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Hey Africa is Big 67 Comments

We forget how big it is because of the lack of socio-political influence on western culture, I think.

Africa is bigger than North America, China and India combined. Yet, in the news I hear more about China or India everyday. Africa is out of mind and out of sight for the westerners.  Continue reading ‘Hey Africa is Big’

my ethics 34 Comments

I have been struggling with something on my mind. Philosophy is study of problems of many things. For example you could find me starting my sentences with “my philosophy…

Ethics is a branch or an extension of philosophy that address right versus wrong.

Everything and anything at some level becomes an issue of ethics. Friendships, business relationships, business agreements and arrangements that require two people to negotiate become an issue of morality.

The problem is situation require people to be unethical. Years ago I for example was promised a job and got the job and started and then the employers let me go a few days into the job. This was a contract situation in which I turned down another contract and ended up here.

For years after that I always would set up a backup plan so that I am not stuck without an opportunity. I once accepted three short term contracts, all starting a week after another. This way if the first job was not appealing I would quit and go to the second position followed by another all in a three week period. Continue reading ‘my ethics’

my constant companion 26 Comments

Having him in my life is like real therapy for me. He does not care that I am married. He does not care what I look like. He is there when I need him. He is never judgmental when I snoop around or ask too many questions. He never imposes his belief on me. He just presents the pros and cons. You see I am never alone anymore. It is not a matter of “want.“

I need him in my life. In awkward situations he is a life saver and never boring with his wealth of ideas. If I am not enjoying my company he makes whoever it is feel less important by his constant presence. Everyday he comes up with these great ideas for short weekend trips or cozy Italian dinners.

He never forgets what I tell him or what I give him. The only time I had a fight with him was the time he was too stubborn to forget. Well that was my fault. I over indulged him with too much information. I have yet to be forgiven for some of my childish mistakes.  I think he simply puts it in the back burner somewhere and we are good again.

Sometimes I worry. I worry practical worries of where our relationship is heading and how I am becoming overtly dependant on him soon enough I talked to him about these worry and instantly he comes up with solutions. Continue reading ‘my constant companion’

Covert Pleasures 13 Comments

There are many crazes that keep me blissful or the better phrase ‘keep me content.’ Sometimes I go home on a Friday night after picking up a Thai dish or the perfect cheese steak sandwich from the place 2 miles south of where I live.

I fix up the coffee table with my soda, a cup of coffee and some cookies for desert. I tune the TV to stream a foreign film could be anything and enjoy the evening unwinding. If my phone doesn’t ring, I am happier. If I have some project to finish during the weekend, it’s on my mind. But then there are those weekends I could just sit back and relax.

I have never been able to explain this to my friends. Especially significant others, I need to be left alone every once in a while to reboot by short attention span.

I love spending time with my friends; I have about a dozen or so different people I hang out with on occasion. Different crews for different things. Sometime I organize outings. Continue reading ‘Covert Pleasures’

The Language Choice 24 Comments

The words for dating always confuse me. I don’t understand how dating differs from hanging out; if you go on a date does it mean you are dating? Blah blah

I personally just call it talking. I am talking to this girl. If we hang out a couple of times, i.e., we go on a date, does it mean we are dating? Or are we just talking. If it gets physical and we don’t end up talking the next day or the day after then I know it’s a hook up.

The point is, that is mostly depends on the girl. She literally makes the choice initially.

I once was on a date or so I thought and a random female stranger came up to her and told her that she was pretty; and then followed it with a question inquiring if we were married.

I loved the question. It would be interesting to hear what the girl was going to say. If I was on the spot I would have joked about it as I have many times.  Yes we are married! In fact we are from Madagascar on our honeymoon; I don’t think she would have married me if she didn’t get pregnant. Continue reading ‘The Language Choice’