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I first read about eLbie a few months back when I got an email with a link to her myspace page. I realized that I had seen her picture or met her or something.

At which point I started to read her blog, and I was hooked because she wrote about very personal stuff. Or as she says

i will mainly be discussing quick and fabuLous ways to feel fabuLous about yourself!!

Although her posts are ambiguous, she does describe what she is in the process of doing. She is and has made music. She has participated in a lot of modeling photo shoots and goes to fashion related events in New York City.

She describes herself as an African, and a musician. I have for the most part been captivated by the video diaries, seen above right after she got up, which I found to be very unique and daring because of how personal and unabashing she is or appears to be.

eLbie is 31, and very woman, not a girly by any means. The music very pop and modern, not my style but it’s not bad.

She has very big dark Ethiopian eyes, and plump bottom lips. She is girlfired cute as I have heard them say on Make me a Supermodel. I will ask her to give me a Kiss. Her style hip hopish in a New York sense. Basically I find her very enlighting and intriguing even if she does sound you know chemlaka.

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  1. 1 SelamT

    blondie bores me to death. You said “Basically I find her very enlighting” Really nolawi??????????????

  2. 2 Nolawi

    yes, before you call me superficial… I like her honesty. Its so different compared to many let say Abesha woman!

  3. 3 ye-inatu-lej

    I am related to her. Her work doesn t do much for me but I do respect and applaud her effort to chase after her dream. In the process she’s kicking the ‘yilugneta’ that hangs over many in our culture.

  4. 4 Tsedey

    Yeah not into her music but I like the personality, video with no make up shows confidence. But rants a lot.

  5. 5 helen

    She doesn’t look at the camera directly… that bugs me a little.


    Its so different compared to many let say Abesha woman!

    Why do you always use the singular form of the noun? Just curious…

  6. 6 Dr. Ethiopia


    Is it just me? I find nothing intriguing, fascinating or unique about her. She has used Myspace as a medium to launch whatever her interest is. In a sense, there are plenty like her on Myspace that chase their so-called “ambtions” or “dreams”.

    She is not someone you would call talented or gifted by any stretch of the imagination.

    I am not sure she is worth discussing. Just an abesha girl on Myspace.

    Oh and the video blog? Plain. Just someone talking to the camera, no plan or thought behind it.

  7. 7 tsepeace

    frankly speaking, and this is no way shape or form to hate on an ambitious sistah tryna do it big…
    i don’t find the videoblogs ‘honest’ aside from the one without makeup (arif bold move!). most of them sound more like efforts to fit a glam-fied, celebrity rockstar cookie cutter…from the ‘cribs’ spin off…to mtv ‘dairy of…’ inspired vids…
    but, i actually like the blog which seems to share some of her real thoughts…good luck making it in hollywoody eLbie. It’d be cool to see u on billboards and all that…

  8. 8 mesfin

    I too agree that I don’t think he music is anything worth listening too. She seems very nice and is very sexy looking!

    I especially like her eyes.

    On the other hand I think she seems like one of those rapper girls that is into black guys in the business or sports. you know groupie type.

    regardless its a good topic to discuss!

  9. 9 meski

    hey she is very confident though. its so brave and it seems honest and not snobby.

    I like her.

    I am also not in agreement with DR. this is worth discussing!

  10. 10 Dr. Ethiopia

    I am also not in agreement with DR. this is worth discussing!

    What is there to talk about? Her confidence? C’mon get a grip. Are you serious? Don’t be so quick to jump on whatever-her-name’s band wagon.

    I have loads of talented and cause-driven abesha women on Myspace, that i consider confident and brave. In fact, i find it interesting that Nolawi’s personal attraction to this chick has made it as a post with a little twist like the so-many fancy words he had used to describe her.

    Meski – i think you are entitled to your opinion. Personally, I find her to be at the bottom of any list and has a mountain to climb. And frankly speaking, to expect the rest of us to discuss someone that’s a nobody is simply insolent and an insult to all people who ‘think’.

  11. 11 Hidaya

    I find her pretty and sweet.

    I like her blog, the written one, it has little more depth than the videos not sure what the video-blog is supposed to tell me about her since all she mentions is what she is going to do next and not her inner most thoughts or feelings about anything, her music is not exactly memorable to me and her voice may not be unique but it is no worse than the voices in pop already, but I am not sure that based on the little I saw of her where her talent lies, best wishes to her anyroad….

  12. 12 SelamT

    Personally, I find her to be at the bottom of any list and has a mountain to climb. And frankly speaking, to expect the rest of us to discuss someone that’s a nobody is simply insolent and an insult to all people who ‘think’.

    Welol said Dr. Ethiopia. I don’e see any point in talking about her.

  13. 13 rebel

    Hi, she looks very good for her age. I am glab abesha ladies are doing different things.

  14. 14 dawitm

    she is not all that, but she is just ok. i wish her all the best.

  15. 15 eLbie

    hello everyone… i had to personally say thank you for taking the time to write your comments on Nolawi’s blog entry about mE. :) as for the music on myspace page, [even i, myself, don't love it anymore] it is not current, and my new stuff won’t be up until we get cleared by the producers.

    in the meantime- thank you for the love and support. no matter how you feel about me- i’m glad it moved you to write about it.

    pEacE & bLessings….

  16. 16 mikias

    Wow the power of the internet, now we can talk directly to elbie

    At the end the fact Nolawi wrote about it means that she got press..

    and all press is good press… so the dr. till you accomplish something for us to talk about – your ridiculous call doesn’t mean much.

  17. 17 kay

    She is not someone you would call talented or gifted by any stretch of the imagination.

    I am not sure she is worth discussing. Just an abesha girl on Myspace.

    Arat neT’b!!!

  18. 18 Tsedey

    I, for once agree with “Dr.” E.T.’s comment on #6.

  19. 19 shanko

    All the ugly girls are hating.

  20. 20 meski

    She is indeed very cute even with no makeup and stuff!

  21. 21 elias

    Elbie, go girl! Don’t be discouraged by some of the comments, here. To those who think it was a ‘ waste of time’, I beg to differ. I think it shows the scope of the ‘ My Space’ phenomena and will give other compatriots to come up with a formula which might foot their bills. Afterall, we are part of this superficial World, whether it is to our liking or not! Speaking about Myspace, I came across a number of Ethiopians, including the infamous Melaku who seem to have numerous friends and buddies. Nolawi, keep on fetching them, will you?

  22. 22 dawitm

    “She is indeed very cute even with no makeup and stuff!”

    are you sure about that? eLbie’s face in above pic for sure shows lots of makeup. just look at the face and those lashes. nothing wrong with makeup, i am just trying to point the obvious & glaring fact shown in above pic.

    that said, i still believe she is not all that, just alright. i actually admire her more for her honesty and for coming here to seek support from her people. i can’t speak for others, but i personally stand behind her dreams and support her 100%.

  23. 23 dawitm

    ohhh i see the video now, i guess she does not have makeup in the video. but she does not look anything like the first pic which has lots of makeup. anyway my statement above still stands.

  24. 24 Nolawi

    wow, everybody!

    eLbie thanks for stopping by! I am sorry if you find some of the comment, mine or others negative… in all you are great otherwise we wouldn’t be talking about you! emuaa

    dawit ofcource woman look different with makeup and not- i like her looks even when she is natural

    hidaya- we agree again..

    helen sorry about the singular! i pretty much write very fast in order to keep up pace with all the stuff i have to do.. in all as long as I express my thoughts the grammar is secondary biye amanelu ? let me know

    DR- after you made this comment you went on your own blog and started shit my god.. I am really upset by this..

    you negated the fact you said you didn’t want to discussion and then you write a disparaging attack on someone because you are – i don’t know why.

    Second you have always annoyed me with you spamming on bernos but i decided to keep quite about it because i thought you brought a different perspective to the discussion.
    with that said I am making my comment public instead of via email.

    I am now going to block your ip addresses. I will give you some time to respond.

  25. 25 yonas

    I just read the DR’s blog. It’s very dirty and twisted. The poor woman definitely does not deserve that unwarranted attack. He has a habit of turning bitter and vindictive if people disagree with his views or don’t accept his “criticisms”.

    I’d love to respond at length on his blog but he’ll probably censor my comments or publish my private email address and ip address if the comments don’t flatter him. Based on that article, I think that’s the common backward practice at his little yard.

    Anyway nols, not worth banning him. That’s stepping backwards to his level. His tacky spamming needs to stop though.

  26. 26 Meski

    I just read the blog too and I agree , its disgusting and vindictive i think he should be blocked as well.

    I am sorry you have to deal with people like this ELbie, keep up the good work!

  27. 27 helen

    helen sorry about the singular!

    You don’t have to apologize. I just noticed you do it often (you just did it again btw) and I wondered if it was a Freudian slip and that you use it because you see all women as one dimensional hence the word woman instead of women? I might be over analyzing it … I keep forgetting about the “simplicity” of a man’s mind :D

  28. 28 spacefog

    Dr.´s Blog lacks depth.I don´t think he is worth taking time to block. Let him ramble,who cares

  29. 29 c'est moi


  30. 30 c'est moi

    Go Nolawiye ! good to see that he wont be around here with his boring talk . Dude’s got issueeees , besmab.
    ( sashkabit :) )

  31. 31 embrt

    it’s obvious that lust has gotten the better part of nolawi (the part that has taste and good judgment)

    this chick is WAY in to herself for what, to an outsider, seems like no apparent reason. or at least a reason good enough to justify the breadth of her ego.

    anyways, go ahead and do you elbie. as this blog illustrates, there are many who would actually buy it.

  32. 32 ye-inatu-lej

    What’s at hand here? Her talent? Her looks? Or the fact she has the gutts to stick her neck out to live her dream. This piece is turning into an ugly version of american idol.

    Nolawi – no reason to block Dr. – as mean spirited and off point some views might be, it adds to the color of bernos.

    Time to move on to other subjects!

  33. 33 nahom

    nolawi, you do not need to apologize for what others feel about elbie. criticism goes both ways. this way elbie can see a different perspective of things and build on that.

    no need sugar coating anything.

    on that note, the doctor was off his meds. as much as blogs are a place where you air out what you feel, it needs to carry and air of depth and sophistication if you want readers to come back wanting for more. not someone going on and on with a high school gossip column of he said, she said. so, in the words of the Dr himself, “Personally, I find Dr. Ethiopia to be at the bottom of any list and has a mountain to climb(to get out of the hole he is in at the moment). And frankly speaking, to expect the rest of us to (go to your blog after such an insidious movie) is simply insolent and an insult to all people who ‘think’. ”


  34. 34 tsegure

    I find it more interesting she has a split personality. Wonder why she felt she coudn’t address Dr. E here instead of his site? She doesn’t have what it takes to make it in the entertainment industry. She needs thick skin and not globs of make up.

  35. 35 Hidaya

    I apologise to Bernosians about the length of this entry but I feel it needs saying….

    Hi Elbie…

    I admire your graciousness in the face of so much criticism both positive and negative. Some of us see your potential of the little we saw of you and wish you well.

    Sometimes what goes on as constructive criticism is anything but…

    *For example this; ie the Dr’ 2 statements below is this really constructive criticism?…where is the fairness that CC requires as one of its main ingredient?

    *She is not someone you would call talented or gifted by any stretch of the imagination.*

    Isn’t this hasty? on the little material that Elbie has posted how can a conclusion so final be drawn from it? and the words ” by any stretch of the imagination” excuse me? this is not fair criticism, this is not even critique-ing, this is just mean spirited and over dramatic.

    *I am not sure she is worth discussing. Just an abesha girl on Myspace.*

    Nothing constructive about this either, it is though undermining and dismissive to the artist, patronises both artist and reader, isn’t it all up to us by common consesus what we discuss at Bernos?…

    *Oh and the video blog? Plain. Just someone talking to the camera, no plan or thought behind it.*

    More of the same, it assumes what Elbie planning or thoughts are, actually he says there are none behind her recordings ie the videoblog question, how does he know?.

    CC doesnt include assuming what an artist is thinking or not thinking, interpretation of their art might valid to do so but assumptions of what goes on in their heads or their thought processes is taking it a bit too far, if anyone has to do that let their shrinks do that at least they are qualified to do so.

    *I have loads of talented and cause-driven abesha women on Myspace, that i consider confident and brave. In fact, i find it interesting that Nolawi’s personal attraction to this chick has made it as a post with a little twist like the so-many fancy words he had used to describe her*.

    Not CC here either, assumes Nolawi is attracted to Elbie, he might very well be I dont know but nowhere in the article did he say he was and to claim otherwise is just more assumptions made by the Dr…

    *Meski – i think you are entitled to your opinion. Personally, I find her to be at the bottom of any list and has a mountain to climb*.

    Overdramatic again and not very generous or fair…

    *And frankly speaking, to expect the rest of us to discuss someone that’s a nobody is simply insolent and an insult to all people who ‘think’.*

    Why is it insolent to discuss about the article about Elbie? I dont get this at all, is it because the Dr doesn’t want to? is that why it is an “insult to people who think”,eh? why?, honestly though by virtue of having grey cells and a functioning brain don’t we all think by default?, unless of course we were being patronised again…

    That is my take on it, I have no views as to whether he should be banned or not I leave that to Nolawi and I admire the sang frois of ye inatu lej in keeping cool and letting people have their views of Elbie with collected calm, I wish the Dr was as generous or magnanimous whatever.

  36. 36 Anonx

    I liked Elbie’s response, it said so much about her as a person the Dr. will come to understand only in his grave.

  37. 37 Tsedey

    Does that mean we’re not gonna see comments such as these anymo??

    - choose your battle smartly
    -…,my friend
    -those of us who ‘think’?

    Guys, don’t be hard on this guy, he’s sexually constipated.Serious.

  38. 38 tsegure

    The problem with the Ethiopian community is the “cookie cutter” mentality. Some of you bloggers need to relax. Don’t feel the pressure to hate on Dr E because your virtual blogger friend has. Relaxxxxxx :)

  39. 39 Nolawi

    Ok fine we won’t block him but I am glad i said my peice

  40. 40 Anonx

    To that list add:
    -don’t show up with a knife to a gun fight (how orginal)

  41. 41 Totit

    Nolawi Am glad u decided not to bloke him…What a boring life we would have if everybody had similar view, expression….hummm…I like the kaleidoscope of opinions….personality… perspective that I find here…One think I really abhor is people with no opinion…so At least he has one…I agree that he attacks people with different opinion at all times…he does not like people to disagree with him…
    When It comes to eLbie…one thing I can say is… U go girl…I am looking forward to see ur new thing…She is a person filed with a lot of positive energy…

  42. 42 eLbie

    o my goodness!! i cant believe all this for little ole ME… let me quickly let you guys know why i posted a comment on his site.

    first of all- i clicked on his site after posting my response on here just to see what his blog was about. to my SHOCK- i recognized him. he is someone that sent me a very long and extensive message on myspace about how much he ADMIRED my work and how we should keep in close touch. you have to understand my initial and genuine SURPRISE when i saw how negatively he reacted to this post. my first instinct (which i usually run with) was to post him a message saying “wow- u changed your mind bout me that fast?” as in- a few weeks after you sent me such a nice and genuine message on myspace, you all the sudden- don’t ‘like me’…

    second of all- u have NO idea how thick my skin is. i am not offended at all by anyone’s comments. in spite of what you may think, i been in this industry since 2002 and have learned some SHIT…

    third- thank you guys SOOO much for the love(hate) and support. i appreciate it all

  43. 43 eLbie

    oh!! what do you know: i found the message he sent me! do enjoy:

    From: Dr.
    Block User Delete From Friends

    Date: 21 Jan 2008, 16:45
    Flag as Spam or Report Abuse [?]
    Subject:Hey there
    Hey how are you, I was looking through some profiles which led me to yours. Your profile seems to stand out amongst the rest. Anyway I Omar and I would like to know more about you. By the way I have a blog that I think you just might be interested in…… well this is not a solicitation of any sort, this is genuine interest and I would like for you to fill me in.

    Ciao for now, keep in touch, Omar. http://www.abesha.wordpress.com

  44. 44 Nolawi

    Aha eLbie.. i now see why he is upset… you didn’t give him the attention he needed

  45. 45 tsedu


  46. 46 spacefog

    Well Guys ,

    I am wowed with Elbie’s last comment.

    This thing keep getting better and better.

  47. 47 nyalasmoke

    keep doing your thing Elbie! yes I do remember your stuff from abesha.com back in the days! I am sure you have even better stuff since then. So please do share.

    Props to Hidayas post #35! That was very thoughtful and it is an excellent dissection that we all should learn from.

    As for the perpetrator of the unreasonable criticism/hateration above, one is forced to conclude from the evidence at hand that he has no interest in exercising constructive criticism beyond stating or rather misstating so. Therefore, I suggest y’all cease calling the dude “dr.” or “Ethiopia” because doing so diminishes both words.

  48. 48 Hidaya

    Sorry again Bernosians one las lenghty post…

    Aha things are cleared to me now after Elbie discosure of “you know who” mail, I was wondering what prompted the extreme position he took regarding Elbie, it did not seem it was based of the little we all saw of Elbie’s material, since when has unstated personal bias towards someone become constructive criticism?…at least if one is biased towards someone on a personal level shouldnt they mention that as they make their commentaries on their talent or lack of it? so that we all know what the criticism is based on if it is outside of what is being reviewed, for transparency sake’s like…

    I am not hating on the Dr like it has been suggested. I like to think I dont hate on anyone just coz they think different from me, that would be tyrannical in my view and I am not that, but the Dr should practise what he preaches, if he is free to have his view with forceful language at times and tolerated so are we the mild toned ones who just express our view in less dramatic tones.

    we dont deserve to be hectored for it or implied we dont “think” or told to bring knives for a gun fight which I was told that which just baffled me no end, coz I was never looking for a verbal assault nonetheless I got one and all I did hen was suggested that a statement he made at the time was factually incorrect, what I got was a verbal assault no other way to describe it. So let him practice what he preaches I would say…

  49. 49 Anonx

    The Omar chicken is coming home to roost….

  50. 50 paula abdul

    …dramah dramah dramah…

    Take one: ugly version of american idol.

    “when it comes to dr. ethio… i am a little bedazzled why anyone would boycott the dr.’s blog cos of an online interlude where he made vindictive statements. most people usually don’t mean to be cruel like that, we just end up acting on our insecurities, you know?
    If you don’t like the bunna bet becos of its content…you shouldn’t visit it. but, if u find it interesting, that’s also your prerogative…And since his blog is not up for review, just i leave this by saying, why pass judgment? unless, of course, the gals are testing dr. ethiopia’s capacity as the love doctor? ;)

    eLbie darling, from your comments here and from your writings I sense you have so much depth….the video blogging, is a great idea, it is a creative way to get yourself out there but speaking as a woman who was once a pop sensation: honey, they sound like mtv show imitations! and a mixup between tweet and paris hilton…girl, stay true to yourself, and bring something unique… because u owe it to yourself to let your art speak!

  51. 51 Hidaya

    I want to say thank you to Nyalasmoke,thank you Nyala.

    I enjoyed the discussion about US politics you had with Anonx and others a while ago ie Ralph Nader the contrarian and appreciate your insights. I very much like maverick independent politicians but realise they probably will never come to poewr but dont know much about RN except for the fact he is generally blamed for losing the Democrats an election…Thanks again…

  52. 52 Mena

    Leave the Dr. alone….He was just giving a “constructive criticism”.

    Dr. Ethiopian response to Elbi….

    “I find that to be hypocritical. You can’t show good face in a public comment and release your venoms on my blog.

    In all fairness, after receiving her comment in my inbox, i had to respond. My first choice was not this blog, but rather to go back to where it all started.

    But, to my surprise, your one-and-only had come to find out his responses was not being approved by the blog owner (which i wouldn’t name, first – out of respect, second – it could be a glitch, wink)

    Hence, i was left with no choice but to come here and draw my art with my words.

    With that said, few lessons to my friend whom i named Elbie Sweetie,

    If you plan on being a singer, Elbie Sweetie consider me to be a taste for what is yet to come, i.e. if you make it BIG TIME.
    If you can’t handle the heat, Elbie Sweetie stay out of the kitchen.
    If you don’t know what constructive criticism is, Elbie Sweetie drop the Mic for a second and pick up the dictionary. I was simply judging your work and not YOU. So blame your work for not impressing me, so much.

    With that said, i hope you find the strength and the tough-skin you so desperately need in this post.

    I know . . . i know . . . you had said you wouldn’t come back to my blog. Don’t ask me why i feel otherwise.

    Finally, Elbie Sweetie – Relax.”

  53. 53 eLbie

    thank you guys again for the love and support… my intention was not for everybody to fry the guy that calls himself a ‘dr’ of our beloved homeland, but rather, to illustrate the strange phenomena of a disgruntled human being and how unresolved feelings can manifest themselves into undesirable situations. other than that, please stay tuned for my new stuff.. i promise it will be SUPER hot. also- i hope to see you guys at the soccer tournament in dc this summer… if u see me- make sure u say hello!!!

    God Bless…

  54. 54 toothpick

    oooh. online beef. i love it. now if you guys go ahead and catapult some furious emoticons every which way, we’d have a full-fledged nuclear holocaust of epic proportions.

    elbie, do your thing. some people will like it, some won’t. whatever floats your boat, long as you ain’t hurting anybody.

    dr. ethiopia … you kinda reek of malpractice.

    everyone else, go play in traffic.

    me, i’ll return to waxing my nutsacs. pubic lice are no joke.

  55. 55 -----Wiit

    It was fun reading all these comments. hoden amemegn. Dr benatih atizebariq. I mean I respected your comment until you got exposed. Why would you be two faced? She did not give you enough attnetion, so you had to come up here and disrespect her? betam astelita

    But for elbie, do your thing girl. Now so many get a chance to go after their dreams. Negative responses should only make you strongs and drive you to prove these people wrong. Best of luck!

  56. 56 Dr. Ethiopia


    interesting you would admit the truth actually. The fact that I couldn’t comment on this blog. Spam? I never knew the definition of participating was spam. I was actually away and just saw all you had to say. I could see why you would sound this way, but in reality that happens a lot when someone speaks as I do. And for your opinion of my post on your crush girl, hey that’s Nolawis opinion, isn’t it mate? What thing I try not to practice is a hypocrisy. How does it feel to fail your readers, really? If your readers disagree with your posts, so be it. You can’t take your time to post a thank you to your crush and apologize for what others have to say about her? Its a slap on face and disregard to others opinion, no matter how titanic an opinion they might have.

    Well I didn’t respond back to this as fast as I would have liked, but here I am. I am interested to see in what you have to say next, if anything, then I might take you on your dare.

    Freedom of speech and opinion, one of my favorite. You mentioned you didn’t want to write me in private, and I wouldn’t have it another way but just here or “you know where”.

    Lets continue this and see how it turns out, and hopefully your strong words will have subsided. As you can imagine, you can see how hard it is for me not to come back with blazing words.

    So just like you gave me achance to respond, I will afford you the same opportunity, anywhere you would choose to address me. So call this your chance to respond.

  57. 57 Kib

    Are we always wrong when we tell the truth up front?

    I don’t really know both of you guys, sorry. But I read your opinions. Elbie( sorry if i misspelled it)- You claimed you have great dreams and ambitions that you would work for it, no matter what. Does that mean you would not wanna hear any disagreement? or any criticizm?.. Well,, when a person criticizes you, you better listen and try to improve your self – of course if you think it is a constructive critic/comment. If it is something you wouldn’t wanna hear, then you should not post anything for the public. I think once you post your whole life to the public, that is it. The public have all the right to say whatever they see in you, either positive or negative. You need to develop some coping mechanism for your self how to deal with negative comments. You can not set a limit for people opinion. Don’t expect life is that simple. Life has both sides.
    Can I ask you one thing? What is the purpose of all your posts? I do not get that. Some ppl,, said you are popular,, i tired to goole your name all i saw was unfinished website and nothin. I do not get that as well.. Hopefully, you won’t get mad at me,, but reply for my questions… Keep on working,,

  58. 58 tsedu

    yeah yeah yeah “dr.ethiopia” look who is talking about freedom of speech please.on your website you don’t even have a gut to let people comment without being censored by you what are you afriad of ?.please practice what you preach

  59. 59 nik

    Isn’t there a big differnce b/n freedom of speech and having certain rules to manage your own website.
    Tsedu- if you have seen certain websites,, you would be as selective as “Dr. ethiopia.’- just to maintain the quality of your circle.

  60. 60 Nolawi

    hi DR
    the spam part is the fact that you put you link like this

    ether before you comments or after. If you want to share your URL you can use the URL field. Once or twice is ok but excessively it becomes spam.

    Freedom of speech! you have that! do you thing from your own platform. as you did your own blog. But I will not give you a big loud microphone in the name of first amendment right.

    What are we a government? what is wrong with asking people not to insult eachother and express only constructive criticisms.

  61. 61 Dr. Ethiopia

    Uh huh, that is spam? Well i couldn’t disagree with you more. I find it hard to fathom. Blog standard in our little Abesha world must be different from the blog world i am accustomed to.

    In all honesty, and as your blog posts would testify, i have only participated in posts that has enticed me enough to comment. Hence, if you would label me a ‘spammer’, which i strongly detest, i would have been doing what you have accused me of doing in every post of yours. Yes?

    Then i would be considered a spammer.

    Listen, you judge someone by his whole body of work and not a single incident here and there. Passion at times can have all of us get carried away at times, but in this case i must say your motive is different from what you mentioned above.

    To say that i respectfully disagree with you is an understatement. I have seen fights on your blog, and at times, some folks had gone back and forth forever. I have never (not once) witnessed you trying to put an end to that. Personal attacks happen in the blog world, FYI.

    With that said, you are entitled to your opinion and i can live with our differences.

    P.S. I have never ever put my URL in the middle of any comments i have left, unlike what you stated above. And it is a habit of mine to do that everywhere i had left a comment. I might have acted like a blog owner as opposed to a fan in that regard. And for doing so on your blog, you have my apologies. It was never my inention to ‘spam’. Some folks sign their name when they send an email, and i use a URL, as simple as that.

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    Ok thanks. Dr

    I don’t care about you links…thus i never said anything
    my problem what you wrote about the girl. and it remains to be allegedly false.

    everything else is small stuff.

  63. 63 Dr. Ethiopia

    Well, Nolawi, i would let you have the last word, even though you have thrown in a statement in there.

    It sounds repetitive and can only leave things in tatters to talk about it any longer. I had a question, i think you would like to hear. It would be gracious of you to write me in my email, so i can discuss it with you.

    Keep up the fun.

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    This blog should be titled Dr E.

  66. 66 Grand Ma

    True, ridiculous to say the least. I didn’t mean to join the lynching mob, though. I was just caught up with the moment. What amazed me was that it was not about his original comment, it was about what was behind it. To me, the Dr. appeared to draw to himself a certain standard and principle when he drops comments in this blog (or in rare cases i should say “know it all” kinda comment) and now, i found it funny reading the series of back and forth comments above.

    BTW, the Dr. is interesting blogger and i’m looking forward to read his future comment with “caution”. Just kidding.

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    If you don’t mind me asking what I don’t understand is why u sent her a message on myspace telling her that her profile stands out and then turn around and come here and tell us that she is just an abesha girl on myspace.

  68. 68 Dr. Ethiopia

    Dinich – you raised a brilliant question, which i didn’t want to delve into w/o someone raising it.

    Pay attention to when the message was sent, 5 months ago. I was never into the Myspace phenomenon until a friend recommended it for many reasons (marketing being one), who by the way has 87,000 virtual friends.

    To make it short, she had explained on how she had achieved such a number and the message she had used to achieve that many number of friends blah blah. So that very message i sent to Elbie, is one i sent to hundred’s of people, with out being so generic and trying to make it a little bit personable.

    When Nolawi had posted this post, i had forgotten this person whom i have sent a message to 5 months ago, and it was the first time i had taken my time to read about this person, regardless of who it might be (an Ethiopian, American, European or African)

    Therefore, based on what i had seen on Nolawi’s blog i was expressing what I REALLY felt.

    With that said, i am not so naive that i fail to realize for someone just reading this post, how it can make me sound a ‘hypocrite’, if you will.

    It will take a bit of analyzing to see through it, but it is what it is.

    I am glad you raised a very good question. And also i love the passion of Nolawi’s audience as much i love mine, and that’s honestly speaking. So i don’t take anything personal, and try to leave it all upto the individul.

    I happen to be a believer that, blogs have life because of this very people that say their piece in their own voice.

    This shall explain it, or so i hope.

    Grand Ma – No “caution” needed. My participation will only be via reading. I think i might be a little too opinionated, so no worries Grand Ma, in fact i would have behaved if i knew there was a Grand Ma in the house, lol

  69. 69 Dinich


    Ok…I ll take ur words and it kind of answers my qn. But I still think sending messages to everybody on myspace telling them their profile stands out is probably not appropriate if u don’t really mean it…..That becomes more of a spam than a message…

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    En la mayoria de los casos las reparaciones las llevamos a cabo en el domicilio del cliente, en caso contrario lo realizaremos en nuestro taller y te lo devolveremos en el mismo día al día siguiente. Panasonic, General Electric, Ferroli, Whirlpool, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Delonghi, Crolls, Edesa, Fleck, Heatline, Ignis, Indesit, Liebherr, Lynx, Neff, Otsein Hoover, Roca, Superser, Teka, Westinghouse, Firstline, Newpol, Saivod, Taurus, Saunier Duval… Trabajamos con todas las marcas. Reparar su lavavajilla Daewoo en Sevilla es fácil siempre que su reparación sea realizada por técnicos certificados.

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    Nota: Este epígrafe comprende la preparación de leche condensada, concentrada evaporada y leche en polvo, así como la elaboración de lactosa, sueros y otros productos a base de leche en conserva. Abarca las conservas en vinagre, aceite, salmuera, ácido acético, alcohol, etc., así como la limpieza, clasificación y envase de frutas y otros productos vegetales. Se incluye en este grupo la actividad de los barcos-factoría que no se dedican simultáneamente a la pesca. Epígrafe 416.2.- Productos residuales de la preparación y conservación de pescado y otros productos marinos. Experiencia mínima 1 año, buena presencia, relaciones humanas, servicio al cliente.

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