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Sama’s abuse to great use 49 Comments

Sama aka nettle was used as a weapon of choice for disciplining kids in some areas back home.  It grew everywhere back home and I would think it is for the most part considered a useless weed until a child misbehaves and the parent goes out looking for it. Sometimes the mischievous child who got [...]

he's not my BF! 46 Comments

Well, I wanted to say something about this for a while now, I sense I might have hinted the way I feel about the topic here and there but I wanted to tell guys what I see. But as easily as I express myself I didn’t know how to flow the words to say this [...]

Squeeeezed Dry! 47 Comments

The key principle of morality is that doing something for yourself is bad or at least not worth anything morally speaking, while doing something for others is noble and praiseworthy. People are called “selfish” when an observer perceives that the person could have taken one of numerous courses of action which might benefit other people [...]

Celly Etiquette 39 Comments

She called; I was in a building where reception was terrible. I picked up, as she had tried to contact me in other means regarding the juicy happenings of the weekend. I could barely hear her; I told her I would call her in 2 minutes from downstairs. Two minutes later, she is not picking [...]

the Secret is 46 Comments

I don’t watch day-time TV, although I flip through channels. A while back I saw a Nicole Kidman interview on one of those shows with a bunch of ladies. She walked in a size 2 dress and no cheeks on her face, just cheek bones. I suppose super skinny is sexy, but it just doesn’t [...]