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Mama Africa 16 Comments

Miriam Makeba, known to fans worldwide as “Mama Africa,” was an international symbol of the anti-apartheid struggle and South African musical legend. She died early Monday in southern Italy after performing at a concert against organized crime. Miriam to me was one of a kind. She loved her country and loved our continent. During her [...]

Their Lessons 19 Comments

There are those that have touched me in so many ways. Some have left indelible prints on my heart while some but a whisper of a touch on my soul. To those I am grateful. Their essence is that of a baby’s first breath of life — so pure. There are those that have enriched [...]

1 of 100,000 37 Comments

I along with Meron was 1 of the 100,000 estimated crowd (large image) that gathered to see Barack Obama on Election Eve in Manassas VA. People from all walks of life where there, including many Ethiopians; it was a site to see and experience that words can’t explain. We were all “Fired Up and Ready [...]

The Royal Orphan 80 Comments

Every two years or so I would read an article similar to this published today on the Independent; Out of Africa: The stolen prince. The articles are usually good ones; they are descriptive and “historically accurate,” per say. Oxymoronic phrases like the ‘Royal Orphan’ and the ‘Stolen Prince’ thrown around quite a bit. I once [...]

Fists Up 248 Comments

When I was 22, which was 6 years ago I read a book called Quarter Life Crises. Although I don’t remember which one, it was true stories of young twenty something’s that committed suicide or other atrocities on themselves based on stress caused by life after college. Student loans and perplexity on the purpose of [...]