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preceptions-intentions 27 Comments

Clear intentions wrong perceptions loud speech unknown existence p resistance encouraged shallow personalities

Danger Comments

In my mind visually I supersede the thoughts and now I am left with tools of Mental freedom So don’t step to me as IF I know more than What you think you know Because thinking is a dedication Never a normal process In different planes Won’t even speak English If I did not have [...]

MIS Comments

mis understood and mis conceived came to me one day and told me this tale of a young man persecuted hanged, tortured and killed by his own human kins a loving man standing alone on the air with an aid of a rope tied around his neck his eyes filled with tears of blood wondering [...]

A thought on discipline 27 Comments

Discipline is intellectual beauty because it provides the method of organizing your thoughts. It demonstrates by allowing the light to shine on the connection of will and reality, invoking the spirit of God to amend reality. Breathing be discipline yields life. So shout it out…..LIVE discipline!  

time Comments

Time- Part I traversing to a place beyond eternity imaginning what i would be in that life time whether i will live or die because i can not see or measure time time the illusionary time, time imprisons my soul how does it have all of this power? yo! this is foul… you would think [...]