Remembering the Baby Fiat- 15,589 Comments

The 600?as my dad referred to it, ?six hundred nat?; when he spoke to other people about the car he drove. In my family, we called her- our baby fiat- ?gududu.?

Gududu, as my two year old brother referred to the sound it makes as the engine roars through the busted muffler ?actually its more like gududududu. Thus, ?be?Gududu neuw yemiN?hedew.? It got so popular that my cousin?s family named their green baby Fiat Gududu too! But I always thought that ours was much louder and more feminine since it was in between orange and yellow. No need for baby fiat to me masculine.

When I was in Ethiopia there was a lot Fiats- I suppose they were cheap! Even the Volkswagen Beetle can look down upon it.

Like the Ethiopians, the Argentineans has a KitSil sime for it- fititto, Akin to what my Argentinean college friend told me, it was extremely popular in South America.

I wonder if any still survives, I know the Volksochu are still around, why not the Fiats. I remember once my grandfather pointed out a Trenta-Quatro somewhere in Merkato. He said, ? That car is over 25 yrs old.?

If there is one around, the youngest baby fiat would be 37 yrs old.

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