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stains 29 Comments

The needle gently cajoles a tune out of the scratchy analog of the vinyl LP. A non-descript instrumental slowly makes itself comfortable within the dingy confines of the studio basement that I have casually convinced myself to call a home. A very lose definition of said ‘home‘ is a rickety futon, a bookshelf sporting the [...]

Apathy: 14 Comments

A Play in 2 Acts act i: this half-lit world wake up! technologies of alarms take knowledges of my dreams where i’d anchored my rancor and it flees … at dawn surreal fabrics of comfort undone unraveled at the seams it seems i awake from marvels not ever wanting to – not ever having to [...]

Chronos Redux 36 Comments

01:00pm “rubbish!” she said, laughing, rinsing the last dish, accented first syllables with british pouts:     “you mean you won’t?” no i won’t. wont. want. 02:42am the altar swayed as i prayed banter brayed as i stayed in front heaven lurked in the bays of her cunt but it’s the hell in her heart i [...]

Interlude to Nonesense 67 Comments

beer taps uncharted like meer maps galileaic livers carted to ice-capped summits what are limits but self-deprecating tennets to the curious? the serious turn biles to the dials of cirius delirious taps on a dell’s eeriest keys bored if it weren’t for the dells’ funkiest beats alexander bell’s chunkiest rings marry voice to my ears [...]