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10 interesting facts of africa 68 Comments

I read top ten lists all the time mostly about technology; or sometime designs or photography. I have read many random facts of African countries although it seems like most of the ones white people write are generic. Like (in my California blond voice) ‘Africa has 54 countries. I thought it was a country in [...]

the budding cactus 37 Comments

Almost everyone knows what happened in the state of Arizona last week or so I presume. Gov. Jan Brewer signed a new law that makes it a crime (not illegal mind you) to be in the state of Arizona without proper documentation to prove your legal status. The entire debate is framed ridiculously, mainly concerning [...]

Accepting with Grace 43 Comments

I hate Mondays. Two weeks ago, I watched the new flick by George Clooney — ‘Up in the Air.’ The characters on the film worked as bad news messengers for big corporations. They basically go and tell that an employee has been laid off. There was a somber scene where a grown man was crying [...]

The Default 201 Comments

What I call reading today is not what reading is really is? I continue to buy books but just use them for reference or skim through it as fast as I can while I am simultaneously listening to music. I can’t really remember reading a full book with no distractions. The default reading for me [...]

Obama’s Soft Care 10 Comments

That is what they call it, the republican pundits that is.  Currently I am in my office working but with my headphones on. I am quietly listing to the Obama’s bipartisan health care summit. I and those around me, those of us that sacrificed money as well as time to get Obama elected are finally [...]