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Ho Ho Ho 14 Comments

Merry Christmas ladies and gentlemen, Obama has delivered a big present for all poor Americans. Health care for all! Well not really; but it’s a start and the bill that just passed the senate will likely become law sometime in the next 3 months. I first mentioned my unhappiness with Obama when he backpedaled on [...]

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Ahem Ahem… the latest bernos Inspired by the music Grand Kalle et l’African Jazz, we are proud to bring you the bernos Afro Jazz, featuring African Jazz musician playing the Sax with African motif. Presenting bernos Afro Jazz concept in Silver American Apparel Shirt only $23.95. As seen on K’naan’s : T.I.A video, this shirt [...]

Landing Ethiopian Women 570 Comments

In my business, that is the web world words like SEO, analytics and great content are thrown around. For most of you they might not mean much but they break or make a business or a website. At the end ‘Content is King,’ brings in the people. Magazine editors and web publishers knew this long [...]

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If you are like me… and like most people drinking coffee is an integral part of your daily routine. Be it one cup or five cups most of us drink at least once a day. The few people I know that do not drink coffee; I call them decaffeinaterians, annoy me! I drink coffee first [...]

Made In Africa and T.I.A 50 Comments

A couple of months ago, we told you about this artist named K’naan. We also told you that we attended his concert in DC and that was great. I also wrote a short review of his album , Troubadour. We also had the chance to meet K’naan, his band and his management team. At that [...]