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Wrong Price 31 Comments

I recently went into Sachs Fifth Avenue after work because I needed these very specific shoes, and lo and behold, I found a pair  that was reasonably priced. In Sachs Fifth Ave, I generally expect everything to be $500+, and my pair was, after a ‘sale’, around $100. So I bought it. Keza, tedesasetkuna … I went purse shopping. [...]

09.09.09 30 Comments

Tens of thousands of Chinese couples rushed to tie the knot across the nation Wednesday, or 09/09/09, hoping that the ‘triple 9 day’ will bring them good luck and eternal love. Few years ago when I was in graduate school, the graduate student association held speed dating event twice a years.When the next speed dating [...]

Reality Check 37 Comments

We all have heard the stories… the ones that start by saying you know so and so killed his wife or so and so tried to kill her boyfriend and lately I have heard so and so killed his wife and then shot himself to death. Now what I want to know is why do [...]

Abesha Massage Parlor? 809 Comments

Happy endings included! I was out with the boys when it was mentioned that Abesha girls were offering sensual services for monetary compensation here in no other than Washington DC. A massage parlor although technically and legally meaning ‘a place where a customer receives therapeutic massage;’ is in tradition and reality synonymous with a brothel [...]

Confused 131 Comments

A rebuttal from Ethio-Girl Hello let me introduce myself. My name is CONFUSED. Yes, that is my name .I was not always called CONFUSED. In fact before I was Confused the Girl I was also the proud owner of 2 other more conventional names so you can see why I opted for a third, if [...]