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On A Day Like This… 31 Comments

As a music lover, I’ve always been open to different genres and musicians. I always want to hear the next best thing.  Over the last few years,  I’ve been privy to a lot of new and good music. Meklit and I have never met. We have mutual friends and have heard about each other. It [...]

State of Hip-Hop 33 Comments

Political hopefuls who once courted rappers, before suddenly realizing that “filthy rap lyrics” are the leading cause of all problems in society, are now calling for hip-hop’s head on a platter. Ignoring the larger issue at hand, the role played by corporate sponsors who make huge dividends from derogatory rap songs and the socio-economic climate [...]

The Gentle Crooner 59 Comments

The Life and Times of Menelik Wossenachew December 24, 2009 marked the one year anniversary of the passing of the wonderful, incredibly talented singer, music writer and lyricist, Menelik Wossenachew.  Below is a piece I wrote for Horizon Ethiopia’s November issue. What makes one artist a legend and another with equal or more talent obscure?  [...]

TPJS 42 Comments

In recent years I have been bewildered by the route Ethiopian music has taken. There have been a few bright lights here and there but those are the exception to the rule. The rule has been to market over produced and over synthesized music. And then, I came across Tommy T’s (Thomas Temesgen Gobena) CD [...]

Loide 39 Comments

At a New York tribute for the late great Miriam Makeba, I was lucky enough to be sitting in close proximity to my personal old man crush, Mr. Harry Belafonte (he may be old but he’s still hot) when this new artist hit the stage and performed one of my favorite Makeba hits, “Soweto Blues” [...]