big disparity here in convictions violent crimes between black and white violent criminals…

    I am surprised that people aren’t actually complaining about the sentencing system instead of wanting drugs laws to be downgraded according to race, I find that not very useful, crack is more dangerous than cocaine whoever is peddling it, heroin is more dangerous than cocaine, cocaine is more dangerous than weed and so on and so forth, sentencing should be first and foremost based on the class classification and then other relevant matters like quantity, supply and production….

    Another thing that is surprising is that ,here though there might be a fix tariff for a specific offence the judge has discretion not to impose the full sentence, and anyway no full sentence is served here, most judges also want to impose the right penalty , mostly one hopes because they do their job right but if not ..it would be so not to be appealed over the wrong decision , it doesn’t do their work reputation any good….

    Where bad things really happen is in the youth court system where mostly cases are fast tracked and it goes to magistrate courts, magistrates here are people with little legal knowledge but who are part of a panel where one person has legal knowledge and two don’t ,the court clerk is mostly the person who guides the magistrates and though court clerk explain a lot they cant tell the magistrate of how to apply the laws and too many Magistrates are white, from the suburbs and know nothing of the inner streets and the problems kids from there face…white juries whatever class they are tricky too, you find some prejudice in one class and not another, then the more liberal lot also shock you with their hidden prejudice when they sit in a jury….diversity studies its taking time it seems….bye now:) …

  75. 75 anon


    First, I actually know something about Missouri now thanks to your inquiry because it made be pay attention every time the state was mentioned and surely I lost count how many time I heard it ever since then… Anyhow I dont have the dates for you, but Missouri is donned with the honor of always being ‘right’ with the exception of only two presidential elections where the state went to the loser. They are now what they call a ‘toss-up’ state, available to the candidate who charms them the best as Mark Twain did. If you ask me, its a freak of nature that they have a high percentage of siding with the winner and they may have a little more independents who aren’t wedded to party ideology. Whatsoever, if they don’t vote for BO, their error rate is gonna go up but they will still maintain an enviable statistics….(you know the saying about stat, it can tell you what you want it to tell you)

    I dont think you know the first BO. BO Jackson was his name. He played professional American Football and professional Baseball. If you ever saw the ‘I want to be like Mike’ ad, BO ads preceded it: “Bo knows soccer, Bo knows cricket and so on…’ It sort of reminds me of our BO now because his opponent tried to make him a messiah, socialist and his ardent lover relate to him in sort of 007 way. When I first saw the question on my favorite biased liberal network: ‘who would be a better 007 fit, BO or McCain?” Its a retarded question, of course, and equally retarded, who could play the Messiah better… What is it that BO can’t do or be? He is a Superhero. The new Superhero is a blackman. Will Smith even have a superhero movie over the last summer where he went about saving white people. And that is the job of a black superhero, to save white people. :) I hope you are laughing…. And I know my timing of saying this is terrible.

  76. 76 Hidaya

    Hi Anonx…

    “Anyhow I dont have the dates for you, but Missouri is donned with the honor of always being ‘right’ with the exception of only two presidential elections where the state went to the loser.”

    Yep, it was in reference to that, I read it somewhere that in hundred years only once has someone not met with the approval of the good folk of Missouri folk become president…the last time I saw a report about it by the BBC the good folk of Missouri had not very nice things to say about Mccain or Bush an lots about their hardship but exhibited all sorts of doubts for all sorts of reasons about B.O….incidentally on a different note I fell over the spell of Mark Twain long time now..Mark Twain the Godfather of modern satire there isn’t almost anything he wrote that I haven’t read I am spellbound forever I think, telepathic prayers to the Missouri people it is then lol……

    Oh? so what happened to the first BO Jackson in the end? did he lose?… I am gonna google him and the background stuff …

    Now we all know about the Bradley effect as well, funny British people talking about that in the media and even everyday conversations, it has entered the national consciousness and vocabulary it is making white people reflect this side of the Atlantic too incase it might be a common trait the share with their America cousins, should come in handy one day the lessons learnt from it here and there….

    Conservatives always portray a democrat as a Messiah or foreign powers sympatiser, they do it here too and did to Tony Blair, actually they called him the devil’s agent pretending to be the messiah if memory serves me right then they put red demonic eyes on a poster of him on buses and te undreground,,,didn’t work and everyone voted for him but he did turn out to be obsessed with God and tried to tell us he was our moral guardian when we only ever elected him to be our political leader which here is a no no politically that is when he truly turned scary, the messiah thing did turn right in his case in a weird way ,but in Obama case I think it is just a smear like the thousand other smears he has been subjected to…

    “And that is the job of a black superhero, to save white people. I hope you are laughing…. And I know my timing of saying this is terrible.”

    Aye, might just happen…well, they had their turn and are centuries ahead ,all resulted in a bloody mess, banking meltdown and civil war in financial sectors across the world didn’t it?, so no one can be worse than the man of the last 8 years or the one who isnt “That one” if management of his campaign is any indication of the chaos around him and Obama seems the best choice all round to try and sort out the mess white men made of everything not to speak of the biggest change of all, a historical watershed moment in the history of race discrimination and attitudes, ..

    So yes in a country of majority whites the US, its only hope might be a black man if enough of them let him be president….goodnight Anonx :) tick tock to victory hopefully and to change as cliche as it might sound now after it’s been said for so long, and yeah , here is to hope too:)…

  77. 77 Bez

    Hidaya, no apologies necessary. I have been really busy lately and just got on to check the blog for a little bit. So I understand, the real world always knocking at the door and blogging is a bit of luxuary at times. Yo I love the way you write lol. Its so clear and concise. The “where did all the racists go” paragraph was “awesome” I will have to say. I am loving your description of how the world works on your side of the world and I am even more amazed on the similarities. I guess Tony Blair is yall Bush lol. I am actualy learning from your blogs a great deal. You seem to have a fountain of knowledge that does not dry out lol. If you dont mind me asking how old are you (you can give me a range). You dont have to answer it if you think I am being too forward. But after reading your blogs I will be amazed if you are in your twenties like me and still this “well seasoned”, It is a compliment by the way lol (kinda of wierd i know)

    I will ramble on here a little bit more but I have to run out since i have my moms and uncles voter registration card that I forgot to give to them once I registered them. I dont think they or Obama will be too happy if I dont lol. Plus I got to keep my eyes glued to my television and watch the election results. I am fairly convinced.

    p.s Churchill being openly racist is something I have not came across in my readings. I will have to reconsider his qualities after reading up on those. I dont care what era someone is racist is racist to me lol (childish I know)

  78. 78 Hidaya

    Hi Bez let me get back to you a bit later tomorrow..I ma not being rude this time lol…I have managed to exhaust myself, because of that I cant string a coherent sentence together ,too much catching up, over-excitment about Obama’s victory and Guy Faulkes celebrations, it is like a giant Alladin’s cave in Central London tonight but now exhaustion has set it I cant think, so will reply later tomorrow…Congratulations again:)….

  79. 79 bez

    hidaya, I understand. I havent been on here in a while either no apologies necessary, just respond when you get a chance and we will call it even lol

  80. 80 Hidaya

    Good morning Bez

    Oh dear God I have managed to come across as prat again..Sorry Bez, yo are sweet and I am a prat…wasn’t hiding honest I just cant find enough hours in the day and winter has come no that has anything to do with anything lol, not sure why I mentioned it….

    I know you said no apologies are needed but can I disagree and go ahead and do it anyway? coz rude is rude even if you are gracious about it and even if it is unwitting on my part and must be apologised for otherwise it double rude, I believe that, so please accept my sincerest sorry’s:) really…..I will spare you the whys of the delay coz it just sounds like excuses 2nd time round and it isn’t , it is stress+time or lack of it…

    Everyone is still chattering about Obama’s victory here and a row got started by the Commission of Racial Equality Sir Trevor Philips, he a black man, went on radio or tv not sure and declared that a British Obama will not take place in the Labour Party (the Democrat Party equivalent here)anytime soon ie his life time, and he is almost sixty I think everyone probably thought the same but didn’t bother saying it,the way the party structure is put in place to keep all outsiders out ie institutionalised racism all that stuff he talked about,…

    Then he made it even worse by saying that the Conservative Party seems more modern that way and had many more black and Asian MP blah blah….

    Everyone jumped at his throat, the Labour party people because they are not supposed to be the racist ones, that is the role of the Conservatives , and their little dirty secrets revealed, ..the Conservatives were gleeful to agree with him since he was praising their party policies and calling them less racist that his own party, then a black Conservative MP agreed with him also, probably glad for once to be applauded to belong to the right party instead of being eyeballed for belonging to the nasty one we liberals called the Conservatives…

    The liberals amongst us all agreed with him and the conservatives went on and on predictably about leadership being about merit and not race blah blah..

    Ha see how they manipulate corrupt the entire thing?..how can you get there by merit if the gates are shut with a Do Not Enter sign in the first place? they ignore that bit but then they are nasty anyway and I hate them with passion…so that was the week that was here, first most of us celebrated Obama’s win as if we got a new PM as well, which in a way we have…

    It is amazing how much goodwill Obama has managed to generate in the liberal media here, even the nice conservatives papers…The Times wish him well, of course the nasty Euros who always pooh pooh about American racism have been at it as well, first Italy t1st mad man PM called him “tanned” , but no one pays attention to him not even his country men, they know he is a mad fool…

    Then Austria a country more associated with perversions if the last two years are anything to go by, and in the past Hitler ,someone there from their media declared, black people are too uncivilised to rule, yep, the country that has spawn Hitler and men who imprison young girls sometimes their own daughters in dungeons for perverted reasons for years feels compelled to comment on the savagery of blacks, sheesh yuk..

    Oh aye how the other half lives, I wanted to write to the man in question about it, then I decided I couldn’t be bothered since I couldn’t even spell his name and Obama won anyway …what is he gonna do about it in Vienna somewhere…cry and lash out at best that is what, best leave him to it I thought, why waste time learning to spell his demonic sounding name?..

    .I have been taunting and gloating to conservatives here couldn’t help it lol got to spook them too, reminding them what happens in America takes about five years to happen here …dunno someone wrote that once and I read it. It wasn’t about race, it was in reference to gangs and drugs there, five years later gangs and drugs here copy catting here sort of thing, but who knows it might go about race this time but I wouldn’t hold my breath for it….

    Fountain of knowledge me? , :) that is sweet bez but not quite, :)

    You would be surprised at how much I don’t know about, ..don’t know about finance, don’t know about world economics, don’t know about farming, maths, quantum physics , Eastern European countries, how many countries are or were called Congo and why it keeps changing and loads more some important and some silly sounding stuff….I kind of say this to show I only know about specific subjects which I either like or have aptitude for or can relate to and others that inform me about the world around me…

    For the most part those are history, literature, languages, literary and creative arts, though it appears that I am interested in politics I am really not beyond being informed about it,

    I am more interested in the history that politics makes and the social changes it brings, I only got interested in politics about 8 years ago, mainly because of Tony Blair and my own readiness by then finally to become politically active, for a while I liked him and he did good things, corrected injustices in legislation.

    Then he went war mad, six in his time, but before the wars he lied and bullied everyone in Parliament to get his way, he showed the kind of disrespect to political rules and engagement and well as the will of three million people that African leaders do routinely to their populations even if his was in a much milder form, but the principle is the same to me..

    I got upset by this so much because I haven’t left my home to be faced with the same crap here I left it for in the first place and i thought my new home shared my ideals..turns out not and being a political innocent then it got me really upset,

    When TB went my political interested went with him until Obama, the PM we have now couldn’t hold anyone’s interested or get them interested in politics if he streaked and ran the length of the Capital twice lol..Tony Blair could, he had the right charisma, intelligence, integrity or so we thought at the time and even good intentions as well at times and he could actually articulate it well, only Bush and God got him mixed up in things that we took to objection here, as it turned out he could also put you politics off and all like he did me, now and nothing Gordon Brown does is likely to change my mind including the afore mentioned streak lol…

    This well seasoning stuff, Bez… do vegeterians qualify? lol…jokes asides not sure about being WS but I am on the following decade to twenty something which is thirty something and which some would try and make you believe it is the new twenties, which by implications would make the chronological twenty something what the new ten something and the tens becomes what? the unborn?..see my confusion here? lol…

    I am not the “some” who would have you believe this coz as it stands now it has taken an entire decade and those born then out of existence even..a thought crime by all accounts, one born out of a vanity all related to aging death and the fear of it ultimatetly lol since everything is thought crime nowadays at least here..if you think it, you will be frogmarched to court even if you didn’t do and never wanted to do..ok unrelated stuff now, sorry about that I spilled on to rambling……

    Churchill being racist is not something you would find in official biographies, it is not hidden either just not mentioned officially, but read some of his critics assesment of him, there is another history of Churchill I don’t think it takes away from he has accomplished and the fortitude he showed during the war though…I don’t know if it is childish judging a man by the rules, morality and context outside of his lifetime, I am just not sure that we get the right assesment of that historical figures if we ignore time, mores and context of their lifetime while judging them that , coz that is what made them how they were isnt it? how can that be ignored? I also think it it isn’t very fair to them and might only gives out a one dimensional view of them…

    Enough of rambling for now…, until next time enjoy Sunday:) an sorry again too…

  81. 81 anonx

    You excel at Babylonian math… Mate

  82. 82 Bez

    Hidaya, well well you have touched on so many topics, I actually made a lil note so I can address the things you mentioned. I feel like we having an election debate, I dont know what we running for but let me try to adress your response ahem ahem.

    As a man who is usually the one saying “im sorry” I gladly accept your apologies although it wasnt necessary lol (it feels good to be on the other side of this situation lol).

    Mr Trever Philips (or sir as yall would say lol), sounds like the Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton we have over here. They usually the ones who feel like they are the spokesmen for the black movment lol, some times they have a point sometimes they just come of as opportunists. I hope he is wrong for the sake of history, but atleast U.S has set a precedent so im sure they just waiting to see how it turns out lol. I have heard the Italian PM say obama is “tanned” it seemed harmles but I have no idea how much racism plays over there. I hear he is known to shoot of his mouth tough. (I have heard another black politician in Italy say it was “embarassing” statement so I will have to take his side lol). Although blacks almost unanimously voted for obama we only make about 13% of U.S population and you take away large number of incarcerated, ineligable voters out, its not as big percentage of obamas vote as it seems. Its the Young people that won the race for Obama. It seems that we are tired of the racist judgmental and stubborn (usually concervatives) ways of the old people and brought our own new movemnet because OBAMA impowered us for the first time ever. That is why they all angry because time has changed and theyc ant do nothing about it.

    About the 5 year trend you were speaking of, by my calculations, you guys are 5 years away from having a british equivelent of the biggest gangster in U.S history Mr. George Bush rule yall country..(are you excited? lol).

    See thats how you know when someone is knowledgeble. Like they say “the more I learn, they less I know”. So the more you admit the less you know the more you learning that you dont know..it makes sense in my head, hope it makes sense when you read it lol. So you are a well seasoned vegeterian huh? lol. Sounds like a tempting dish lol. I am a beefeterian, I think I might be alergic to vegetables so I know nothing about well seasoned vegeterians lol.

    Speaking of Tony Blair, I was flipping through the channels and I landed on BBC news (which I never watch really). They were trying to explain the OBAMA phenomenon with other politicians and they said no one comes even close..maybe Tony Blair phenomenon in Britian just on the national level. From what I gathered he was pretty much on the change movement and you guys were in love with him. Although they did say Toni Blair success was just in Britian, but Obama was both on the national and international movement. They was saying how Toni Blair had all the media and nation fall in love with him like Obama but after awhile they were grilling him. The commentators was wondering if the same thing will happen to Obama. Only time will tell.

    Everyone is still on that election high but I think the democrats have too much sucess for my taste although I am mainly a democrat. They have now control both house of senates and the white house. I do not see how our checks and balance system will work like that, although It is good for obama since he will get things done with no problem. We are in the mess we are now because for the six years of Bush’s Term, repulicans controlled both houses of senate and the white house. I dont care what party it is, I am not infavor of them controlling all the power in the U.S.

    You know Jayz has a song called the 30 is the new 20′s. I will have to say I agree now. With all the medical advances people are living a lot longer (I think its a shock for most people too since they dont plan on living that long lol).

    As far as judging people in the context of time in history I completely agree, altough an asshole is an asshole in any time period lol. I dont know how big you are on Basketball but we were having a “spirited” (meaning shouting lol) agrument about that yesterday with my friends. We was comparing Martin Luther King and Obama using the methaphors of Micheal Jordan and Lebron James. As usuall, it ended with no common ground lol

    whew okay im tired now, I hope I addressed all the points you brought up lol..I feel like I should be graded for this lol..all jokes a side, this prob the first time I wrote this much on the blog and the credit goes to you for making it enteresting. alright IM OUT for NOW LIKE GEORGE BUSH IN JANUARY lol

  83. 83 Hidaya

    Not really, no…

    “You excel at Babylonian math… Mate”

  84. 84 Hidaya

    Good morning Bez…

    For once I am not days late in replying, it proves I am a work in progress, narrows down the number and scope of sorrys and all….apologies are fine with me when they need to be said and meant ,either by myself or others, it is only an acknowledgement and contrition when offence is caused who wants to cause offence, or even perceived offence and not apologise for?…moving on,lol

    Sir Trevor Phillips, the “Sir” is a title given to him by the establishment don’t know exactly what for but it is probably for public services rendered, It is called the British Honours system I think it is a good system of recognising and rewarding people who contribute to society, whether it is on a humanitarian stuff, or the Arts or public service ..the only thing I don’t like about it the Empire historical connections with the titles, if they had meritocratic titles it would be nice I think…

    Trevor Philips is a bit different to the Jesse Jackson’s and Al Sharpton, he is not a rabble rouser by any stretch of the imagination …but but.., there is something about him and the things he says that really don’t help, he is one of those people who causes controversy by just saying things, but the things he says are not followed up and they have no impact a month later, then, he has zero charisma and even the valid points he makes come across as brow beating…

    He has what some would call or maybe just me, negative charisma, i.e. prone to annoy even when he doesn’t mean it annoy…,he is not a problem solver, he is not a visionary and is uninspiring…

    There are young Black Briton MP’s ,or maybe just one David Lammy Labour MP might be the British Obama, he is our only hope and he is young so even ten of fifteen years from now he will be either in his late thirties or mid forties to late forties and have more experience politically, he has been junior minister of something already and is a trained lawyer ….I think long before the whole world alongside Americans became aware of President elect Obama and US election campaign he spent time either with them or the Clinton’s not sure..so there is hope maybe but I feel it is a long way away…we are even more of a minority here than you are there though not sure of the numbers, 17% I think and that might be all ethnic minorities or just black Britons..will check, numbers matter and we are not in big numbers and yes like Obama he would need to appeal to the young, urban mostly , middle class professionals and in particular middle England ,mostly, they make or break elections…

    Middle England might be convinced to vote Labour like they did for Tony Blair but are not known for liberalism or racial awareness or tolerance or modernity of any kind, some even want the Empire, hanging and flogging in schools back and cant see Empire is gone over hundreds years ago, first it was made a eunuch and then banished, the working class will be tricky too, some in urban areas are really racially accepting especially the very young 16-24 and some are “Oi you foreign blah blah, go home”…so poor guy has a tough job ahead him if he wants to be first black British PM…I will root and volunteer and cajole folk on his behalf big time too if he decides he wants to try some day…..,

    Italians are over the top, after mad Mr Berlusconi’s “tanned comment” Carla Bruni- Zarkozy, the Italian born wife of the French president declared she was glad she had given up her Italian citizenship, eh?..see over over-dramatic, it is one Italian who made that statement not every Italian, mind you the one that made it is the their big Boss so maybe that is why she is particularly embarrassed by it, then again almost all Italians are regularly embarrassed by him, he says and does cringing stuff like rearranging his 80 year old face and neck by way of plastic surgery and once said ” Chinese people boil babies and eat them” yeah he said that really, and the embarrassment aside it shows a certain mind set, he is old enough to have lived thru fascism anyway lets put it that way and draw our own conclusions that is why everyone younger than 80 over there cringes when that man opens his mouth…

    Oh you read about how Tony Blair too came in on a wave of Change? yeah..but I think that was change as in re-branding the Labour party and selling it to Middle England which were not Labour voters, also pinching intelligent and socially aware Conservatives. That change is a bit related to the change in the history of the Labour Party….a short summary of it …for many years the leaders and the founders of the Labour party were upper middle class with a heart and socially liberals but its main constituency would be a big chunk of the working class and the socialists, communists too..then I think either late fifties maybe mid sixties the Unions high-jacked the whole party and it then became the party of the working class with the Unions striking everywhere and about everything, a collapsed economy , vicious infighting amongst them and Labour got kicked out and was declared unelectable thereafter..

    All that led to 18 years of Conservative rule and started with Margaret Thatcher for 11 years and later seven years of another one….By then the Conservative got into the same state of Labour almost 20 years earlier and self destruct in a wave of corruption ,sleaze …Tony Blair came into this climate after the leader of the LP John Smith suddenly keeled over and died, he took over age 42 I think and immediately reformed the party by re-branding it New Labour, as opposed to yesteryears dinosaur labour lol…he fought with the Unions and won, introduced us to spin doctors and went about wooing Middle England.. They liked him because he sounded like them and had a similar social background, he was also a good orator , a god performer too and seemed in step with modern life not distant and well someone well adjusted and not a weirdo, everyone fell for it….

    It gave with a landslide of more than 200 MP and too much power ..he was ok with it for the first or four years but was already heading into a path of getting involved in wars but at least he wasn’t waging them then, others were, he was protecting one lot by bombing another ….but Kosovans were being slaughtered in their hundreds of thousands and a side had to be taken whatever the political consequences , he chose to take their side and bombed the living daylight of their tormentors , we didn’t like those wars but what we were supposed to do? watching people being ethnic cleansed in Europe and not say a thing?….the Iraq war was different and his downfall…no one wanted it and he lied, sorry misspoke to get it, that is when he wrecked everything followed by bullying us with draconian laws of snooping and telling us torture is good thing and creepy things like that, many creepy things lie that …thank God for UK judges, they wouldn’t stand for it even though he bullied them too, and the rest …then his own ministers and colleagues ousted him because his time had come to be stabbed in the back had come as he lost his clout, and also because he was a dead duck PM no one had respect for, and the Conservative would take every chance reminding people what this man had done and everyone hated him anyway and they didn’t want to shore up more hate towards labour because of TB and scare voters out of their wits to vote Conservative the next general election…there the story ends because as Tony Blair left the stage, my interest in UK politics stopped as well lol……

    Enjoy Thursday I out now now, as they say in the Dragon’s Den, it is a show about entrepreneurs asking for funds and millionaires giving it if they feel like it, it all so formulaic and scripted but got myself addicted to it so I borrowed the catch phrase and keep saying ” I am out , I am out now” about everything lol.. Until next time, what I failed to cover today will do so then:)…bye now…

  85. 85 Bez

    Hidaya, hey miss how is the the weekend been going for ya. I guess its my turn to apologize since I have been lagging behind lol.

    it seems our politics are the similar. One group holds power for a period of time, screw things up. And then another party comes hold the power until we decide they screwing things up as well lol. But it seems to me like british is like the colonial times America. I still dont understand the purpose of the queen in this time period, since she seems like she just a symbol of tradition and nothing more to me. I know this comment prob offends the Britts ova there but I just cannot see the purpose of her position in relation to the policies and control of they government (country). Anyways Im sure yall have a good reason for that (I just dont want to come off as the arroagant amercian labeling I be hearing about lol).

    I feel you on these reality shows. We have a lot of them over here too. I try to stay away from them because they will have you addicted. right now im kind of falling for the trap set by the reality show “celeberty rehab”, its quite interesting and I am kind of finding myself not being able to resist lol. Yo what part of Englad do you stay at, I want to see if ya know my sister over there…since I am constantly reminded on a daily bases how small the world realy is lol..

    ayte miss, Im out. Im gona go watch “American” Football game (Just making sure you know I dont mean soccer lol). The dallas cowboys (we Redskins fans like to call them the dallaws cowgirls lol) are playing against My redskins. Its a big heated rivalry so I gotta go talk some trash and hopefuly I wont have to eat my words lol

  86. 86 Hidaya

    Hi Bez how are you?…hope all is fine where you are….The British will probably agree with you about the Queen, that is, if they are Republicans lol…

    Here the term Republican means a Republic as a State as opposed to a Monarchy…don’t worry about giving offence though you just asked a question,… no one is patriotic here…in fact English people who are not racists shy away from patriotism, to some it is even embarrassing …

    When one is branded patriotic here ,and they are white ,and they are not in the army, or the navy, it means plenty other things besides being patriotic, not all of them complimentary…that is why America amazes us here…all the jingoism and God, Guns and Country and all that stuff, we don’t do God or Country here, Guns yes but even that is illegal… besides the British Monarch is not part of my own history as an adoptee and I may even have historical reasons not to be too friendly towards it but as a system it works I think…

    About the monarchy, it is a long story that took me about a year to understand it….it is called a Constitutional Monarchy and here is a brief definition of what a CM is and does….

    “A constitutional monarchy is a form of constitutional government, wherein either an elected or hereditary monarch is the head of state, unlike in an absolute monarchy, wherein the king or the queen is the sole source of political power, as he or she is not legally bound by the national constitution. The constitutional monarchy’s government and its law are the government and the law of a limited monarchy. Most constitutional monarchies have a parliamentary system (Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand, United Kingdom) in which the monarch is the head of state, but a directly- or indirectly-elected prime minister is head of government. Although contemporary constitutional monarchies mostly are representative, constitutional democratic monarchies,[citation needed] they have co-existed with fascist and quasi-fascist constitutions (Italy, Japan, Spain) and with military dictatorships (Thailand).”

    I am not really into much reality tv ..I prefer drama and actors not being themselves to watching people being themselves, people being themselves do dreadful things and it is all TRUE not acting, I am a wimp and much prefer dreadful to be on film than real, because then I start wondering why people do that to themselves without the guise of an acting role blah blah,…but I wasn’t this holier than thou always I must confess lol…I sort of liked the first 3 series of BB UK when it started 8 years ago because it had normal people , with normal educations and lives even mundane at times i.e. people who worked normal jobs like accountancy and marketing, teachers and other professionals,ok they were some models too..proper models , not people who just take off their clothes for any old reason, and yes they might have been exhibitionists but they were not off their heads or emotionally or intellectually vulnerable people that really shouldn’t be on the program or lap dancers, and other weirdos..it became exploitative of contestants and started to appeal and pander to the worst prejudices of their audiences and that is when I started to turn my nose at it going “uffffffffff this stinks I don’t like it anymore, watching it makes me feel corrupted and I must stop” lol..took me another tow series to truly let go though lol….

    Now I only watch Dragon’s Den….it is actually a useful program for entrepreneurs and inventors, the millionaires in the den are proven professionals and not from planet tv even if they are starring in a tv show lol, they are business people and if an idea appeals to them they decide to finance it by taking a percentage…

    It is funny as well, because the things some people invest time and money to invent are so out of this world useless you cant believe your eyes lol, ..they get chased out with a flea in their ear those ones, but even that is done decently though … if I was one of the dragons and one of those came to me I would be tempted to chase them out of the BBC building with a broom all the way back to where they got their rubbish idea from,lol ,but they are funny none the less, then again other genial inventors come up and with their invention, product or whatever and succeed ,some world wide…this one guy, he had made a portable central heating radiator something and had it rejected by the Dragons ,but found fortune internationally and sold more than a million of it and got financing for more it as well…they all come back after they either succeed of failed as well, the radiator guy came back and told the Dragons all about it and all, lol…

    So who won the games? . the Redskins or are you eating dust Bez? lol….American football is a bit like rugby minus the protective gear…does that mean rugby guys are tougher?..me thinks yes lol , I am a Londoner, does your sister live in London as well?…bye now ,I am out, it is my free day and must take advantage of it…

  87. 87 Anonx

    Hidaya, the word prat surfaced to nag me and when I looked it up, I felt like one :) I should’ve known.

  88. 88 Hidaya

    Nay Anonx you’re not a prat,:)far from it… someone who does this is a prat…I didn’t even know there were fifteen meanings to the word prat lol…this below is one,

    “A prat is a gormless oik. You make a prat of yourself by mistakenly putting both legs down one knicker leg or by playing air guitar at a pop concert.”

    Also when you’re told to call a woman on the phone about work and she picks it up and she sounds like a man and you address her as Sir or Mr then Surname and she replies she is a Mrs not Mr…ouch,guess who that prat was? lol..

  89. 89 bez

    Hidaya, how you living on your day off, relaxed and lazy I hope lol,

    about the patriotism comments, now i think of it the ones always accusing of other people not being patriots are the Republicans over here. They got this holier than though attitude (most of them anyways). One of their attacks against Obama was that “he was not patriotic because he didnt wear a flag on his lapel” or his wife was not patriotic because she said “for the first time in my life Im proud to be an American”. They (repulicans) even referred to pro republican states are “pro American” states lol..I do want to point out that this is some of the repulicans and there are some great repblicans out there and the country seems to be slowly getting to be unified so I guess thats good.

    when I was reading your constitutional monarchy section it had me thinking about Ethiopian govn’t system and now I think of it I believe thats what we have over there according to wikipedia anyways lol. (I can be wrong though since I have limited Knowledge about ethiopian government system). you know with the parlament and a usesless president lol.

    I will have to agree with you on that reality T.V shows, they are way to many of them and most are useless. For example they have this one show called “The Pick up Artist”. The show introduction begans with a clips of bunch of “nerdy” guys lol and the narrator says The pick up artist shows these “LOSERS” how bla bla bla..im sitting there thinking how you just gona call label a bunch of people “losers”, its crazy. Some of the shows are kinda of addictive though. Like “Flava of love” etc. Your comment “uffffffffff this stinks I don’t like it anymore, watching it makes me feel corrupted and I must stop” lol sounds like guilty pleasure to me lol. Anywyas, At the end of the day I think we all actors in this play of life really if you sit down analyze it, thats why these reality tv shows are as big of hit as the shows to me anywyas.

    I have great ideas for inventions but it seems I am the only one who thinks that away about my ideas lol. nobody offered to back me up even my own mother..tsk tsk..can you believe that? lol. I will tell you one of my ideas and you better not steal it. Alright focus here and get ready..Are you ready? okay here it is…”DIET ENGERA” lol Dont ask me about the details but I always hear people complaining about “enjera” giving them extra wieght, so why not make “diet enjera”. What you think? If your reaction is the rest of the people, you probably saying you crazy lol. See if the dragons can back me up lol, if they dont I will come back and tell them all about my sucess too lol.

    Redskins Lost which meant I had to listen to all these cowboys aka cowgirls talk nonsense for days lol.

    I actually seen few games of Rugby in college I will say I really enjoyed the hard hits lol, I never seen so many concussions and injuries occur in one gamelol, infact the ambulance came on the field like every 3 min lol. I would say rugby is a tougher sports since they have no protective pads, but on the negative side I do not think i will enjoy shoving my face between someones genitals till he drops the ball or I hear a whistle lol. Too much rubing between men for my taste lol (do i sound homophobic). I will say I am not but you know how it goes, the more I try to defend that statment the more I sound guilty so I will leave it alone lol.

    My sis does in London, I havent seen her since I was like 5. She is around 30 by now I think. It would be so awesome if you actually know her lol. Her name is Serkadese.

    well hope you had a good day off, Im off to the bar. Its poker tournament night today and so I am going over there and try to test my patience. I still cant figure out how people can sit there for hours and hours playing poker, maybe thats why I do not last too long lol

    Anyways holla back youngin whoop whoop (did you get that lol)

  90. 90 datdude

    “Also when you’re told to call a woman on the phone about work and she picks it up and she sounds like a man and you address her as Sir or Mr then Surname and she replies she is a Mrs not Mr…ouch,guess who that prat was? lol..”

    I guess i’m a prat :)
    Two weeks ago, I addressed as a sir a cop that pulled me over for speeding. She very happily handed me a ticket. (She looked like a dude though) This was almost as embarrassing as the time I called my biology teacher mom.(She wasn’t my mom) Or asking a proud new dad if his kid was a he/she, before complimenting him on a beautiful new daughter. (the baby was cute though). I’m a firm believer peoples lives would be less colorful, if they are not mistaken once in a while for the opposite gender. lol

  91. 91 Anonx

    15 different meaning for a meaningless word…. I can’t go wrong with this one, but lemme wait till friday. This was my wordperfect definition. I suppose incompetence comes in many shades including my not been able to guess thats how you would humor us.

    prat >noun informal 1 Brit. an incompetent or stupid person. 2 a person’s bottom.
    -ORIGIN of unknown origin.

  92. 92 Hidaya

    Good morning Bez…

    Cross my heart, and the rest ,I wont nick your idea lol ,but for what I am abut to contribute and my collaboration I want paying lol…

    Jokes asides I think your Diet Ingera might actually have a potential ,..it is where to start from I am unsure of..if it was me that thought about it ,or if I had a head for business this is how I would do it…first get a nutritionist and a foodie that has an expert knowledge in the original engera and Ethiopian food, then set them about creating the same dish with the same flavours minus the bit that makes people hefty , then get your food testers to see the contrast and if it is good or bad ,your new diet engera must be as good or better than the original enjera or you might have unsatisfied traditionalists engera eaters queuing up to pelt you and your diet injera with eggs and tomatoes as in protest ….

    Then I think the branding of your new product should be next and the marketing of it and perhaps putting emphasis and health images of healthy people doing the hoopla hoopla somewhere very sunny would drive the point home, they do in other advertising pointing out you too could be healthy and full of energy eating diet engera,..then slogans …ok that is my lot I have run out of ideas not even sure if half my waffle about diet engera is of any use….will the Dragons think it is a viable business?…I think so if it was a London foodie business, the people of this island and I mean the indigenous people seem to like any food but their own, they don’t mind admitting to it because they know it is no good…my view? traditional English food should only be eaten by the English only and the rest of us spared, …brown, yellow and deep fried must surely be the quickest way to the morgue, bloated with a bad complexion and zits all over your face, and dead …

    Some English people drape themselves in the flag sometimes when there is an occasion, there are two flags here, the Union Jack which is not alienating and is a flag of the Union , the one athletes always wrap themselves in but there is another one that the far right groups have adopted as their own, the Cross of Saint George’s…the sight of it is quite terrifying because of the beliefs of the people who carry it around but some English people resent it that their flag was claimed by racist groups and if they show any solidarity to the flag, not the racists it will label them bigots too….

    Yeah on first glance the two system are the same, Parliamentary system, but I think that is where the similarities might end…for a start Ethiopia is a Republic and the UK a Monarchy, also they might have rules individual to each countries’s Parliament…I don’t know what the role of a President is in a Parliamentary system, I think his/her role must be more political than the Queen’s role., mostly the queen is not a political figure and does not take political decisions, though she is left with some powers called Royal Prerogative but even those powers the Queen doesn’t use unless it is on the instructions of her PM , but I don’t think a President would be so hands off and apolitical which is why I don’t mind the Queen. She is a figurehead but not a political one or one with political alliances or clout….

    Reality tv I think is just a cheap way for tv channels to provide entertainment that doesn’t cost them much..a drama production cost a lot more than a reality tv or the other useless thing they call docu-drama, which is neither a factual documentary coz they add stuff that is not factual ,nor proper drama… there was an audience for it until now and so they followed the laws of the market, but it is gone on for too long and we want ,make believe story telling ,drama and people whose jobs are to act and give a performances back lol, but I think as long as there are people volunteering to be mocked in order to get fame for any reason that may not include an actual talent, or rather notoriety more than fame even though they are fully aware that they have no editorial control on how they are going to be portrayed to millions of people or what it might do to them ,I think the tv stations will keep feeding us reality tv….my comment about feeling corrupted I meant it…these programs corrupt both contestant and viewer alike, because much of it is manipulated and all of is exploitative, it exploits the contestants vulnerabilities whatever they might be even if they are volunteering for it..exploitation as an entertainment not good corruption for me…some corruption is born of secret pleasure, not this one though:)..

    About rugby yeah it is a violent game it is quite a sights when they are chasing each other and not letting go of the ball, they probably grab each other in sensitive areas and all if only by accident lol, or to make someone drop the ball, as you know it is a very fast and aggressive game…one good thing about them, they don’t dance and they don’t kiss each other like footballers do also they are rarely in the papers for alleged thuggery or worse..here even sport is part of the class system, rugby is very much a middle class game and football working class though the rugby players salaries are more like working class than middle class and the footballers salaries are those of the very rich..yet the players are each typical of their social and educational background money aside…..

    So you had to listen the Cow people team crowing about their win eh? ahh commiserations, I am done supporting anyone in sport at a local, national, or international games anything, this country cant do sport, even the football they discovered they are not very good at and all it does is shames people so I have had enough and I am sport oblivious ..I watch tennis but never because a Brit is playing..good grief no, it will just cause me a tsunami of shame lol….

    You haven’t seen your sister since you were five? wow, you will be surprised when you meet as adults…where in London does she live as in North South East or West No I don’t think I know her… btw I like poker, I cant play it but one other program I used to never miss was Poker tournament..European, and there used to be a British girl who was also a Guardian journalist Victoria Coren I think her name is and she was good and the only girl amongst a bunch of guys..she held her own and won a hundred thousand price one time, do I have to be good at maths to play poker? if it is I am stuffed…

    “Anyways holla back youngin whoop whoop (did you get that lol)”

    Let me see if I got it..holla I know it is like holler…youngin I am not sure, got an idea but don’t think it is..whoop whoop …whoopie but with more attitude…is it? ok I give up what does it mean?…have a lovely week-end Bez we have ice storms coming apparently and they are not lovely….

  93. 93 Hidaya

    Datdude and Anonx I will get back to you both a bit later today….

  94. 94 Hidaya

    “I guess I’m a prat”

    Uhmm, no Datdude I am sticking to my guns, no one is a prat but me :) …the lady cop wreaked revenge on you eh?, you must have been mortified lol….I know I was when I called the mrs a mr ,somehow I still managed to make it worse by replying Oh? in a doubtful tone, then sorry sorry madam.. not my finest hour …

    The one time I felt extremely foolish with a police man was when I saw two of them stopping and searching a black guy and I decided to be a witness which is something a citizen can do to witness how the police behave when they are making an arrest, (they don’t tell people but it is easy to find out) so convinced I was they were gonna beat him up and I was gonna witness it and take pictures discreetly, only I wasn’t all that discreet and stood not far from them with folded arms watching in a slightly defiant even hostile way, …the British police though not angels or competent diffuse trouble more than they fan it, so they just smiled at me benignly and ignored me thereafter..ha imagine my shock when they got a replica gun and two very big and sharp knives and drugs out of him..my face fell and I just scarpered this time hunch backed and looking at my feet..

    I never been so embarrassed by my own assumptions and prejudices against the police wrongly as it turned out, and they only ever helped me when I was a victim of petty crime twice and treated me with kindness and respect..it occurred to me that I was making an assumption of the police not based on my own experience or life, …actually lets just say I was thinking as most black people feel about the police even if they have never come to their attention and even if they are law abiding citizens..

    I think it is fear at how they might treat you if do to you come to their attention, and the knowledge of how they have treated black people who unfortunatetly came to their attention even before their guilt or innocence about something was determined and it is about racism too..we all fear it so we might judge the police as I did not on a personal experience but on the experience of others whose race we share…that was one prat moment that made me think and reflect most are just mortifying, this one too but was also a eureka moment as well …..

    “IMF a firm believer peoples lives would be less colourful, if they are not mistaken once in a while for the opposite gender. lol”

    London is a bit like that, all over you see girls who look like boys and boys who look like girls, it is a whole visual movement I think of sharp hairstyles, sharper cheekbones, unisex mish mash of wardrobe and everyone wears mascara and it is very colourful..it is more about a fashion fad than any deep statements about anything though….enjoy the week-end…..

  95. 95 Hidaya

    ….Hi Anonx:-)…I really didn’t now there were 15 meanings to the word prat, the most commonly used of it here is mostly the equivalent of an idiot, but I think with prat there is an element of the prat being a bit hapless and prone to self inflicted disgrace which is unintentionally comical or ridiculous depending of you see it, a bit of sadness or pity too for the prat too…I didn’t get about the humouring bit…

    This is one example of of prat moment….There was once about 4 years ago a Minister who called his recently inherited department of Home Security we call it Home office, ….he called it “not fit for purpose”,

    He meant it to be open and honest abut it and then promised to change things for making the place fit for purpose as it should have been in the first place and he though if he admitted to public and press it would be the end of the matter…ha how much of a prat he must have felt when it backfired big time, coz first everyone agreed , then he and his dept came under intense scrutiny for every little or big incompetence and it was relentless, the press thought since he started it they might as well finish it for him and finger point 24/7 lol..also he was a horrid bully who regularly tried to bully judges into passing legislation and even spoke about it in public which he is not supposed to do, he did the populist thing way too much… they kicked him in the shins every time and by extension his government…, his name is John Reid a bit unusual for a prat coz he is mainly a bully not a prat, it is just that was one of his prat moment…Enjoy the week-end Anonx…

  96. 96 bez

    Hidaya, it seems that the time has come now for me to apologize for responding late, so I apoligize.

    Diet injera has potential and I might seriously consider it once im done pursing my educational dreams. Marketing and branding wise I have bunch of ideas too. Informative and humorous way, but as if right now its just going to be a side thing since I am pursuing other avenues. If I do go with that enjera plan someday Ill be sure to incorperate you into it lol. partnership made on a blogging site lol.

    It used to be the same thing with flags over here. Back then during the civil war the south had thier own flag called the Confederate Flag. To this day some people carry it around. Since the South is for slavery and fought to keep it, the flag is associated with being racist as well now days if some one has it. In the last decade or so its prevelance has declined although some people (mainly in the south) still have the flags in display. Its kind of amazing how similar our worlds are sometimes lol

    when do you think the “obama” version of ethiopians going to show up in ethiopia? I just dont see how someone can unite all those ethnicities. I will be amazed if I see someone do that. Politics in ethiopia its crazy now days from what I read.

    Rugby is coo but I think Football (american) its way better. Its more fluid, exciting and razzle dazzle lol. You right there is a lil bit too much dancing but they are cracking down on that now days. As far as kissing, I cant say I have noticed that. Which leads me to ask the question “WHAT KIND OF FOOTBALL GAME YOU HAVE BEEN WATCHING MISSY? LOL”. Perhaps its part of that guilty pleasure you have been speaking of earlier lol. just teasing. Dont give up on sports, watch Basketball, My fav sport ever. I can play it 24/7. Do not talk trash about the perfect game ever or my L.A lakers. We are kicking ass this year FYI lol.

    Im glad you got me to talk about my sister, because I havent talked to her in many years but since you reminded me of her, I just talked to her over online. She was shocked to hear from me lol so she owes it to you lol. I dont know somewhere in london, I dont know where. I will ask her next time.

    The slan simply means “get back to me” lol so you were close. Ice stroms are pretty dangerous so becareful missy..so when you get this holla back youngin lol

    The “COW PEOPLE” I like your labeling lol. That is what I am going to start calling them lol.

  97. 97 Hidaya

    Hi Bez….

    It’s ok no need for apologies, people are busy and there is not enough hours in the day to do everything I should know..it is only Tuesday and I am already wishing it to be Friday dunno why since Friday is the worst day of all, non stop pen pushing and all that…

    Yeah, finish your education first, just don’t let anyone talk you into studying law, uh uh, just say No if anyone tries, I swear to God you will have almost six years of a nonstop headache by your tutors and work experience quasi slave masters thereafter…all of this apparently is to make you robust of character and skill blah blah, no one calls it bullying ,it is rightful name…. then all this will never ever end because you will be given permanent headache by your clients and though you have only been trained as a lowly advocate, best be prepared in also performing as a counselor, confidant, and tear wiper, all that whilst they might on occasion deceive you about their case, ok this is not…well not all of it is a personal experience only some but is generally how things go….

    “If I do go with that enjera plan someday Ill be sure to incorperate you into it lol. partnership made on a blogging site lol.”

    Aye thank you Bez, can I have it in writing please? lol..oh wait it is already in writing lol..can I think of it as my escape route if I want to avoid a permanent headache?:)…

    The South still uses that dreadful flag?..I thought it was banished to the bad past, guess not yet…the Saint George’s flag wasn’t about racists in the past, they just high-jacked it as a symbol of “Englishness” apparently as in not Welsh or Scottish or Irish…so they antagonise even people as white as them who are British but not English…

    “when do you think the “obama” version of ethiopians going to show up in ethiopia? I just dont see how someone can unite all those ethnicities.”

    I think but not sure that to get get an Ethiopian Obama we should first get the environment that is conducive to produce an Obama , that will include a load of things that involve either creation or reforming of a civic and political institutions..I will come back to this n another post..it is one of them days, so tired cant think properly ,lol, sorry but will get back to it another time ….

    I agree there is nothing glamorous about rugby and American football appears to be more showy, yeah razzle dazzle too …rugby players just look like a bunch of guys brawling though I like the energy of the game and the speed…but you’re right the Americans look much more glamorous, maybe it is the cheerleading culture of it as well that makes it colourful and slightly exotic too..dunno is that it?…


    Soccer ie football lol, they do it here, they sing, they dance and they all give each other group hugs and kisses too, on the forehead almost the head strangely enough while they are all dripping with sweat …thing is the dancing they do is either robot dance, or worse, drunk grandpa behaving badly at party dance ,it is strange how those fast athletes, good in their own field all have left feet when it comes to dancing, which puzzles me, if they can be creative with their feet kicking a ball why cant the same fast feet do a decent dance?, lol, actually some of it is amusing if a bit cringey ..the kissing they do most it is just exuberance when they score or win I think…

    Trash talk about basket ball? Naaa everyone is equally bad or mediocre in every sport, more used to hold head in shame about other sports we have here and not good at lol…

    I actually think basket ball would interest me more than football, i think it is the more glamorous game though we don’t have it here, years ago I had a flatmate who was addicted to watching basket ball games at about 3:00 a.m. every night, our other flatmate wasnt too happy about it coz people shout when they are watching sport and we were kept awake by shuts and grunts and even tears at times…I was ok with it and stayed out of the whole argument lol…

    L.A lakers are your team yeah? are they any good or do they bring you nothing but shame all the time? lol I am gonna google them and find out about the Cow people too lol…

    You spoke to you sister? ahhh sweet, she must have been happy to hear from you and it is all my doing? lol…didn’t speak to her for a long time as well as not seeing her?…I don’t have siblings I haven’t seen for long time but some of my relatives I only now by name and only ever saw their photos but not in real life, it never used to bother me all that much before..the seeing them that is, but now it does so I try to catch up with the ones I knew and lost touch with and make an effort to get to know the ones I don’t know..funny thing is they all know me and I like it that they do, so now I have decided I am gonna return the favour as much as it can be done by distance and when time permits perhaps for real…until next time….enjoy your day Bez I am out:)….

  98. 98 Bez

    Hidaya, you right there is not enough time in the day. I think we need to change it. I saw a bumper sticker on somebody’s car the other day that said “Time Flies and Im the pilot”, now thats one disillusional individual lol.

    You know I was laughing the whole time I was reading your anti law rant :) lol. The timing is crazy because I am on-line doing all these final paperwork because I start law school in august 09 (unless something drastic happens like I win the lotter or something lol). So it was kind of humerous to me reading what you wrote while I am signing the 3 years of my life away to the bullies lol. You definatly have a point on there, but good thing this was not the first time I heard this because It wouldve probably made me withdraw all my applications all at once lol.

    We still got the enjera plan to fall back on if all comes crashing down lol. Looking at you being a typical lawyer wanting everything in writing, Im suprised you didnt ask to notorize those partnership statments lol.

    The flag thing, they dont use it anymore. Its basicaly one nation now, its just some people in the south ride around with the confederate flag on their truck or have it on display by thier house. If you black and you are around bunch of confederate flags you pretty much wana get the hell outta there lol.

    You right the Obama discussion needs to be reserved for the another day lol. I just dont know how some one can unite all those ethnicities which are not exactly open to recognizing other tribes as equals. Its like racism but racism with someone same color and country as you..just speaks differently language and different norms..but you right its a topic for another day.

    I think American Football is better than rugby because the american football players have way more gifted atheltes and play makers which leads to superstars. I cant imagine a rugby superstar would be like. Even if there is one, I doubt he will perform to maximum ability with the wear and tear of the body.

    I used to love soccer growing up, played it 24-7. But then I picked up basketball and I havent looked back since lol. I LOVE BASKETBALL, its the best sport out of all of them I think. I can play it in my sleep lol. You should check out basketball highlight on youtube. My new Goal is to bring back your love for sports by the means of BASKETBALL lol. maybe it will take away some of that shame you speak of lol. Yes THE LAKERS ARE GOOD AND THEY ARE THE BEST IN THE NBA (THEY HAVE THE BEST RECORD RIGHT NOW). So no shame here just a lot of bragging and trash talking on my part lol (although in the late 90′s it was hard to be a lakers fan since we kept losing, so I was tasteing the shame you speak of at those times lol).

    You better track down your roots girl (I know I shouldnt talk since I am horrible at it). who knows you might run into a filthy rich relative that might buy all your problems away or atlealst our diet engera lol. I feel you on those relatives you only see in pictures but they all seem to know you. It happens to me all the time. They always say things like “remember me” lol which I dont. It is always an awkward conversation for me lol. Sounds to me like someone needs to visit the mother land lol (maybe you have already who knows). I been trying to go visit for so many years, I keep letting it go. I am determined to make it happen sometime before august 09 comes along. You gona buy my tickets for me right? lol

    You sound a lil stressed out today lol, hope all is well. We have thanksgiving holiday coming up in two days which means lots of turkey, green beans, mashed potatoes..yummmy im droolling. I dont know if you guys a have similar holiday..anyways
    Catch you on the flip side :)

  99. 99 Hidaya

    Hi Bez…

    “I saw a bumper sticker on somebody’s car the other day that said “Time Flies and I’m the pilot”, now that’s one disillusional individual lol.”

    This amused me lol ..driver got identity crisis and got mixed up between who is a pilot and who is a driver by declaring himself Time’s pilot lol , aye that is the way, never mind the glaring inconsistencies..

    I like bumper sticks, some of them are very amusing and where is Time’s co-pilot assuming he has a plane he flies? ok I am gonna stop now or I am gonna turn into David Brent of the Office and start waffling about health and safety of time’s plane since there is no co-pilot and there must..

    Health and safety inspectors are the most amusing people who are also highly annoying, they outlaw every activity known to man/woman including breathing without taking proper precautions i.e. something t protect your lungs presumably as one breathes, they take the fun out of everything,…some of the precautions are of the Duty owed type which promotes responsibility and accountability but some other things they dream up makes you wonder if they’re escapee from Bedlam ( an old Victorian mental health hospital in London) with active paranoia about life in general and how dangerous everything is…they don’t realise how much panic they create ironically by promoting safety…I think they are a bit like the thought Police, everywhere, always hectoring and always intrusive…they can be funny but it is always unintentional and in hindsight:)…

    Ah, lamb to the slaughter by August 09? lol, best wishes for it ,..the headache would begin I think a year after you start, the first year is very interesting and gripping, it starts to change the way you think, reason and research, and even if you don’t take history as a minor the first year of law school teaches you lots about history and as you learn about thousand of cases throughout , you learn the historical context of social norms and laws of the times…on the law sides you learn all about legal principles, application…from then on the 2 and 3rd year is mainly application of all that was introduced in year 1, 2….law tutors are not bullies really I mis spoke lol they are though very clinical of thought and tough of manner and that is how they want you to be, if they have to break you to mould back into that they will, but it is always with guidance and encouragement, but sometimes they make you cry as well and how much you have to remember and temperament too so good luck Bez lamb to the slaughter lol……

    ” Looking at you being a typical lawyer wanting everything in writing, I’m surprised you didn’t ask to notorize those partnership statements lol.”

    Everything in writing? it depends on the writing though…there are agreements that need are put in writing, but first you would need to determine what is an agreement and what is a promise?..that all depends of the wording you use…

    I don’t have the text in front of me now but I think some of the words you used were “someday when I finish my studies and revive the injera plan we might have a partnership….in law the word someday is too vague and probably wont be binding, and if that promise isn’t followed by a deed ie legal document drawn up with witnesses which would prove “intention” of fulfilling that promise legally even if the words are vague..without all that I think it might be too vague to be legally binding , and either the words or the intention must be made specific, yu gonna learn all about perfect gifts and imperfect ones in Trust Law…. then when all that sorted out, notary time…

    Rugby is low key here, of all the sports it might be the most low key…I think cricket and football are more popular, I think cricket is the worse game of all the games followed by golf , I cant get over the fact all they do is stand here next to a hole and shoot a ball in it, take it out ,shoot it again, then again for what feels like days at times ..how can that be sport?….cricket is more animated but pffff ,no to that too lol ..why don’ t we have basket ball playing here I wonder, we have official Halloween now and I am told it wasn’t always so I wonder why we don’t take to basketball and get rid of golf, such lazy and graceless sport, by now you can tell I don’t like golf lol , football I am neutral I like a bit of tennis and synchronised swimming, my friends always tell me not to say that because it is embarrassing, for them maybe I am not embarrassed by it I love SS lol…about the relatives yeah I kind of love them without knowing many of them coz all roads take me back to them in the end…, I have one lot a know little about and the other even less and beginning to now, baby step stage still but with effort I am sure I will get better at knowing everyone one day lol…

    Happy turkey eating Bez, lol here we are told the UK is so broke they are not buying anything …the supermarkets want people to shop so badly they are selling turkeys at half price, of course as a gesture of good will they could offer few thousand for free for the families who cant afford to buy it even at half price but of course profit and pounds signs in their eyes is much better than good will as well all know, …I am stress free today but tired, tired is better than stressed and tired:)…until next time Bez …I am out for now…

  100. 100 datdude

    Hi hidaya,

    “ha imagine my shock when they got a replica gun and two very big and sharp knives and drugs out of him..my face fell and I just scarpered this time hunch backed and looking at my feet..”

    where to start :) …I was cracking up imagining you (a junior rosa parks) ready to stand up for civil rights, arms crossed, brows furrowed (really furrowed), ready to witness police brutality in the modern age…that is until you had another one of those “i’ve lost my faith in mankind” moments….loool Its funny cos this happens a lot, we spend so much time criticizing the police in the US until you have your own “hidaya (rosa parks jr) moment. I’ve sorta reached the point where despite the double standard in treatment, I’d rather deal with some police harassment instead of the dude with a replica gun and a couple of very big knives.

    “London is a bit like that, all over you see girls who look like boys and boys who look like girls, it is a whole visual movement”

    wait maybe thats a little too much ambiguity lol… you get that here too. BTW I couldn’t pass without making an observation about the sports discussions going on…as a lifelong weekend soccer/futball warrior, one of the appeals of the game has to be the exuberance, and yes the kisses. It is the only time where I can without any reservation kiss another man, jump into his arms, and not mind that we are both sweaty and muddy. Well this disclosure makes me want to go do something manly….doing the dishes…….MANUALLY.

    Happy turkey day :)

  101. 101 Hidaya

    Hi datdude…

    I like what you did with my hidaya moment:)…it has erased the image of me miserable looking with limp arms on the sides and walking in small steps feeling really small and wrong…puzzled thinking “eh? what did just happen?”..and you know how you might feel when you got something wrong and question your own judgment..well that image is all gone now…got a brand new image thanks to you:)take a stand about civil rights hidaya.. you can spin a yarn datdude thank you,

    I might have missed my rosa parks moment but in a way I am glad that I have, I have a slight mistrust of authority, I always think people with unfettered power will misuse it…so in a way I was glad those assumptions were not proven to me that day…they still might some day ,but on the day I was spared in more ways than one…my trust or lack of it towards authority didn’t deteriorate further ..so i might have had egg all over my face but what is little humiliation if enduring wisdom is born from it?lol small mercies eh? where we would be without them? was an illuminating day though not in the way I thought …

    There was only bit of the whole episode I didn’t make any assumptions…the guy with the knives and the guns…about him I didn’t assume anything, but I didnt expect replica guns or very large knives either, I think by what they found on him made him dangerous…

    London, a city where the police stops and searches on the spot black males of certain ages groups in every corner I don’t know how he thought he could get away with it without it being stopped..they got things from all the pockets of everything he was wearing even his boots…

    I think the police men were shocked at what he could have done if they didn’t come across him when they did…in London there are people who just take weapons in public places and start slashing people at random so it is alarmist to thin he was probably up to murderous intent and activities, and him the biggest villain of all in the tale I didn’t even make assumptions about, made me wonder…I

    “It is the only time where I can without any reservation kiss another man, jump into his arms, and not mind that we are both sweaty and muddy. Well this disclosure makes me want to go do something manly….doing the dishes…….MANUALLY”

    Lol…I knew it, this is an epidemic, what is it with football that makes straight men who normally punch each other on the shoulder, and when football starts they all embracing and shouting and kissing each other on the forehead? …I think it is exuberance but also maybe a bonding thing in a primal way and a feeling of sporting solidarity..only the winners do that..the losers drown in their tear sodden drinks singing bad song out of tune lol but no kissing then, they link arms and bellow football songs ..I think that might be a sign of commiseration but not sure lol, ….

    why manually..a dishwasher is quite manly, probably designed and made my a man too..sorry datdude don’t know what that’s got to do with anything:)…happy turkey day ..the poor turkeys it is final day one earth for them today and they don’t even know it until the very end, miskin creatures lol…goodnight datdude…

  102. 102 datdude

    Hi Hidaya,

    “you can spin a yarn datdude thank you” your welcome, incidentally I actually am moderately trained in spinning (meftel) :) cotton the traditional way to make GABI, NETELA…I gained my training from my dear grandma (not the one who posts on this blog)lol

    I can see how missing that hidaya moment was beneficial. Its slowly dawning on me that maybe those egg in the face moments are more important in maturing intellectually than the hidaya moment. (So does this mean the egg > the hidaya ? lool)

    I’ve also read about london’s crime problem, especially youths with knives. Ironically this maybe a small victory to the NRA here in america, which likes to proclaim “guns don’t kill people, people do” Maybe this is some vindication to them. Either way, I am still undecided who i’d like to take my chances against…a knife wielder or gun totter. The answer seems obvious but i’m trying to avoid a hidaya and egg in the face moment here so i’ll remain mum for now lool

    “I think it is exuberance but also maybe a bonding thing in a primal way and a feeling of sporting solidarity” I completely agree it is a lot about that feeling of solidarity. Its like you become one for 90 minutes in this battle against a foe. When you are on the right team, this solidarity also blossoms into friendship outside of the game.

    “the poor turkeys it is final day one earth for them today and they don’t even know it until the very end, miskin creatures lol” Gosh hidaya, somehow we could easily replace turkeys for people in that sentence, and IT WOULD FIT. lol In my case I hope it doesn’t happen after i’ve put it a hard week, and i’m looking forward to the weekend. Preferable it should be on a monday after i’ve exhausted all my pleasure neurons. Have a good weekend

  103. 103 Hidaya

    Wow datdude you just made me green with envy :) …envy is one of the deadly sins isnt’it?..oh! am I going to hell now..my face’s just fallen again lol..jokes asides ….

    I want to be able to spin meftel and the whole process of making traditional clothing is fascinating….lucky you to have learned that skill at your gran’s knee… first spinning a yarn, then meftel lol, your dear grandma has done a good job passing on things down the generations:)…….

    “Ironically this maybe a small victory to the NRA here in america, which likes to proclaim “guns don’t kill people, people do” Maybe this is some vindication to them.”

    Maybe, but I bet people would kill less if they didn’t have guns so easily available…

    Knife crime here I think is specifically amongst teenagers who probably cant get guns to shoot each other, so they knife each other and anyone who looks at them…the NRA argument doesn’t convince me because it assumes too much about the human pysche and temperament being well adjusted at all times to be able to control the overt power and euphoria guns give to people…

    People who wouldn’t kill normally have been known to snap and kill because there was a gun around..why make it easy for folk to kill? and there should be a mandatory pyschological test to determine who is fit to carry a gun or who is off their heads and should be kept away from before selling it to them not just a mere license that asks the most basic of personal questions,… illegal gun holding should be punished with a long and and harsh prison term as a deterrent so it teaches folk it really isn’t worth it the hassle ..guns are illegal here though all the criminals have them and some units of the police, …pffff wouldn’t like to be a bystander when they are playing the wild wild west routine with each other….

    “Either way, I am still undecided who i’d y chances against…a knife wielder or gun totter. The answer seems obvious but i’m trying to avoid a hidaya and egg in the face moment here so i’ll remain mum for now lool”

    Lol I rather have all the eggs in the world on my face and the police sneering at me than face a gun toter or a knife wielder ..oh my God no, I think I would die on the spot, then they would be charged for causing my death even if they didn’t shoot me or knife me, but hei cause me a heart attack by waving a gun in my face even if you don’t mean to actually put it to use ..if I then die you have caused my death so say the rules….

    I am more sympathetic to the police since then ,but it isn’t really that simple, sometimes it is the innocent law abiding amongst us they target..and sometimes they are truly racist and are secret members of the BNP the official British racist party as has been found out only two weeks ago when someone leaked a list of their members on the internet and every now and then Panorama a BBC program go undercover making secret movies in police training or recruiting wow what it reveals about police recruits and racism is shocking…

    So yes it is difficult to actually have faith in the system but by and large normal young to young-ish London policemen and women are becoming more aware racially and try not to stereotype ..lets just say it is a work in progress but at least they are better than the Army,… there they are dreadful then they get shocked when ethnic minorities don’t want to join the Army but of course that again creates lack of representation there which is another problem which creates even more racism..sheesh talk about vicious circles, round and round and round…

    aha datdude the paragraph about when to die made me giggle, I forgot it is so for humans too,.. no one knows when they’re gonna die or what or who by or how,aye…would be nice to go with head attached to neck unlike the turkeys though wouldn’t it?lol..in London that is not too much to ask datdude really it isn’t .., folk get deranged , or deranged folk are let out in to the community and go off into the street with axes, it is not too far fetched to think they might in the course of the day be tempted to decapitate someone head’s off with it, coz what else is an axe for?…pfff gruesome way to go but it happens here from time to time,…ok this is too morbid now sorry datdude…

    I would like to die in my sleep and not even notice it, death doesn’t frighten me but I think the process of dying and gasping for breath and snuffing it and all that stuff would ..,so I am a proper wimp and don’t wanna know when it comes:)…

    I would like it to be Tuesday for me….I was born on a Tuesday I always thought of my wedding day …ha Tuesday not Saturday lol..however impractical it is and would like to leave mother earth on a Tuesday as a hat trick…sadly only one of those can be arranged I think lol the Grim Reaper not known to have last known abode he is a bloody free spirit the grim reaper and can be found everywhere…. must be a Bank Holiday week-end as well which include Monday as a still free day …BH is what we call Public Holidays…now all I got to wonder about is what will I be able to pack in a in three day week-end before keeling over when the GR snuffs all life out of me while I am asleep, that is if I knew which week-end he would visit lol…oh dear I’ve gone morbid again datdude..enjoy the week-end and take care:)…

  104. 104 Bez

    Hidaya, well well How are we doing today? I will have to say im doing great. Two days of non stop eating with family and friends has done wonders for me. Although some people were acting a little bit annoying intoxicated with too much of that “Jesus Juice” lol.

    Speaking of bumper stickers, I saw one again that said Bush/Cheney 04 and McCain/Palin 08. For some reason I had a strong urge to ram the car from behind lol. But due to insurance reasons I just tailgated the car for couple of blocks instead lol.

    What do you know about “The Office” thats my fav show lol. Our “The Office” show is different from what you guys watch though. The characters and personalities are the same but the actors and etc is different. Over here the lead role (the manager) name is Michael (real actor name Steve Carell). Its funny. What you said about health inspectors remind me of Dwight (Michael’s side kick) lol. Im suprised you know about the show, although I think U.S stole the show Idea from you guys lol. I cant imagine living like some of the health inspectors you mentioned. they are such an alarmist. They are so anal and worried about every lil thing. I think they need to take this quote to the heart “flashing news, 10 out of 10 people end up dying” lol.

    I see you are trying to give me a pep talk about law school after you told me what you really thing about law school haha. “Law student’s are not buillies really I mispoke” now you shifting from the lawyer to a politician. Hidaya for president 2010? lol. Dont try to make me less petrified now after your previous comments lol no matter how you spin it what I am going to take from is the refrence “Lamb to the slaughter house” lol. Just teasing, If I am that impressionable then Law school is not for me lol.

    About Golf. How you going to bash my new fav sport like that lol. “Lazy and graceless sport” haha. I can just picture you having a casual conversation with some one who golf’s for a living and takes it seriously and you uttering those phrases lol. I agree it is boring to watch, until Tiger Woods came along. I only watch it when he is playing. But going to the golf range and smacking the crap out that ball is a wonderful feeling, like some sort of theraphy. It is extremly difficult and its a one man sport so you have nobody to blame but yourself lol. I think for people who are very competitive (like me), golf is great because it humbles you and you never master it no matter how much you play. So I expect your apology in this department lol

    Now SS, I never understood that. Its like figure skating, I just think it is so BOOOOOOORRRRINNNGGG lol. Usually mostly Women are into those sort of things so that explain why you are into it (do I sound like a sexist yet lol). I dont think I ever watched cricket more than 10 seconds before, so It would be unfair for me to continue saying it is the worst sport ever lol, so I will just agree with you and let you say it.

    The day the corporate world does something purley out of “good will” will be the day pigs fly. I was complaining about the corporate world the other day to my friend. All these advertising comercials for Thanksgiving holiday and christmas are appalling to me. Its like every good thing ends up being commercialized and it really pisses me off. They are have been turning the Obama Phenomena into a marketing strategy and commercializing every aspect of the movement, its really sad to witness. I sure hope pigs fly one of these days.

    Im glad you stress free today and just tired. Im just tired from eating all this great food, I def ate too much lol. I Guess its a blessing to be tired for those reasons. Do you guys celebrate thanksgiving? If so whats the historical context? (like U.S got the whole pilgrims bla bla story). I was just curious since you mentioned turkeys. Anyways Im out to watching My Redskins kick some ass and take some names lol.

    P.S My Lakers, I should say “our Lakers” since I am determined to convert you to basketball and its only right you start your career with the best team lol, won again so now we are 13 wins and 1 loss. So make sure you celebrate lol

  105. 105 Hidaya

    Hi Bez…

    Back from the eating holiday eh? lol, ..good you enjoyed yourself, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here, I think it might be a pure American holiday…about bumper stickers today I saw one that read “We only trust the people who keep their promises to us”…, I sort of nodded to the driver in agreement, the driver properly thought I was having a head shakes moment lol ….

    The Office was a British comedy , a guy called Ricky Gervais is the creator of it ..it was very popular and won few awards here and that is when the Americans noticed it.. the BBC sold the rights to American tv stations and then adapted it to US taste…the British version wouldn’t work there it was said the sense of humour here being different so then a US version was created…I know Steve Carrell is the US David Brent which is Michael now lol, he is funny but I haven’t seen him in the American series, I never really taken much to the Office to be truthful, I know it is good coz everyone said so but it wasn’t one of my favourites, nor is Ricky Gervais, he is not a patch on Eddie Izzard… .

    Bez The pep talk about law school wasn’t it really a pep talk, what I was basically saying was …law school is tough and it all depends on how you take to it, yes your tutor will play bad guy all the time, but as they do they nurture you, challenge you and guide you, but none of it is done by molly coddling..it is done in a tough and challenging ways because everyone is tough in law and you got to pay your dues in suffering lol..plus it is no good being the only soft one, other lawyers will eat you alive ,your clients will probably sue you if you lose them their case by being soft, and your employer will sack you lol. but it is not just toughness, got to be knowlegeable too, so what I was saying is basically it depends on temperament and you how you take to it…politics and me?…I am afraid it might be a marriage made in hell ,so maybe not? lol…

    . Oh…you’re a fan of golf? not even Tiger Woods could get me to like golf, I cant believe how slow it is …and the green grass and the holes, and no adversary to beat..I think I probably prefer cricket to golf but that is coz cricket playing folk play move and look alive…in golf sometimes they concentrate so hard on the bloody ball and where it is going, you get the feeling they have fallen asleep mid swing…

    .I will have you know Bez SS is nothing like figure skating, ice skating, any skating lol it is much better ..actually not all women like SS, none I know anyway …my cousin made promise never to say it in public, but I do if the topic comes up which doesn’t much really coz if someone did I would ask them what was wrong with them that they wanted to talk about SS? lol…I may like it but don’t really think it should be called sport…maybe performance art which is what it looks like to me..what say you about the matter then? lol

    “It is extremely difficult and its a one man sport so you have nobody to blame but yourself lol. I think for people who are very competitive (like me), golf is great because it humbles you and you never master it no matter how much you play. So I expect your apology in this department lol”

    This gave me non stop giggles, lol it is true it is one man sport indeed and well all you’ve to do is beat yourself and your own last record or others pfffffffffffffff how boring is this sport? and never you mind about speed there is none expect of course for the ball the that go off in the air somewhere to land on a hole, then grown men drive off in something mobile to fetch the balls sheesh what kind of sport is this?…OK sorry bez for being rude about golf last time and today too…lol that above made me laugh so much thanks Bez…

    “P.S My Lakers, I should say “our Lakers” since I am determined to convert you to basketball and its only right you start your career with the best team lol, won again so now we are 13 wins and 1 loss. So make sure you celebrate lol”

    Our Lakers sounds like winners I am a fan until they start losing lol, …here people have a soft touch for losers in sport, that is coz this is a nations of sport losers and the concept is not clear here I think …that you play sport to win, not lose and certainly not only to take part, ..what good is taking part if only to lose? or be a trier? at some point got to try harder and win no? it does not happen here so I have snapped out of supporting losers in sport which you also have to make them feel better for losing as well ,..sheesh why they expect sympathy and not flogging for being useless you wonder,, so I am off supporting winners for a change lol ..what is 1 3 wins? 13 goals in a game or thirteen matches won?..until next time take care Bez…I am preparing myself for a tough a week pffff what I wouldn’t give to own Time or be its pilot as the guy said in bumper sticker :) goodnight now…

  106. 106 Bez

    Hidaya, what up? whats crackalackin ova there lol

    I see bumberstickers have become a daily topic in our conversations lol, sad to say but I did not see any bumper stickers today. However following up on my previous wish to ram a car infront of me with McCain Palin bumper sticker, I did read on cnn today that a man ramed another car infront of him because “God told him to do so” lol. Where was that voice when I needed it.

    The office used to be funny but now its a bit too dry for me. I dont know if you already watched it but there is a movie called “office space” that makes fun of the cubicle nation in the 9-5 work force lol. Its kind of old and pretty funny especially if you worked in a cubicle before. From what I have seen so far it does seem like Britain and U.S have different style of sense of humor. It seems like you guys are more into dry or intellectual humor. I can be wrong though lol.

    I was teasing about the pep talk. From all the law forums I been too, all my friends that are in lawschool/lawyers they all say the same thing you been saying so I know you right. Its all about on your temperment at the end of the day. I seem to think it fits me so we shall see how it goes lol. Plus I dont know how it is over there but over here you dont really have to be a lawyer with law degree there are a lot of other things you can get into. But we shall see how it goes, I like competition and infact in a wierd way I look forward to the confertation with them snobby rich born with a silverspoon arrogant A type personality assholes individuals I been hearing about lol.

    You know tigher woods is the highest paid athlete in the world, so golf is here to stay lol. “how boring is this sport? and never you mind about speed there is none expect of course for the ball the that go off in the air somewhere to land on a hole, then grown men drive off in something mobile to fetch the balls sheesh what kind of sport is this?”

    The way you described golf, it is downright a crime lol. Let me show how you describe golf. The ball sits on the tee with grace, silence roames through air as the golfer skillfully calculates on how close he can get near perfection. Then the golfer progresses and meditates at the ball. All the energy, thoughts and focus shifts into that one ball, for that moment nothing matters but that ball. Time stops, everything but the ball fades away. With a swift yet gentle swing motion the club meets the ball and sends it soaring through the air. At that moment the golfer feels harmonized with nature and peaceful as stress of the world soars away with the ball. The closer to perfection the swing is the more that feeling multiplies. Golf a game never won, only played.

    something like that haha. that should be Nike slogan “Golf a game played, never won” lol. Maybe Im into golf this much due to my manly nature that makes me like putting things in holes lol maybe its in my genes.

    I cant imagine SS coming up at any conversation unless you bring it up lol. I am willing to meet you half way and agree with your new label for SS. So I agree with calling with “perfomance art” like opera or any other incredibly boring events lol. And on my part we can call Golf a “skill” instead of a sport lol, deal?

    “Our” Lakers won again last night, so we in a roll. now we 14 wins and 1 loss. It means so far this season we have played 15 games and we only lost of those games. There are 80 games in a season so we have long way to go but we are doing extremly well. We have the best record in the NBA so you picked the right team lol. YOu sound sound like those fans that jump from wining team to winning team lol. YOu have to stay with your team even when they are the worst in the league because thats what loyality comes in. Yes it would mean a lof shameful nights but when they win it makes it all the better.So no running away if we get terrible next year, which that WILL NEVER HAPPEN lol.

    ayte miss I babled for a while today, let me go handle some business before I get behind and play catch up.

  107. 107 Anonx

    I think Hidaya and Bez should get a room, I’ll even tap into my wide network of abeshas who work in the hospitality industry. With less than a month left to the end of the blessed 08, I am projecting room scarcity because the odd year coming is a special christian number… don’t ask me how. I expect all the devote chrisitians who hate men and women who do not have sex the way they do will hear voices in 09 saying make sure them people do not unprocrate in spaces where you will procrate. Make sure they live and remain beneficiary less and even when they are in dire need of health care, make sure they die and go to hell before they take benefit from their partners employee sponsored health care.

  108. 108 Hidaya

    Hi Bez,:) how are you?…

    God tells lots of things to people doesn’t he? lol…or so people claim, sometimes they claim the devil tells them things as well, but probably those are different people than the ones God speaks to…in some places there is folk who sue God as well, …

    I read it somewhere few months ago in the US a local politician sued God for something or other , can’t remember exactly what the outcome was but I think the judge might have thrown it of if he had any sense coz God is a belief, how can a belief be sued?….

    I am telling you Bez there are some people who would sue anyone for almost anything you can think of and I mean anything lol…some of them are cheeky clever sods who try it on and sometimes even succeed,lol, but others range from the deranged to the deluded , to the drunk who jumps off the roof of a building later sueing everyone for his broken bones + the disregard and abdication of responsibility he owes to himself and his own safety, for that someone else has to be sued …,

    Here judges hate them and brand them vexatious litigants in the hope it stops them, it doesn’t faze them though, they go straight back and sue someone else for something new which is probably at least in part is self inflicted lol…they can be amusing but you probably don’t want such folk for neighbours either lol….did the man on CNN say God told him to ram to any car in front of his or was there any specific detail about model and design, stuff,? lol….

    I never liked the Office beyond from when it was new…I agree it is too dry, even for an English situation comedy btw…it is observational comedy but it is a bit too sneery in its observation …there is sending up and self deprecating irreverent humour which British sense of humour mostly is then there is sneering disguised as humour..it can still be funny for a short while but it humour without warmth or charm or even much intelligence after the initial novelty I went right off it and its creator and run back to Eddie Izzard lol…now that man’ s sees funny, his thoughts are as funny as they are informative and creative…

    Humour is not always intellectual or even sophisticated here, in fact old English traditional humour from as far back as the 16th or 12th nor sure century is what they call bawdy, read the Cantebury Tales then there is camp humour which has no equivalent in American humour and which is a comedy style which is difficult to explain if you don’t live in the Uk and are not used to it…

    It is the same here, a law degree allows you to work in many field, Human Resources is full of law graduates that chose not to practise , teaching and Probation Services, criminology…

    Enjoy your Uni years with an open mind Bez, don’t go with pre-concieved notions of the people you’re gonna come across …

    All sorts of people study law ,or practise it or teach it or come to it after a previous career or degree for all sorts of reasons…some study law as a vocation, to some it is the only thing they have an aptitude for , some want to make money working in it and others want to practise law as a public service contribution and some others believe it or not study law and go off and become writers..so there are all sort of motivations and all sort of people and yes you will come across the arrogant silver-spoon fed Alpha something but I think you might come across them at any Uni with any other subject perhaps?:) as in the world outside Uni too, if it is not a particular concern you will deal with it as it comes… .

    Lol ok Bez I admit the way my description of golf probably sounds diabolical to the converted, your description when initially caught my attention I thought “ahh nice visual imagery” then as I visualised it I sort of noticed all I was doing was craning my neck in my visualisation state like, watching where the ball would land on the green green grass ..then woke up from my visual reverie and thought naaaah this to me still doesn’t sound like sport, all the benign things about sport are not there …

    No rituals ,no human drama ,exuberance, no participatory spirit that involves the spectator and links them to the game and players, no good humoured sing along stuff, no mocking and giving the evil eye to your team’s opponents in total solidarity with your fellow fans so they get unnerved and lose lol…no tiny children dressed up in their games team colour waving something endearingly sweet and child like in praise of their team…ok this is Continental Europe I am talking about, well the only other country I lived in where watching football is a family thing that even involve grandmothers rather than the drunken English hooligan racist with women as horrid and vile as the men thing it is here…

    So what has golf got to offer in contrast to other sports? player harmonising with nature and a twisted neck by trying to see where the ball ends up lol…then if it doesn’t what?..collective sigh is it? I bet golf fans don’t even have sad songs miskin, and I can’t think of them as hugging ever for losing or winning, even in cricket people hug and jump about a bit when their team is winning or losing what do golf fans do?

    “Golf a game never won only played” I think would be words that might lessen the pain of golf fans, …

    Oh dear …I did say what I really think of golf didn’t I? lol…not sport but skill it is then….

    Ah ..Loyalty to people who earn millions to perform the one skill they are best at and promised to do, in writing and all then don’t do it for variety of reasons and more than once or twice and more? where is the duty they are under to fulfill their part of the bargain?….they should be judged as their skills are found I think and they should earn loyalty and all…too many times loyalty as well as respect (which is not basic respect for all creatures, not that kind, that one is a must I think) but the kind that follows if one is good at particular skill in their work..but yes too many times loyalty and respect are assumed a given or one sided or taken for granted, it results in being put upon I think and being failed ..why would that deserve to be rewarded with loyalty?…so our team won again..:) wow 80 games a season? that is really a lot d they want kill the players or what?..didn’t realise America is so sport mad…here they work less than six months or there about’s I think but look like they train forever and get into trouble with the law lol….enjoy your day Bez, mine not just today but everyday for a week will be a race agaisnt time without the luxury of a time machine I can commendeer to my advantage.. not much fun, horrid and panicky? that’s more like it lol…till next time Bez…:) ..

  109. 109 Hidaya

    Anonx mate you are a cheeky so and so lol, and seeing I am stumped for a equally cheeky reply just now so….lol , aye, I cant though, help admire the way you linked the cheeky to the more serious point…

    How anyone fails to see this is a question of fairness, justice and equality of rights of all men/women I don’t know and I know even less why anyone would really want rights they enjoy banned for other human beings like them…..how the discrimination of a living human being’s rights be ignored in place of, or favour of belief is not something a fair and just society and by all intent and purposes under man’s jurisdiction rather than divine one should aim for I think, and for even suggesting fairness is the right thing to do in a just society I have been called immoral and all sorts ,…laters Anonx:)….

  110. 110 Bez

    Hidaya, hey miss how is the busy day going?

    You know when people do dumb stuff it used to be “The devil made me do it” now it seems to be “God told me to do it”. I think the devil might be feeling neglected and perhaps in recession like economy lol.

    How can a belief be sued? my 3 dimentional thoughts fail to give an answer that will allow a rational mind to legitmize that action. However, I am sure if they wanted to those in power can legitmize that action some how. Just like they legitimized horrible acts like slavery by saying blacks are 3/4 property and not fully human. To this day I get “PISSED OFF” every time I read that dred scott court case way back in the day.

    You absolutely right people sue for anything now days. But you actually being around lawyers 24-7 I am sure you around it a lot lol. You know I dont know how people sleep at night with that kind of mind set. Whatever happen to holding up your fellow man, honor, dignity, honesty? its a cruel world sometimes. It would be a nightmare to have those people as neigbours lol, I am pretty sure I will end up in jail dealing with them. Especially since I have a dog that likes to bless their yard with some “daily deposits” lol.

    about the cnn guy, I did not know to much details about it because I got disgusted and stopped reading lol.

    I was flippin through the channels and ran into the Office. It was okay, although Dwight (micheal’s side kick) is becoming extremly funny. His character cracks me up, I think they should focus more on him. I will have to look up your “camp humor”. I love comedy. Eddie Murphy, Seinfield, Jamie Fox, Martin Lawrence, Chris Tucker, and etc (yes all but sienfield are black lol). I think our comedians are funnier than yall’s What you think?

    You should watch seinfield, that is the greatest show of all time. Its been a decade since it stopped running but I still watch it to this day lol. My friends tease me about it because its all white people in it and its labled “white people” show lol. But I dont care I LOVE SEINFIELD, sort of like your SS moments huh?

    Thanks for the advice because sometimes you get so caught up in the labeling we forget to keep an open mind. I plan on keeping an open mind but its good to have people remind you of that every now and then. Funny you mentioned people who go to law school and become writers because thats what I want to do when I retire. I want to write clearly, powerfully, and think logically (which you are great in by the way), so i think you are a proof that I am going to the right place lol

    About GOlf, I think our underlying disagreement might be on the defination of “sport” lol, we will save that for another day but you better back off my golf. I back off your SS and to this day you still attacking golf. Can I sue you for that? lol

    Our Lakers lost yester day :( 14-2 now. We lost by one point because somebody tipped the ball in the basket with .2 seconds left, thrilling but im upset about that. Are you still there? or did you already decide to switch teams as soon as i said “our lakers Lost yesterday) lol. ahhh well it seems like you having one of “those” week, so ima let you get ya hustle on, ya digg (im sure you can decipher that lol).


  111. 111 Bez


    The way the economy is cant afford a room. Wait a minute, even when the economy was soaring I couldnt afford the room. Due to this sudden ephiphany I had, I am going to have to go withdraw my support for the Bailout Plans. Wait a minute, they did not ask for my permission. So it doesnt matter what I think, they going to go ahead with anyways. Which brings me back to where I started, I cant affford a room thoughts..maybe I should just pray for it or would these religious zelouts will want to charge me for praying. If so I cant afford that either.

  112. 112 Dinich

    Hidaya and Bez….

    U guys should save this page…..it has a potential to be a book…:)

  113. 113 Anonx

    Bez-I would run up a credit card debt to spend a day with Hidaya and when the day ends if she had a good time, I would let her know to expect an invoice in the mail–if anything she knows the pound cost of time. If not its a write-down. sunk cost.

  114. 114 Hidaya

    Hi Bez…busy day ended pretty early today coz someone who owns my time is off sick and without sounding like a heartless devilist I think he needs to stay mildly sick for another 24 to 48 hours maybe lol, I joking I wish him well but stuck wishing myself to be mildly sick if that is the only way I can get some rest, then discovered I spoke too soon and had to be given things to do in what I thought was rest time, lots of things to do until boss man gets better and wasn’t get all that much rest after all….

    About God…I did something yesterday, wasn’t brilliant or bad either, just overdue, way overdue as in the expression it’s been long coming? ..yeah one of those but neither God nor the Devil is getting any credit for any of it as I have never seen either of them or spoken to lol, mind you Bez, I would like to blame few things like all mistakes and stuff on the Devil and he ,is probably is a Mr lol ,but if I do that and blame the Devil for my own shortcomings then got to do the opposite for God and give him credit for the few times a light switch comes on in my brain and I do bright..ha, then, I will be left with nothing, no blame or praise and a mere spectator in my own life and with that I lost whatever point it was i was going to illustrate:), enough of God and the Devil talk……

    To this day I get “PISSED OFF” every time I read that dred scott court case way back in the day.

    I am reading about it now, will see if I can match you in fury i read a bit about it he was declared by a US court a non US citizen because of his slave status…it is quite interesting and looked everywhere for the entire judgment though it took me hours to get it online and it is not even the full judgment but enough to get an idea of the judges reached their decision, I anticipate bad feelings coming up too as I read it….

    Talking of neighbours from hell …I want to sue a couple, well just the one now coz the other partner died and well can’t sue the dead even if they caused you a whole load of trouble when they were alive and their living partner carries it on, but for at least a year they have made mine and our other neighbours life a complete and utter misery..they fought like wild animals do, and they basically didn’t care who saw or heard including their five year old little boy…bloody traumatic it was and all hearing people beating each other up in drunken stupor and the shouting and the words..the terrible words they would scream at each other so loudly myself and their other immediate neighbour used to compare notes of who heard the worst of it…then the woman died suddenly in a really bad business ,and the same man now shouts the same horrid cruel words to his little boy…

    I feel so sad for him, no child should be subjected to what that little boy’s parents have put him through …as for me, I want compensation for the nastiness I have been subjected to in the last 13 months..listening to that lot for this length of time has got me on the verge of believing that behind close doors even outwardly nice people do and say horrible things and torture one another…I want compensation for that too lol, or it might be a case of my brain going jelly like lol… I like dogs and cats and horses and pandas..what breed is your dog?….

    I know about Seinfield, everyone watched it from the mid nineties to i think maybe late 90′s or early 200′s , the repeats still go on and sometimes stumble upon one in a channel, I liked it because it very much resembles what English farces are like, it was really liked here…

    I know of most of the comedians you listed, but wasn’t aware that Jamie Fox was a comedian actually I am really confused about what JF first day job is, I saw him in just one movie ever where he was Ray Charles, then I saw him singing not as Ray Charles and now he is apparently moonlighting as a funny man too, Bez please enlighten what is the man’s day job?…

    I think Chris Trucker is brilliant…his humour is so sharp and it translates well here though we might not always know what he is actually talking about lol…he came here few months ago and he is funny with a very sharp wit and his humour has intelligence and introspection…best of all though he has an unbelievable nerve and cheek so natural I just laugh just looking at his face..I find him infectious….

    I don’t really know who is funniest US comedians or UK ones…I suppose each are best in where their humour is understood and appreciated and if it is relatable to an audience…

    I actually think there are very good American comedians I just don’t see them on mainstream tv….they come here yearly to some comedy festival in Edinburgh Scotland and quite a few of them are really good but those are stand up comedians and not actor comedians…actor comedians for the most part just annoy me ..I like British humour because I can relate to it as I am not a joke person, jokes designed to make me laugh never do, nor does all jerky physical comedy where all people do is walk into things or fall over I don’t see funny I just see a clumsy person walking into things …so the kind of comedian I favour are the ones which are basically story tellers and observers, wouldn’t hurt if they witty too and it wouldn’t matter if they were British or Americans or a Timbuktian lol…

    “Funny you mentioned people who go to law school and become writers because that’s what I want to do when I retire. I want to write clearly, powerfully, and think logically (which you are great in by the way), so i think you are a proof that I am going to the right place lol”

    You too? lol welcome to the club and thanks for the praise, not sure it is all deserved though but it is sweetest thing I heard all day ..thank you…so many people study law only to become playwrights or essayist mostly but mostly they go for drama writing,or semi factual stuff …never heard of anyone going off to do comedy writing, if they did I would think it would be of the black comedy type as they write horrid things in lots of bad taste and it would probably be them taking material from their time in the law ..criminal lawyers have the darkest and most cynical of sense of humours only doctors are worse, not sure though anyone who is not a lawyer would find it all that funny not even the doctors would coz they think they are better anyway and lawyers are pond life lol and the last people lawyers want to joke about in hospital are doctors, who knows what they might do with them sharp knives?..I like it though, it is all very amusing in a wrong sort of way but it is also what might save your mind dealing with crooks and fools , their stories and human cruelty day in and day out….

    Ok I shall leave golf alone lol….can you sue me for attacking it?..not sure, first got to determine what attacking means in law…is my description of golf defamatory? or just as I see it? is it untrue? and few similar questions later we might find out, but me think not maybe..it is ok though you can say everything you want about SS lol, I don’t exactly like it because it is good, good grief no lol I like lots of things because they are exceedingly bad if they amuse me …I like SS because the whole performance and the little water ballet dances going on while swimming appeal to my sense of the ridiculous lol, so feel free to ridicule too I’ll probably join in…

    So the Lakers lost, “sigh and commiserations smile”:). still here too ..

    Naah I am not disloyal really, I just generally prefer who I am loyal to to keep their end of the bargain and be loyal back .. if not ,one person/org/other is loyal and the other is a put upon fool, …loyalty the way I see it should always be honoured by more than a single party because it is always explicitly or implicitly between more than one person , and it should be never coerced or talked into ,and it should never be taken for granted…but that is about life..about sport though it is all different, it is not a personal relationship based on mutual trust and they are compensated to perform how they said they would…if they are consistently bad then it means they are not doing their agreed bit to earn my sporting loyalty ..wouldn’t blame them for broken bones or if they were sad about the wife running off with the undertaker or worse stuff in life, but if they were bad when all else was good with them then I don’t think they deserve loyalty when they are being public flogging more like lol…

    Having said all that I only ever supported three clubs in 2 countries ever since I ever started being mildly interested in football..two here and one of those as mainly for a single player, it wasn’t the club I was loyal to but that particular player, when he left I started I left too and started supporting a London club Arsenal coz I live in London and I am loyal to London and not the North and more than football clubs lol. Arsenal too I am loyal too even when they play bad like they have been for a while now…

    “ahhh well it seems like you having one of “those” week, so ima let you get ya hustle on, ya digg (im sure you can decipher that lol).”

    Not sure I got all of it, something about the hustle…I tried saying to to few people I know today, one looked at me and asked if I was ill …the other told me and these the exact words “sheesh shut up H you live in North London in case you forgotten and you’ve never even been to the US, and you do an extremely bad American accent that fools no one” and with that wiped the smile ff my face lol, but told them all of that didn’t matter anyway coz I, at least I knew what it meant and he didn’t , well sort, lol, and then insisted telling him what it might mean, only I never mentioned I wasn’t completely sure about the right translation “Get on with things? maybe?….and on that note I am out ..take care and enjoy your day Bez…

    PS your post about the economy what is not affordable now ,and what wasn’t affordable long before the global economic meltdown almost had me choking with laughter, I am telling you ,you will do well as a lawyer if and I shall not say why, it is all in that post lol.if not politics might be an option and i say this in a good way lol ..and now I am really out, out, goodnight…

  115. 115 Hidaya

    Hi Dinich….

    If we did, we might need an agent as well as an editor, would one or both of these position interest you?:)…

    “Hidaya and Bez….

    U guys should save this page…..it has a potential to be a book…:)”

    Anonx I will reply to your post for when I am certain as to what the words refer to…

  116. 116 Anonx

    aye Hidaya, I do need to think before I write, reread after I write sometimes and put a stop to rush remarks. Most of my mispelling would be corrected and my multi-meaning ‘good times’, ‘if anything’ would go away. Wasn’t trying to misbehave mate. :( Do you find it in your heart to forgive….

  117. 117 bez

    Dinich, for some reason reading the word “Dinich” made me laugh and it made me laugh even more when I tyed it lol. I havenot heard that word being used around me in a very long time :) .

    Yea you right Hidaya and I have been going back on forth for a while lol, you can join too if you like so the book can become bigger lol. But like Hidaya stated it sounds like you are voulunteering as an agent/editor. If you are willing sounds good to me, although I must warn you it will take you years to edit my scattered bable so proceed with caution before you give an answer.

  118. 118 bez

    “if not it’s a write-down, sunk cost” well put lol,

    With all this great wisdom I acquired in my long 24 years on earth, one of the things I learned is that the word “woman” and a Man’s “credit” should not be used in the same sentence let alone have them mix in reality lol(here I go again sounding like a sexist). Other than that part your plan seems tempting since Hidaya is so “awesome”. It sounds like you have put this plan to work before or atleast you are ready to put it to work in any moment notice lol

  119. 119 bez

    Hidaya, I will have to respond to you a lit bit later because I am going to give a longer response to you and I have to run. I apologize but I will get back to you ASAP

  120. 120 Hidaya

    Awww Anonx why the sad expression?…don’t worry about it mate there is nothing to forgive :)

    I was a little puzzled by it… when I am puzzled I sound either po faced serious or puzzled, but I am actually puzzled on both occasions even if the tone varies from “eh?” ie puzzled to “??? I don’t think I got that! or did I get that right?, did I?, did I? see? po faced but,not cross or put out hand on heart:)….

    I must admit I took a liking to how few of us are writing their own thoughts or observations about whatever topic creatively and some of it is so funny…you and Bez went on on monologues of your own and on a different tangents, then came back to the starting point again, I think…creatively amusing even if some of it is unconnected and I don’t get it all lol..so lets do more of that and no more tears eh? now where is datdude gone? he has a funny bone too lol…

    Now I am out on duty before I am chucked into the streets, these days of everyone getting sacked and the entire UK going to the dogs ,bankrupt…poor dogs how are they gonna fix the national deficit of a broke country? lol…until later Ciao Anonx…

  121. 121 Hidaya

    Hi Bez, take your time, in a little while I will be up to my neck in pen pushing, some Friday this is….till laters, bye…

  122. 122 Anonx

    Thanks for accepting my friendly fire mate.

    about sacking, it is getting scary. Two friends were let go. And I have few friends in NY sending me resume… an industry they are now all considering. Lucky for me, my employer just acquired another company and willingly, unlike the financial company mergers taking place now days. Bez is a lucky son of a gun to be escaping all this at grad school, best time to go to school. You may even figure out, Bez, how to take advantage of the bailout money, of course for your clients. I hear every corporate lawyer, regardless of industry, is trying to figure out how to dip into the bailout cookie jar.

  123. 123 Dinich

    Ok Bez and Hidaya…

    I ll be more inclined to being the agent than the editor…

    Anonx sounds to me that he can do the editting….

  124. 124 Bez

    Hidaya, sorry for the delay but I am back like cooked crack lol

    So we are wishing people Ill to get the day off now are we? lol. It reminds me of the days when we get to class in college and a substitute shows up because the “professor is out today due to illness” and the class resounds with a unanimous roaring “YES” (with complete disregard to the professor’s health) assuming we are about to be dismissed and then the substitute continues with the statement “however, he left some in class assignments to be completed..bla bla” lol then we all sink in our chair with disgust lol. Dont you just love human nature lol. It feels like you going through same stuff only on much grander scale.

    What is that you did that was “long over due”?

    You calling the devil Mr. I take great offense to that since I always thought the devil was a MRS lol. Im starting to think we need to have “Do you believe in God?” discussions. Which reminds me of a song “what if God one of us?” I learned as a child lol. You know like they say “there are no athiests in a fox-hole”. I dont know if yall use the term fox-hole but incase yall dont, its a small ditch dug during battle to protect soldiers from enemy fire. It is not a pretty situation to be in lol. So I think its perfectly fine for you to give credit to the devil when things go wrong and to God when things go right. I think the difficult task is actually figuring out what is truely a good event in your life and what is truely a bad event.

    Dred Scott, dont get me started on it lol. I cringe everytime I read the word “inferior race” or “property” when they refering to black people. I know everything must be judged in the context of history, but damn thats terrible.

    Sounds like you had that neigbour from hell lol. Im sorry you had to go through it. You know what I think about when I hear about people like that, for the most part these people stared out normal (whatever that means) just like you and I. Somewhere in thier lives some relative, friend, society, just something happened in thier lives that made them turn that way. I understand the concept of “individual responsibility” but for some reason I cant help but think many times there are many people, besides that individual, that are responsible for a person acting that horribly and they seem to get a free pass in life. Those people come to my mind everytime I hear about stories like you just told me.

    Anyways, back to the topics lol. My dog is rottweiler and germanshepard mix. He is jet shiney black and the pimp on the block. I got him a lil collar, he is just fly like his owner now lol. I dont think I have ever seen panda ever in real life. Cats? I despise cats. How can you like them? they so sneaky and stuck up lol. They lazy too, they are as useless as SS lol. (thats my pay back for all the golf bashing you have done)

    Seinfield is the BOMB, I love it. Im suprised you know all those comedians. Kramer (michael richards) from seinfield got introuble about a year or so ago. He was doing stand up comedy at a club and some black people were heckling him. He got upsets and he started calling them “NIGGER” on stage, he even said “if it was in the good old days we will be hanging you and putting a fork in ya, nigger. There is anigger in this house. Stay in place nigger” something like that lol. Wow people were pissed, even the white people. He got kicked out but im suprised he made it out that place in one piece (he later apologized though).

    Jamie Fox is one talented brotha. He first started as a singer put out an album didnt go well. Then he did stand up comedy, got famous. Did a TV show called “living color” and “Jamie Foxx show” which both were big hit. Which led to his movie career and he won an oscar. Then he went back to singing put out an album, which did faily well. And now he just doing acting. So his day job will be “i dont have one because I AM SUPER TALENTED”, he even plays the piano really well. That bastard lol, Im having harding time just chewing gum and typing this at the same time lol.

    Chris Tucker is the man. Although he doesnt do stand up comedy nomore in the U.S. (he says he changed he doesnt curse, smoke weed and all that anymore). If you go to you tube and type in Chris Tucker def jam comedy (in fact if you listen to all the def jam comedians) you will wet you self lol.

    I was just teasing, I dont think you can actually compare comedians from two different society because comedy is relavent within the social context, unless you are talking about universal themes.

    About your writing skills, dont be absurd it is a well deserved complement. I bet Annox & Dinich will agree with me on that. Thanks for welcoming me to the club. I have an idea about a social issue I want to write and even turn it into a movie if enough people like it (by that I mean my mother, sister, and brother haha). Maybe Ill tell you about it someday. Although I cant say writing is my main reason for choosing law school, it definatly a bonus and plays into my long term plans.

    “Is my description of golf defamatory?” Most certainly. “is it true?” Obviously not lol. The concept of SS is defamatory initself. Infact it should be made illegal, I just gotta think of a way to ratinalize it. SS is a property not a person? nope that wont work. I hate SS and I am in power? nope that wont work since I dont have power. can you please make SS illegal pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee? that may work, especially if I was to ask BUSH lol. I cant ridicule SS anymore, since you agree its not fun. Why do I feel like I am playing into part of your plan.

    Loyality is a twoway street you right (well you guys have different road system than us so I dont know if that means anything). Infact now I think of it anything that is one way is no good when it involves two parties. But dont worry you can stay loyal to a “winning” team, since we won yesterday. We are now 15-2, we are tied for the best record in the NBA with Boston Celtics (our main rivals for many decades). I hate thier nasty green jersey, yuck..I cant wait till we play them.

    Dont listen to those who are making fun of your attempt at an American slang or accent lol. When they do just tell em “stop playa hating” or “stop cramping my style yo” lol cuz they are playa hating and cramping your style.

    You got the “get your hustle on” part, it just means go handle your business.

    P.s about my post on the economy and the compliment, I am glad you added “I mean this in a good way” lol

    alright missy, I gotta run again..hope you having a good day

  125. 125 Anonx

    TGIF! guys.

    Bez, I suppose since you come by way of Hidaya, you are welcome to the club. I would have made you do more heavy lifting however… rottweiler and German Shepard? Do they also have German Shepard and chiuwawa(sp?) mix? That’s one funny mating I like to see.

    I just went back and read you guys since the long exchanges demand a little bit of my time than normal. Hidaya is an excellent extemporaneous writer and no doubt I assume speaker as well. She is ILL! Sick! Get that mate? Open your American Urban dictionary.

    Dinich, I am not thorough enough to be an editor. See how I butchered an attempt at making fun of lawyers and how they are good at determining the cost of their time… I seemed to be talking about prostitutes. You mix good times and money, you get Eliot Spitzer, the x governor of NY who was forced to resign because he was caught having ‘good times’. I like the guy for many reason and I am happy he is back writing at Slate. His article from today made me think may be I was accidently right about lawyers and good times. He writes underlining the econ crisis is lawyers, advertisement agents, investment bankers and accountant who chase wealthy clients and wealth creation. Now that’s a thin line between what I did not indent to say.

  126. 126 Hidaya

    Good morning Bez…has the week-end begun for you yet?….

    “What is that you did that was “long over due”?”

    Long boring story, but in few words, I used to own a house , it was a house made of cards not brick and mortar and it’s been crumbling all over the place for ages, of course all attempts to repair it came to nought because how can one repair a house made of cards with no solid foundation underneath holding it up or together? especially when the house itself colludes in its own destruction ?..then an unexpected bolt of lighting in the brain showed me the only 2 choices I had ..I could 1) either let the house of cards crumble or, 2) I might in the pursuit of repairing it, I chose me not to crumble, since my house of cards was cold, unfriendly maybe even haunted, not exactly home…last I knew of it the house of cards that was never a home ate itself I think …I can’t say I am sorry about it, maybe a little sad as one would be if they discovered, their house is totally bad news ,useless and not fit for purpose, however much one tried to fix it as they say it was in the cards ( no pun intended)…

    Ok moving on from house of cards to the Devil’s house…. Is the devil a man? I think so, mainly because everyone on this earth and beyond with power is male, why is the devil singled out as a she?…I know the holy books say so and all, but if you observe life it looks like this …men are the ones with much power and more likely prone to submit to the devilry that comes alongside power, where do women come into all this?now what say you about this matter Bez? lol..Is woman still the devil?…

    Ok since we’ve done the Devil’s house lets not neglect the House of God lol or we might get sued…

    About believing in God I haven’t got a clue whether I believe or not, sometimes I do but mostly I don’t ,not when I think, but I don’t think I am an atheist because i have more willingness to believe in God than otherwise, only it doesn’t happen for me probably coz I think of it too much ,and then the more I think of it the less it sounds plausible …it would be terrible if this earned me the title of the atheist who doesn’t even wanna be one lol but generally that is how I feel about it…now you? is God real? lol…

    That is an old song you reminded me of, I went and checked it on youtube and decades after the bloody song came and went some people are cross about what someone once sang about God..wasn’t even a bad song, nor obscene and it had lots of What if’s? question type in the lyrics which should have been a clue to the protesters it was just someone’s musings of what God might be like or who God might be like, if he walking amongst us and with a human face and ways..aye Bezzie people go to verbal wars on such matters , even if God ( if he really was there) preaches love rather than verbal wars or any other for that matter lol..

    I never heard of a fox hole, but I think it might actually be better if there were no atheist in such circumstances or surroundings because in battle one needs belief amongst other things…mind you don’t want overt believers in a fox hole as well coz belief alone wont get anyone out of a fox hole or lack of it only earthly competency with a dash of luck would do it I think lol,…then I think anyone who has seen war or fought in a war must at some pint lose all belief,,if they didn’t ,and enjoyed it I might think they were psychos..

    . “I think the difficult task is actually figuring out what is truely a good event in your life and what is truely a bad event.”

    oh aye , this one is sometimes hard to tell, sometimes a bad event leads to the birth of a good one I think, hence the expression “blessing in disguise” , if you can unravel the disguise and resist to be scared out of your wits of the outcome and the introspections the tasks demands of you then the blessing is not far off though of course it doesn’t always look that way….

    My neighbour from hell had in a way a sad life which might have contributed to the problems they had, the woman, may her soul rest in peace was a nervous wreck with so many addictions I lost count… plus she was generally a very sad person, you could see it in her eyes and entire demeanour , she actually looked psychically sad ..that was all due to a major tragedy she had after losing a child I was told but it sent her into a spiral of despair and the husband has as many issues as she did , not sure if he was any help, can’t even seem to help himself and they knew each other and problems from when they were teenagers…well that is one bond they should have broken, coz it ended in disaster, from beginning to end and they just took their son as yet one more casualty…poor little boy, motherless at five, shouted at all the time by the drunken father he is left with..he looks so guarded and much older than five years..there are lots of children like that all over this country and they are the future so God only knows what kind of grown up they will be….

    Your dog is a mixture of rottweiler and German sheperd? wow he must be ferocious. and he is the king of his road or pimp lol…I like all dogs minus chiwawas I cant even spell their names but by God those things are not dogs…my favourites are Jack Russels and Labradors, they are mischievous but good humoured with it and I think Jack Russels might actually have some intelligence I am telling you those dogs understand language and things..I like cats too, they are beautiful creatures..don’t care if they are lazy, it is not like they are required to do the weekly shopping is it? loll…people say cats are not loyal but I think they are,they just don’t show off like dogs do about it loll….plus they are clean and have a bloody cheek thinking they own you , so that is a sense of humour they display methinks…

    I like all cats wild, domestic..I think tigers,leopards cheetahs are the most magnificent creatures in the world never mind the Lion king, if it was up to me the Lion King would be demoted and the cat family declared Kings and Queens of the jungle..

    I have never seen pandas either but they look really cute and helpless on tv ,coz everyone wants to kill them and they are in exile from their natural environment in cages, they don’t help matter though however cute they are coz panda folk is not all that bothered by the survival of their own species, so there is a chance they might go pffffffff no more pandas in the world if human folk don’t stop killing the few wild ones remaining….

    Oh yeah I did hear about the very tall guy ho walked into things in Seinfield mostly doors, had a little temper tantrum with racial expletives too boot at some black folk …I heard he apologised too but you sort of wonder about the apology of someone who when angry uses racial abuse, doesn’t that mean they are racist anyway apology or not apology? at least when angry or provoked.. incidentally few days ago someone racially or more like ethnically stereotyped me, I was furious about it but it never occurred to me to pay them in kind because I am not racist or xenophobe even if racially or ethnically abused/stereotyped myself …instead I just uttered the words racist and scum in the same sentence which is the only words that needed to be said…

    So Mr JF day job is being super talented/ now I am green with envy lol..I can’t believe a dramatic actor like he was was in RC is also a comedian, the reason I said comedian actors annoy me is mainly because many of them are comedians and not really actors and what entire movie is a laugh a minute every second of it? and if they cant emote any other emotion but laughter I think, ok stop this and be a stand up again lol , but few of them manage to be both a la JF….

    I saw Chris Tucker on my tv this morning, with Ben Stiller, they are doing promotional rounds for an animated movie..it made me think ha CT ears must be burning lol, only yesterday we talked about him and here he is on the tv… I am gonna watch more of his stand up routine…

    Thanks again about the writing skills bez I might give it some time to pursue it sometime soon, next year something…but for your own writing law school will serve you well and might not even need for the trip to the drama writing course, it basically gives you most things you would have learnt at drama school about language, structure, narrative and timing, if you then have the imagination of a story teller and a good story then you’re halfway there , only problem is many lawyer-authors sometimes get bogged down by detail and accuracy which is all good in a law case but not if it grinds the entire narrative to a story to a halt…but I think if you want to write a movie then you probably need a movie making course too…law school is good for theatre writing but I think that movie making might more complex

    I did not defame golf stop trying it on lol ..hand on heart Bez… I only said it was staid, how many people would think staid is defamatory?…as in law we go by the reasoning of the reasonable ordinary man which many legal principle are based on..you are going to come across the reasonable ordinary man’s view on all things in law you’ll see lol…so would a reasonable man sees my gentle mocking of golf as a sport defamation?…we would need a jury to answer that as defamation cases always go to trial and have juries…and e haven’t even got to the right to my individual civil right to speech..have I misused it to blacken golf’s name so that golf name and image suffered badly as a consequences ? as if lol..and eventually what i said about golf wasn’t strong enough to deter the true lovers of golf and the haters like me golf lovers probably pity me for being ignoramus about the finer points of their sport…., I bet the jury will go to sleep and all lol…

    Now I want to know what ya digg means and, do I have to say it with an attitude , what attitude is it? lol otherwise I wont be able to pull it off like the last one when I was told to shut up and remember where I lived lol…I missed the chance to point out where I lived now was not where I always lived though it feels that way but maybe that is an unrelated point …the economy post was really good :) and the politics comment was in good spirit, not all politicians are political in everything and many non politicians are generally very political people in their behaviour or character lives, jobs…and on that note Bez have fun ith your wee-end and take care until next time:)…

  127. 127 Hidaya

    Anonx mate:)…

    Hope you are enjoying the week-end too…I will get back to you properly in a few hours….

    I have to escort a relative out of the UK to Mama Africa the Southern part of it is where they decided to escape to, can you imagine they got fed up of life here and are going to decamp themselves there tomorrow?…so will get back a bit later after goodbyes and tears are shed….

    PS: good on you for the kindness, sensitivity and understanding you showed selam…laters mate:)

  128. 128 Bez

    HIdaya, How was the weekend? hope it wall all well

    How can one repair house of cards that is build with no foundation? I will have to say with faith and maybe a dose of prayer lol. But im glad you chose option number two. You know if you dont want to fix it up, given its fragile nature you should let your neighbour move into it lol or maybe even your boss (you might finnally get that time off lol).

    The devil is MRS, I have seen her lol. You know behind every powerful man there is a woman pulling the strings behind doors. Look at history and present, many great powerful leaders of their time who lead the greatest nation fell for what, A WOMAN. So yes I think the devil is a woman and men are just messangers. Like TUPAC said “pussy, power, and pistol” make the world go around in that order lol. Or I can be wrong and the devil is a transvestite.

    God God God, is he real? so you are undecided on that huh lol. I personally like to think so. I think there is a God nomatter what you want to call him. I believe we all are wired in a different way and He speaks to us in our own way. That is why I have a problem with “religin” because it seems to think God speaks to all people the same way he speaks to them. You know sometimes we read books/learn develop our mind and we try to reason it out or use logic to answer this question. But I think its spiritual. I think God is that little voice you hear when all comes crumbling down and life smacks you upside the head and you are in a dark corner in your soul and feel like giving up and you hear that little voice that tells you to go on in a hope of a better tomorrow. so yes I think there is a God but it takes an honest conversation with yourself and the ability to let go and be vulnerable all just on an account of faith. So I just know there is a GOD and Im not him lol. What you think?

    “blessing in desguise” or a poor man’s song as I like to call it is an interesting concept. I think the concept of God becomes sort of like a luxuary when your life is going good and a necessity when shit hits the fan (like in a fox hole). Its human nature I guess, it allways seesm it takes a tragedy to tap into the spiritual world and to realize we all the same at the end of the day.

    My dog is not realy that ferocious although he is a bit too protective. I try to make him to be sociable and he is to the large part. Although sometimes his genes take over and ends up acting a little rowdy. He like to mark his territory by pissing on every bush he comes around, and from what I read that is a sign of lack of confidence. I hope we dont have that quality in common as well lol. I can tell you love dogs by the way you writing about them. Do you think Jack Russels are more intelligent than Bush? lol, why dont you have a dog then?

    I still dont know why you like cats. I mean they try to sufficate and actually in some cases did sufficate babies in thier crib because they get jealous they are not getting any attention. Now what kind of pet is that? they lazy lazy stuck up creatures.

    I agree with you on the tiger comment. I love tigers. They are so beautiful at the same time can turn into a ferocious beast within seconds. I have one tattoes on my arm. But I dont know about making them king of the jungle, Do you dare demote mufasa? if so there will be hell to pay lol (Lion King is the best eva lol)

    Yea Kramer was losing it, sad to say because he was my fav character. Some people were trying to get seinfield of the air because of that, but like many people I was like “okay lets no go crazy, leave my show alone lol”. Him apologizing just means he is only a racist when he is angry lol thats all. Racist, scum and other explicit words were my responses lol.

    Yea Jamie Fox by the way is releasing a new album some time this week, it funny because we were just talking about that lol

    You know what Chris Tucker hardley ever comes on TV now days unless its his movie stuff on or something. I cant remember last time I seen him or heard about him outside his movies. A while back though he went to tour africa with MTV and he went to ethiopia and they showed the clips. They were all jumping all over him lol and he said I LOVE ETHIOPIA I AM AN ETHIOPIAN, I THINK MY ANCENSTORS ARE FROM ETHIOPIA lol (all in caps because that man only talks when he is screaming lol).

    Thanks for the input on the law and writing. We shall see how it goes but I promise I will be a better writer when I come out, now thats what you call high expectations lol. But who knows I might change my mind once I go in there and come out something crazy and ridiculous like animal rights activist saving pandas from extinction lol (OUCH!!!).

    Listen all my argument for golf is based on the legal system I build around my needs. In this court the reasonable man is just another words for what will BEZ think? lol, so any legal objections you might have, no matter how valid they are, they will be met with the words “over ruled” by the honorable judge Bez lol..what you think about that MRS LAWYER? lol (now I think of it maybe the devil is a MR, because this legal system acutally sounds perfect to me loL)

    Ya digg just means, you understand, or you feel me. You have to say it with a swagger. You know laid back and say it how you say it, keep it natural. Cuz if you have to think about it to say it then you going to sound like one of these white boys who try to talk slang trying to be cool lol ya diggg.

    Alright let me get off here Im soo tired today, I had a Birthday weekend so I was doing too much over the weekend lol. As a result I have the case of the Mondays and I have a feeling its going to be a long day lol. Anyways hope your day is going good!

  129. 129 Bez


    I guess I missed the first club meeting for TGIF, not good sign huh lol. You right Hidaya is sick with it when it comes to writing, that is what I have been trying to communicate with her. As far as the Urban dictionary I think those things are so useless. Slang changes all the time and its relative to situations/locations. It is a decent attempt but I just dont get it. Infact I dont think I have ever seen one or heard someone say “let me look it up in the Urban dictionary”. Maybe white people do behind close doors lol

    Anyways Speaking of Elliot Spitzer, you know He is one of the rare people who scored a perfect score on the Law School Addmission test. Not even obama nor clinton came close to pulling that off, although I must admit its not really an I.Q test. As smart as he was, he wasnt smart enough to pay his prostitutes in Cash lol. I bring this up because it proves my point, the devil is a MRS lol (im sure Hidaya is going to disagree lol)

  130. 130 Hidaya

    Hi Anonx….

    Many people in marketing are losing their jobs but so far it is mainly the financial sector here and businesses that are letting people go or shutting down, it is gonna take us about ten years to get out of this mess apparently…our interest rate is zero for the first time in centuries probably banks have been bailed out and they have been told that if they do not lend to people there will be a reckoning..ie the thread of nationalisation, nor are they passing the benefits of a zero interest rate on their mortgages to their customers..even though they have been neutered they still behave more or less like the same old money thugs they were before the melt-down they caused…

    You can make Bez do loads of heavy lifting for his belief the devil is a woman aye lol…sweet about the writing thank you A..do I speak well?..ok I am a bit confused about ill and sick I say both, which ones do yu Yanks use?..

    About the editing I sometimes the same thing that happened to you about the lawyers and the prozzies stuff earlier … if I write or even talk when I am tired I say the wrong thing or write it or hear it and then reply off topic completetely , it is only when people give me puzzled looks I think “ah that time again ie prat moment” but I actually like editing, I am boring and like sorting out detail:) you can almost create new content of what has been edited out and change the old one, mix it, now who is with me? coz I am not doing it alone? lol …

    ” He writes underlining the econ crisis is lawyers, advertisement agents, investment bankers and accountant who chase wealthy clients and wealth creation. Now that’s a thin line between what I did not indent to say”.

    So that is everyone except the politicians and policy makers who allowed all this to happen?, mind you I have no argument with his view, I only feel sorry for the lawyers and the accountants…it is well to remember neither of these professions make laws, they just use legislation which is already there, it is not unlawful to do so though it might be for dubious purposes…haven’t got a clue of how culpable the rest are but surely no one is more culpable than the politicians …in the UK it is policies created by our old Chancellor presently our PM who led to the current financial crisis no one but him is to be blamed and of course the last PM too, then City of London Financial second…I suspect it is the same in the US but the politicians will point the finger at anyone but themselves, no one else creates policies they do….

  131. 131 Hidaya

    Hi Bez…

    I’ll get back to you in a little while, I have to finish a project and I am late with it, right now I am living in panic city, will get back when …Greece is burning and Zimbabwe is either broken or breaking …laters….

  132. 132 Anonx

    Hidaya, its busy week for me as well… I will be channeling my focus on this thing I have to get done soon.

    But briefly, you better believe it, I used the Spitzer line shamelessly out of context. And I am not apologizing :) but if this do him justice…. The gist of his argument attacks the rescue/bailout plan approach as insufficient. He would like to see a robust regulatory approach that could send shiver down the spines of anyone who dares build punzie skims. Spitzer could have been the man of the hour had the crisis now hit us before the many wealthy Wall Street enemies he created after the internet bubble burst got their hands on him. Yes I am semi-defending him, because the whole story is fishy and I could careless about what should be between him and his wife. That aside, Spitzer as district attorney of NYC took the lead in exposing Wall Street excess, inadequate corporate governance, outrageous CEO salaries and the lavish money spend on entertainment at the expense of shareholders and employees. He did far more than the Security and Exchange Commission and other federal bodies .

    btw, that ‘blessing in disguise’ part, I read it twice, and wanted to underline it.

    Bez, you have a point about the payment in credit card although I can’t say I followed how the transaction took place. I guess I will have to stop using credit card to pay my ladies :)

  133. 133 Hidaya

    Hi Bez…the week-end was spent sending someone off to foreign shores, it was fun and sad at the same time….was it your birthday you were celebrating?, hope your Tuesday was better than your Monday…

    Move my neighbours into my all but crumbled house of cards? naaah, I may not like them because ,well they drove me mad and at times even frightened me with their fracas and violence and stuff ,but I am not mean spirited towards them or moralistic, I even sympathise with their plight, more so with the plight of the little boy whom I see going to school everyday ,and everyday I know his life is worse off than it was the day before because I can hear it all through my walls at the end of each day, sometimes half the night….send the boss to the house cards?..uhmm that sounds tempting if he wasn’t a nice man beneath the stern demeanour I am not mean about him either..only someone I am truly mean spirited about deserves to be sent to the house that seized to be so it can crumble round their ears, the rest need protecting from it lol….

    “The devil is MRS, I have seen her lol. You know behind every powerful man there is a woman pulling the strings behind doors. ”

    Uhmm, Interesting interpretation Bez, ..the way I always understood this saying was more to do about women in the background being the anchor who facilitated their men in their ascent in whatever they were doing through dedication to their men and lots of the time involving giving up their own endevours whilst nurturing their husbands….

    It is interesting even in these modern days when there are powerful women there still is not be an equivalent saying for men about powerful women, that is perhaps because behind every powerful women in the back ground there is probably her mother who makes all of it possible so her daughter can go and achieve even if she is married and logically most of the support should come from the husband and after that it might be nannies or baby sitters mostly females….

    “Look at history and present, many great powerful leaders of their time who lead the greatest nation fell for what, A WOMAN. ”

    Well, most history is written by men, from the point of view of men…but we can look back to history about many things and wonder how much of it is written with a biased view towards groups of people, women not being the only group mostly maligned in it, mysogyny was the norm then as it is now though more subtlely expressed but still women when involved in scandals involving powerful men sort of revive the old image of woman as a manipulative sexual predator using their sexuality and female guiles or whatever devilish purpose they are up to that day , it is a view that stems from old religious mysogyny, ..even when there is no scandal ,that image of a woman as a manipulative sexual kitten on the prowl for men to hypnotise to utter and complete helplessness comes up , .. even Sarah I am a maverick me Palin wasn’t spared, with reports of her own side saying that she once greeted the Republican big wigs including maybe John McCain wearing just a towel in her hotel room insinuating what exactly? mind you she did in this case help to bring him down didn’t she? serves him right coz he brought her in for manipulative reasons in the first place and it backfired and she burnt him… seems like poetic justice to me…

    As for women bringing powerful men down?..uhhmmm another interesting interpretation of men behaving badly, I have a different view about it, allow me…why couldn’t it be simply that it the powerful man in question has been found wanting and has had bad judgement? ..the woman if there is one is part of that bad judgment call but isn’t that still his own doing? and if it is implied that he is coerced and manipulated by the devilish nature of woman which brought him down perhaps he doesn’t deserve to hold the position he has…

    Oh I didn’t now dogs doing their stuff al fresco was a sign of lack of confidence…I thought it as a territorial thing dogs did so that no other dog or cat can claim to it and they would go “urff ,urff intruder you, leave my yard at once, or there will be war urff urff grrr lol…

    I suppose he is rowdy because of his doggie heritage, a case of can’t fight your background, take him to a doggie shrink, or doggie life coaches if it is doggie shyness lol…I don’t mind the doggie shrinks coz I love animals and would be dismayed if I owned one and it was depressed I would think what on earth did I do to make the dog or cat depressed for ages?and it may sound over indulgent but would put up with that rather than a moping dog round the place thinking “life is sad and no one cares, “,lol but honestly doggie life coach? this country has jobs like that advertised lol, dog walkers too, people work all hours to make money then, they give it all to the nannies who bring the children up ,and the dog walkers who bring up the dogs up and walks them too, then the shrinks both human and animals who try to explain it all to the little nes, both human and animal…aye isn’t modern life brilliant?…

    I think the racist actor was so extreme and crude in his racism…i would take his apology with a pinch of salt, nay make that a canister of salt….I think he should have been fired because every time he loses it and there might be a black person around his racism will resurface …it is his views he should have been fired for…the language he is used is just a symbolic of his beliefs…if I ever see him which I really don’t want to , but if it ever happens I am booing him, then he might get angry and racially abuse me which would make me boo him even more lol…

    Animal rights activist don’t save the pandas Bez :) , they are busy fire-bombing scientist and doctors conducting research the panda savers are a different lot more like conservationists and people like them, I doubt you would come out of law school wanting to save pandas though lol…or maybe you would who knows?….

    I liked Tupac but can’t say that his philosophy in life did much good for him, six feet under by age 28? not much power there I would say…

    “Listen all my argument for golf is based on the legal system I build around my needs. In this court the reasonable man is just another words for what will BEZ think? lol, so any legal objections you might have, no matter how valid they are, they will be met with the words “over ruled” by the honorable judge Bez lol..what you think about that MRS LAWYER? lol (now I think of it maybe the devil is a MR, because this legal system acutally sounds perfect to me loL)”…

    That is alright, as long as we don’t actually call it a FAIR and JUST legal system because it is sort of not is it? lol..we just call it the Golf Court of Bez where anything he says goes about golf goes and no one can object …

    “Ya digg just means, you understand, or you feel me. You have to say it with a swagger. You know laid back and say it how you say it, keep it natural. ”

    Swagger eh? but why? excuse my ignorance Bez but it doesn’t sound much like need to say with a swagger word to me, it is not particularly defiant word, sounds a bit like the equivalent of “you get me? in speech that some Londoners always have in their speech, after every sentence is “you get me?, you get me? , you’re not supposed to reply to it it is just a figure of speech, that one is not said with any particular swagger if anything it is said in a languid tone I think….and on that note best wishes for the day I am out now:)….

  134. 134 Bez


    LOL, which me back to my point Women and a Man’s Credit card never mix. Plus Im sure your ladies will prefer cash lol

  135. 135 Hidaya

    Hi Anonx I will get back to you soon…

    Talking of dogs Bez…look at this hero dog…


  136. 136 Bez

    Hidaya, maybe you can help to send me ofshore too because I need a vacation from this world I am in lol. It must feel good to assist people in thier time of need. Yea it was my bday I was celebrating or the day we began to die as my morbid sociology professor used to say (he was talking about how we began to die immediately the day we are born).

    If you ever invite me to live in your house of cards, then I will know what you really think of me lol

    You know I do feel bad for the boy. As far as for the parent he will reap what he sows because that kid is going to grow up and remember all that. And when the time comes and the father becomes old man and cant take care of himself, he is going to regreat these moments. But still I cant help but to feel sad for that boy. Our house is far apart from the other houses so I hardley ever hear the neigbours interacting. The only time I ever heard neigbour’s interacting was in college when I was in my apartment with thin walls and constantly being woken by the neigbours bed banging against my wall and sounds of loud moan, man those days were uncomfortable. How do you go tell you neigbour stop being so loud when mounting your girl, I cant sleep lol (I eventually Had to do it).

    About Women and the Devil, I was just playing as the devil’s advocate. You absolutely right, all the terrible things that happend in the world are largley due to Men, so far anyways. Although, I do think I have ran into some women that made me believe they are the devil in carnation. So you absolutely right, Man has a lot to atone for, although I reserve a small amount of blame for women as well.

    Since sex and roles are socially constructed, its hard to just hard for me to label a person this or that jsut based on sex. I just know a person can go far alone but can go a lot further with a right person behind them or go into a disaster with the wrong person behind them. But the Solo life seems to be the safest route if you ask me lol

    I think the racist actor (kramer) shows exactly where the state of racism is right now. It has shifted into a subtle form of racism that is institutinalized and subconcious. It still exsists but now its in behind doors or politcaly incorrect. But you know when people are angry or drunk thier true feelings come out lol. Although I have to admit its amazing how far this society came in the last 30 or 40 years.

    We finally agree on golf. You know the funny thing is I hardly every play it or watch it, I cant believe we still talk about it lol. By the way our lakers doing good we are 17 wins and two losses. We have a game today we shall see how it goes.

    Speaking of dogs and ridiculous way they are treated. I read somewhere this extremly wealthy lady died and she left all her money to her dog. At first she said to give it to charity but then changed her mind and made it so her dog recieves all her money. How ridiculous is that? I couldnt believe it. The dog acutally has someone that takes care of it 24-7 and the lady that takes care of the dog has a salary of 60k a year lol. wow! lol, plus they have to get security guards for the dog because authorities are worried that people who heard the story might try to kill the dog. Now thats what I call a lady who does not value human life.

    The whole swagger comment I was just messing around. That is the whole point of slang, that fact it is informal and adaptive. As long as you saying it with your own personality and naturally, thats all it matters. You get me? you get me? (i hope yall dont say it twice everytime because it will annoy me I think lol). The older I get the less I use slang, I dont know why. Is that what you call maturity? lol

    I hope your day went well since you had that hectic busy week. My day is finally over and I am practically half brain dead from filling up all these paper works for the entire day. I thought the internet was supposed to make life easier but now I see it just means DO MORE FASTER lol

    anyways have a good day madam (I feel so well cultured for saying that lol)

  137. 137 Anonx

    Hidaya, take a look at this picture…. You will love love it :) . Don’t expect me to comment cause I am laughing it off


  138. 138 Bez
  139. 139 Bez

    Hidaya, I just saw the clip. That was amazing, It was so sweet of the dog, Dog’s are so selfless when it comes to danger..I’m going to pet my dog extra long when I get home lol (although my expectations for him has risen greatly after this lol)

    p.s watch this clip, I watch it everytime I am stressed out or feel overwhelmed. I dont care who you are, this relaxes you lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5P6UU6m3cqk

  140. 140 Hidaya

    Hello from London Anonx how is your busy week?:)….some of my stress ended today.. I have never been so exhausted ..there is still tomorrow but for now at least it is back to calmer days….

    Thanks for the story mate…didn’t even occur to me anyone would want to grope even the likeness of Hillary,she looks like she would beat the living daylight of whoever tries it on… and he got caught as well….

    I also read someone tried to sell BO Senate seat..it kind of amazed me at the audacity of the seller what a chancer lol, did he not think someone would notice?….

    Anonx I will get back to you about the bailout and the Spritzer guy, he seems to have good ideas about it , but here that wouldn’t happen here, CBI owns the government, Chamber of Commerce British something their vote is important and they don’t like parties that impose penalties or robust regulations or tell them to behave..

    So whichever government is in bends over backward to accomodate them in order to get their vote and their donations…it was because of them the regulations got so lax in the first place…and though for the moment they have been humbled they are the same vicious little thugs and as soon as the economy recovers a little they will be up their old vicious amoral ways….

    I have no opinion on Spiptzer either way coz he is not a London Mayor for a start…

    Our own one here has been caught having romantic dilly dallying away from his wife every once in a while over the years ,but he wasn’t mayor then, but it didn’t do him any harm he is one of those men who get forgiven by his womenfolk whatever he does, even other women folk do…it is his boyish charm it is said, he is probably gonna do it again and all but he gets forgiven almost everything by almost everyone even those he is rude to can’t help feeling how funny he is even when rude to them I really don’t know how he does it lol…

    This is what I think would have happened to Spritzer and his scandal had he been a British politician caught with a lady of the night…

    We don’t boo the faithless ones amongst politicians or the crooks if they go pay for whatever crooked thing they did, work for charity then rehabilitation ,goal achieved, same for the perjurers, go atone man sincerely and away from the cameras and they might be forgiven….

    I think we draw the line at prozzie dilly dallying, …

    Whereas all human folly is at some point forgiven or tolerated or pretend it has not been heard by the politicians Joe/Joanna Public if it is a good man or woman temporarily gone unhinged …

    Also we are used to politicians being prattish and like prats risk everything they ever worked for a prozzie or whatever thing they’ve up expecting not to be caught with.. duh? makes you fear if it is that bit of their brain which might be responsible for policy, any policy..

    Sheesh these are people who volunteered for a public life service and the scrutiny that comes with it, yet they risk it all the time….

    I think here being caught with a prozzie when a politician result is * dead in the waters*…there is no coming back from it..

    Cheat on your wife or husband will hurt but can be rehabilitated and since Joe and Joanna public are not exactly lily white themselves they let go of that…crookery too if it wasn’t armed robbery or heists and stuff or bribing, taking or giving, or mugging little old ladies…there is no come back from that one either….

    Caught with a prozzie when a politician in the UK is up there in the list of what not to do for politicians…it brings to mind bad things folk prefer don’t happen, it starts debates too about is prozzie work explotation? blah blah, then…the feminist will be cross, the traditional family spokesperson will be crosser ,the clergy diplomatically and venomously cross, the liberals will weep in their organic drinks and for good measure start talking about human trafficking which is just about the most horrendous form of human sexual slavery London is full of trafficked children and young adults, the media will dig out every hypocritical family value speech the politician made, mock and howl with gleeful laughter what else? women even when not the finger pointing type will think “uhhh I am not sure about that” because whatever prozzie work is and however old as the world itself it must be it and whatever the supply and demand of it aspect of it, it is viewed differently by men and women…even not finger pointing women that realise it is not as black and white as it sounds go “I am not sure about that…that would have been the end of the political career of the British Spritzer…

    In France they do scandal in style, right now they have got a Senior Minister in Sarkozy cabinet with child and no husband, first or second generation immigrant stock from North Africa and Muslim to boot?…do the French care a jot? uhhm nay, apart from who is the daddy question which no one knows at this point and everyone is asking…they do scandal like that there, s probably the French Spitzer would get away with it…too bad he is of an Anglo saxon culture or is it morality? had he been French they would probably just shrugs their shoulders ie don’t wanna know…lol…. lovely day to you Anonx me gonna rest my poor head, the inside of it feels battered today….ciao for now….

  141. 141 Hidaya

    Hi Bez…

    I will get back to you about the longer post but for now happy belated birthday mate:)..didn’t realise it even though I asked, I thought you were saying you went to a birthday party..I hope you’ve enjoyed your day….

    Ahhh the laughing baby, really sweet but i reverted to type and thought “has that baby consented for his privacy to be invaded? would he rather not do that?” lol then I kept laughing with him coz he is so sweet it is like baby laughter music…..

    The dog was brilliant, yours probably would be too…it is in dogs to be heroic and protective I think,but this one dog is now making me think maybe dogs are moral beings but how isn’t intellect required for that?….hat on earth were either one of them doing at the motorway in the first place, if that happened here humans would risk life and limb to save that dog and cause an accident …not so much if a human in the same situation..aye that is true of the UK…humans save animals more here and now animals save each other too…

    Until I get back to you properly these are few things that happened to the citizens of few countries, including yours I read in the papers…

    United States…

    A Washington woman and her mother have been convicted of trying to smuggle a drugged monkey into the country from Thailand. Gypsy Lawson, 29, hid the animal under her bluse and pretended to be pregnant….

    Mary Magdalene Foot Balm Found…

    Archaeologist have found vases of ointment which they believe may have been used by Mary Magdalene to anoint the feet the feet of Jesus. The jars, which date from about 70AD, were found by a Franciscan team from Italy at the ancient Palestinian town of Magdala which is named after the woman said to have been the first to see the resurrected Christ…

    There you go Bez from the weird and criminal to the Biblical/archaeologist..and you really don’t wanna know what I read about China lol…too gruesome martial art fanatics and his eyelids..brrr you really don’t wanna know….till later Bez enjoy the day, I am resting my head me:)….

  142. 142 anonx

    The cross. The crosser. The crossest. ?? I am boiling inside. You are a riot. I can’t even focus on the ideas mate… When things calm down I have a christmas story for you…x-mas is arround the corner aint it?

  143. 143 Hidaya

    Hi Bez….

    Has your week-end started yet?:)….about the sending off shores was about my young cousin moving to South Africa for a year, something to do with International Relations studies post internship work experience there…it is the first time she’s left her home here and understandably she was excited…

    I was too for her, I think it will be a good experience for her with both learning and an adventure, …all the same I drew her a list of things to be wary of ,and another of things to be downright scared of based info I got from guides and others by SAns themselves about where in SA she is going….like Aussies here every third person you meet in London will be a South African Londoner…even one of my own neighbours (these ones are nice to their children) ..a woman married to an English guy is from South African but of New Zealand stock now British as well I suppose I asked where in Johannesburg should my cousin avoid like the plague? she goes there yearly so she is up to date and she gave me quite a long list which worried me…but she will be living with colleagues and we might know one or two people’s children of her age who might be able to guide her….

    “We finally agree on golf. You know the funny thing is I hardly every play it or watch it, I cant believe we still talk about it lol. By the way our lakers doing good we are 17 wins and two losses. We have a game today we shall see how it goes.”

    You don’t watch or play golf…eh? “puzzled “..what was that ” I am defending golf’ good honour defence speech for then?” lol…I am off golf’s case anyway, I found a new so called solitary sport to vilify…sailing..sailors, this is what they do, they take a boat out and stay at sea for months on end on their own, doing sod all for the most part except staring out at the sea in the morning , afternoon and night ok , they are not all alone they have a crew ..this is sport?….I would give them their dues because I can’t sail nor want to stare into the sea on my own for months,at night so good on them for being tougher than me, but why is it called sport? why not endurance test? which is what it sounds like…are the lakers still winning orrrr? lol….

    About the dog lady..I think I read it somewhere, the old lady was from NY and the latest was a judge cut down the amount of money the dog required to live on…he still got more than any other dog ever got in a will and few humans ,but it is less than what the old lady said the dog should get initially…I don’t now what to make of it…who knows how people reason when leaving money in their will to people or animals?..she had enough to give it to both though…this is what I don’t get, why not divide it into half and half of who gets what?..maybe her family made her cross about something bad and she decided to give it all to the dog as a final insult from beyond the grave? lol…I would have thought the dog was more at risk of being kidnapped, if he is dead no money right? but if he is dog- napped? ha the old lady provided for the ransom money too, just in case..lol…

    About the you get me thing? uhmm it has several tones, some is you get me? like a proper question? well at least the first time it sound like a question but it soon stops though….then the extremely lazy sounding You geeeeeet meaaa? mid speech not meaning nothing in particular….when i am in a mood and people start you ge’t me? I shake my head and mouth back not say, Nooooo, it makes stare in surprise at getting an answer coz it is not supposed to but it is annoying, some stop which is a bonus but not always…bye Bez enjoy the weekend;)…

    anonx hi:)…

    Crossest should be the wife always shouldn’t it logically? here it is mostly the tabloids…what the poor wife must be thinking of being upstaged like that in rancour and outrage by them only God knows…anonx things are quieter, story please?;) laters mate…

  144. 144 anonx

    Hidaya habtina I’ll get back to you once I clear few things…geaat meaa? Poor wifey though only seen and some times heard at the break of a scandal besides her husband and he confesing to under the desk service or coming out as gay or transvestite. That governer of a state here was involved with one underline and she I think was carrying one with the same person… One lucky guy getting more than his share of love and affection from the same household. Its tough to generalize and unfair to the wife but the calmness in front of national audience may come from knowing all along this was coming… Hillary knew all along… He was a naughty governor. But she enjoyed being a passanger driver and no amount of effort to stick it up his worked for her. So the rainbow nation is taking in additional colored person. Got to write back to my capetown college friend to be on the look out since she tells me I would fit in as colored

  145. 145 Bez

    Hidaya, hey miss how you doing? it has been a while since since we talked on here, atleast it feels like it lol. Things getting a lil bit too hectic out here. I dont know why, maybe its the end of the year coming up.I need to get hold of that guy who cliams to be the pilot of time, we need to clear some things up because time never has time for me lol.

    But thats real cool your Cousin is going to South Africa. I think all the african nations especially need to take heed in what is going on in south Africa right now, with all the constitution and democracy starting from ground up. I think South Africa is going to be the America of the future generations. They still got a lot of ways to go but the process that is taking place is amazing to me and I sure hope Ethiopia watching thier law makers closely and learning. I sure hope your cousin is going to the safe places and you such a caring relative to be so concerned. Most relatives now days just send you off with a hug lol. My friend just did a study abroad last semester over there, she said she loved it but people were prejudiced against her at times and ganging up on her. Hope your friend stays safe.

    The news was entertaining especially the drugged monkey one lol. I wonder if she got caught before. Over here the news have been dominated by the Illinois governor, im sure as you have heard of by now. It reminds me of the time when Gov spitzer resigned and the one one who replaced him (the blind black guy) immediately held a press confrence and said “I just want to come clean before I start this and admit that I have been cheating on my wife and we are going through counseling” lol. I remember thinking is it really that difficult to find a stand up leader but I cut him some slack since he was black and blind lol. But now this Illinois’ governor just gave me an answer. I remember listining to his speech on the day he took over office because the governor before him was convicted of corruption charges. He said soemthing like “politics as usuall in this state is over, it is immorral and devastating to the people of Illinios, obviously the governor did not believe that that is why I am taking his place”, so no the man who supposed to clean up the state finds himself in the same predicament. It is just pathetic. Whats even more pathetic is the conservative/republicans who are making comments like “Im sure the president-elect is not involved in any of this, however ..bla bla” and they put their lil subtle political punches in lol

    anyways enough about that. How you been? how is everything in the great ol British empire lol..oh I have to bring this up, tell me you heard/saw about the reporter who threw his shoes at George Bush during the press conference. Not one shoe but two. That is just amazing lol im like wow it feels like a movie. Geogre Bush needs to be locked in his room till jan 22, better yet make an exception and let him leave the white house right now. I couldnt believe this was happening to the president of one of the most powerful nation in the world.

    By the way I went to the golf range the other day, I was thinking of your comments when I was hitting the ball haha. I was actually laughing and people looking at me all crazy because nobody is saying anything.

    I like the You get meaa thing lol that is going to be my word for the day. I dont think I can say it with yall accent though. I love hearing black people from England talking with thier accent. Especailly the women it is exotic lol. By the way how is my wife Leona Lewis doing? lol. My mind is all ova the place today so excuse my ADD ways today.

    anyways hope you having a good day, I gotta run again. Oh this world never stops calling lol.

  146. 146 Hidaya

    anonx hawey how are you?:)…. I am a bit off colour today don’t mind me if I suddenly take an odd turn lol… yeah take your time until you ge’ back to meeea, lol …right, one more thing the t gets cut out or is silent like the French silent syllabes only this one is not part of standard or formally accepted or educated English though it should be at least in spoken English since everyone does it…

    anonx I read something amusing today…there is this illegal immigrant from Morocco, he came here about five years ago as a stowaway in a ship and applied for asylum as an Algerian when he reached terra firma the UK bit, he was rejected then, he committed a petty crime, thieving I think and when in court to be sentenced was ordered to go home after he served his sentence….well no one did because the man from Morocco tore up all his paper work that could show he was Morrocan and the government said they were only going to believe him when he could prove he was from Morocco and not Algeria, so as a last resort the poor guy decided to board ships as a stowaway in a city called Bristol which is where he lived ..sort of as he was really homeless and a city with a bad history of slave shipping in the city’s old ports, this he tried to do for about five times and all five times he has been caught and told he couldn’t go home anyway, so again he stole something petty like a mobile and a jacket and when he came to court this time a judge got cross about the whole thing and asked the Home Office ie like your Homeland Security Dept to show themselves in his court and explain why this man who desperatetly wants to leave wasn’t allowed to do so…

    The amount spent on jailing him, releasing him then back to the nick again is two hundred fifty thousand so far lol, it will cost some more because he is gone inside again lol…it would have been cheaper to have accepted his claim even though there is no war or nothing that warrants an application of asylum coming from Morocco even if it wasn’t true lol, might have been dubious but at least it would cost less, poor guy must be ruing the day he stowed away to England, it was easy enough to get into now poor guy cant get out of England for either money or love God knows what he must be thinking lol, …here we don’t let known terrorists who fan the flames of hatred go to their country of origin either coz it is not safe for them…never mind the mayhem they create here and the Home Office is still by the sound of it not fit for purpose from when that was last said about it…actually their blunders verge on the comical lol…

    About political wives uhmm, who knows what goes on in a marriage except the people in it?…your governor would be so comfortable with our politician,lol the last one who declared himself straight with wife and kiddies got caught with boys of the night…sheehs then he made his poor wife say he wasn’t gay in the press he also told us he wasn’t gay ,,,..he never explained if he wasn’t gay why the gays prozzies then, why not a lady of the night? that would have made him straight and a rat this way he got called all sort of names besides rat becuase of his hypocrisy first and second he made us think of the young girls and boys who are exploited by these hypocrites…honestly there was more sympathy with the boy prozzie than the politician himself, his career never recovered from it either but he was not of a party that comes to power since like 1922 or thereabouts but was respected until then though I never heard of him before that event or after…

    Here we consider ourselves lucky if it is just another woman they are caught with or another man…but some of the things they are caught doing pfffff anonx as soon as you read it you start thinking ” sheesh I never wanted to know this, this or this other about a stranger, one in a position of trust and the need to inspire respect how is he supposed to do that or take him seriously when I know all this I am not supposed to know about him?”…

    Over all though I think marital problems between political couples isn’t scrutinised as much when it doesn’t involve marriage plus same sex shenanigans on the side..people here are more puritanical about anything concerning money ie fraud or deception , violence or drugs..murder too I would assume but no one got caught with a dead body in the boot of their car yet lol…

    Wives like Hillary though I think have made their bed and should lie in it however hard the surface gets…but there are many I think who are trapped by something bigger than them but dunno much about political wives..the only ones I have admiration for are the ones who carry on with their own individuality, careers, lives an stay out of the way of their husbands jobs except to support them in private and accompany him on important function where the missus is needed to be seen….

    we don’t like Hillary much here though we respect her but the dislike comes from the perception that she is a cold and calculating woman who chose to stick with her husband not because of love but because of power and her own political ambitions..that perception might be wrong and it could be that she really loves Bill but people believe otherwise and I think it doesn’t make her likeable to women, …

    I think she frightens men a bit here but overall I think British men are respectful of her in writing and of her abilities…there is almost a sneaking admiration for her toughness, maybe that is the Margaret Thatcher after effect..the British or rather English likes being nannied by bossy women and none come bossier than Hillary….until next time good day and ciao matey:)…

    Hi Bez, long time no see, how are you?:)….I have a cold and it has made my mind fuzzy and lots of atchu atchu ..give me sometime to get back to you, meanwhile have a lovely day …I am out for now:)

  147. 147 Hidaya

    Hi Bez did you catch up with Time’s pilot? lol, when you catch up send him to me too lol…

    About SA, I think you might be right but I don’t think it is the only country we can learn from, other African countries are putting in place a democratic system that works for them…I think after years of political turmoil Ghana is one of those countries on their way…democracy is fine but lets see if it is taken to its ultimate conclusion where scrutiny and accountability of governmental institutions is a given but I think that will probably take another hundred years in any part of Africa which sounds depressing….

    About my young cousin going there it is only for a year, I have known her since she was ten and I am a bit protective about her… SA from all that I heard from sounds like a violent country and she is really young and might forget about personal safety so I drew the list basically to remind her that she will be in a new environment she neither knows nor is she intuitive about it like she is here and to take all appropriate safety measures…

    I have hope for her, she might be young but her eyes and ears are open though it would be a bit too much calling her street smart but one has to be a little here especially in school years or even to walk down the street and come back unharmed…anyway I made lists and contacted all sort of people and asked them to hold my young cousin’s hand until she gets familiar with the place, she had asked me to come see her next summer but I told her I didn’t love her that much lol..

    Are people going to be prejudiced to her or gang up on her? hope not but probably people are prejudiced wherever there are people, but even so I think she will manage it…she has a smart head on her and despite her tender years understands people and ways…plus she is not a stranger to prejudice or racism and nor am I and the rest of her family on occasions…

    I sort of explained to her how I coped with it at her age and younger and even now, not sure if it is a blue print of how to survive prejudice even within people of the same race or ethnicity but I hope it comes in handy to her should she need it…

    The guy who replaced Spitzer confessed to all did he? ok I find this too information and too much scrutiny, no one will bat an eyelid here if a politician is having marital problems…they are human beings too and their marriages can go wrong like half the population they represent, make that the whole population for the UK, I think politicians too deserve a level of personal privacy…

    If they are not being hypocritical and parading their families and spouting family values speeches when it suits them then later sneaking out to make whoopie and consorting with God knows who then they deserved to be mocked for it, sacked as well and this should be not because they have marital problems but because they are liars and hypocrites who have different faces in private and in public..to me that is the bigger sin, do as I say, not as I do and it boils down to a matter of character…just like the house of cards they should be given the boot on their way out lol…

    The shoe throwing episode…very funny, btw the guy who threw the shoes first was given an award don’t think it was for the shoe though I think it might have been coz he is a journalist, then got his head kicked in…well at least one of his arms has been broken by Iraqi security forces something…the same forces the Yanks and Brits have been training…heartwarming isn’t it?..

    When I heard the poor journalist was beaten black and blue because he threw a shoe at GW I lost all hope for Iraq…imagine a country that in its totality hates Bush because well he brought ruin to them…but when a member of that country shows his displeasure by throwing a shoe in protest which is what the shoe throwing was about.. protest not terrorism the politicians of the same country gives the order to their security force to beat him black and blue…

    How different it would be if he was British and he threw a shoe at one of our leaders… there has been occasions here with our politicians when enraged folk by them had egg throwing, flour throwing and punch throwing, we have not had the shoe throwing episode yet but I think it might catch on lol..no one’s arms got broken for it and it is quite amusing to watch and brings on the giggles… all those who had things thrown at them richly deserved it too I would say…..dunno if Bush understood the significance of the show throwing though…Iraqis did the same to the statue of Saddam Hussien which probably means they have the same level of loathing to both and who can blame them?…..anyway the clip is on youtube and there are even more jokes made about it as one Irai Minister being described as a shoe deflector I think it might have been closer to him than Bush..the thrown shoe I mean..it is quite funny lol

    Leona Lewis aka your wife aka Simon Cowell cash cow is fine, she is home for Christmas I think…she is about to be unseated off as Simon Cowell’s principal cash cow.. a new girl called Alexandra Burke I think is someone is this year’s SC cash cow she won his show but I hate the show except for the oddballs who get booted off at the first auditions …the rest i find it too formulaic and when the oddballs go is when I leave the program as well…

    Oh yes in England alone or was it the entire UK we apparently think that SC is more famous than God, the Queen and the PM…I like SC, people say he is nasty but he isn’t really and anyone would be put off by the number of deluded people who really think they are good at something when they not…that takes special talent …to not know thyself and what one might be good at or extremely bad at…they should know if they are not children but they don’t and don’t really have to come to SC to be told…but the oddballs are so funny, sometimes I can’t believe my own eyes lol…

    About the accents it is difficult to say…there are so many of them which ones do the Americans find exotic?…and now I am gonna find me the Time’s pilot…actually Time’s P can rest and so can I…I have a cold and I was told not to blacken the inside of the offices or even doors with my presence and my germs until I am safe to be around with a doctor’s letter confirming it , there is flue epidemic going on ..quite bad as it goes and they might be scared I am gonna die and take few of them with me if I breathe in the office…sheesh see how mean lawyer people are Bez? you would think I was carrying the plague the way they carrying on but it got me the rest I needed so i have no complaints lol..what a way to get a break eh?…Bezzie mate on that note Ciao and enjoy the day:)….

  148. 148 Bez

    Hidaya, how you living miss? Getting sick are we? I beleive it was you who was wishing to get ill so you can have rest..I beleive your exact words were “stuck wishing myself to be mildly sick if that is the only way I can get some rest” lol, either ways I wish you to get well (am I messing up your plan by doing so?). I am laughing at the expression “I have a cold and I was told not to blacken the inside of the offices” lol.

    I did not catch up with the pilot maybe he is drunk passed out somewhere, you know these Pilots love the sauce, come think of it so do lawyers lol which lead me to ask the question do you love the sauce as well? or am I generalizing too much over here lol

    Hey Africa is coming up, it is the future. It is just too bad we wont be alive when that happens. SA is far from achieving legit democracy however they have taken grand steps no matter how flawed it is. You know all you need is to free the mind and the process follows. You taste freedom once and the rest of history. But you right its far, I sure hope not 100 years though. I think it might be a lil bit sooner than that but who knows only time will tell.

    My Friend that was in SA said she loved it over all so im sure your cousin will feel the same way too. No matter how dangerous it is the education she is going to recieve from witnessing things over there first hand is priceless. You wont find that kind of education in the class room or in the books. Plus it sounds like you schooling her pretty good, a lil too good maybe lol. I think some one might be a little overprotective lol. You should go visit her in the summer if your lawyerly hours allows you too. Just dont sue nobody over there.

    These politicians are losing it. I see your point but I think if you are a leader of a society you should be the shinning example of what it means to be a leader, therefore you should be judged by a higher standard. I think you can tell a lot about a man/woman by looking thier household. Because if you mistreat the people you love the most, I cant imagine how you will treat other people if you thought you will get away with it. I understand we all human and we made mistake, I just hate how they look into the camera and deny the whole thing like it was all made up. For example, John Edwards (who was running for president against Obama) was accused of cheating on his wife. He looked right into the camera and said “this is a lie, I had never had any relationship with her” he said that repeatedly. Until about a year later the story came up again and he confessed. How can you trust someone who will look people right in the eye and publicaly lie to you like that. Cheating is one thing, but lying when asked about it thats is another thing. Yes we all human and we make mistakes but atleast come clean when asked baout it. I dont know what is worse the fact he cheated on his wife while she was going her cancer treatment or the way in which he apologized (which he basically set, I have paid the price for it and I am not going to beat up myself for it-like he was the victium). I know I got my own demons so I dont judge him as person, but I dislike when they lie in public. Its a character flaw I think..anyways enough bout dat

    The shoe throwing incident was too funny, although I kind of feel bad for him as a person. Hey in Iraq the fact he just got beat up is a big step up, if it was before the war im sure Saddam will chop his head off. Whats ironic is that the fact this reporter was in exile from Irag when saddam was in power and he was being a reporter in AMERICA, and in ironic way it is cuz of Bush that he gets to go to iraq and throw shoes at people lol. But yea I dont think anyone can say Bush didnt have that coming. I dont why in the hell he is going around giving farewell speech like people gonna miss him. Everyone one I know is counting down till the day he leaves including me lol. One new interesting thing I have been hearing abotu is that Bush has gave more money and support to Africa more than any other person in history. I dont know how accurate that is i am going to look into it, but if it is true I am going to have to give him some points for helping out the mother land.

    About SC (I kept thinking you refering to South Carolina since we write SC for short to refer to that state lol), But yea I knew he was pretty big in England but I did not realize he was that big. Over here we just look at him like the asshole on American Idol that makes the show interesting with his brutal remarks lol thats about it. I heard he be signing the winners of his show in England to a night in his bedroom as well so I am pretty sure he has deflowered my wife Leona many times lol, that bastard lol

    I dont know, not to come of as ignorant, but so far all the British accents I have heard sounded the same to me. I guess just like any language there are different dialects. How does yours sound? give me an example lol

    ayte Hidaya (is your name ethiopian, I neva heard it before) Anyways I gotta go back out although I rather not so Im out like the Illinois Governor, forcefully lol lataaaaaa

  149. 149 Anonx

    Hidaya, hehehe…. I like the guy wherever he is from. Just goes to prove my theory that man/woman is incapable of building and running a complex structure because once it gets too complex there isn’t one person who understand the entire system. Try as they may, common sense will be the first one to die. Its in everything, like this thing I am working on keeping me up at ungodly hour trying to put some common sense into it. And the Somalian mess…. they didn’t see coming ‘skinny’ on the high seas and making 33 million a year out it. As one I assume somalian AP reporter put it: the pirates are driving SUV, building stone houses and marrying beautyful women… now thats the lifestyle of the rich and famous, or in this case infamous. Anyhow habtina, I aint blogging as much, a)I am lossing sleep over this thats only important to my livelyhood and b) I lost my smart phone, I can’t even blog on the go…. soon, lets pray…

  150. 150 Anonx

    Here is my Christmas story in increments Hidaya. Since I sort of promised, I am keeping my words. Had I kept it over night, I could have made it better. With much love sis… and Marry Christmas!

  151. 151 Anonx

    I am slowly making progress towards reimagining Jesus Christ and feel comfortable with my reimagination. The imagines of Jesus Christ mostly born out of the European Renaissance used to make me uncomfortable because I couldn’t relate to the images (Now I don’t care for idol images.) The Renaissance probably did more damage to Christianity than any period in history because it hijacked and cast Christianity as a European religion and the founding fathers and idols of the religion acquired blond and blue eyes. Every time I find myself at a Tewahdo church, especially in the US, I can’t help feeling sorry for all the children been surrounded by a plethora of images of Mary and Jesus and saints born out of the Renaissance period.

    My story of Jesus really begins in eighth grade with a nun who through example taught that make your images as it fits you, but the message is universal and the message as coded in the Sermon on the Mount is a message of love and humanity, an uncompromising principle. As far as I think, no one should be considered a Christian if the Sermon on the Mount is not the first and last they preach.

    Every day I stared at an artistic rendition of Jesus on the wall of my eighth grade class, he stared back at me and he still stares at me as I write this. At first sight, I thought, there is a saint I don’t recognize. I asked my teacher who I now consider my friend, “who is that saint?” She said “Jesus Christ!” Coming from a Tewahdo tradition, I felt delight at my encounter with a Jesus I had never imagined.

    As a background, when we first arrived in the U.S., we had an African American who would come to the house. My dad and he would open up their respective bibles, one in Tigrinya and the other in English, and they would have a go at it—whether Jesus Christ was black or white. One defending Jesus as white–you know who–and the other making a case for black, quite theatrical in retrospect. Our African American friend would say open to that chapter and this verse, see here it says he had a wooly hair and burned amber tone, a skin like your and hair like yours.

    (“At Papa Johns you’re making the money peasants make.” “Peasants don’t make money.” A conversation I am overhearing as I write this)

    The Jesus on the wall resembled Othello without the weapons of mass destruction. Richly dressed like Moor chief, a long off white robe with bottom kissing the ground. A burned amber face which along glows, but with the addition of the Halo, the face reflected light to the dark background, touch by touch turned into gray and lighter. Dark turned light like the moon does to the African sky every night.

    My nun friend was fortuitous. An indomitable energy she fought to contain within the class room every day and so often sinned when that energy refused to be contained and demanded she throw the choke today and the eraser tomorrow at the wall, to the ceiling or at the unlucky innocent head found at the site of a drive by shooting. And everyday at the end of class, she asked us to “Pray for me. Ask God to give me patience.” I did my bit of prayer in the form of, after her absence, a welcome back card designed by yours truly. I did so partly because she held my hand at a time period I now describe as traumatic. She turned that trauma into poetry.

    (“Why are you a martyr? for what? I throw myself under the bus for my sister, but why are you doing it? “ Yet another conversation I am overhearing as I write this)

  152. 152 Anonx

    My nun friend converted me to Catholicism too, I should say her influence, however. At Conformation, the rite of passage for young Catholic adolescents and as the tradition dictates I assumed a saints name as my middle name, St. Martin De Porres, South American black saint always pictured with a broom on hand. Now I spend quit a time at the pub with one friend who discovered Catholicism at a college youth ministry. He guilt trips over masturbation and his sexual exploitations. His priest at confession tells him to pray and pray; I at the pub tell him to beat on without guilt, masturbation, although a temptation, is not a sin and for a young man in search of love masturbation is allowed in the book; he comes back to the next pub outing convinced masturbation is a sin after referencing the Catechism.

    “It’s a sin, the Catechism said so.”

    “Catechist my ass! Did you kill anybody today? Did you wish anybody ill today?”

    Never works, not to him.

    (This guy sitting one table away from me, with unkempt long hair and beard could pass for a Renaissance Jesus Christ if he took shower; he is giggling and mumbling, about which I don’t know, making reference to blond haired, and other mumbles; then sleeps on his chair before he starts the mumbles again)

    At the height of the Obama Campaign when after Obama visited some evangelists to make them feel comfortable about him as a believer, some questioned his interpretation of the Bible. I didn’t follow the entire exchange, but I caught the part where Obama more or less put a stress on the Sermon on the Mount Christ. And at about the same time I was seating with a friend at a coffee shop. Not the guilt tripping friend, but another who is evangelistic in the sort of He is the Light and the Way kind of way. We sat talking like we always do rarely about religion as we each know where we stand on that, the atheist versus the evangelist making quite good friends.

    A young white lady with a couple sign of aging approached my friend and I, and asked me if I would be kind enough to participate in a religion survey she is conducting for her class. I protest! Why me, not him? Not me. Choose him. She insisted. I protest again, ‘look, I lean more towards agnosticism, but my friend here is the right person you want to do this survey.” She convinced me with the ‘this is for my class and only four questions’ part. And I encouraged myself, what the heck lets have fun with this.

    I followed her across the room to where her companion was seating survey at hand. To prepare them I tell them both again, I am an agnostic. Her classmate, a white male comparable to her in age only, but in demeanor very robotic, the kind of person one would send to perform interrogation or torture someone. No wonder they chose her instead of him to be the public face….

  153. 153 Anonx

    The guy reminded me of two U.S. Marshall Agents who came to an apartment I once lived in because a couple in the apartment was running credit card fraud. The agents’ method was to shove the profile pictures close to the face while maintaining a statuesque stand and robotically ask “Have. You. Seen. This. Person?’ I take two steps back and say, “No.” They break dance one step forward and shove, “How. About. This. One?” I take one moon-walk again and respond, “No”. Had they had infinite number of criminal profiles, I would have moon-walked to my destination and the agents would follow break dancing. Never mind the fact we had two criminal in the apartment that could access our mails, the two agents made us all in the apartment companions (Marc: “Did you see the agents? They talked and walked like aliens. Earthling…Have. You. Seen. This. Person?” Me: “Did you finally learn how to do the moon-walk dance?” Kim: “I told them, yes, I am guilty, I have sex”)

    The innocent in me carries on with my assumptions with some little chit chat. What school do you go to? What’s your major? I don’t get answers I expect, and the classmates notice the signs on my face. Mr. Robot lets out “the survey is for our bible study class.” I felt trapped because I never had a discussion with evangelists where I put my convictions forward with clarity of mind. We continue with more small talk because Mr. Robot and I both find out we have Catholics schools in common and he tries to tell me ‘we are not like that….’

    Questions 1: Do you believe in God?


    Mr. Robot comments, “you’re ahead of most agnostics”

    I fire back “it’s a matter definition; I have a God I like to believe in”

    Question 2: Do you believe in heaven and hell?

    I believe in heaven and hell on earth. Some have it hellish here, and some heavenly.

    Mr. Robot: Only yes or no answers…..

    No! In that case….

    Q3: What do you think one needs to do to get to heaven?

    Good work and good intentions.
    Q4: Do you believe in Jesus Christ?

    No! But I do believe in his message, it’s a message of love in humanity… specially the Sermon on the Mount. The other supernatural things like he walked on water, I don’t believe it…

    Q3: What do you think happens when people die and do you believe in eternal life after death?

    I made what seemed to him an off the wall comment about eternal life my ass, I don’t even wish this life I have now extend much longer. I pulled back once I realized he was taking me seriously. ‘So you were pulling my leg?’ yes and no, all the eternal life stuff is beyond my comprehension, I don’t dwell on it. Since I don’t believe in heaven or hell, I don’t entertain thoughts about eternal life.

  154. 154 Anonx

    Now all that was a set-up for the real preaching to commence…. Later I wondered what kind of bible study classmates would target coffee shops to spread the message. :)

    From Mr. Robot comes out “Jesus Christ died for our sin–.” Had I just listen to his spiel he most likely would have talked what I need to do to get to heaven and redeem myself from my evil ways. But I interrupted….

    “Many people died for our sin!”

    Mr. Robot’s aging wrinkles surfaced prematurely all over their permanent resting place. Like when I contort my face sniffing shit filled air before I run away from the fart. Puzzled face intact, he asked…..

    “Like who?”

    “Like Martin Luther King and Ghandi…. their death was a modern day crucifixion, they died not pursuing a selfish life, but putting in practice what Jesus taught, the Sermon on the Mount. They and countless others are the modern day Jesus, that’s my answer to what would Jesus do if he was alive. I believe in Jesus Christ as the Light and the Way the same way I believe in MLK or Ghandi or countless other people as the Light and the Way not in heaven but on earth.”

    That was a show stopper. Where my balls bigger, I would have followed with “yea, fucker, they died for the sin of your ancestors, now make them Jesus Christ. Believe! Redeem yourself!” In the momentary silence, I was left thinking; I just lost two votes for Obama in a swing state.

    We exchanged niceties. And after somewhat thirty minutes I went back across the room to where they fetched me and they moved to the next victim, an aging white man who looked he has eaten one to many donuts and fried chicken. Later I get a tap on my shoulder. I see behind me Mr. Robot. His fisted hand stretched outward towards me. Had I not know better, I would have clinched my fist either to run or attack, fight or flight…. But no, Mr. Robot wanted to bump fist and genuinely let it be know that he enjoyed the conversation. Then and there, I knew I won Obama two votes in a swing state.

    This Christmas season I will be knocking at the Covenant house to see my friend. I feel guilty because she has sent me numerous messages by the grapevine. Then she only had one habesha student, me, now like a quarter of her students are habesha. And I think she feels I let her down. That’s how I feel. I won’t be where I grew up for too many days, but I want to spend a couple of hours chatting with her. I just don’t know what gift to take with me….

  155. 155 Hidaya

    Hi Bez, I am feeling better but hard to keep it up since this whole city seems to be infected with the flu, everywhere you turn people are going atchu atchu with tears and red eyes not that is related but mad cow disease is back with us too, 350 people are expected to die of it but thankfully that won’t include me I am assuming it will only get the cow eaters ..brrr give me the flu any day even bronchitis must be better than mad cow disease lol….

    Generalising a bit yeah lol ..you don’t have to study law to like the juice I think those might be stereotypical images of lawyers…

    I think there is a different perception of lawyers here and the US , we even have a pair lawyers in a case in the UK as opposed to the single every other country but that is one long, very long story of mostly tradition and the class system too…

    As for the drinking, dunno it is said everyone drinks here but generally anyone who works in the City which includes mostly corporate lawyers is assumed to drink a lot, probably because they are always out to lunch with their banker clients ,and their clients being jolly, but the worst ones who like the juice most must be the undertakers or pathologists…pfff, Those really have a reason to become alkies, they work with the dead which should be taxing at the best of times and can’t even pay unlike the bankers who can at least settle their bill however unpleasant working for them might be, .. as for me liking the juice lets just say I like Zen living more though I believe a little hedonism is good for the soul….

    About pilots… a sober one last with no juice in him week flew a plane from Cardiff in Wales to Paris , then mid air apologised to his passengers then proceeded by telling then that he wasn’t qualified to land the plane in Paris and flew his stunned passengers back to Cardiff few minutes later…uhmmm turned out he was right, his employers said that he recently changed from flying and landing one type of carrier to another and he was not fully qualified on some visibility something flying and nor was the co-pilot and did the right thing…they added that maybe he should have stopped at the apologies and not gone into I cant land the plane speech lol…I think they are right, what on earth possessed him to scare people like that? imagine to what that would do to the fly-phobics?..tsk tsk there is something as too much honesty …at a time when aboard a flying machine when you rather have someone who knows what they are doing the last thing anyone needs is the pilot announcing he doesn’t , not more than you anyay..eh?, I think I would freeze to death and die of fright instantly …..don’t they teach common sense in pilot studies? I do think he did the right thing but like his employer said he should have stopped at the apology, now maybe they should get him to common sense school as well lol…

    “These politicians are losing it. I see your point but I think if you are a leader of a society you should be the shinning example of what it means to be a leader, therefore you should be judged by a higher standard.”

    How high Bez? on par with sainthood?..because these parameters seems impossible, politicians are human beings not saints , do you think that they are sheltered to most things that happen to their electorate? and if they were, well that is no good is it since they wont be able relate to their electorate or their problems…

    I don’t know …I don’t expect politicians to be saintly because their profession isn’t in the first place ,or not to have been young once or even now if they are or not to have made errors of judgement …

    To me it depends of what the error of judgement is…man has problems with his wife or fallen out of love with here and has a girlfriend but cant be open about it because he might appear less saintly that is demanded of him is not something that would make want to see that politician sacked..to tell you the truth I wouldn’t even care…what does any of that got to do with his job unless he or she is a Minister For the Family? but if the said politician is a habitual philanderer who does this all the time then I might think ..tsk , tsk, get rid of that joke because his actions will reflect and have an effect on the party he represent, plus philandering on a regular fashion might indicate of a deeper malaise in a person’s character of say maybe lack of commitment or consistency in their dealings and the wider question if this is just confined to his/her private live or if it encroaches on their public duties, same with corruption and domestic violence or other criminality but not for a parking ticket unless again they were Minister of Traffic or Public Transport something lol, hypocrites too….if they practise different from what they breach I want them sacked…don’t care about their sexuality either…man/woman be gay if you want … just don’t lie your whole life about it…don’t marry, have children and then get caught being gay deceiving your wife, family, friends, colleagues …basically everyone one knows then top it up exploiting the most vulnerable in society…to me, for so being cowardly not to be able to live your life and choosing to hide however difficult your sexual inclination might be ,for being a liar and a hypocrite and an exploiter of young people on the street not only deserves the sack it deserves political oblivion for good number of years, …

    John Edward is the one with the alleged the love child yeah?..oh dear did he deny his own child existence as well?..that alone might say a lot about him…I agree about the lying I rather have a No comments reply than a bare faced lie..well that is John Edward career dead for good maybe…he doesn’t come out of these stories very well…having an affair and allegedly fathering love children as your wife under goes cancer treatment?…looks and sounds callous I pity the PR company that would rehabilitate him, they don’t seem to have much to start with…

    Bush gives to Africa a lot more than any other American president did?..I hear that a lot too though you might wanna check where the money went in Africa..i.e. the institutions or charities the money is given to and the specific things they promote not all of them benefiting Africans in the long run….

    ” I heard he be signing the winners of his show in England to a night in his bedroom as well so I am pretty sure he has deflowered my wife Leona many times lol, that bastard lol”

    Oh my God Bez don’t say that about if you are not absolutely certain it is a fact, SC is not known to be sleazy, if he was, his shows would fail here and he’s got about half a dozen of them going on at any one time and the press would have him for breakfast…

    SC is almost fatherly to his young charges which is the way it should be….and Leona Lewis has a boyfriend she adores from the way she talks of him when asked by the press, and since she hasn’t dumped him nor her old life since she got fame and fortune I assume it must be love and she must be a very grounded young lady, gentle and normal too, a tad unusual for the usual pop queen in the making….

    Anyway SC likes his old girlfriends and remains friends with them for life, he even calls them family and is God father to their children and treats them more or less way better than many a man treats his ex wife or ex anything or even current wife, so in my book a man whose old girlfriends adore him must have something good about him lol and all of his exes love him, too bad he sells bad bad music, but maybe one of two isn’t so bad eh? lol….

    “I don’t know, not to come of as ignorant, but so far all the British accents I have heard sounded the same to me. I guess just like any language there are different dialects. How does yours sound? give me an example lol”

    About accent, you want me to describe mine? yikes this is embarrassing why must I do this? lol…lets see, it is a normal London accent…for the most part I speak standard English with normal received pronunciation , having said that I am not a goody goody in language always and because I spoke other languages before I spoke English I mix the lot up at times lol … I have a thing for languages that is what that is lol…

    About Hidaya I think you knew it is a pseudonym… Hidaya is not my real name nor is it Ethiopian I don’t think , it came to me through an Ethiopian friend though I’ve heard of it before…I just chose it because I liked and it is a reminder of a particularly fascinating period of my life…it is a sort of homage to that time just as the name was initially to me…yikes, more embarrassing stuff, lol….have a lovely Sunday time:) I am out….

  156. 156 Hidaya

    Awww Anonx mate in how many can I thank you?:) ..wow you can spin a yarn, three in this case lol,with much philosophical thought… you remind you of a blog writer I used to read, ..thank you:) I like your nun friend…give me few hours and I will get back to you… lots of love and merry Christmas until then..

  157. 157 Hidaya

    Anonx let me see if I can answer Mr Robot questions:)…

    Questions 1: Do you believe in God?

    Yes, no, maybe…..

    Mr. Robot raises one eyebrow at the ceiling’s direction…

    Question 2: Do you believe in heaven and hell?…

    Yes but I also death is not a pre requisite to experience either, if insist on a yes or no answer, then that would be a yes I suppose but in my context….

    Q3: What do you think one needs to do to get to heaven?

    Be good, do good above all be kind and fair where you can whilst alive, then again I don’t actually believe in heaven, maybe a conscience at peace is the closest thing to heaven…

    Q4: Do you believe in Jesus Christ?

    I believe there was a Jesus Christ and that he had a message for humanity ,then I get all confused about the rest of the story….

    Q3: What do you think happens when people die and do you believe in eternal life after death?

    When people die their bodies rot after a while unless they have been mummified, I don’t know where their souls or spirits go, maybe they become part of the universe who knows…

    “The agents’ method was to shove the profile pictures close to the face while maintaining a statuesque stand and robotically ask “Have. You. Seen. This. Person?’ I take two steps back and say, “No.” They break dance one step forward and shove, “How. About. This. One?” I take one moon-walk again and respond, “No”. Had they had infinite number of criminal profiles, I would have moon-walked to my destination and the agents would follow break dancing.”

    This passage made me laugh so much…I kept trying to picture this scene today lol…it is almost musical in the choreography isn’t it…they move one step ahead and you two back..god thing too they carry guns don’t they?…here this is how they go….with an exagerated polite tone which paradoxically sounds rude …Officer: Have you seen this person Sir? Madam? No? Do you know this person? Me: No Sir Officer: Are you sure? ….Sir/Madam? ..Me: Yes I am officer why wouldn’t I be sure when I just said I was?…Officer: well if you happen to remember anything here are our contact details?..Me: Officer how can I remember someone I said I didn’t know?, look for them next door you might be luckier there who knows?…Officer: are you making fun of us? Me: Me: Making fun? oh no officer wouldn’t dream of patronising you the way that you just have or suggest not to treat me like a suspect before I become one especially when you might need my help in keeping my eye open to the burglars you never catch and the army of counsellors you send to the victims of burglars where most of them minds and mental health would be at peace if only you got their burgled stuff back and jailed the thieving sods oh no, God forbid we should mention any of that coz it might be embarrassing might it not officer?…By then they would probably would like to arrest me but there is no law against cheekiness and they are always in pairs so I would expect one of them to have a sense of humour about it and not arrest me lol…

    “I did my bit of prayer in the form of, after her absence, a welcome back card designed by yours truly. I did so partly because she held my hand at a time period I now describe as traumatic. She turned that trauma into poetry.”

    Ah Anonx bless those who turn our traumas into poetry, they give us the strenght to carry on and and help us achieve wisdom from pain, go reconnect with her not sure about what gift to give a nun, maybe if she saw you at peace but of practical gifts I am stumped a rare bible maybe?..the oldest the better I think….

    I am gonna come back to the rest in increments…funny Anonx that is a word I learnt studying law there is an approach called the incremental approach…it is about accumulative damages in negligence….and now merry christmas and good night mate until next time ciao anonx:)….

  158. 158 anonx

    Hidaya sista I love you too and u did much better than me in the 4 or 5 questions but sorry on the God question its either yes or no. There is no may be. Your defenition is as good as yes as long u don’t have multiple defenitions. Mine is the native American one, Nature or something on emergance and ageny I ran into but yet have to grasp.yea, thanks for understanding I will reconnect with sister jeannet; I am looking forward to hear her feel and say my hearshirt is here to see me

  159. 159 Hidaya

    Anonx hawina got to reply to number 1 according to their survey’s rules eh…ok if push comes to shove it’s a Yes then coz I don’t feel like atheist do but I don’t know if I believe any one entity can be called God and be responsible for the whole world and all beings, …

    I often beleive that there are higher beings or energy that tie up all living things together but not sure how that would work and why these energies are invisible yet so powerful…I even had someone suggest to me last week ,what if we were a genetically modified species ourselves from a previous species, which just made me think” ok first lets settle about God and then we can inquire about who else green people we might be related to”…the God of the American Indian sounds reasonable to me, God of nature..after all from nature we come and to nature we return…

    Anonx if you get the chance read a book called History of God I forgot the author I think she is Margaret someone will get you the surname later…

    I like your overheard conversations,…peasants and martyr? it’s got me thinking..could they swap places? and what would happen if they did? would the peasant say “uh uh no martydom for me please I’ve got my job cut out being a peasant” and what would the martyr would feel about the swap…your mate Kim is so funny did she say that to the officer? lol, I bet he blushed…enjoy Christmas, tell Sister Jeannett she has done a brilliant job and long may she continue , the feisty nun who cares for her charges..she is brilliant tell her please:)lots of love and hugs…Merry Christmas mate and a Happy New Year …

  160. 160 Anonx

    Hidaya, Kim says far more outrageous things than that, she is my favoret lawyer and you are inching closer. The Marshalls I wouldn’t call officers and I dont know what they do, that was the only time I come across them.

    I made friend with one who is a treasurer at one Tewahado church, he always try talk me into attending service. I said I would, but I can’t stand the images. He made it known that although he would love to surround his kids with what I had in mind, the idea is unacceptable to the priests, a heresy they would say….

    As for God and book, I also think the number zero should be a close contender :) I am reading a book about the history of the mystrious zero without which calculus would not exist and the reason the Greeks were unable to invent calculus because they lacked the number zero. I am highly recommending this book (do google search on the history of zero) to all who will be taking calculus soon or later. Calculus is a lot more fun once you get into the head of the number zero :)

    Merry(check :) ) Christmas and it goes without saying the love and hug is also to all the Bernos here. Group hug yo! I hope you all getinto good spirit this holiday season

  161. 161 Bez

    Hidaya (I am still curious about what it means lol),

    This thread is getting to be looooooong. I think we are going to have to start paying rent on here at the rate we are going lol.

    I am glad you have your health back. The flu seems to be going around here too, my friend had a flu and I used your phrase on her. I told her “dont blacken the inside of my house”, she said it was the meanest thing she have heard all day lol. Mad cow disease is back? I remember when my school had a school trip to London, the instructors saying stay away from the burgers because of Mad Cow disease. I just remember thinking that is just a funny label for a disease lol. I have a very mild form of bronchitis and I cant imagine having to live with full blown bronchitis. It is annoying. Just to be on the safe side lets wish you wont have to come near neither of those two.

    Me Generalizing? never lol. Every time I do that I am usually playing the devil’s advocate or just being playful so I exaguerate. But from personal experience my pops used to be a lawyer from back then and he used to love the sauce, although he never let it get in the way of life. As for myself, you said it well “I like Zen living more though I believe a little hedonism is good for the soul….”

    From what it seems, It seems like the law profession seems like an esteemed and well respected practice in England, I dont know if it from the fact that it has a lot of history and tradition. But I dont know how much of that is true in reality. Over here it just seems like people see it another sleezy profession out to get money, for the most part anyways.

    You know what, I am trying to put myself in other people shoes while reading your pilot story. What an Idiot lol, can you just imagine you are sitting in a plane and your pilot says “I cannot land this plane”. I think I will think this is some kind of prank and start looking for hidden camera saying “alright come out you guys got me” and then go hysterical when it sinks in he actually meant it lol. That is just terrible haha. What an Idiot? I hope the pilot who, the other day, went off the runway before taking off and crashed the plane with 170+ passengers in it did not feel obligated to tell the passangers “I do not know how to take off with this plane, it is my first time” lol

    About politicians, I will say the standard should be higher than the masses but way lower than the saints lol. Its not so much the sex that offends me, what offends me the most is seeing a politican hold a press confress and blatently deny the stories. Politican or non politican I cannot trust anyone who will look me in my face and tell me a 100% lie. I guess I am kind of old school in that way. We all human we make mistakes but if you are in a position where most of the time all your word is valued the most and you throw that under the bus, its a wrap for me.

    As far as Edwards, I am pretty sure he will be back in no time. From the way he apologized, it seems like he thinks it is something that is over with and something he already paid the price for. I do not even think he is going to entertain any more questions about lol. So im sure he took the little slap on the wrist and he is a brand new man. Gotta love politics lol

    About Bush, I think they were saying he gave the most money from the any person/country ever. It was coming from one of his many harsh critics so I was surprised. But you right, It would be interesting to know where exactly those funds went. He is conservative christian so it does not surprise me. I know he did really outstanding job for the Aids relief movement though, nobody doubts that. Its just really sad that is the only good thing he has done. Cant wait for Obama, im sure he will be at least better than him.

    Mr SC, now I see what you mean when you said you guys adore him over there. I was joking about the signing the winners to his bedroom (although I heard he was messing with lewis and Paula Abdul), but I see you went on “Simon the great” rant lol. Soft spot maybe? lol

    Accent, why be so embarrassed. Accents are beautiful, combined with dialects they tell you something about a person’s background. I think yall accent (the ones I have heard so far anyways), are so enticing and very polite. Although, I am not sure about the polite part because it might just mean I haven’t ran into an asshole from England yet lol

    Although I assumed most people use pseudonym for some reason your name doesnt sound like it. Like “Bez” is short for my name so I just assumed it is related to your name somehow. I asked my sister what it means and apparently it is not in her Amercanized amaharic vocab. So I asked another person they said it means “poor” and I asked one more person and they said it means “Burden”, so I am left to guess that it means some kind of hardship. I am just being nosey because I cannot stand “not knowing”, I have to research on something if I dont know what is till I find out lol. By the way what is this “particularly fascinating period of life” you speaking of (again my “not knowing” syndrome kicking in).

    But yea I am glad these things are embarrassing for you lol, because it means you are speaking out of comfort zone. And that is the best time to get to know someone, as my old instructor will say “that is where the meat on the bone is” lol..Alright enough on my rambling, I have to go see this xmas play with my little cousin is in, she is so cute, she looks just like an angel, she makes me say “there has to be a God” every time I see her lol..alright im out

    P.S I just realized I have written “lol” all over the page. Good thing words are free

  162. 162 Hidaya

    Hei Anonx…

    Found the author of the History of God book it is Karen Amstrong , I saw her on tv once she kows everything about ancient religions and the book is well written with both an historical and philosophical perspective , I don’t often go back to read books once I am finished but since last year when I first read it I go back to it when a I see a reference of something in the book or about religion itself and it is like reading a new book altogether….I usually find books about religion tedious , not this one…this is is really good…

    I found this about the history of zero,


    Couldn’t get the book, I was looking for History of zero maybe I should try History of 0…for now I found this article and i think I need to read it maybe twice more, I tell no lie, I am a total airhead when it comes to maths, or even history of maths or zero come to think of it…

    Oddly though I have this weird dream I missed out and could have been a statitician…weird the last thing I wanna do or be any good at would be to be a stat person coz I would be so bad at it…aye the things the subconscious rakes up …what on earth do you make of it then anon mate? coz I have given up to understand what I might mean lol

    I sometimes feel it was because I was made to made feel slightly inferior in school coz I liked what is considered girly subject …sheesh now what is so girly about literature language or history, and if it is so girly why are men full of in all these disciplines? and it is not like I liked nursing, that is girly…

    The maths lovers didn’t even have to be good at any other stuff ,tsk how much they annoyed me….but yes in school I felt I wasn’t as bright as the maths wizzs first because it bored me to tears , plus I never understood the blasted thing in the first place which is probably the reason I was bored, and now it seems it has scarred by pysche so much I actually have a secret desire to be a maths wiz, expertise: Statistics in order to feel validated aye lol…see anonx I tell you the things the sub conscious rakes up beggars belief, what next tax inspector secret dream?…

    Only inching closer anonx?:)….Kim sounds like like she can stand up to any marshall…are the marshalls volunteer police or something? do they wear khakhi stuff with big pockets and carry rifles as well?…

    Here the volunteering police is even ruder than the real police plus these lot are rude AND useless, the police when I feel generous towards them try just not hard enough….about the images, maybe you should start a movement to change it…you know here more and more for years now long before I came here there has been almost a universal but silent acknowlegment that Jesus was a middle eastern man and probably was more brown with curly hair than white and blue eyed European and it is cultural theft of a religious icon to do so, this country is very PC and doesn’t do anything that might bring to mind its Imperial past never mind Mugabe’s rantings..infact I blame the UK for letting Zimbabwe deteriorate hile they stood by and did nothing coz they are terrified to be labeled neo-colonials, doesn’t bother them when the same thing is said about Iraq so go figure, but that is another conversation…

    Most Jesus paintings I see nowadays he is brown in hair and eye colour but many more across the world show us a blonde blue eyed Jesus…so all this is the Rennaissance fault eh? ….a golden age for Literature in Europe and science too.. my favourites are the Italian and French Rennaissance….

    Yeah group Bernosians hug…Merry Christmas to everyone at Bernos…Merry Ch…Anon mate and night night:)….

  163. 163 Anonx

    Bez, I know what you mean, I feel we might be breaking some blog etiquette, outlaws like these abesha kids you might see at a wedding or any gathering roaming freely as if they live in Africa.

    Hidaya, Sorry I was not specific enough… on zero this is what you should start out with–clear, short, and fun–your link was written by one who does not seem to have a passion for math. If you dig this book, and want more, I think but not sure the title is ‘The history of NOTHING’…

    Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea by Charles Seife

    I am surprised I missed Karen Armstrong’s inteview on the site linked. I will read her interview first… See this interview on emergance and agency concepts… made me say WHAT!?


    (and I am editing out ‘inching’ to replace by ‘leaping’. DONE! If that doesn’t do it let me knows as you have so I can keep trying untill I get it right) :) dihan hadirkis waali! wialkis hideri… whichever. :)

  164. 164 Hidaya

    Hi Bez how are you?:)…Christmas fever caught on yet?…yeah the thread has taken on a life of its own….you want to know what hidaya means? …hidaya or hadiya which is a variation of the original word/name means present or gift, that is what I have always understood the word to mean, it is not an Amharic word… good God who would choose a pseudo name which means burden?..even my real name is not so angsty thank God lol…about your need to know nosy parkiness syndrome will have to be satisfied that the fascinating period was just that…a time when the right things happened at the right time and in the right circumstances….

    Well,.. lawyers are not liked here either, nor are they disliked generally but there is something…they get blamed a lot but I suppose that has a lot to do with the fact that lawyers deal with cold hard facts and that sometimes gets in the way of a good story , but yes historically there is a different perception of lawyers here, for a start lawyers in the past and now are seen as providing a service and as such are low key service providers rather than the star of the show..also here, they are well known only amongst their peers, the very good ones …for the most part even the most known lawyers are not known outside of the legal profession and if they are it would be just their names that would be known and won’t be able to attach a face to it unlike lawyers in the US who are always on tv looking like actors in a drama series…so there is that aspect of lawyers here being less showy because cameras are not allowed in court or in a lawyers offices so people are not pushing others out of the way to get to the limelight or develop a taste for media performing…you only ever see lawyers when a case is over at the step of the court after a verdict is reached where a statement is read by the client’s representative and then it is over..during cases, the court case can be reported on by the media but the lawyers acting in the case cannot hawking their wares ie dissecting evidence on national tv…..

    The historical part is not all that different from the US lawyers I think…in both countries more on this side a certain class of people practised and worked in law..ie the upper middle class and their clients were either people of their own class or the middle class, the working class didn’t even enter into the equation because they could not afford lawyers, but there was a way to get justice through court lawyers which were less expensive, some would say not as good in expertise but good is not always expensive and many of them would leave private practise to perform what they thought was public duty, to provide justice for those who couldn’t afford to pay expensive fees…over the centuries it has gradually changed to upper middle class to a middle class profession, nowadays all sorts of people from all sorts of social background study it but the entire legal system has one of the highest glass ceiling and in this country at least things are not changing soon enough…..

    About the politicians and morality I think we will have agree to disagree lol…I am a moral person but not a moralist and by that I don’t mean I have lax morals , but if it not criminal and it is not hypocritical I can handle bad taste or pretend I haven’t heard..

    Marriages break up, people have affairs , love dies and people deceive each other everywhere in the world …it might be a personal tragedy for all concerned but that is life and it can happen to politicians too…do I want them flogged in public for it? not unless as I said earlier they were hypocrites and were living different than they preach..if not I rather they dealt with their own entanglements than me and I can concentrate on my own stuff i do wrong… do I want them hounded by the press ?or made to go on tv explaining their lives mea culpa me culpa stuff?…I think that is intrusive and as I said I believe politicians too are entitled to a private life, if it doesn’t involve drugs or prozzies or corruption or other criminal things …and yeah before I forget stealing your grown up child’s partner too will be up there in the undesirables not to do list the rest I am pretending I haven’t heard…

    About Bush giving money to Africa I will let you know when I do a through check on where the money went…I think he is angling or his supporters are doing it for him…aye wants to be seen as the best thing that ever happened to Africa since in his own country he is viwed as the worse thing since the black death and that was just in Europe but if the metaphor fits, sorry no, I can mention few bad things that are right now happening in Africa or did in the last 8 years all due to Bush policies but he is already a broken man politically and it is Tony Blair I blame the most anyway…for all that Bush did it is Tony Blair’s fault where I am concerned…

    Soft spot for SC?, not really have you seen his hair style? lol, he ruined music here for that reason I am iffy about him but that doesn’t make him sleazy and he even comes across as kind though he is sharp tongued, but he is not offensive and he is not cruel…a bit too direct and honest maybe but not cruel and he is only doing his job…people come to him to be judged…they can’t complain too much when they find out maybe they don’t measure up otherwise why go through with it?…

    I wasn’t talking about being embarrassed about accents or being out of comfort zone isn’t that another word for being uncomfortable? meat on bone? what on on earth was he instructing you Bez? butchery? lol I am joking no,…the embarrassment was … who talks about their accent? sort of thing lol…London is full of accents…nowadays it is East European the latest newcomers, I can almost tell English Polish accent from English Belarus accent lol …as of my own accent the way it is now you couldn’t tell where I was from apart from being a Londoner…until about six years ago people asked me where I was from coz I lived in Europe years ago and still had a faint of it in my English accent, …then years later it changed to where in London are you from?, didn’t even notice it at first …uhmmm I think I preferred when I sounded more foreign lol…and on that note enjoy the play and best of luck to your little cousin and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…how old is she and what is she playing?… enjoy the play and Christmas mate:) ciao for now….

  165. 165 Hidaya

    Anonx.. touche`mate I asked for that didn’t I? the LEAPING lol, not doing badly …how are you?:) I bet you’re looking forward to the Christmas and the New year break I know I am ….I am gonna come back to you tomorrow I exhausted myself today coz everyone is going broke apparently in fashion and no is the time to take davantage…tried shopping pffff it is like war out there too many people got the same idea…I am gonna get back to you tomorrow…sorry for the confusion the link didn’t have Karen Amstrong interview, there used to be a programme she used to come on on Channel Four and she is really very knowledgeable in her subject….I am gonna see if I can find clips of that program….yeah I would like to read the history of zero…I am going back shopping tomorrow so I might as well get it then…that makes it the third book I am gonna try and read for next year…I have got started on Atomised by Michel Houellebecq, followed by Brief Interviews with Hideous Men by David Foster Wallace poor man died recently …and now the History of Nothing this is different from Charles Seife book right Anon?….until tomorrow have a lovely time:)

  166. 166 Bez

    Annox, you might be right on the ettiquite violation. I think it is safe to say we have hijacked this thread. I cant even recall what it is about. It was about fear of something I guess (I refuse to give in to the strong urge to scroll up and look it up lol). However since I mainly blog on this thread, I think I think I can handle the repercussions. I dont think you guys can handle the consquences lol. Blogging is turning to be a an art so we should be fine under the “artistic licence” clause lol. I can handle the little Ethiopian kids running around at the wedding, what I cant still get over is public breast feeding at some Ethiopian weedings (which I have witnessed many times lol). Maybe that falls under artistic licence clause too.

    Hidaya, I feel such a relief now that I know what it means. I guess I was way off lol or should I say “they” were way off. Well its perfect name for the perfect holiday so make sure you live up to your name.

    Ahh Lawyers Lawyers, I hardley ever hear any good thing about lawyers around here. But everyone is quick to use the phrase “I will sue your ass” or “wait till I get my Lawyer” or “I want to speak to my lawyer first” lol. I think I run into someone that wants to talk me out of it every day. My thing is so what if I end up hating it. Who says I cant drop it and switch to another career lol. Due to the sociologist in me I find a lot of perceptions of what society deems to be the right track of life. YOu know go to high school, go to college, graduate get a job with benefit, get married, buy a house, have kids and teach them cylce all over again. All this being done at certain age. My question is who says it has to be in that order or even who says all those things have to happen..anyways I am digressing too much off the topic. I think some call it ranting lol

    We def going have to agree to disagree on politics since we differ on some points. Does it mean if I ever end up in the politics arena I shouldnt count on your vote if you cast a vote? lol.

    Bush Bush Bush..thats all I am reduced to saying now days. But I will be real intrested in what you find, if you ever get the chance to look into it. I understand in politics everything they do is done with a hidden motive, but I will like to think it is some what helpful. Alteast its better than those doing nothing at all. He pardoned a whole bunch of people today so we were reminded he is not just a furniture inthe white house, Because people were begining to think that he was.

    SC, I dont know how much musical power but he doesnt have that much power over here. All the American Idol winners dont do that well. They do okay and we rarley hear from them after thier first album even if that. Well with the exception of Jennifer Hudson, with her winning the oscars and 28+awards (mainly due to her movie “Dream Girls”). That girl blew up off the charts, its really sad what happened to her family. It was sad hearing how her mom and her 7 year old nephew got murdered like that. You know sometimes life is crazy, she went from being poor and just a face inthe crowd to reaching fame and riches, Then her family gets murdered.

    About my professor, he is one of those unorthdox sociology professor that wants to challenge “the system”. He says a lot of things you wouldnt expect from a professor, he is entertaining in a way. Loved that class. I realize “Meat on the bone” can be interpreted in many ways but I just want to assure you it was not anything violent or sexual lol. I wish he thought me to be a butcher, it will be nice to be the butcher instead of the being the lamb all the time lol

    My little cousin is 3 or as she would say counting on her fingers ..1..2..22 haha, Im still tryin to make her count to three..apparently 22 means 3, sounds like she works on wall street in NY. She did not have to do anything in the play but just look pretty and follow all the other little kids but apparently at the last minute she decided she was not going to participate. Maybe she didnt like her contract or something. Dont you miss being a child, you know just decide not to follow up on your obligation just because you dont feel like it and everyone understands lol..anyways I hear xmas is coming around the way so if I dont talk to you before then merry xams or should I say happy holidays? I dont know on who’s team you are. IM OUTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  167. 167 Anonx

    Hidaya, Ok, always second time is a charm for me. The first linked interview I haven’t read yet and soon will. The second I read a while back and thought you may also find interesting. The title of the second book on zero is below, this one is a less fun, but provides more detail… (now I really have to sleep, ‘night!)

    The Nothing that Is: A Natural History of Zero
    by Robert Kaplan

    Going beyond God
    Historian and former nun Karen Armstrong says the afterlife is a “red herring,” hating religion is a pathology and that many Westerners cling to infantile ideas of God. http://www.salon.com/books/int/2006/05/30/armstrong/index.html

    God enough
    We should see the ceaseless creativity of nature as sacred, argues biologist Stuart Kauffman, despite what Richard Dawkins might say. http://www.salon.com/env/atoms_eden/2008/11/19/stuart_kauffman/index.html

  168. 168 Hidaya

    Hi Bez…

    Your little cousin sounds so sweet ahaa 22 means 3 to a year old lol sweet…maybe she got shy, young children can change their minds so quickly and totally…maybe next year…,

    Bez , people will and have opinions about everything and anything even when you don’t ask for them …people have opinions about dentist even, now what have that lot done to anyone except trying to preserve everyone pearly whites? yet for their troubles they get nothing but bad mouthing …

    So yeah people will have opinions about everything if you ask them or don’t ask them …you can listen to it politely or not ,and then shrug it off if it doesn’t matter or take it on board if it does matter , but your own thoughts about the matter are more important in the end are they not? and same with the cycle of life, there is a way to do things but if another way suits you more …I don’t know really it depends of what your needs at what time I think and if they are greater than the need to conform …..

    If you like it enough study law, you might or might not like it but how would you know unless you actually find out either way?…

    If you don’t mind being bored doing research half the time and analysing stuff and words lots of words then that might be a signal it is gonna be ok…much of law is slow and administrative and there is not a single original thought in it and no drama like on tv on lawyers drama shows…and oratory? forget it, the language used is technical and blandly understated, no speed either, everything is so slow …

    Mostly it is about application,research this and research that and look for this precedent case and that legal principle and rules…oh my God the sodding rules…administrative law seems easy on the face of it because much of it is historical it is only when you get to or experience in court on your summer hols you realise you only know things in theory and no got to put it all together in a real way..and if none of that appeals to you, you can still get your degree but bypass the practising bit…you can find lots of other profession that take on la graduates even if not trained lawyers, in business too it comes handy or teach it ..and writing for the theatre,..ok that might be one of mine lol so yeah there is lot you can do with a law degree, just do hat is right for you….

    “We def going have to agree to disagree on politics since we differ on some points. Does it mean if I ever end up in the politics arena I shouldn’t count on your vote if you cast a vote? lol. ”

    No it would mean if I agreed with your politics and you proved to be competent and of generally good character and I was in a country where I could vote for you, I would regardless of tittle tattle about your private life if it as a minor tittle tattle about your wife or bit on the side sort of thing …I would think after the press runs the story you might be best pacifying lots of people the voting public not included lol..they should mind their own businesses as well unless they are absolutely lily white and completely free of any blemishes in their character themselves….if it is not criminal or hypocritical I am pretending I haven’t heard and will vote….

    SC ruining music is a long story but he has, with his horrid shows and his horrid record company and the standards he sets of hat a young musician should be yikes he makes me cross and he earns lots lots more than any of the people he signs to his label, years after they disappear back into oblivion having done their one trick pony bit erhm, album…yeah poor Jennifer Hudson, I can’t imagine the horror of what’s happened to her family…oh my God who is so cold hearted would do such a thing? take a little boy and shoot him? I read the brother- in la has been charged with the murders, then nothing more, perhaps they are still investigating…

    Oh it is ok even if it was, I heard worse lol…criminal law lecturers say worse things than meat on bone,they laugh too if they see you horrified face at the beginning when you are a novice, you soon get used to it, they enjoy immensely the fact that they wiped the smile off your face alongside your naivete and made you that little bit more like them, …no I am even more mystified, never imagined sociology lecturers want to challenge the system lol…Merry Christmas is ok by me…Happy holidays works too….have a lovely time Bezzie and see you after the festivities….

  169. 169 Hidaya

    Hi Anonx…

    Thanks for the links, I like salon.com… I ordered History of zero book trough Amazon…Karen Armstrong wrote another book whilst I was still re -reading History of God…The Age of Axia something, but first I want to read the Battle for God next…I found these two youtube clips Of KM one of an interview and the other a lecture… I hope you find them interesting


    (“Why are you a martyr? for what? I throw myself under the bus for my sister, but why are you doing it? “ Yet another conversation I am overhearing as I write this)”


    I find this exchange intriguing ….I went back to the story , your friend the Catholic convert got himself the guilt syndrome even though he was not born into it or joined at a young age say like 8 months to a year? imagine how much worse is the catholic born and bred’s fat is …wow Catholicism is strong and can break the best…I say this with affection :) ….

    I checked St Martin de Torres and like him…this is what is said about him…

    “Among the many miracles attributed to him were those of levitation, bilocation miraculous knowledge, instantaneous cures and an ability to communicate with animals.”…

    I never heard of bilocation before today though…St Martin Torres…so that the name you have taken upon baptism and use it as a middle name?…sorry if I sound like a nosey parker..swat me away if I do lol…

    “Like Martin Luther King and Ghandi…. their death was a modern day crucifixion, they died not pursuing a selfish life, but putting in practice what Jesus taught, the Sermon on the Mount. They and countless others are the modern day Jesus, that’s my answer to what would Jesus do if he was alive. I believe in Jesus Christ as the Light and the Way the same way I believe in MLK or Ghandi or countless other people as the Light and the Way not in heaven but on earth.”

    True Ghandi and MLK literally died for their ideals and convictions, in pursuit of freedom and equality for all on earth, very Jesus like..I never looked at it like that before…

    Ok I hope you’re preparing for the festivities…I like the few days before the year ends, so much ends and so much is about to start …this yea is ending well after lots of stumbling.. ok for a change happy Holidays Anon and enjoy….

  170. 170 anonx

    not a problem thanks for the introduction to KA habtina… I know a little something something about x nuns…. She is a winner. Salon I read a lot heheheheh we have company….For your trivia answer the question is conformation or baptism? and yea the midname is only on paper buried even not I know where….SWAT!:) happy zero reading and happy holidays and happy new year!I pray we stick to our resolutions–ya right!

  171. 171 datdude

    Annox, that interview with karen armstrong on salon was interesting, first because I thought I needed a subscription to read salon articles and I didn’t (great news) :)

    second, because I get an impression she takes a ‘few too many’ liberties in summarizing the message of some major religious texts. She’s of course defending her convictions, beliefs (although she might be offended if someone applied that term to her thinking) so I understand why she does that. However, if someone is going to base what the quran, torah, or christian bible say based on her interpretation then I think they are selling themselves short, it is better to read those texts for oneself first then decide whether they buy into what she says. This is not to suggest you haven’t read those works, just saying from personal experience I’ve depended on cliff notes to my own detriment.

    Anyway not a big fan of her. (Take this as my recourse for you slighting my hero dostoyevsky :)

  172. 172 Hidaya

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you Anonx hawina:)I am looking forward to New Year, ..from today to the 27th is just laziness and overeating…thanks again for salon.com I am already an addict by the look of it…

    For the trivia question…I thought baptism is the formal introduction to a child into the faith and a naming ceremony, and confirmation is the the coming of age for young Catholics but also one of the pillars of thing a Catholic is required to do…now which was the First Communion or is that as same as confirmation? and the last is matrimony? did I all get it in the proper order?…and then there are the new resolutions in the new year pffff I only got one, maybe two…last year one of my friend had five resolutions and failed to keep any of them, I asked her if she had five times the need to be proven weak? lol..in contrast I only have once or twice the need to proven weak …any more than 2 resolutions to me is setting yourself for a giant fall,…so yes I too pray we stick to our resolutions even with lots of stumbling…stop guffawing Anonx:) have a lovely time mate, holidays hugs and best wishes and lots of love, ciao mate….

  173. 173 Bez

    Hidaya, how you doing mis lovely? how was the holdiays? did santa make it to London, cuz it seems like he was skipping some places in my neigbourhood lol.Hope it was full of fun and blessings. I had a great holiday, running around with my little cousin, although she wouldnt let me go no where and felt like I was being held captive. I also received some good news too so I was just bubling all day lol (I will share my good news on here but it would come of as bragging so I will leave it alone lol). 2009 is coming around and its time to get the resolutions in order. Have you made any resolutions yet? I bet you have interesting ones lol
    My new year resolution is
    1) to be more Disciplined 2) do a better job of keeping in touch with fam/friends 3) Speak less and listen more (does that apply to blogging too? because I noticed our blogs are long lol).

    Lets hope I follow through and I dont mean for the first few weeks either lol. You know I actually read somewhere that gym membership enrollment increases drastically every new year and then it drops heavily after a month. So yea I am trying to stay away from that kind of resolution lol.

    Let me ask you something. Since you actually been to law school, work in law, and around other lawyers, let me ask you something. This is a debate I have been having with many people. I dont know how much ranking of schools plays over there in London but its pretty big deal out here. My question is, If you are offered admission to top schools (top 40),out of well over 200 schools in the nation, with no scholarship and to other lower ranked schools in (50-100) with scholarships, WHICH ONE WILL YOU PICK? AND WHY? and do you think that means anything if you excel at both types of school. I will be really interested in what you have to say. It is a very heated debate over here, everyone defending thier school and views lol

    Yea you know imagine a Sociologist that wants to challenge the system lol. One time when I was in class with like 80 students, he calls me out infront of everyone with my nick name (which nobody calls me with except close family members). I was like what da hell? lol I was stunned (I later found out that he talked to my close friends and asked them to tell him something about me that would shock me if he used in class lol). So I will say that was the most unordianry thing ive heard, well I will say the 3rd. The 1st being when a student banged a desk with his fist in the middle of class and yelled out “I am nothing like my father” and stormed out lol. 2nd being this same sociology professor came in class and start smoking in class, everyone was like this man is crazy lol.

    I am sure you have a lot of stories that will thrump mine since you been the lamb to the slaughter house. Whats the new year plans?

  174. 174 Bez

    thought they deleted this thread, good its still here lol

  175. 175 Anonx

    This week I am slowing it down a bit (read vacation). However Dadude, Karen Armstrong’s shortcoming I will blame on the format until I read her book. I take back what I said too until I read Dostoyevsky, not sure if I have the stamina for the ‘gloom and doom’ though, give me Mark Twain anytime, as one of our newbie said or John Edgar Wideman (yes! to informal book club)

  176. 176 Anonx

    Hidaya, I came out with a lotz of love from my gathering and I feel you did too; it’s going to echo from lenses ‘till I see them again. But I did also come out with one sad, and I hope a blessing in disguise story…. I asked the mom of my 6 yrs old cousin’s friend where they were from: the mom said ‘from Jordan’, and the daughter stared her down, and resisted ‘wenihna Phillistine!”

    I am pulling this one out of my Tigrina bag: In the years to come, may absolute light shine down your road of life–it’s what’s said to a boundary crosser aka mengedena (somewhat how Soul became Paul….) :) If that absolute light comes after or before a thundering cloud all may not be well (my friend is homeless because a thundering light direct hit his apartment four months ago but in first week of Jan I am helping him move back in…funny thing, forever I will tease him… holy matrimony he found his blessing in disguise while homeless :) .)

  177. 177 Hidaya

    Hi Bezzie…how are you?:)…and the festivities?..how is captivity by young cousin going so far?…it’s gone all quiet now and will start up by tomorrow up until the end of the year…share the good news bezzie, if it is mis-understood for the other so be it, there is a world of difference between bragging and sharing god news…so you want to share? you share mate and forget the rest:) congratulations too, it will be congratulations* 2 when you share the news…….

    Keep away from Santas Bezzie, some of them have guns and are evil enough to shoot 8 year old girls in the face..forget about season of good will to all men, season of weirdos more like…

    About new year resolutions…don’t know yet I have got one or two but not life changing ones…I kind of think that resolutions that are life changing should be given more thought than is given to new year resolutions…one of mine is similar to your number one resolution…more self discipline, gonna use meditation to get there…to be more thoughtful to people I am close to, pursue one hobby in a more serious way…that is it I think…the gym thing is the same here people just decide overnight ” gym, that is where I will head off come 1st January and then never really do or do it for one week and then stop it but I am not one of those , I like exercise the gym not so much, …too little place with far too many machines …I like empty wide space for exercise normally…I get more relaxed at yoga and pilate classes except when they strap you in what looks like mediaval torture instrument to make you stretch, but they don’t leave you to it and hold yur hand or more like bark instructions….

    Ok to the dilemma now…I find it difficult to assess it coz we have a different system here I know and don’t know the one there so don’t know what to compare and yeah ranking is the same here and it affects future employment too…

    …here sometimes you can go to different places for your degree and Law School…what we call here Law school is where we go to be trained either as a solicitor or barrister, we have two lawyers us here Bezzie…barrister is what you might call trial attorneys and they are specialists in their fields…solicitors deal with the entire case from the beginning, barristers only get involved if a case go to court…so yes to get back to the dilemma ..when you finish your degree it is when you go to Law School to get trained for a year doing either as a solicitor or barrister…so if for example you went to a not so good Uni for the degree depending on marks that is when you could make up for it and could then gain entry to a very good Law School…Law Schools are within Universities, some and you could train where you finished your degree or go elsewhere better…

    so what would I do?…don’t know…it would natural to opt to go for the better schools, if only because they would give you an excellent training from the beginning…and the cost of everything would worry me, working part time and studying an all absorbing subject like law can be overwhelming and worse debt, burn out, knowing what I know now about debt, burn out and stress now I would hesitate to recommend it even if a future potential may lay ahead at the end of it, coz those things might get in the way somehow…but if you can do it go for it…

    about the schools with the scholarships I think I would go check them out and see their law program was before committing myself…I would do that for every Uni offer I got even the good ones and compare programs and the support and guidance they offer their students…I could then take a decision based on that….a scholarship is useful in the sense that if you don’t have to worry about fees at least and that might give you more time to study…more time to be an intern too on your free days and summers, practical experience is at least as desirable here as are good marks and a good Uni…and yes you can excel anywhere provided you work hard and without debt and burn out and stress you can work really hard and it will reflect on your grades whichever Uni you go to… I hope that answered the dilemma for you Bezzie..

    Your sociology teacher sounds eccentric…by the way if he and brethens want to challenge the system who is then gonna waffle and comment on it?…they comment on everything that is mostly being obvious for ages them lol

    “The 1st being when a student banged a desk with his fist in the middle of class and yelled out “I am nothing like my father” and stormed out lol. 2nd being this same sociology professor came in class and start smoking in class, everyone was like this man is crazy lol.”

    Lol…poor guy I wonder what it was that made him not want to be like his father…at least he stormed out, imagine if he burst into tears repeating over and over “I am nothing like my father”, he would make the entire class cry and make him hold his hand wouldn’t he?…bye for now Bez more enjoy the rest of the holidays….

  178. 178 Hidaya

    Anonx hawina let me get back you later tomorrow I had people over and I am exhausted ….it is good to see you back sounding happy:).. meanwhile read the letter I found on that link….I never laughed so much, didn’t know there were such cantaerus people in the US too, I thought you were a happier lot, this one letter is very witty and drips with sarcasm too…I think the next time my bank annoys me I am gonna write a similar letter to them…they are so incompetent…they write to the deceased long after they’re gone giving their widows and children fresh grief..they write to babies as well I swear…in any case the British service industry is so rude they probably will reply to me in kind….


    Meanwhile a friend sent me this link…look how the Americans have changed their tactics in trying to win the war in Afghanistan …lol I never laughed so much…night night Anonx:)


  179. 179 Anonx

    Hidaya, happy? us in the land of the brave and land of opportunity? We are on an honest basis here, right? ask me if I am happy and I will tell you YES. Now ask me if I am depressed… the answer is YES. :)

  180. 180 Hidaya

    Oh Anonx happy and depressed both?…in the land of the free all is possible, why are you trumping me Anonx I can only do one at a time:)…but this time of year makes people pensive ie me since we are on a honest basis lots of things can bring it and all…year ending, trips down memory lanes, things changing, letting go, loss, seeing people after a while and all the changes that took place in your absence, so which was it that did it for you Anon mate?:)..

    sometimes though happiness can be tinged with sadness just not sure if all sadness is depression …How was Sister Jeannette? did seeing her made you a bit sad? or not maybe sad but nostalgic?…and what about the new year? going into it with a heavy heart or a light one?…

    Normally after the melancholy of the last week of the year , the first day of the new year always find me happy and excited …

    It is the only winter morning I don’t have to wake up for work and horrid things like that, but I wake up voluntarily and go over all over London before the city wakes up, …years ago it used to be that I would be out until morning on the last day of the year and then do my tour of London when the dawn of the new year came…,you don’t know the number of friends I fell out on the first day of the the new year coz I would insist they come touring it with me ,and they would insist also, that they couldn’t be bothered to do the Tour of the City in the early hours with me, …they would say the sodding city was gonna look as filthy and dirty as few hours before and what was the big deal about seeing it at dawn time of a new day?, ah I thought but it is not abut seeing …,only then thought I am not wasting my time explaining something that might be subjective to me only.. day 1 is good it is from the day 2 it all goes pear-shaped but I think I am really gonna like next year..the year ending now was a lot horrid and a bit good, I felt it was a year of tests…having said that I am glad of some of the testing mean spirited or not…if nothing else it bring clarity and the chucking off of all unnecessary emotional clutter….oh dear that was too much honesty wasn’t it Anonx? lol….

    “I am pulling this one out of my Tigrina bag: In the years to come, may absolute light shine down your road of life–it’s what’s said to a boundary crosser aka mengedena (somewhat how Soul became Paul….) If that absolute light comes after or before a thundering cloud all may not be well (my friend is homeless because a thundering light direct hit his apartment four months ago but in first week of Jan I am helping him move back in…funny thing, forever I will tease him… holy matrimony he found his blessing in disguise while homeless :) .)”

    Wow what a wonderful blessing that is…in your friend’s case quite literally did the light shine …or lighting struck more precisely lol….wow again, nature is really unruly on your side of the pond …here we have floods and life as you it stops when they come tsk, if there were hurricanes and cyclones this country would stop to function all together…

    The last time I heard thundering lights wreaking havoc here was when a lady in 1998 I think went out on a rainy day to walk her dog and never came back …she was hit by lighting and died, the dog didn’t and was found crying next to her poor thing…but I see your mate is faring better and found happiness and holy matrimony as his house was being destroyed….Anonx is that a blessing in disguise or mixed blessings?…I will take it as a blessing in disguise coz love is better than concrete …aye trumped again, this is way better story than my house of cad blessing in disguise letting crumble moment…

    “. But I did also come out with one sad, and I hope a blessing in disguise story…. I asked the mom of my 6 yrs old cousin’s friend where they were from: the mom said ‘from Jordan’, and the daughter stared her down, and resisted ‘wenihna Phillistine!”

    Oh poor little girl, she is holding on to her identity maybe….is it any wonder with what is happening in the Middle East?…season of good will to all men? forget it ,it is season of dead children on tv, five of them from the same family it is in the news today, such a sad and forlorn image of a nation carpet bombed, there has been uproar here but still the dead children keep coming on our tv screen, that has not stopped and seemingly no one cares enough to stop it …

    Anonx I once thought the people of Jordan and people of Palestine maybe had some affinity or were relations however distant until I realised they too have beef with each other not as big as the one between Israel and Palestine still a beef though, the Lebanese too..I am interested in Lebanon history and I am telling you A everyone has beef with each other there too, but of course nothing on the scale of this…some New year they gonna have there, not forgetting other hellish places on earth either but this one has been going on for close to sixty years now and it must be pure hell, speaking of hell, if hell is ice instead of fire then it is on its way here, for the next to weeks we have Siberian ice weather coming up below 13 degrees, also present is something called Aussie flu, it will try and kill us all, as usual e are blaming all deadly things on johhny foreigner, years ago it was the chines flu that was supposed to finish us all, predicatbly it didnt and it was mad cow desease a very British phenomenon that killed few of us, so my suspicion is and I admit it freely is one which totally paranoid and baseless there is something concocted in this country that is about to kill us all and they are getting their defence first by blaming the Aussies first just like the Chinese was then…lol, I did say it was paranoid didn’t I? but me thinks it a little ……Anonx mate mate wish you happiness for all of the days that are to come…have fun and selamat mate :)

  181. 181 Lover

    To all Briton citizens

    I’m thinking of visiting England for the first time and I have no idea what to do or where to hang out. I’m supposed to be staying for about 10 days and i really wouldn’t mind hanging out with ethiopians, mostly i will be situated in London. So if there is anyone from out there who doesn’t mind droping some lines to a G please feel free to enlighten me with your experiences. Thanks. one luv!!!!

  182. 182 Bez

    Hidaya, before I say aything..HAPPPPPPPYYY NEWWWWWW YEARRRRRR. Man 08 was prett,y ugly, fun, terrible, exciting, and definatly historical lol. It feels like a year since we talked on here, although its only been about a week lol. I apologize for the delayed response but with the holidays and other unexpected events poping out of nowhere I just didnt get a chance to get on here. Since its been a while I almost feel entitled to start up a new conversation lol

    I appreciate your insight on the school matter, I was trying to make it a hypothethical situation but I guess my wording gave it away that I was talking about me lol (its either that or you have picked up on my habits lol). We definatly have different tracks for school, but I guess whatever works for the nation.I guess I have to balance scholarship vs ranking. I will have to think about it for a long time. My great news was halted by another bad news about some of my closest friends. The street life caught up to them and got themselves in a very serious trouble. So I am torn about feeling happy or depressed, it dont help that they made the news and been on Tv every single day. So I was sad and happy I guess lol.

    I had a dream for two days straight that I was in Ethiopia. So I am really thinking about going over there sometime soon and It has made my 09 resolution. Although there is one person I remember over there, I am determined to see the mother land.

    Dont you just love the concept of a new year. Somehow seeing the number on the calender change gives you a sense of relief that all the bad things in the previous year is over with. It seems somewhat dillusional, sort of our time pilot situation lol. I guess a little dillusion doesnt hurt every now and then. Like they say “Perception is reality”. And my perception of 09 is that it is going to be better than 08 and Bailout plan or no bailout plan and it will be my reality lol…feeling like I can fly time lol. I feel like Im being erratic like my sociology professor we discussed. My mind is all over the place today if it wasnt I wouldve tied all this babling into one coherent message. But since I am running low on brain power you are going to have to read this madness lol.

    Now that xmas and new year is over with, there is nothing exciting coming up anytime soon except the Inaugration. They say its going to be millions of people coming over to D.C. All the hotels have been booked in months an advance and they are going for crazy amounts. Some people are even moving out thier house/apt for that day and renting it to travelers for like 2000 USD a night. I live 10 minutes from D.C so I lucked out on that part lol. I volunteered to work for the campagin those couple of days so im expecting to deal with millions of people. I am getting calls constantly from friends asking to crash at my crib. It is going to a gridlock in D.C. I just hope nothing bad happens in this precius day. It so exciting to be part of history. I am definatly going to save everything from that day, so the grand kids can take pride in knowing thier family were part of this historical day(assuming I will live that long lol. I felt like a precher just now. Im feeling to shout HALLELUJIAA.

    How are things over there? whats new on the other side of town? you are going to have to excuse my rambling thoughts, I promise to get it togehter on the next blog. HAPPPPPPYYY NEWWWW YEARRRRRRR

    p.s I saw somewhere on this thread you said something along the line “I beleive in heaven and hell, and death is not necessarly a prerequsite to experience either” that was pretty deep you should save that line and elaborate on it. I read it when you wrote it a while back and been meaning to tell you about it, I just forgot. By the way I am very random, hence the random comment lol

  183. 183 Hidaya

    Hi Bezzie…

    Long time no see:) plus it my turn to apologise..

    I am sorry Bezzie I had one and a thousand things to do…the new year caught me in a active frenzy which is unusual for me at the beginning of the year, mostly my life starts in spring and ends by the end of autumm, winter time I just concentrate of not dying, so I am surprised as anyone in feeling more than not dying in January this year lol…this being the worst January ie as in the weather since oh dunno probably a long time ago before I was here…it is snow and icicles everywhere and some English cities look a bit like Switzerland covered in snow and yeah the sea froze and all and I am happy and even see beauty in the midst of all that which is a wonder, I finally lost my fear of snow and the cold ha, never thought it would happen, I am calling it my first achievement of 09 for me lol, it started well enough…

    About the school matter, take your time and see what suits you best and best of luck in whatever you choose…Oh my God what did your friend do to find himself in the news?…I wonder if it is related with a news item I read…something about someone bank manager taken hostage overnight and then their kidnappers got caught ….oh dear if that is the story I was speechless…those guys ruined their lives and possibly traumatised the ones they had taken hostage and now prison, honestly what were they thinking?…..

    So the big day is getting closer eh?…January 20th is round the corner now….I expect the whole world and its wife to be there and have a big party and why not…after all, it is been long coming this day…I envy you lot who are gonna be there to actually see it for real and nt on tv like we will here….so are you renting out your place as well?…now is the time to cash in Bezzie…maybe in London too we should do the same for the Olymics 2012 and rent our places to Johnny foreigner/tourist and charge them the earth since all the hotels are going to be overbooked ehehe kaching lol..

    Ok the I believe in heaven and hell I got my words mixed up…I don’t really believe in it coz to do that one is got to believe in the afterlife ,and I don’t the religious way of the scriptures…to me hell is a state of being and place of intense suffering and injustice and hate…it can be physical it can be physchological and sometimes it can be both and that is in this life not the one after, that is why I said that death is not necessarily the only way to get to hell ….

    Bezzie would you do this for your dog?…this man is my hero, jumped into icy water and saved his dog from death disregarding his own life and safety…watch also how no one offered to help and, instead took photos of what probably a distressing situation and with what can only be described as callous indifference to both man and animal…until next time Bezzie Happy New Year:)…may the new year brings you all that you wished for…ciao now…


  184. 184 Anonx

    Get back to you soon sis. I feel betta now that work is out of the way for the most part.

  185. 185 Bez

    Hidaya, how is the world of icicles treating you lol. It is that cold over there huh? It has not been that bad over here, atleast where I am at. Although I must admit it was extremly cold during newyears eve night. It was so cold I think even my bones were frozen. Why you scared of snow? lol snow is so harmless. Now ICE is from the devil, and I will understand if you scared of that lol. I like rain but I dont like cold so dat newyears eve was very uncomfortable for me up until i got into the clublol. It has not even snowed yet. For God sakes it was sunny even on xmas day, how rare is that? At this point can anyone argue against global warming. It scares me the fact it has not been snowing yet, because like they say if a weather season comes in like a lamb it goes out like a lion or vice versa. It seems to be its coming in like a lamb. It was so windy the other day, it tore of the back yard fence leaving a big hold I did not notice. I let my dog out so he can use the bathroom, and as soon as I let him out..all I saw was the big chunck of the fence on the ground. At this moment my dog and I made an eye contact. I was trying to communicate dont you dare!!! and he was communicating uhho whats the worst that can happen if I go for it!! lol. He was not close enough for me to grab him so we had a show down like one of them western movies. We stood for a while till I made a sudden move to catch him. Apparently he is a lot fasterthan me and he was willing to take his chances on the consequeneces so he took off and started running through the neigbourhood. Lets just say I was not a happy camper at that moment lol

    About the news thing, I was shocked you knew off the jump what I was talking about. This world is definatly getting smaller. But you got the right story. It was a terrible thing to all involved but the story is a lot complicated than what the media reported. I know we all must answer for our actions but I cant help but to feel heart broken even speaking about it. Its a sad thing to witness your closest friends be in such terrible situation and there is not a damn thing you can do to help them. This world can be too cruel at times!!

    I did not rent my stuff out because I dont want money bad enough to rent out my place to strangers lol (not yet anyways). I would rather I let someone stay for free, I guess its that habesha hospitality in me. Now if it was the olympics, I will have no problem with doing that because I wouldnt have any sentimental attachment to the event lol. I did not know you guys were hosting the event. Should I make reservation with Hidaya Inn? how much you going to charge me? lol

    But yea I am excited about being part of the inaguration. They said we would get “commemorative credential and a red winter cap” lol (you know I am framing that). Im suprised they picked me since they had like over 70,000 volunteers apply and they were only taking 15,000 people. Dont want to jinx myself but I am starting to think late 08 and early 09 seem to be a very lucky period for me lol. Im going to take millions of pics if they let me, maybe ill send them to you if they nice enough.

    About the dog rescue. My first thoughts were, what an IDIOT? not for rescuing the dog but why would you let a dog run in a very public place withotu a leash? especially when there is a half frozen lake/river with a duck right next to the trail. He is an IDIOT!! And he has the audacity to be mad at the dog “for what he put me through”. Like the dog is supposed to know anybetter. But to answer your questions I really dont know, I prob will especially if people told me (like they told the guy) the water is only about 3 feet deep (although from what I read it was like 6 feet). But yea I think I prob will because I will feel responsible for endangering my dog. I wish you asked me this question when he ran through my backyard broken fence lol,

    Alright I think I rambled enough, its tough to get back in the blogging habbits when you step away for a while. You got to worm your way up again lol..hope you having a good day.

    You humbled servant,

    Sir Zeleke lol

    P.S I know you are so worried about our mighty lakers so much that you cant seep. So let me give some relief lol, we still got the best record. We are 27-7 now. Yes we lost 7 games so far, but its okay we still got the best record in the nba.

  186. 186 Hidaya

    Anonx happy to see you back mate:)long time…take your time…I was gonna ask how was the break and as for stories but you mentioned work..so how was work?:)..have a lovely week-end and see you next time…selamat Anonx…

  187. 187 Hidaya

    Hei Bezzie mate how is it going?:)….

    Your last post amused me a lot, the glaring contest between you and your dog ehehe, who won it by the way? I know he won the running contest, did he let you win the staring down at least ?lol…your dog sounds playful…just as well there weren’t any ducks around….

    One thing that amuses me about dogs is they bark and pose and intimidate each there other yet a tiny little cat can make them run for cover….there is one dog in my neighbourhood, the minute someone’s cat appears the poor dog starts goes absolutely mad, starts whimpering and cowers behind his owner or a tree or anywhere away from a cat lol…not surprising really, his owner told me he once came across caught a tiny but very vicious cat sitting and hissing his dog’s back biting and scratching him within an inch of its life…since then the poor dog cowers whenever he sees that cat or any other cat in the vicinity…I know I shouldn’t laugh at the traumatised dog but it is really funny…his owners reckons his pooch needs therapy, I agree that dog needs to be hypnotised and made to believe he can slay an army of cats or he might lose his doggie mind lol…

    Still talking dogs lol..yeah the guy in the paper is a bit weird, but he is not alone, people here are not really used to snow or ice (this is a freak season) here unless you live in the Highlands in Scotland so most people are not aware, nor was I until I read that article that there has to be at least ten to twelve inches of snow and five days of it here before ice is deemed thick enough to go walk about on it with dogs or humans, yet people do, take their dogs lead them off their lead, dog starts chasing something fall into ice and owner has to dive to get the dog out, sometimes owner and dog both die, other times one or the other dies and it is disaster all round..this guy and his dog were both lucky…yeah but he did the right thing, I would too if I had a dog and it fell into something even if it meant risking my own life, coz you got to save your dog haven’t you?..they trust you and rely on you and you owe them duty of care…and I couldn’t watch man or animal drown from where I could see it and could do something…I think I rather die in the effort of saving it than watch a life die and in pain and distress and do nothing…I don’t think I would sleep a single night after that by the guilt and distress of images of a life dying and might wish for death as a release anyway..so yeah I would dive in regardless of danger… …but they are blackmailing Europe coz they the Russians and a lt called Ukrania have a beef which has Nato and the EU as part bit protagonists…they also share gas pipes and well Russia in a fit of pique decided to hold half of Europe to ransom because they are fraternising with the Yanks and Nato and the EU and well Russia doesn’t like that and other political and domination games stuff…anyway they shut their pipes, that is the Russians and some place called Bulgaria and others that have no electricity or have it for not 2 hours, …anyway it is happening to 12 Euro countries and it might affect us at some point….no money no gas and no electricity to look forward to and it is only 9 days into the new year…at least on a personal level it started well enough

    The icicles are a bit less now but still biting horrid cold, it is all coming from Siberia so it is probably the Russians fault lol, firs they take gas and electricity then they send us their bloody weather, at this rate the tanks will roll in Trafalgar Square squaring up for a fight..Russia can’t bully America so it bullies Europe to feel self important I suppose, ….

    About the story , when I read your piece and then a friend sent me the story and I thought…could it be the stry you have had alluded to?….About your friends I am sorry, what a mess….you can feel broken hearted for your friends Bezzie even though they are alleged to have done something terrible , first let it go to court, I am not really hang them high type of advocate…what I don’t get is did they think they were gonna getting away with it? …man no one gets away with anything these days ever with CCTV cameras and DNA, they probably left tons of it around by just being in the house an entire night and coming into with the smallest contact with anything in their victims home as well as the victims themselves if they tied them up and had bodily contact…

    I am not sure you could help Bez except being supportive to them r get them a god lawyer for them…sadly they committed a crime, a serious one as it goes…armed robbery+ hostage taking including children, what were they thinking?…they would get at least 10-15 years here, but they would serve just half their sentence, I think it might be different in the US, …life is cruel Bez but these guys chose to dish out cruelty too..if they were really gonna do this why didn’t they choose someone with no children?…that is cruel, long after these guys are sentenced those children will be affected by what they did and it might be temporary or permanent mark on their lives, did they not think of that or didn’t they care?….

    The Olympics, yeah we are the host nation…I wonder if it is still happening?…the government is broke and all that but we probably need the money more than ever now, our banks are broke, government is broke and well by the end of this year everyone would be flat broke so where is the money for the Olympics coming from I wonder…I am hospitable to friends and family, country relatives? they are always coming from everywhere and dossing in my flat and never mind being paid I get to act hostess and guide and girl Friday do I get a bean for my troubles..na ha I get hassle and bossed about in my own home lol…but I am conditioned to it if so wearily love it and hate it kind of thing and it has its comic value I suppose, if you drop by these sides come visit….

    Bezzie congratulations of being picked for a commemorative credential and a red winter cap….mate, what is it though? I know it is a good thing and i am happy for you…but what is it?…they must have picked you because you have done something right would be the logical answer wouldn’t it?..good for you, now be proud of yourself enjoy it..sending the pics only if they are good?..if they’re not ,there is still photo-shop lol….lost 7. won 20, I know I am not good at maths but even I see this is good…Arsenal is still on a losing streak here, and the tennis season is so far off the only sport I actually like and basketball as well lol.., sweet…thank you for the kindness Sir Zeleke but I am a egalitarian?:) …on that note dear Bezzie have a lovely week-end..the next two weeks I will be coming in sporadically…got a diabolical project to start and finish..grrrr, I am not a happy camper at the prospect, so if don’t come in r come in late that is what that is..ciao bezzie…

  188. 188 Tsedey

    Hidaya, this one is for you :) I thought this was funny. “You’ve gotta love British humour”


  189. 189 Hidaya

    Tsedey thank you:) that was brilliant and true to life…our burecrats and planners and railway people are really that dense…

    “This may sound like a stupid question…if the trains are getting bigger and the country is bigger, then it stands to reason the trains get pushed by giant” best line said it with such deadpan it’s got a young Simon Pegg in it, the guy in that movie ..How to lose friends blah….that guy doesn’t look he has ever been young…he is looks like he was always as he is now..thanks again…

    I hope you like satire…these tow actors are theatrical actors I think, but brilliant satirists as well…a guy who does impressions called Rory Bremner brought them to mainstream tv…they are hilarious…this is for you…it is about the inneficiency of the British army all of it is pretty accurate, I never laughed so much….


    Anonx this one is for you…


    And this one is for Bezzie…


  190. 190 Hidaya

    I left a message and links for Tsedey, Anonx and Bez but I don’t see it it says it is awaiting moderation…

  191. 191 anonx

    Hidaya-here happy as well.I was on vacation in the last week of year but right after it felt like hell rain at work, a couple of midnight oil here and there for the sake of the life of an organization in end one and begin another. Before that I discovered an unknown treasure,an up and coming cousin introduced over thanksgiving holiday… I made the mistake sending her a text that read ‘happy new year youngin you were a delightful 08′. omg her sarcast and wit poured down on me all the power I could master was first a compliment and then an apology all that on new year. Your Afgan link was so funny how it degenerated in the company of the few and selected you do not want to know. In the beginning the pundits said borrow a page from the now deceased British empire a page on manipulation not knowing that that works best is a page cut out of Corporate America. Pleasure sells and not one knows how to manipulate human beings better than the Corporates. The pychology they have amassed fills the universe all to the end of getting us to do what they want. The war is here. And because maybe your link came at a pensive moment I thought, courtesy of Wideman, what must a soldiers count as a carry on in their survival kit. How is work? I don’t talk work with strangers if I answer that it means there is zero leap left for you. the only problem you can’t quite get to zero leap, you can only approach it because some irrational numbers, they begin but never end, create a hurdle you can only overcome through might I take a leap and say a leap of faith? I say this with a lot of affection :) and I know what I just said can be gibirish without the biography of a dangerous idea. But yea work I make fun as much as I can and the crew steps it up daily with some ill comments. They are a story to me… you know (get me?) Consulting work you don’t produce just pretend to know how why where to produce and its an exercise in ass kissing but the other day in a conference room I refused to kiss ass I got annoyed at meeting with a client because one was acting teenish…she got me to pass a note, targeted hawk eyes on my notes, threw a noncompliment compliment…not sure if it was her or lack of sleep I missed a question targeted at me which I recovered from in the meeting after the meeting. It was her fault because she busied me with side questions. So I think I subtely called her a dummy while explaining to her that only the dummy file was being played with. the man my crew refers to as The Man, I have yet to figure out warned me in a humorous way to be careful who I call dummy. Her last question before she bolted out before the meeting end was “what time is it” I raised my two hands to show I have no watch . If we have a second encounter I think I will like cuz she seemed the artisy type plus it was all corporate cultural misunderstanding

    On stumping… Please!!or is shad up appropriate? You notice how I don’t respond to some of your poetry, I enjoy it with a smile but if comes with a question–stump–i don’t know get back to you I hope in this life mate

    If you did take that tour of london during such conditions u are a soldier. I was going to nominate you for an honorary eskimo citizen till your below zero I figured out was in celcius, its not below zero for me but I had still decline an invitation too. Ever since I slaughtered my demons in 07, I go into the new year with a light heart but I still have to clime my slope and their lies some pit falls

    Ps: on your eu and russia I thought one-sided. I am devilishly cheering the other guy but for another day. Don’t dare get me in a fit now. Go slaughter the diablos. Take it easy but take it. Many good wishies

  192. 192 Hidaya

    O got to fix this before the week starts…

    Tsedey this below is the message I left for you yesterday, not sure why it is awaiting moderation, perhaps it is because it had three comedy links….if the link doesn’t show maybe that is it…

    “Tsedey thank you:) that was brilliant and true to life…our burecrats and planners and railway people are really that dense…

    “This may sound like a stupid question…if the trains are getting bigger and the country is bigger, then it stands to reason the trains get pushed by giant” best line said it with such deadpan it’s got a young Simon Pegg in it, the guy in that movie ..How to lose friends in Hollywood blah….that guy doesn’t look he has ever been young…he is looks like he was always as he is now..thanks again…


    I hope you like satire…these two actors are theatrical actors I think, but brilliant satirists as well…a guy who does impressions called Rory Bremner brought them to mainstream tv…they are hilarious…this is for you…it is about the inneficiency of the British army it is pretty accurate portrayal”….

  193. 193 Hidaya

    Hei Anonx…

    I am gonna get back to you to most of the post at a later date… firstly this is the comedy link I left for you yesterday…


    until we speak again this is what i watched today… the most interesting history program on a channel called Channel4…it is a season of investigation about Jesus, few academics and actors and writers all present one program about Jesus….it is called Jesus the Jew…today it was the turn of someone called Howard Jacobson, not sure what he does, writer I think….wow learnt a lot from it, didn’t realise the first four gospels of the old testament are fundamentally different to the direction of Christianity and also learnt that many of the Christian rituals had their origins in Judaism…and other controversial historical distortions since Paul and Luke the presenter alleges with some academic evidence…oh well…like it or not everywhere I turn as I look for the history of God and religion ,programs and books of Jesus show up in my path, they all tell different stories and all…I recently got present, a book called The Muslim Jesus written by a Sufi Muslim philosopher somebody..then all the KA books I come across even when I am not looking for them and now Jesus the Jew series of programmes…another one is Judae…men him also the man and his history every historian cum theologist are suddenly writing about him….he more than most history has totally been re written as well as used for anti Semitica purposes also alleges the presenter….aye I am getting a taste of History of God, well the several histories of God lol…

    Me a soldier? ha as a real soldier will be sacked in to days for subordination something lol and it was minus five on new year eve brrr…but about the new year expedition…

    I think i like it because it is the only time I feel I can allow myself to be an observer, there is so much frenzy and expectations the days leading up to new year eve I don’t take much in.. by the end of it I just want few hours before dawn where I can just watch the city in silence…actually it is not silent as half the city revellers are drunk and sing on the streets then fight and the police nicks them for disturbing the peace, then more of them come out from other corners and the police keeps nicking them and others set fire to themselves and all one year one guy did not far from where I was..tut prat..did he think it was fun?..burning?..it was accidental apparently which makes him even more of a prat, still haven’t worked out the technicalities involved in how to accidentally set fire to yourself but he did and was carted off in an ambulance, yeah it is a nice time to watch things like that quietly and with a wry smile, ciao anonx :) until next time I is taking a bit of a sabbatical, you take care and be happy.. ….

    Ps yeah was a bit one sided about russia I admit, but they did shut the pipes and bullying Ukrania and all the other old Soviet countries whose names are very hard to spell, central european too , they even try it here because they don’t like the UK giving refuge to Russian dissidents, and yes when it comes down to it I don’t really want to live in a world dominated by Russia, it is the only time I am on the side of my adopted country and it’s boss your adopted country lol, and don’t even get me started on China lol….selamat A:)…

  194. 194 Hidaya

    Now Bezzie, before he feels left out lol.. I hope you’re well mate and enjoying the week-end..


    I already left you a post few days ago ,but this is the link I chose for you to watch…ciao Bez until next time I am out :) pfff tomorrow is near now and it is not a good day, I know it even before it happens…

  195. 195 Bez

    Hidaya, hey miss whats crackalackin? (back to that again lol).

    How is the winter weather coming along? Has it gotten to the point that you started using dog sleds to get to work? lol

    About my dog, I won the staring contest atleast. Well maybe it was part of his plan to make me think I won and catch me off guard. At this point its getting to be difficult to distinguish which animal has the higher cognitive ability between him and I lol. yea your friend’s dog needs theraphy, he might have confidence and role confusion going lol (maybe he got it from his owner, just teasing). I dont know how my dog will act around cats since he has never been around any. Although he has been on his best behavior lately, which alarms me because he might be on plotting. I hope he is not plottin on “slaying an army of cats” lol.

    About the saving your dog business, I think a person has to excerice a lit bit more judgment when going after your dog. Forexample, recently on the news there was a house on fire and the father saved the entire family by carrying them out the house one by one. However, on his last trip back into the house on fire (in attempt to get the family pet from upstairs), the house crumbles and the father died. Although it is a great story of heroism and courage, I think going back into a blazing burining house to save your dog when you know the chances of you serviving is slim is not fair to your family. Who is to look out after those kids and widowed mother? I love my dog but my family will always come before him (I can just see all these animal activists rioting outside my door step just now lol).

    I see Russia is rubbing you in the wrong way lol. No gas, no electricity, and 12 inch snow..now thats what I call a three headed monster lol. Maybe you should go look into Putin’s eyes and look at his soul like Bush did lol.

    Friends, believe it or not a lot of people get away with alot of things in these inner cities. Our news usually begins with stories that are smiliar and ends with “the police are still looking for the suspects, and have no leads”. But in some cases, like in this one, they do manage to catch the people. You right its sad, but even in elementry class we have learned, every action has an equal and opposite reaction (although you can argue the “equal” part lol). We all must answer for our actions logically, but they are not bad kids. They just lost thier way for a period of time due to circumstances and wasnt thinking clearly and ended up making a mistake thats all. But im sure it will work out to some good somehow.

    So how you guys planning on topping the Chinese. Their perfomance was insane. I was shocked on some of the things they were doing. Besides having thier minors participate in the olympics, I think they have done spectactular job. Its a tough act to follow lol, but I am sure you guys will have something planned. Something involving Leona Lewis, SC, the queen, and Beckam I suppose lol.

    “being bossed around in my own house” lol that is funny. I do have to admit I often feel like a guest in my own house whenever I have relatives visit the house. It can be frustrating at times especially if you are not that close with them, but its a duty you inherit I guess. If I do eva come out there, I will be sure to stop by and boss you around lol. So you an Arsenal fan? when I was little I used to love Manachester United, Eric Cantona was like my Idol lol. I used to pop my uniform collar while playing for my school. However once I picked up basketball, it became my first love and stopped watching soccer all together. So now I do not know any soccer teams or players (besides ronaldo, rhonaldino, and few others). But yeah Im glad our lakers are doin great. The American Football playoffs started so thats the sports headline over here right now. The championship (superbowl) is coming up, and since its the biggest sport even in the U.S. thats whateveryone been talking about lately lol

    About the commemorative credentials, they just give you a branded badge that gives you access to the event (sort of like backstage passes). We had training the other day and we were told to not conduct any interviews with the media and not even blog about our assignments. So I can tell you anymore because like they say in the movies “IF I TELL YOU I WLL HAVE TO…” you know the rest lol. Just teasing about the last line (just incase I sound like a psycho, this is online after all lol). But yea I am going to be rigth where the inaguration is taking place so I feel so lucky to be assigned over there. Lets hope they let me take camera over there. I have recieved my red cap and they feeding us the whole day, so this is looking good so far. Coca Cola wanted to sponser the volunteers and give us whole bunch of gears and stuff like they did in the past inagurations, but the camp declined it because they “do not take funds from corporates and special interest groups”, so I will have to say its good to see changes like that already.

    Busy weeks coming up for you huh? That is a productive way to start the new years and hope it al goes well for you (I might feel nice enough to wish you a “snow day” so you can have one or two days of businesses closing so you can have a break lol)..Until next time

    your roll dog,

    b gizzle lol

    P.S. I saw your video link. I have no idea who those guys are but I cant help but to think that is how the Board members in these top banking instutions actually conversate during their board meetings lol. “That is as sophisticated we ever get” (in refering to the “property values allways go up”) how true is that lol. I also couldnt help but to think “THOSE BASTARDS” while watching it. Alright Hidaya, I’m out now, got to go get my Ferrari serviced.

  196. 196 Tsedey

    Hidaya, thanks for the video. it was hilarious.. if the satire is pretty accurate, it must be an awful truth. but…wait.. wasn’t the British Army the strongest at some point in History?

    Thanks again for sharing.

  197. 197 Hidaya

    Hei Bezzie…

    So your dog let you win eh?..dogs are sweet like that, they let you win with no ulterior motive than to make you their owner happy… it is when a cat lets you win that you best wonder why? and I say that as someone who admire cats and their sang froid, also they are a lot kinder that they are given credit for but being a solitary animal they take their own counsel instead of fraternising or pleasing the man creature lol…

    “I hope he is not plottin on “slaying an army of cats” lol.”

    Me too, apart from *thinking” he can slay an army of cats rather than actually slaying them for real…if he can think it then he will lose the fear and will no longer be intimidated…but if he does slay an army or even one cat , that is doggie criminal and he is going to canine prison,we call it death row here and it is due to the Dangerous Animal Act initially 1981 I think but that has been amended few times…it is one useless legislation, even dogs who are of placid by nature and breed most or even all of their life span but on a single occasion might go off their heads because of something unusual that changes their normal reaction ie frightens them, or fear attack either on themselves or their owners gets sent to death row…it is a bad law and still in the Statute books I think..I am not sure the legislation includes animal killing animal going to prison as a criminal act.. if they did many a cat would be on death row by killing basically most wild life in cities lol

    e had few days of sun and the rain,no snow or ice today it is gone back to freezing cold but no ice…

    I am not even gonna argue with the dog saving business and it is all logical…but, but, if I saw two people and I was told one of them risked life and limb to save all living being from a burning inferno humans and animals or a ice pond, and the other saved all the living humans but then left behind a vulnerable animal because the building collapsed an animal who doesn’t understand why he has been left behind and who might even wait for its owner to save it as it lays dying wondering why no one is coming to get him out….

    I would understand the logic of the second person, I really would …

    I would understand why a man or woman with children would not want to risk their lives and leave their children orphans, I get it I really do and it would take nothing away from the courage that they have shown….but for the first person I think what they have done, however foolhardy, however dangerous, ill judged even selfish to an extend because the consequences are not properly thought out is the real hero a truly selfless hero…

    A heroic action is not always logical or clever , many are made in impulse and not thought out properly it really is courage under fire excuse the military reference…to be that courageous and that selfless towards a dumb creature for want of a better word (though I don’t think of animals as dumb creatures, they may not have my intellect but they probably have their own brand of animal intelligence and cunning I haven’t got, to each species its own intelligence I say)…and who probably or definitely won’t even know what their owner did for them, who won’t flatter their ego in return isn’t that proper heroic? foolish maybe but still heroic…..

    Inner city trouble eh?…it is bad in London too, ooh it is so bad, crime is so bad and rife here…armed robberies and gun violence, mugging, knife crime..when is someone not bad but their actions are bad?…there are stories in crime always, what is surprising is that many times what appears to be hardened criminals are kids on drugs not knowing what day of the week it is never mind what madness they get dragged into either all by themselves or by peer pressure..others have been neglected most of their lives and are a bit feral for lack of a better word had, others have been abused, whichever type of abuse or neglect, many more and most actually get into crime and stuff trough naivete and bad judgment and either not knowing about consequences or not caring for them, and last others are perfectly brought up and had an averagely good life and still turn into crims …so all come with their stories, and their stories should not be justification for their crimes but it might explain it as to the whys…I hope this is a judgement call for them..a harsh one unfortunately , they must be distraught, their poor families must be distraught..

    Don’t think the UK can beat China…you can’t beat dictatorships, they make everyone do things “for the country”, here not sure people do things for country, the average Brit is busy mocking its own country ain’t this lot doing nothing for their country au contraire, they want their country to do stuff for them and can’t be made to do things, plus they might actually oppose what their country do, or support or when it pretends to look the other way when we want them looking full stop ( example 2 weeks of protest we have had now, apparently we are protesting agaisnt our government apathy at the goings/genocide in Gaza…so how people who have the freedom to dissaprove of their government do what the Chinese population to continously asked to do for China?mind you our rulers can’t even run the railways beat China? ha as if Bezzie:), when Hell freezes over maybe…,

    There is no point in competing with the Chines there are other things we can do well though…this, especially London has its own charm it is also a multi cultural and multi faith city with a fascinating history ,and Shakespeare though London isn’t his birth place but he is where he is celebrated the most after his birth place Bath..we have history of theatre, dance… we do quirky and street culture well eve though many foreign people are surprised by it…they think it is all Shakespeare still lol..maybe that is what we will do….. Beckam will probably be there but it is three years from now so younger guys might become more prominent in the mean time and Beckam might be a Hollywood actor by then lol….

    Bezzie let me come back to you about the rest…I hurt my wrist and elbow, well I didn’t hurt it it was hurt already and then I took it to someone to make it all better by putting it back where it was and they sort of did but not supposed to type much…so will rest it little now and will finish the rest later….and lovely day to you mate:)….

  198. 198 Anonx

    Hidaya, I forgot to pass this on to you way back… came back to me thanks to your youtube link. This as a background, you gonna laugh even harder at the ‘they are the sharpest, smartest people’… more like the greedyest. Only when you need a distress cuz its a bit on the long side…


  199. 199 Hidaya

    Hi Tsedey…

    Sorry for the delay…first my right hand seized up…I’ve got trapped nerves and stuff and find it hard to type or even move, yesterday was hell, today it was hell in the day time , then rest , now lets see what happens when I finish this bout of typing:)…

    “wasn’t the British Army the strongest at some point in History?”…

    A long time go I think…then again here we moan about everything being sub-standard compared to the rest of the world but then sometimes the rest of the world disagrees…

    I can’t really judge if the army is as bad as the satire says it is, incidentally they are excellent in keeping the peace, they know how to negociate patrolling building stuff for areas where war has ended and infra structure has to be put back together and people need to be trained, that, they are good at probably better than all the other Euros, and the Americans who smash everything and everyone that moves on their way in and out …

    One thing that has affected the British Army is the fact that politicians have turned the British army into one half of world police…this war of terror waffle talk for the last 6 years, incidentally… today our foreign secretary David Milliband told us the war on terror is dead, and it was a mistake to begin with, perhaps we have stopped being frightened of the US and are having our own foreign policy from here rather than Washington lol..

    Another incidentally the army doesn’t like being used for political wars and they are never gung ho unlike their bosses then the government give them doesn’t give enough money to buy what they need to be a good army , or even in compensation and they have over-stretched them…that is how the British army became world class joke I think….

  200. 200 Hidaya

    Anonx how are you?:)…hope your right hand and your left hand are are both fine as there is trouble ahead for one of mine, the right one as luc would have it…trapped nerves something says the oesteopath, I have never known such pain, like sharp razors were slicing the nerves and tendons on my wrists and it was all exposed to the wind hahh very painful….he did something ie manipulation and that too was painful, and of course there was a third painful, as there always is and was inflicted on my pocket so a day of a hat trick of pain, shed a little tear for me matey will you?:)…it is easing up now but it needs more manipulating, getting the inflammation to settle and off the keyboard for a little while….

    thanks for the link…

    I haven’t finished the story coz I spent half the day feeling sorry for my self and maing others feeling sorry for me too lol…but I am still getting over the lack of skill, knowledge and experience on the adviser guy so all this started then? until today?..did anyone in the money making business ever followed any rule at any time in history?…what else?..

    the UN have been carpet bombed and are cross about it..I am surprised it wasn’t called “friendly fire”…the war on terror is kaput in the UK, says our foreign secretary…strangely enough it is what is going on in Gaza that brought about this back pedalling ..we are cross about Gaza, the rest of the Euros are cross about Gaza …yeah,.. and the fact that no one take any notice of what they say about anything even when they stomp their feet… I am cross the Siberian winter is back after two days of respite, actually all is fine apart from dangling a useless right wrist, elbow and arm…ciao Anon hawina..

  201. 201 Hidaya

    And now to Bez, you thought I left you out didn’t you? lol see I haven’t despite great pain, I am gonna mil this for all that is worth..can I now be made an egaliterian Queen which is just an oxy moron in contradiction?:)….

    Dear Bezzie how are you mate? I am doing mock stern today like a school teacher lol..my first ever ambition aged seven i think…I lost that ambition when I realised you have to teach one subject for maybe and entire career year in and year out and as i grow older and wither my students will grown younger..pfff

    I thought and even heard in my dreams the repetitiveness of it and thought No this is not for me however much I would like to best spare my student the trauma of slicing my wrists in full view of the whole class the fine day I snap and have enough of them and my job…then I came here and saw how teachers are treated, I always had good teachers ho taught me well and encouraged me when I felt timid, that drove me to think the sun shone from their you know where? still do now, I think I respect good teachers over and above any other professional ever, when teachers are good they nurture young minds and equip them with knowledge, wisdom and forward thinking, if they are kind doing it even better…plus they really have to lauded for teaching the same thing every year, taking cheek and hassle from their beastly students and for having an ego so settled they don’t mind growing greyer and greyer while every year their students get younger I love teachers, people love rock stars, I do too sometimes but I love teachers best …

    So yes about Eric Cantona I will tell you a story tomorrow evening….let me give you a trailer…I only ever liked football because Eric Cantona came to England to ManU…more than the football it wa shis charisma that made me a supporter…

    He was the only footballer I know who talked vague nonsense and everyone went “ahhh French poet, we don’t know what you just said , must be lost in the translation but it sounds poetic and philosophical and intelligent unlike our footballers who are
    paid millions a week in wages but are for the most part illiterate, have you heard David Beckam? he is one of the better ones, he doesn’t read nor does his wife, they said so, they think it is a good thing I assume ….but Cantona wasn’t like that, he too left school at a young age to play football but it didn’t stop him reading or learning the things he didn’t have the chance to formally learn or being intelligent and well read as well read as any formally educated person….he even said this after he karate chop chopped a bad mouthed spectator at a game who insulted his mother and generally assumed Cantona was his property to bad mouth..ha…he got karate kicked and captured on camera, it went to court and the court agreed with the provocation defence I think …when the press asked him about it this is what had said about the matter on a press conference…..

    When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea.

    yeah..he said that and everyone scrambled to know what he meant by it lol….he never explained by the way which I think it is brilliantly cheeky….

    The Guardian wrote about it and the Guardian never writes about footballers…it is a lefties middle class paper and they are particularly snobby and sniff their delicate noses at footballer…the footballers don’t really make it all that difficult…no one knows what he meant then or now but everyone thought it was philosophy coming as it was from a French man, …here we always think the French superior and philosophers..that is coz they are and education is important in France and not here…all this adulation before the man even set foot on a football pitch….he left us eventually and became an actor after he was finished with football a good one apparently and a theatrical one in France..actually that is the whole story about Cantona..after he left I de-camped to Arsenal when Thierry Henri showed up, but he was never as interesting oor charismatic as Cantona and mainly a footballer good one yes but that is it, so not as versatile as Cantona either…Bezzie bez night night now that I have replied to everyone I feel less rude…tata for for a good while now…I am gonna go and tae residence in a bunker for the duration of this project….

  202. 202 anonx

    Ouch! hidaya, sounds to me like you have carpal tunnel syndrom… is it? won’t shade a tear, won’t bring you down, but instead, I hope this works, a get well soon card to you from moi :)


  203. 203 Hidaya

    Awwww thank you Anoninax, that was sweet…the card was better than tear shedding lol…I’ve got you one and a bear hug here it is…


    I am greeeen? I know I am a bit alien-ish but that is hardly my doing, was born an alien and it was other people’s doing , doesn’t stop wherever I go either but green? lol..I am joking mate it was the sweetest of gestures, thanks for my card and flowers….I heard what you said on the other thread as well lol..mate have you heard HOW I speak? two minutes of my waffle and endc would demanding an interpreter lost for words do you remember I told you I mix languages right left and centre but some languages I might not know enough of them to communicate well even when I don’t murder the language……

    And yeah it is carpal what syndrome and it started as a tennis elbow years ago and was supposed to be fixed..didn’t even get it by playing tennis, it is now is carpal what syndrome and if I don’t fix it I will have a frozen shoulder syndrome..ha happy days….A big hug and a bigger thank you again matey:)….

  204. 204 Hidaya

    Anonx we do this at our busiest railways stations..


    …this one is a professionally done but we have a movement wheee every now and then a a mob of people recieve text messages with the instructions of going to a specific place and do something specific..the something can sometimes be people silently dancing to their Ipods or clap or something else…do you have stuff like that in th new empire?

    I once saw one of these events where there was about few hundred people all waving their arms in unison in another station of about a minute I think and then off they dispersed quickly, i would have liked to see this one but I rarely use that station, damm…

  205. 205 Bez

    Hidaya, how are you missy? long time no day. I just had a wonderful eventful days..ill describe them at the bottom.

    what happened to your arm? You didnt start slaying an army of cats too did you? lol. I hope its all better now, hope that atleast earned you some days off lol.

    I did not know yall soccer players were that illiterate lol..dont they have to go to college or high school before they get drafted. Over here you have to go atleast to a high school to get drafted into any sport. sure some cheat in classes but if you cant atleast read and write you are not going to make it to the big leauges to make those millions. I am shocked to hear that about yall soccer players. David Beckham cant read? lol was that a joke or you are for real. I dont care how much money you make, if you have the avenues to learn how to read and write but yet you can do neither..its a damn shame. I guess I should just worry about how I live my life instead of how others live thier life lol..in my defense I can argue these athletes are a role model for the kids and if we are going to pay them that much they should atleast read and write lol..

    now to my inaguration day lol

    Like I told you I had to volunteer for the inaguration day, so I was supposed to be there at the inaguration even at 5 am. Like a dummy instead of getting some sleep I let some friends talk me into going with them bowling and grabbing a drink till about 2 am. So to make long story short..I start heading to the train station without getting any sleep lol. As I get to the train station at 3am I see the most people I ever seen in my life. What usually takes me 25 min train ride to the National Mall (where the inaguration is taking place), it took me 4.5 hours. This 2 year old baby kept pulling on me the whole ride because as her mom put it “she likes to hit on cute guys” lol. She was cute and innocent haha but four hours of that in addition with no sleep..it was a lil tireding lol. The train station was so packed, I couldve sworn the train was getting off the tracks a couple of time. Anyways I get to the national mall and there are still many people out there. They closed the area off to the public at 9 because it was filled to capacity already. It was amazing seeing 1.8 million gathered in once place. Anwyas got my red hat and mixed up with the crowed which was already packed even though the inaguration was at 12. So I put on my red official voulunteer hat and started navigating throuugh the crowd. They wouldnt let nobody get through but when they saw my red had they just kept moving out the way lol so I got pretty close to the inaguration. It was very cold and had to stand for 4 hours. But when he finally made way to the podium, it was something pictures nor words could describe. I have never felt such a powerful movement in my life. it was like electriciy running through your vein. You just can feel it in the air. The crowed was roaring people were crying..all colors black white brown yellow, green..lol they were all there rejoicing. What struck me the most was that I have never seen such pride on black peoples face as I saw that day. Especially the older black people that had experienced segregation first hand, they just got quite and they tears just rolled of thier eyes. I finally saw and experienced what it means to stand on the shoulders of those that came before you. His speech about personal responsiblity, putting chidish things away, about growing up,American will lend hand to anyone anywhere seeking a better life and the phrase “your people wont judge you by what you can destroy but by what you can build” was so direct and just hit home with many people. I know I am an American Citizen therefore biased but I was just sitting there thinking only in America when he said how his African father wouldnt be allowed to sit here in his days, but his son became the president years later. I will stop because I can talk about this for ever lol. ANyways when it was all over, going back home nearly impossible. I had to actually walk on the highway lol, for 12 miles to get out of d.c. which reminded me of this statement a comedian made “I love america, its a nation where 10 miles is not a walking distance lol”

    Anwyays I took lots of pictures and got real close to the inaguration so I was glad I was part of history. How did you guys see the event over there and what was the general response or feeling about the inaguaration (especially about the speech). It would be nice to hear an outside perspective especially as well rounded individual as you.

    I have to run so I got to round this up, its been a while so I look forward to hearing from you. I hope your project is coming along well and you are not too overwhelmed. I am going to leave you with this preacher’s closing prayers at the end of the inaguration that had the whole crowed roaring with laughter, it was such abeautiful prayer. I think some white people might have been offended by it, but I thought it was a very deep yet simple prayer..he closed it with these remarks..

    “We ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get back, when brown can stick around, when yellow will be mellow, when the red man can get ahead, and when white will embrace what is right.”


  206. 206 Hidaya

    Hi Bezzie mate how are you?:)….

    You know I am gonna get back to you properly next week, for now I came in to say halla, welcome back, missed you, in no particular order…oh yeah before I forget congratulations and…. I am proud of you that you were actively involved in taking part in electing and canvassing for President Obama, the first black president in the US, a son f America and a sof of Africa, they had Obama parties in Nairobi and Obama Sr has been hailed as a King maker aye lol, next he will be anointed you mark my words Bezzie lol…

    Here the good will is tremendous,but emphasis is put more historical first on race that is the “change ” for us here, we are amazed by it…the politics bit we are cynics here and it is wait and see game but even there the well wishing for him to succeed is overwhelming, it is the political system yours or ours we dont have faith in…

    Ok before I go back to my bunker I have one slight correction to make before I get sued…

    David and Victoria Beckam can read it is that they DONT read and have said that, I assumed they think that is a good thing, they seem proud to be knwn the people who never red books, they read magazines and stuff they said…here fotballers are fund at a young age in schools , most leave it on their 16th birthday to become full time players and get a career because they are considered relics from another age by the time they are 30 like supermodels when younger players with n creaking knees might come along, so many take it up at a young age…there are no sport scholarships like there are in the US and as far as I know none of our footballers past or present has been a Uni graduate even in knitting or anything else, by contrast the rugby players are for the most part graduates r drop out but at least they have finish schooling or even Uni, the cricketers too…there is a class element in all this btw…I will explain it next week when I will get back to you properly…once again well done Bezzie, keep that red cap and the phots for posterity for the family album I am proud of you and have adopted you as one of my online family…nw start crying coz that is what families do to each other, amngst ther thing of less crying ll…ciao bezzie ciao until next time…

  207. 207 Tsedey

    Thanks Hidaya… hope u feel better and DO NOT type much:)

    My right hand is my everything. don’t know what i’d do if something happens to it. Some people manage with their left hand as equal. I guess the left side of my brain is wack.lol

    bez i loved ur inaguration day report.. lucky u!

  208. 208 Hidaya

    Thank you Tsedey:), the hand is more or less fine now, it is my head’s turn now lol…I liked the photos you submitted on the other thread wow thanks for sharing them…about the hands my left one is even more useless than my right one so it might come down to that I need to learn how to type with my toes assuming nothing will incapacitate them, from time to time lol… bye now and enjoy your day…

  209. 209 Hidaya

    Hi Bezzie it has been a long time how are you?:)sorry for getting back to you this late but first I was busy and exhausted then I was just exhausted and recovering…thanks for the inauguration report it, you are one lucky guy to have seen it as I kept reading I tried to pretend I was there but it didnt work like…lol

    so how was the news received here you asked? I assume the same way that the entire western world welcome it, almost everyone in Europe hated Bush and his admin so there was a jubilations he and his cronies were gone , one of then Dick Cheney in a stretcher no less, ha gave the phrase lame duck a whole new meaning..I know he was poorly and all that but what a time to be ill and what an image to be left with, years from now tha image is gonna stick in my mind when I hear of the Grand Ole something party….

    I am personally happy Obama is gonna close Guantanamo Bay and so is the conry ,but the country not happy in general by being sent all its inmates here, why cant we just take back our lot and the rest sent to their countries ? there are only 2 Brits in GB and one Ethiopian who is a British citizen but apparenly we are gonna be sent the whole lot…

    yeah and I also read somewhere he lifted or lifting the ban on stemm cell research which I think is a good thing and somewhere else I read that all the pre conditions that Bush and his admin put in for any charities that work in the world outside of the US especially the S are going to be reviewed which is really good….so far I am happy with all these initiatives…

    I other corners of the world ouside the US ie France is burning and the French took to their streets saying NON really loudly to bailing out their banks from keeling over, they are also cross at their President who suggested the bail out and they are throwing rockets and all to show their dsipleasure and no one can get in or out of France today coz they have gone on a strike in addition to the rocket throwing…and here? well the motor automobile industry now wants bailing out and the banks want another bail out…are there gonna be riots becuase of it? I doubt it, people here only go on demos when they feel other people in other far away lands gets the rought treatment from our government…when it is just about us and the country going broke and everyone being sacked people will grumble and write long letters of moaning and whinging..take to the streets like the French? ha it will never happens …they the French on theoher hand have been aking to the streets since they last sent their monarchs to the guillotine and the revolution began…it never did here apart from making the monarch a constitutional dead duck with most of their old relevant power invested in their PM…. and on tha noe have a lovely day Bezzie…..

  210. 210 Bez

    Hiddizleee, whats going on its been a while? How is the recovery going? Is it still arm problems or you developed new sickness maybe by trying to save a dog from a frozen lake? Whatever it is, Im glad you feel better. I just assumed you was extremly busy since it has been a long time since you blogged on this thread. Things been getting hectic for me too, 09 is looking like to be a very busy year.

    Im glad you cleared up the Beckam situation. I was shocked when I first thought he did not know how to read in this day and age lol, but now I see what you mean. I was actually having that discussion with my mother the other day. I was telling her school is not for everyone especially if you want to be very rich. She is saying even if you get rich and you not educated you regreat it so technically you have to be go to college and then she started naming all the rich people she knows and how they went to college. I was trying to communicate to her, yes it will help you to have a more complete fullfilled life, however it doesnt necessarly means its necessary. (you know the whole deductive reasoning thing if A–>B..just because A is sufficent enough to bering about B it doesnt mean B can only occur through A..if I rem correctly her logic is if A–>B then B–>A..which i was tryin to explain to her its wrong lol). Imagine trying to explain that to an ethiopian mother, she seems to thrump my logic with simple statment “listen to me, you just to young, you will understand when you are my age lol). Mothers think they know it all lol

    Anyways about the inaguration, I think its one of those moments you can tell people with words but you still feel like you have not done the feeling justice. Its like you cant describe it, although the picture I took can say it all better. I actually have this one picture that I took, it was right at the moment of the Oath and I was right infront of the white house and you can see the whole stage..its awesome..I dont know how to post it on here but if I ever found out I will post on here so you can see it.

    And you right Obama has been making some serious moves lately and he already starting to take hits for it. Especially for his $850 billion bailout plan. Ofcourse all the Republicans are against it but the house of delegates just passed the bill so it is going up to the senate on Monday I think. The republicans call it socialism, when it was a repblican president who proposed a smilar bail out plan which didnt even work. So I cant wait to see how his plan going to work. Its amazing how fast they worked to bail out the business sector but how long they are taking to bail out the average citizen. Anyways cant wait to get my tax refund check to come in lol, I dont know how much of that 250 billion will end up in my pocket…maybe 250 million? I might setting the bar too low and should instead expect 300 mill? lol

    Im glad he is getting such a positive vibe from the world, after all the hoopla and hype..Obama is really a nice guy and very intelligent. And as you pointed he seems to be on the right path. As far as the media goes I think they are starting to turn on him slowly lol. They even had a piece on Obama’s half brother who got arrested for allegdly smoking marijuna. Obama barley knows the guy and he is in Kenya, why is this front line CNN news? I guess they need someone to hate lol..Especially this guy name Rush Limbourg..he is a conservative radio talk show host..he has about like 20 million listners or something like that. He is the most hateful, racist, arrogant, judgmental idiot to walk this earth, I think so anyways lol. He rallys up all these idiots that follow up his show to be hateful against anyone that does not agree with thier arrogant white power type of people. He is so bad even Republicans, who are mainly conservative, do not associate with him. Except for the ignorant ones who are easily controlled or maniuplated…sorry for the rant but this guy just boils my blood lol

    anyways, hope you are having a good weekend and you feeling better. I am so exhausted right now because I just got home from this road trip, so no clear remarks to leave you with just a simple..have a nice day:)

  211. 211 Bez

    Tseday, Im glad you enjoyed my all over the place account lol, I had this one picture I took that can describe the even in more words than I ever write..but unfortunatly I dont know how you post it on here like Nolawi be doing..if I ever find out I will post it on here..anyways hope you have good day..lata

  212. 212 Anonx

    Hidaya, yea,we missed you, where have been? Welcome back, this place is different without you. And I am not flirting….

  213. 213 Bez

    My curiosity got the best of me and I couldn’t stand not knowing how to post a picture on here lol, so I had to figure it out online..not as complicated as it seems..

    anyways this is the inaguaration from my point of view, my zoom button on the camera did not work so I couldnt zoom in. But I was real close so I am not going to complain lol. Like I said I couldnt explain the moment with words, but this picture should give you a better idea

    Obama at the “exact moment” of taking oath.

  214. 214 saronm3

    Bez, thank you for sharing, owesome picture indeed.

  215. 215 Hidaya

    Beautiful picture, thank you for sharing it Bezzie:) sorry for being late too…mate how are you? yeah it’s been a while hasn’t? , so many things have happened in the world since we last met on this thread, the best of course you saw it happened, man I am so proud of you:)…the arm is fine now, after I got it fixed I was told to treat it like royalty and use it sparingly but that wont do since it is my right hand so decided to train the left hand and become a proper leftie..let metaphor and physical reality merge in lol….

    *Mothers think they know it all lol*

    ehehe Bezzie ,better believe it , your mum is right ,mothers do know it all, for years you think they don’t and think ha you only know me as a daughter or a son but don’t know me like my mates do or others at work or as a confidant blah blah…naa ,doesn’t work they know you better than anyone and they know everything anyway but it becomes a good feeling eventually and an accepted reality…and paradoxically even as I once thought the same about my mum I did also long for my mum to know everything I didn’t know about and me and got cross the times I felt she didn’t…

    Coming back to the issue of education I think I am in agreement with your mum, yes maybe school is not for everyone but education is really important for growth and human progress, it gives you knowledge and confidence and grounding and makes the world that little bit easier to understand, so does money but in a different way to education…riches are good aim but should not come at the expense of education I feel, though if someone asked me this very minute the riches would be my choice:), in the end it depends of what one wants out of life…

    David Beckam though I like, he may not read much or not into education but I like the way he encourages young boys into sport and football in particular, he is a man who I think football was almost a vocation as he started on really early and you can see the self discipline and dedication it has imparted on him, he was one of the most self disciplined players when he played here and Europe and a all round decent sportsman…

    not everyone will be cerebral and academically inclined and for those who are they have their Stephen Hawkins and Richard Dawkins but I think sporty and athletic children too should have their role models and David Beckam is a good one, granted he has a wife with a spectacularly bad taste who at times of global recession carries a bag with a tag price of eighty thousand pounds, made of diamond and other special stones given to her as a gift by hubby as a present for her birthday, then again it is her hubby’s money and he bought it so maybe the bad taste is his and not really hers but she gets the flak more than he does, I think they are both the Imelda Marcos of football lol…

    About Obama it was all high praise until this week, one week being a long time in politics hasn’t been demonstated so earnestly here…

    As soon as we heard Buy American, the euphoria of the shutting of that devil’s place Guantanamo faded away lol….then again some people in the oil refinery industry are striking about jobs the percentage of jobs they would have to share with other Europeans…their slogan is British jobs for British workers…aye, while that is happening we are complaining of by American, aye….more banks want bailing out the car industry and more banks and now retailers ha no one is bailing the private citizen just like a your yard…I am trying to imagine what my initial reaction would be if told I had 250 mils probably hysteria, followed by more hysteria lol..

    Oh yes we heard of the brother, how many brothers has the President got?, every now and then they dig out a brother, then a sister then an aunt then an uncle then more bruvs…we are more tolerant here and we have a tradition of famous people having embarrassing siblings or mothers who always say the wrong thing or speak out of turn o the press or do the wrong thing…mostly people feel sorry for the more worthy relative who cant really hel who he or she is related to and we leave it a that…

    We know about the Limbourg as well, his blood must have rushed to the brain like a rocket when he saw his own party electing a black leader lol ha to him, unless that is a cynical ploy to make the Grand Ole Party appealing outside of its natural constituency,….,such craftiness in politics, maybe it will work for them, it hasn’t worked that well for us here…even the most earnest ethnic minority Conservative MP has been able to recruit or get votes off the ethnics or get them to convert to Conservatism pfff death by hypoermia in a freezing lake would be more pleasurable than THAT….


    Bezzie I tried to get a funny story but there were none today so I brought you a serious one, it is a story I followed for years now…nice to see again Bezzie, thank you too, until next time you enjoy your day mate:)and sorry again for the delay, I try not to type too much on it…

  216. 216 Anonx

    Hidaya, I’ll get back to you properly because many times I am only capable of few liners and I can’t do that to you, would be unfair and unpolite. forgive.

  217. 217 Hidaya

    *Hidaya, yea,we missed you, where have been? Welcome back, this place is different without you. And I am not flirting*

    Thank you Anonx, missed you:) now about this flirting bit, yeah I got it hawuna.. none is happening only the telling of that none is happening, is happening, aye i got it lol I wonder what a flirtologist would make of it:) on a different note don’t worry about delays in replying have you seen how late I get at times?…life is hectic and we all get busy. I understand and I don’t think you impolite…lovely day Anonx:)

  218. 218 Hidaya

    Hi Bezzie long time no see where are you?:) I hope you are ok and having a great time….


    Here we have had the unexpected yesterday, a bunch of bankers apologised to MP’sfor breaking the country’s banks…then they added, they too have lost money and bonuses and more money, the apology didnt sound the same after that…but never mind them..today s foxes day…look a how funny this is, even the commentary by readers is hilarious, e of them claiming to be the foxes in he said video lol…best wishes ,have a lovely time Bezzie, dont be gone too long eh?

  219. 219 Bez

    Hidaya Hidaya, I AM BACK LIKE COOKED CRACK!!! (hold up is that good or bad..I guess it depends on which party you are in this crack world lol, so lets just assume you are the crack dealer since it will make my statement as a good news to you lol)

    my fav blogger how have you been? Ive missed reading your posts lol. It has been a while but I was just so caught up I haven’t had any chance to sit and write on here, except the few times I dropped a line here and there through my phone. Anyways a lot has happened since we talked last but I will try to not vomit the facts on here as that will make this blog insanely long lol. But Im glad your arm is fixed and being used sparingly lol. I see your are adopting and surviving by switching to your left hand, it will make Charles Darwin say “see I told you thats how we evolved” lol. If you were in politics we would’ve said you are “flip floper” lol, if u switch back to the right that is.

    You know African fathers often take it as their primary duty to repopulate the mother earth as much as they can, hence the many brothers Obama has lol. Anyways I read somewhere you guys had such a terrible storm and are taking a huge hit economically because the road infrastructure is not built to deal with such storm. Maybe you soon going to start seeing buy “American roads” sign? Lol. They always wants us to buy something everytime the economy slumps or something happens. They even make u feel like its Unpatriotic to not buy anything lol. I still remember during sep 11 attack, Bush came on T.V and said “go out and shop”. I just hope this crisis ends soon, they passed that 780 billion dollars stimulus plan so we shall see how that will fare. Its funny Obama and democrats were trying to have “bi-partisan” support for the bill but it ended up with people just playing politics as usual. Bi-partisan turned to “we don’t need your vote we won the election and got enough seats to pass it on our own” lol. You know its funny how the Republicans are giving advice on the economy when they are the ones who got us in this place. Infact I have high hopes for this stimulus package just because only 3 republicans voted for it in the senate and none in the house of representatives. I see that as a good sign, even if it is not “bi-partisan” lol

    You agree with my mother? And here I thought you was on my side. But my point was not education is not necessary, my point was that if your main aim in life is to be “wealthy” academics(instead entrepreneurship)is not the way to go usually, although it can be sufficient at times it is definitely not necessary like she was stating. Plus going to school is not the only way to be “getting education”, there are many ways to get an education but we will save that for another argument.

    Rush Limbourg is a jerk and all, but he does have 20 mill followers so he must be saying something that makes sense to a lot of people lol.

    The terrorist case is such a loaded cases for the nations involved, whewwww “loaded” is an understatement. I feel bad that he is in this situation, but if that brotha is actually involved in any kind of terrorist acts, he deserves that and even more. I just don’t understand anyone who tried to get their point across by hurting innocent people. I will call those people cowards. But I guess the real issue comes down to “are people like him are really terrorists or “wrongly accused”. It is definitely an interesting case, one that is going to take many years to resolve lol.

    Trampoline and the foxes lol, I like how they were playing with each other and one of the realizes the ground he is on is not normal. He was like “what the hell is this? hold up man, I am jumping higher than ever those squats I was working on mustve been paying off.” lol..on a side note, if i see a fox outside my window you will not get me to leave the house nor get anywhere near that trampoline lol

    Alright I have rambled on here long enough, so I will save your eyes from closing while reading all this lol. But it was good to read your post again, holla back youngin lol

  220. 220 Bez

    oh yea I forgot to leave you with a video clip, so I am going to leave you with this commercial that came on during the superbowl (American football championship)…just incase you guys dont use the website the commercial is about, careerbuilder.com is a major job search engine people use to find jobs (I cant believe im giving them a free plug lol)…ayte enjoy and have a good day…:)


  221. 221 Hidaya

    Hiya Bezzie mate good to see you and welcome back:) this thread isnt the same without you and I see you’re as sweet as ever..thank you :) , sorry for the delay, I waited until I had a free day to reply to you properly…uhmmm B wanna say something about the crack analogy but afraid I might across po faced about it, lol which in turn might mean, uhhm hold up, which is really bad the crack business or the coming back as the likeness of crack ?, questions, questions Bezzie lol ….

    Are we soon gonna see buy “American Road” signs?, we might, and if it is cheaper we will probably buy it, if they organise grit and salt the first day of snow invasion they can rule us too lol…dont much care who rules us or what we buy as long as they can deal with snow when it comes and what we are buying from them is way cheaper than what we would buy frome each other here …the bar really is set that low , aye….

    and here too we are told to go and buy stuff, even as the entire country is being sacked we are asked to buy this and that to boost the econonomy.. what with you feel like asking isnt everyone getting the boot and shouldnt they been holding on to their severance pay and not buy anything?, this morning they want to print more money too….

    we heard of the Stimulus Plan and economist are scrambling to explain it to us ignamorous the finer points on it, and as they do that another crook this time in cricket Sir someone Stanford is being unearthed..funny that since at the moment he cant be found for love money or fraud charged or investigation and eveeeeveryone is looking and all lol…it is strange how all these crooks play cricket, golf too Bezzie , must be something in the grass lol…

    About the education thing I still think most people benefit from it whether they use it or need it in their chosen field, as for school not being the only place one gets educated, well mostly it is, though there is life education too and it is not always out of choice ….I just think it is easier if everyone gets the right educaton from the beginning…they can use it or discard it as they wish but the ground work will be there, even for its own sake education is useful and not only in one’s professional life either ..is that being still being on your mum’s side or am I getting any closer to your side/position Bezzie? lol…

    About the guy in GB, my point is about legal procedure, natural justice and due process, evidence provided under torture, the right to a fair trial and legal representation, the right to know what one is charged with …

    I dont know about the US legal system but these are the basic rules that our legal system is based on, those of us who studied law are taught to uphold this model of a fair and just politically independent judicial system are dismayed…then we are told that uhhhm in practice miscarriages of justice are basically ok when it suit government and politicians and rules can be bent and made up as the whole sorry saga of torture and merry go round of despicabilities of all sorts, that is the actual beef I have with all this..

    It was a strange day when his military lawyer, a black woman lawyer and officer something came here two weeks ago to plead for his case to the British Authorities and mentioning the torture matter herself , that really was a surprise and my respect for military lawyers which usually isn’t all there has gone up in estimation which is just as well coz I don’t think much of military tribunals and lawyers who work for them..

    anyway there is a big argument that as been brewing for weeks now about how our Foreign Secretary was asked to repress evidence of torture by the big bosses in the US and the judges here didn’t like it one bit..it is gone quiet now but it is not an argument that is by no means finished or resolved….it wil keep coming back and with any luck ruin the career of our Foreign Secretary…he is a twerp, forty chronologically which makes you assume he knows stuff but his judgment one of a 12 year old twerp which is better than a forty year old twerp if he wasn’t in politics, oh yeah he is easily bullied too, he deserves every bit of the fall out that at some point this year will come back to get him…he is trying his best to distance himself from anything American or Security Services for now, it is not making him less of a twerp but he is trying…mainly for his career’s sake than for anyone’s good or he greater good of anything tut… an image of him, not very good one is coming out…

    on a different note are you really scared of foxes?…me not sure, when they are a bit far i am not scared but don’t think i want to be on hi and bye terms with them, what if they eat me?….

    But yeah,…here they all moved to London coz they have been made homeless by man and modern life so they took their revenge by moving to London and becoming part of urban life if a bit unwelcome intruder/guest/pest but you can hardly hold that agaisnt them since they were made homeless by humans in the first place….

    they are everywhere including the back of my flat, they look like skinny and not so pretty dogs and their eyes are hard and not sure what they meant to express their eyes with but it looks like they looking beyond you even when they make eye contact, I think it is a technique into lulling you to look behind you while they pounce on you from the front lol…

    they only try to eat people’s rubbish though to be fair to them they dont really eat children or animals but that is becasue they probably are not given he chance to do so only a fool would trust a fox with their young or their pets… but now that they are part of city life even cats are no longer fazed by their presence, the dogs stopping wailing too at their sight of their uglier cousins (which they used to do few years ago when foxes were still in the country side and a rare sight in the city) which they used to do right before they run and hide behind their owners now the dogs got used to them too and just glare back , the cats were a bit more dignified then and tried to fight them, but even they would run like a wind a the sight of a fox and would not volunteer for a scrap they only put up a fight when it comes to them, clever moggies lol…

    I once saw outside my building a fox/cat fight , ran towards it and tried to break it up by throwing a stone at the fox so the cat didn’t get eaten …the cat fled and the foxed hissed and glared at me…when tried to comfort the cat by stroking it ,it flew at me still in panic and miaoing like a moggie demon and almost scratched my hand and and tried to scratch my eyes out…ha, it changed my whole perception of which animal was the most dangerous in that fight lol, …

    there and then I took a vow, next time see a fox/cat fight contest and the cat is having a bad time of it I will just go back to my flat pick a bucket full of water and pour it over the feuding beasts…tha should settle it and send both in retreat united in shrieks, hisses and grunts as they both curse me and flee for cover, lol..that way the fight will be broken, the cat will be safe, the fox twarted in its evil endevours and I am not nursing any scratches by any beast, that too after playing the Good Samaritans amongst species not even my own, lol, a halo would be good too but I know i isnt forthcoming from the animal world and wouldnt want to if if it came from the human world lol…on that note until next time have a lovely time Bezzie Bez:)…

  222. 222 Bez

    Hey!! sorry for the delay, it seem time is flying again and me not being the pilot and all, I just had to wait patiently to blog lol. Maybe time is my crack, I just cant get enough of it lol. Anyways how you doing on this interesting time of era?

    Speaking of buy American, the Canadians were not too keen on hearing that. Obama had to actually get congress to edit that stimulus plan so it wont be “buy american” plan, I guess buy American shrinks free trade, so in a sense you guys are doing free trade justice when you guys buy the cheapest instead of made in england stuff (I just dont who exactly benefits from this concept). They trying to counter the recession with methods used during the depression in 1929 (you know pump money into national public projects like construction and etc). Although the World War around the depression back in the days helped America get out of depression since weapons and etc made in America became in great demand and which correlated with supply. I just dont know how effective this stimulus plan will be since it mirrors the method used in a compeletly different era.

    Printing more money huh? Maybe we should buy more money, since they want us to buy all the damn time lol There is nothing like a good inflation at a time of recession, it just doesnot sound too good to me but I guess I am not as knowledgable as these econmosists. I just hope this slump does not turn to depression even If I am going to be in school through most of the time. And I think all most corporate crooks play golf because it is like a social status statement (over here anyways).

    There was actually a front page article today about the case you sent me. The details were surprisingly very similar to the details article you sent me, its good to know atleast some journalist still report news as it is. I heard he has been on a hunger strike for a month. How does that work? He drinks water but does not eat? Is water not considered food? lol I heard he is to be released any day now, and then your boys are going to have fun with him..may even revoke his British legal status when all said and done!! The torture stuff im sure we will never know what really happened!! So we prob going to be stuck with wondering because if it actually happened it will be swept under the rug in the name of “Healthy future relationship with the two nations”!! If it didnt happen, it will be hard to prove something didnt happen so we will never know!! The whole concept of Military Tribunals and Lawyers terrifies me lol, its like a twilight zone and they play by different rules, I guess I understand that need to some extent. I sure hope justice prevails through all this when all said and done. I am pretty sure when I start class, this is going to be one of the first cases they are going to make me dissect.

    You are a brave woman for trying to break up that fight lol, and you just proved my point cats are evil by nature. They even attack you when you just saved their life lol. I have never seen a fox in my life. I pretty much been in the city all my life so the most you see over here is squirrels. I sometimes see a rabbit and get shocked lol. Oh yea I do see a deer on the road sometimes and they usually laid out on the road because some one ran into them. It sad to see but when can you do. Just call it road kill and drive on.

    Oh yea before I leave, what is the deal with the 11 year old father lol. Wow!! Is there any kids left in the world. It seems like you are born and then you become an adult skipping childhood all together. I read today an 11 year old killed his father’s Girlfriend who was 8 months pregnant. He shot her with a shot gun and then left and got on the school bus like it was nothing (The lady that got killed had 2 kids and both of the kids were on the school bus when he got on the bus, and he just sat with them like it was nothing). They are going to charge him as an adult. Makes you cringe seeing such a young boy being charged as an adult but its hard to argue against it.

    Anyways!! hope you had a good day, I am going to take my butt to bed. sorry to leave you with a depressing story lol, I just remembered it!! Im out like a stimulus check!!!

  223. 223 Hidaya

    Hi Bezzie long time the usual:)how are you?, anything new over the oceans?….read about one Alan Keyes, actually I saw him speak, oh dear, sounds like some fringe party that used to be called The Monster Loony Party and had someone not far off the title leading it RIP the leader of that party is dead now…but him and his party were actually funny surreal and were not meant to be taken seriously…this guy is surreal in ways that cant be good for his career if nothing else…stop Obama or the US will cease to be?, he was saying tut, how come no one is saying …brother, try and make sense or see someone in the funny farm for approaching lunacy…

    I wonder what his motivation is, I read somewhere that Prez Obama star was in ascent this guy’s one head first into nothingness, uhmm took away all rational thoughts from him too maybe that is why, uhmm, or maybe it was full moon lol…

    *Oh yea before I leave, what is the deal with the 11 year old father lol. Wow!! Is there any kids left in the world. It seems like you are born and then you become an adult skipping childhood all together.*

    Oh yeah Bezzie how true the latter part of your statement…there is no longer a childhood it appears to be so ….you read of the 13 year old baby’s baby daddy did you? uhhm yikes…oh it got worse, apparently there were other two contenders to baby daddy position, all under fifteen, all gormless looking…. last I read of it a DNA was going to determine as to begat whom…those kids have now the dubious title of being poster children for Broken Britain the media said…then they all blamed the other media, the creative one is sexualising children, many more blame the parents…it is a merry go round of finger pointing mainly of the middle classes but no one is actually fixing the problem….

    *They are going to charge him as an adult. Makes you cringe seeing such a young boy being charged as an adult but its hard to argue against it.*

    Shortly after I came to live in the UK there was a case of two ten year olds who abducted ,tortured and killed a litle boy of two,…there was a public outcry and they were tried as adults and I think the law changed since but it was horrendous, though the crime committed was callous to the extreme there was no doubt that these were actually children and however much was explained to them could not grasp fully court proceedings as adults ….

    I followed the entire case because it was everywhere for years after that…the two young killers came out few years ago and live under he witness somehing program in total anonymity and a permanent court order to protect their identities and where abouts, they served eight years in total which outraged the little boy parents and some other sections in society and though there was no excusing what those boys did or the gravity of their crime, their own lives were tragic and were born to people who did nothing but abuse, neglect and serve them a daily diet of violent behavior, followed by even vile celluloid behaviour… both boys were introduced to violent imagery and pornographic ones a a very young age, oh yes there was drug use all over the place too and cruelty and neglect…of course none of that excuses the murdering and torture of a little boy they kidnapped when his mother looked the other way for less than a minute in a supermarket and he walked off like little toddler are wont to do…they then came along and took his hand …ahh he gave his hand so trustingly and they lead him to his death, even now the cctv images of i shake me ,but it might explain why they did what they did..it is called the Jamie Bulger case….

    The story about Binyam is geting bigger and bigger but will get to it some other time or this might turn out to be the longes post lol…on not so different a matter the UK is now admiting took part in rendition flights…ie flying across UK sky and territory for transfer of terror suspects to places where the finger nails can be electrocuted and i is not breaking the lawa like it is in the US and the UK, places like Morocco, Pakistan and other hell holes…wonder what next confession is that Binyam might not be lying? uhhhm, we await and see, meanwhile the tabloid as well as the government wage a hate campaign of a man convicted of nothing yet even accused of nothing at present, yeah long before the truth comes out he will continue to be demonised, he has a good awyer though even if the entire world abandoned him, his good lawyer will see him right in the end however long it takes….

    *You are a brave woman for trying to break up that fight lol, and you just proved my point cats are evil by nature. They even attack you when you just saved their life lol. I have never seen a fox in my life.*

    Or it could be that the poor cat was almost eaten alive by a fox and thought any other overture from yet one more species might be more attack, cant blame the poor creatures to be suspicious Bezzie the Chinese boil and eat them and the foxes also try to eat them and humans , some in London kidnap them and kill hem for their fur…so can blame the cat for being a bit wary lol…aye that i me counsel for the cats lol…have a lovely weekend Bezzie….I wanted to say I am out like a rocket, but remembered dont like heights and rockes go really high dodnt they? loland on that note….ciao ciao bezzie….

  224. 224 Bez

    Hidaya Hiddizle Hidadizzz, how you been mate? as yall will say over there lol. Man it has been forever, I truly do apologize. I havent been on here in forever, the few times I was on here I did not reply to you because I did not want to leave you with a simple one liners lol. Man I feel like I am talking to a relative I havent seen in a while lol. I just been super overwhelmed since school bout to start up and everything, I couldnt sit long enough to write anything worth reading. I know a lot has happened over the past week or so, but I will try to keep it short and not vomit my thoughts all over this post lol.

    The story about the two kids that killed the other little kid, that has to be one of the saddest and most cruel stories I have ever heards (in regards to crimes commited by kids). Wow!! That is so sad and terrible. Since they are so young, I think the outrage and the punishment should be directed more so towards their parents. Nobody gets that evil that young unless parents are not doing their parental duties. They should have put the parents in jail if you asked me. Nothing boils my blood than an irresponsible parents who makes their kids pay for their failures. By no means that I am giving “holier than thou” speech, but sometimes as loving as a human nature is towards one another it can be so hateful. I will love to find out what punishment the parents recieved.

    Binyam story, I am pretty sure guilty or not he will be treated like he is guilty. Its like being accused of being a wife beater, the court might find you innoncent but in the eyes of the public the mere fact you have been accused will me make you be viewed as a wife beater even if you are innocent. Speaking of wife beaters, I am sure you have seen/heard the news about Rihanna and Chris Brown. Initially when the news broke out I was determined to not pass judgment until I have heard both side of the story. But then when I saw the pictures of what he did to her, I couldnt believe this man is out on bail running around like nothing happened. Yes I understand we all innocent until proven guilty, but when you have someone damage another person like that and not even deny it, it just hard to hold back. Whats even sadder is that two of them are reportedly back together and they even recorded a song together. Now I am one to believe that a human being can change with the right help/councel. But what kind of counciling or treatment can you recieve in 3 days that will allow you to be solve your horrific problems. I guess this just proves once again we all human because I used to intern at a women’s resource center for abused women and most of them go back to their abuser again and again. Infact right before I finished my internship this one lady left the shelter to go back to her abuser, 3 days later she came back with two broken arms, broken nose, and her jaws had to be wired because he beat her with a baseball bat. I just hope these two work on themselves with time apart and get over this. It makes it even more important because it is in the spot light and it sends a very dangerous message to all abused women out there. Donald Trump said “she should get out, if she goes back to him, she is a loser and she does not deserve any more sucesses in the future”.

    About the cat, I dont care how you -put it cats are evil lol. Look at you putting your lawyer skills to work by defending a cat that attacked you. I agree with your argument but I am going to disagree with it anyways just because I dont like cats haha (was that an oxymoron statement or what).

    Alright, I tried to keep it short and hopefully it was since I can never tell until after I click “submit”. This is the longest I typed in a while believe it or not. Ayte missy, may the Lord spare you from all the Chris Browns out there lol..hollaaaaaaaaaaaa

  225. 225 Hidaya

    Hi Bezzie mate how are you and how are things?:)…..I will get back to you in the next few days about the post…for now i am back advocating for the cat creature ….watch the sense of entitlement of this cat and his put upon owner’s face lol…

    I think cats are actually the owners of their humans who tend to them and not the other way round the way they carry on but never mind…this is so funny…


    Btw we are gonna have one of those stupid laws actually it is beyond stupid and a lot more sinister than stupid…right, it goes this way…

    if you have any outstanding traffic tickets to your name, unpaid too and you try to go abroad, uhmm well you cant, and they are gonna brand your passport as well to that effect that you owe unpaid fines and tickets and hence are public enemy number one, it is really not about traffic tickets or unpaid fines, it is about survaillance on where people go, especially people who dont pay their fines for whatever reasons and want to go abroad as well,ha makes you think what are civil courts for when people dont pay thei fines? why not get them there and get your money out instead of wanting to follow them? see beyond stupid and very sinister…

    what else, scientists in the US told us in research Illinois I think told us the age of decrepitude of the brain starts at 27, still, the age of middle age is extended to almost old age every year…what else? someone or more than someone is trying to tell us elephants paint in Asia, yep with their trunk,little or rather large leonardo da Vinci’s of the elephant world, then i saw he most enchanting sight i am ever likely to see a pink dolphin in the sea, it was the most gorgeous thing…., it looked like a pink helicopter, he was a show off and all lol…,it may not be such a good things amongst his peers though being pink, poor thing is an albino, lets hope the other dolphins in the play ground are all colour blind eh?…i will get back to you about the res …until next time ciao bezzie….

  226. 226 Hidaya

    Hi Bezzie bez, how are you mate?:)how is school,is there spring where you are?…here it is spring like in the morning, cometh the hour ie 4:00 pm and it is chilly and winter like, so then it is not really spring but try telling that to the weatherman, he keeps calling it spring lol, he should just make it easy for everyone and announce People:….”today is sunny in the morning and chilly in the afternoon,, you don really need to know why and even if I explained it is not like you would understand, so viewers, to make life simpler for all concerned take two sets of clothing on your way to work, that is all you really need to know” …instead they give you a half hour lecture of current chilly winds from Siberia, the US,Iceland Antartica, everywhere, velocity, some other stuff, and at the end of it you’re still none the wiser of how hot or cold tomorrow is gonna be in London your backyard never midn Siberia and Iceland lol..ok i am gonna give the wethear man some peace now lol…

    What punishment did the parents of Robert Thompson and Robert Venables recieved? well, none.. technically they didnt murder anyone their offsprings did, but yes it is debatable whether those boys would have turned into little toe rags torturers and murderers of little toddlers had they nor being born and bred into the surroundings they were,it is the old question isnt it? are we born killers or are we made killers through either abuse or neglect?

    I dont know about the Thompson boy but the other sounded like he was one of those children whose life is so miserable at home they have neither confidence nor values or people that can shape them or protect them or guide them, then they become vulnerable to stronger personalities like the Thompson boy was which shrinks who examined them for the court case were saying was the colder and more calculating of the two ,also the one wih the more dominating personality, the leader in their unholy alliance…. so imagine the second boy at least might have a chance had he not been born in the family that he was and well social services didnt do jack either, not that they are known for saving at risk children, infact children are at risk even when they are in the care of Social Services on occasion, too many of them to count and all…

    Biniam ordeal is not over and he continues to suffer, he has given few interviews that raised questions but nothing big so far except for the suggestion of an MP to set up an enquiry abou some of the allegations he makes about the UK security services and the role they had in his alleged torture, the right wing press of course whips up hate agaisnt him but that is nothing new andhe has been through worse….there was even a brand new allegation he made yesterday that went like this, Binyam was told he could go free ages ago only if he didnt sue the British government, ha the bloody cheek…well of course he refused, why should he accept that? it is like admitting he was is guilty of what he is accused of which he is disputing anyway and says he can prove it if it goes to court….

    hopefully he will sue for millions and I have a feeling he has a very good case, injustice of the gravest kind has been committed ageisnt this man, it is time the people who did that are held accountable and pay for it, he is lucky he lives in the UK, if his case is allowed to go to court he will get the chance to tell his side and his lawyers seems to be itching for someone to charge his client with something so they can have their day and case heard in court by the entire world, ehm , so far no one is obliging the lawyer so far and Binyam has not been charged even with the theft of a single bean form the supermarke counter, erhm why not you wonder? if he is this big time terrorist who wants to blow people up?…things never added up with this poor guy case and I hope the thruth comes out for Binyam’s sake…

    on a positive side, his sister came to see him form the US and his brother too, a Dr from AA or US I am no sure, so at least he is not alone after that horror he endured and for now he is free if sequestered by public view by choice and by necessity coz he is not a well man, he is a broken man…I wish him well like I have been for the last six years….

    Oh yeah famous people beating other famous people up..our press called it the new Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown alliance from hell and others the Tina and Ike show on the road..yeah we read the story the same month we had a campaign to stamp out domestic violence… what an awful coincidence that was, just how angry was this guy to have beaten her like that? and she is said to have stayed with him, this is what makes DV so difficult to understand to ousiders I think at times, if you’re beaten like that wouldnt you be scared out of your wits to go back to the person who did that?

    I would be petrified and would put as much distance as it is humanly possible between mysef and them and the harm they bring,but many are not which is the tricky bit, why are they not? …

    when someone is not scared of a beating like and stay with the person who beats them and even say they love them something big and wrong must be the matter with them, no one in their right mind would love people who try to throttle them and punch them repeateadly and try to break their jaw and blacken their eyes, …the right emotion to feel towards someone who does that would be to feel raw and pure undiluted hate, followed by a feeling of “This that happened to me is wrong I must stand up for myself I must make also a bigger and wider social point about Domestic Violence BY standing for myself and even if I cant do it alone I will seek people who will support me in standing up for myself”….

    DV is a real problem, in the UK every six seconds a woman is killed by a current husband, a parner or ex, that is how bad it is…and now i will leave you with this news that shuttered all my illusions about something…

    historians say that Robin Hood of Nottinghamshire was not a romantic figure of a man brandishing his own version of altruism to right social inequalities of the times and wealth distribution by way of robbing the rich to give it to the poor…ha, not true, he robbed everyone and kept the proceeds himself aye, he was nothing but a common crook they found some writing tha give them the theory, i didnt really wanna know and prefer the untrue version, not so apparently the sodding historians…on tha note Bezzie bez ciao and have a lovely time slaving away reading law reports:)

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