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Whenever it’s a holiday of any sort, I get a lot of text messages. One would assume it’s a great thing that we all have such good friends that want to wish us ‘happy whatever…’

Hanukah, Gena, Millennium and the many others holidays; I would get a ‘Happy New Year’ text from that girl that I went out with for one night one year and seven months ago; even though I haven’t seen or heard from her in more than half a year; she remembers me New Years and Labor Day.

One would assume that I am very special that I left such an impression on her after just one evening that I would get a lifetime of holiday text messages; or is it?

Oh Puhlease

Anyone who has sent a text message knows that you can send it to multiple recipients. These people send a mass message and act like they are saints. And so I ignore them! Two weeks later I would see one of at a certain function and they would mention if I received their good will. In this case, there personal best wishes; My Ass!

commentThe reply they want is ‘Happy New Years to you to;’ my qualm is as to “why I should take the time to write a personal reply to a mass message?”

I remember a few months ago Dawit told me that he got a personal invite from a promoter of sorts. He told both Meron and I during a meeting and she told him that she got the same message. You see the promoter sent a mass message saying

Hi, are you coming tonight?”

So the whole time he was thinking about his important that he got a personal invitation. Special indeed as where 100 other people who got the same invitation.

I thought you were going to call me? I texted you eko! What? That doesn’t count that is not communication. Text Messaging is just that a text message is so that you send a quick message not to replace real conversation.

‘Hey, can’t pick up, in a meeting, will call you later!’ OR ‘Please call back!’ OR for romantic notes like ‘Just thinking of you’

Not for conversation or to replace a phone call! If you can’t talk send an email but to say act like you don’t have time to call when you have time to type the whole alphabet on a keyboard with 10 keys is like not changing the channel on your TV because you don’t want to reach for it.

You are already on the phone! It’s easier to call than to text. Get with the program!

29 Responses to “Holiday Whatever”

  1. 1 toothpick

    hey … happy hanukwanzamasgiving to you too

  2. 2 chala

    Man you take yourself too seriously.

  3. 3 beshou

    look who’s talking. mr.if a girl doesnt email me back i dont take her seriously :P
    your version of txt msg’ing is email, come on nolawi.

  4. 4 Nolawi

    chala u take youreself too lightly

    and beshou… obviously email is not on the phone

  5. 5 wudnesh

    Ay Noli, is it my imagination or do you want to give us the impression that almost everyone who knows you wants your attention? LOL! Don’t flatter yourself too much bro! Chala, u can say that again! :P


  6. 6 masinkomelody

    Text Messaging is just that a text message is so that you send a quick message not to replace real conversation.

    So what’s wrong with a quick and simple “Happy Holiday”? Or are you inclined towards a full fledged convesation on the shape of your sesky turkey?

    Be grateful that you made the cut. There’s a thin line between ‘add contact’ or ‘drop contact’.

    Happy feasting all ye neighbors to the South!

  7. 7 Dinich


    I agree 200%. There is nothing wrong with mass Happy Holidays but I don’t expect to build real friendship on mass messages. If our friendship is limited to Hi5 or Facebook that is fine, but I expect my cousin in Germany to call me to say Enkuan lebrhane tnsaew aderseh.

    Otherwise, it is like those people on Hi5 and Facebook with 2379 friends. I wonder if they seriuosly consider them friends….

  8. 8 Bed_ford

    Happy Thanksgiving for all.

  9. 9 Grand Ma

    You’re sooooo.. right! One holiday, i even got forwarded holiday wish text message. How sad!? Again, they don’t leave your freaking ass alone and they would say “i text you holiday wishes and you never replied?”. I guess, they’re expecting you to say oh! tx for you frd message? It’s too many phonies out there.

  10. 10 Dinich

    Grand Ma,

    Speaking of forwarded messages, I once received a cliched-forwarded-a-million-times e-mail….you know one of those…Normally I don’t even bother reading those e-mails but I read that one. When I met the person I brought it up in the middle of a conversation and the person said, what are u talking about? I said, remember the e-mail you forwarded to me? then he said, Oh ya, I haven’t had a chance to read it yet….

    You, dumb, why do you forward stuff to me that you haven’t even read….I didn’t say that but that is how I felt….

  11. 11 Grand Ma

    Lol! that’s hilarious.

  12. 12 Weregna Lij

    HIG Nolawi,
    IAW U about textin’. I wish I cud tell U this F2F. IMHO U R DTRT. BWTHDIK. I don’t no Ur A/S/L. BTA I don’t hv 2 no all that about U. U cud B DOM(LTM) who wants 2 CYA 4 not replyin’ 2 U friends. YKWIM? EMFBI But it’s JMO! I want U 2 no that ITA wiz U. I LULAB if I offend U wiz this I want 2 apologize FTBOMH, but if our friendship is FUBAR U can send me an EMSG or IM me. I don’t want 2 B PITA, but if U R not in a LTR. I want 2 B your GF. I <3 U. Let me no S? & I can meet U A3. I’m QT and I’m NIFOC. lol. I no this is FMTYEWTK. NRN. I’m LSHMBH.
    CYA Nolawi TAFN

    How’s it going Nolawi,
    I agree with you about texting. I wish I could tell you this face to face. In my humble opinion you are doing the right thing, but what the hell do I know. I don’t know your address, sex or location. But then again I don’t have to know all that about you. You could be dirty old man (laughing to myself!) who wants to cover your ass for not replying to your friends. You know what I mean? But it is just my opinion! I want you to know that I totally agree with you. I love you like a brother if I offend you with this I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart, but if our friendship is fucked up beyond all repair you can send me an email message or instant message me. I don’t want to be pain in the ass, but if you are not in a long term relationship. I want to be your girlfriend. I love you. Let me know what’s up and I can meet you anyplace, anywhere, anytime. I am cutie I am naked in front of computer. Laughing out loud! I know this is far more than you ever wanted to know. No respond necessary. I am laughing so hard my belly hurts.
    See you Nolawi that’s all for now
    Later dude.

  13. 13 dawitm

    i think dude is very talented, but he bitchs n moans damn too much.

  14. 14 Nolawi

    lol that is so funny… i wonder if you are a guy or a girl

  15. 15 Weregna lij

    M or F? What U want 2 no my a/s/l/a? DEGT. I was only sayin’ I’m F2T enji I don’t want 2 rush in2 a relationship wiz U. YGTBKM if U think I ….. Oh I get it you want 2 no if I’m a MOOS? It’s FBM, but my previous comment was only FYA. The thing is I was JJA. I no U hv ZOT when it comes 2 your blog, U don’t want us to use it other than what it is! I WTB a couple of T-shirts and I was lookin’ for a discount & wanted 2 seduce U get ‘em for free or for cheap. but didn’t work. Guess TNSTAAFL when it comes2 Ur T-shirts. Huh? IMS. I don’t want U 2 think this is WOMBAT.
    TNT many H&K

    Male or female? What you want to know my age, sex, location and availability? Don’t even go there. I was only saying I am free to talk enji I don’t want to rush into a relationship with you. You got to be kidding me if you think I ….. oh I get is you want to know if I am a member of opposite sex? It is fine by me, but my previous comment was only for your amusement. The thing is I was just joking around. I know you have zero tolerance when it comes to your blog. You don’t want to be us to use it other than what it is. I wanted to buy a couple of T-shirts and I was looking around for a discount and wanted to seduce you and get them for free or for cheap, but didn’t work. Guess there no such this as a free lunch when it comes to your T-shirts huh? I am sorry. I don’t want you to think this is a waste of money, brain and time.
    “til next time many hugs and kisses. Hope to see you soon
    May the force be with you Nolawi

  16. 16 Nolawi

    All talk now walk I see…

  17. 17 ÜberMan

    Chala: The man can take himself as he wishes. It’s his blog. Stop hatin’ pplz! Contribute something instead of the same old habesha flack i.e. disguised envy.

  18. 18 nyalasmoke

    Completely agree, that is why I have all txt msgs blocked.

  19. 19 ÜberMan

    Nayalasmoke: Or maybe you don’t want to foot the extra $10 monthly fees for the txt msg service? ha ha…

  20. 20 nyalasmoke

    [quote comment="102874"]Nayalasmoke: Or maybe you don’t want to foot the extra $10 monthly fees for the txt msg service? ha ha…[/quote]
    ;) ha yeah u c (negative) $10.00 for peace of mind is indeed priceless, especially since I have never gotten a text msg that ever revealed the secret of life nor was there anyone txting me just to hand me a bag of cash. So good riddance. If u want to talk to me then call me, at least I have the choice to screen it.

  21. 21 Dinich

    Nyala bro,

    Too many girls texting and calling, huh? I feel you.

  22. 22 ÜberMan


    If u want to talk to me then call me…

    So whats your number? ha ha… Bro I feel you on that point really I was just jokin’ around… Good-luck!

  23. 23 nyalasmoke

    Haha Dinicho my long lost brother are u trying to get me in trouble with the ol’ lady?

    Uber yeah man ;)

  24. 24 endalc

    hi guy .lady i have loger .to do good .commncation . by this ofical way .i have several friends. sresely they are good friends . but some time .im not andaerstand .to them .use very . modern gramer .because . they are live learn in.comferteble . condetion get to good chace . .so that . they are talke meny word .but here not i have matter . very bedy .mest respecet to law of this cantery . if need to do .jest use of legal way . aske to hereself famliy .with out dtermen .

  25. 25 endalc

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  26. 26 Wilhelmina

    Why is it I always really feel like you do?

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