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Find me Consensus 13 Comments

I was just browsing the web, reading the reviews of customers who bought a certain products on Amazon; scanning to see if a book is popular or lame. I found that half the people think that the author is a pretentious bastard who can’t write for shit and then other half either thought the book [...]

Flashing Lights 364 Comments

I’m standing at the bar sipping my drink and chatting up with a couple of people.  My peripheral vision is disturbed and my curiosity takes over as I turn my head to focus on the disturbance. Flashing light! My first thought is ‘what da #$@$!’.  As I realize what just had happened, my confusion changes [...]

Metaged vs. Metadeg 134 Comments

Browsing through Ethiopian pictures on Flickr, I came across the one above. I glanced at the comments section and there was a guy complaining that the ad was senseless, among other things. So I took a second look  and it really was terrible, terrible sentence. For starters, why is the word tigist in quotes? Do they mean [...]

mobile we come 34 Comments

Report shows that Africa has 12% of the new cell phone subscribers in the world, tallying 20 million more cell phone users in first Quarter of 2010. What’s actually more fascinating to me is that they’re saying that the continent now has close to 50% penetration; meaning that there’s a lot of growth left to [...]

Similarities? 84 Comments

This guys if weird, I mean really weird and whenI saw this video I couldn’t stop laughing. I could see how this could happen. Regardless though, I was surprised this morning when I got an email this morning claiming that “… this sums of most of your articles on Bernos.”