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All good things come to he who waits”

When ever my little brother sees or hears something about how someone does something really stupid and gets caught in the web, he always says ‘what an idiot!’

Who in their right mind would accept passively wait for something to happen and call it a virtue. Call it lack of patience or being short of faith in people; I know what my personality encompasses.

I have disappeared for a while. I have been distracted with nothing at all.

I have been having fun; this past year has been a good year for me. Things seem to have stabilized at least psychologically. Even though the uncontrolled and unfortunate events continue to happen on a weekly basis; I am just better at dealing with the little problems that continue to happen in my life.

I know I have been absent from bernos. This is the longest I have been away from bernos in almost 4 years. I did it intentionally; I wanted to test the impact of the bernos traffic to the articles; second I wanted to test the relationship of the blog to the bernos customers; third I was distracted by a woman; fourth I have been busy working.

My lack of patience protects me from situations I shouldn’t be in. This whole situation of how much shit to put up with before you say,

Na ah hell nah!”

Everyone should not have to wait ‘wasting time!’ Things don’t change over time; people don’t change unless they care enough to try. You have to be proactive in making a change in your life yourself.

Patience is not a virtue; it’s just a waste of time. Sure there are those instances when you wait and get a good surprise ending but they are rare, & sure it’s ok to be disappointment.

But the point is to limit the risk and increase the rewards. This applies to everything.

This is my end of year advice to all bernosians everywhere.

I will do yet another post regarding resolutions before the end of the year.

34 Responses to “Lack of Patience”

  1. 1 helen

    Great post Nol! It got to be one of my favorites.

    “Who in their right mind would passively wait for something to happen and call it a virtue” classic.

    That is what I call ending the year with a bang :D

  2. 2 kiki

    Great post Noli. Now I dont feel so bad about my need for instant gratification. Why should I have to wait to eat my marshmallo. (not exactly what you meant but that is what I choose to take from it.) :D

  3. 3 tsedey

    wow!! i love this woman!! she sure trained u well =)

  4. 4 enalc

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    but i nver get .free time . waich . they are all .so .im not feel good .
    amesgen alhu.

  5. 5 Gola Sefer

    Seriously? I am sure you could have found a better pucture. I thought Bernos was PG. I didn’t think I had to worry about my son walking by when I am reading Bernos.

  6. 6 Betty

    I think you missed the point to the importance of patience. The saying was derived from the Book of Lamentations, where we are instructed: “The lord is wonderfully good to those who wait for him and seek him.”
    Lamentations 3:25

    Here’s an instructive commentary on that chapter/verse:

    “He is good to all; his tender mercies are over all his works; all his creatures taste of his goodness. But he is in a particular manner good to those that wait for him, to the soul that seeks him. Note, while trouble is prolonged, and deliverance is deferred, we must patiently wait for God and his gracious returns to us. While we wait for him by faith, we must seek him by prayer: our souls must seek him, else we do not seek so as to find. Our seeking will help to keep up our waiting. And to those who thus wait and seek, God will be gracious; he will show them his marvelous loving kindness.”

    In the new year, we should focus more on God’s word and instructions for our lives, and become less reliant on our own faulty logic.

  7. 7 Dinich


    You just reduced patience to an act of waiting for some fools to change. That is not patience.

    Patience is what an athlet needs to train every day for four years until the next olympic.

    Patience is what a father needs to train his child.

    Patience is a virtue. It is a treasure. It is tried and true. Dont even go there.

    It is ok to not have patience because nobody is perfect.

  8. 8 zema

    Yejib chikul kend yineksal!

  9. 9 spacefog

    This infact is one of the few times I have seen Dinich making sense.

    I am one of those “right here ..right now” ppl and I feel like I need to learn to be more patient.

  10. 10 anonx

    Expect the preachers to come out arround this time of the year.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)

  11. 11 Dinich


    This is not one of the few times I made sense…This is one of the few times we agreed…:)

  12. 12 MindWithoutC

    what a beautifully-coded word of choice Dinch. You etched it well, yet, intrguied me to throw a piece of my cents.

    Neither you nor Nolawi are incorrect since both of you are approaching it from a two different angle, IMO.

    Nolawi’s is what we, who, live in this land that gifts borderless-individual-freedom that has, inconspicuously, literally, exponentially with time, decayed our individual sense of purpose and reason.

    As a result, we, like everyone else, gulping incessantly the thicky,seductive, irrestible, addictive resources that re-mold, re-shape us to innerly grow the pricky, tricky persona -one of them- mentioned by Nolawi …

    The rest is history. what we input, is what we output.

    If the newly Xformed senses fail to consume their now new “natural” doses, the ChiraQ comes out in thick, and that is what we each of us have become. If there is any A/Habesha that tells me who has kept his/her originality, the “Original” that originally shaped & molded us that beautiful land… with its aching beauty of culture, lingua, spirituality, morality, people,.. then, I -EseGedalehu- Leza sew.

    What yours Dinch is jot down to state Discipline & principle. One needs to exhibit patience to execute what one sets out to achieve. That type of patience has a purpose, a clear goal, a -YemiCHeBeT (touchable)- end-result. So, from the get-go, it is well startegized. The planner is decisivie in taking actions as planned and that is real easy to follow thru, particularly for a person with discipline & principle.

    we learn “patience” per our indivdual circumstances. when, we, as individuals, have no control of that thing we pursue; when we are pinned down by a state that is beyond our control, whether we like it or not we bitterly, anguishly learn to be patient. Our Mind is a conspicious -YeMerkato kisAwelaQi- that learns its circumstances quickly & act swiftly.

    I have seen some indecisive friends abusing “patience”. They tell you that it is b/c they are “patient” that they give time to deal with it. ;-) ..Arif wisdom neber…if honesty is bundled to it.

    Betty: I like your quotes from the Bible as well. Honestly, I wonder, how many of us really can remain true to the -will-of-God- & his purpose no matter what the circumstance & crude an environment we live in .. that is where the buck stops.

    Best wishes & Happy Holidays to all !!!

  13. 13 biskut

    i agree with dinich .

  14. 14 spacefog


    Yeah , that too :)

    Great Holydays !

  15. 15 Nolawi

    Dinich wrote:

    You just reduced patience to an act of waiting for some fools to change. That is not patience.

    indeed, only a fool waits for something to change. & some things never change.

  16. 16 .mike

    lol, Nolawi :)

    ‘what an idiot!’ :)

    you made yet another generalization. assuming that all cases of patience is a “[passive] wait for something to happen” is where you lost me.

    as the the Ethiopian saying goes: if you want ‘qibe’, what choice do you have other than waiting patiently for the milk?…

  17. 17 Happy

    Happy Holidays Everyone! All the best for the New Year.

  18. 18 anonx

    Hisib tebelkuwo
    Nay feTari neger
    Kulu aykelaakan iyu
    Patience tray imber.
    Kulu kisemaani…

    –abraham afeworki

  19. 19 biskut


    now who is the preacher ?

  20. 20 kiki

    I have to admit to the vertues of patience. If I had some tonight I wouldnt have hurt a really good friend. :(

  21. 21 anonx

    Mine is a song Biskut, its not even mine. Happened to be listing to while checking Bernos. ;)

  22. 22 Leo

    Merry Christmas bernosoch!

  23. 23 Dinich

    Merry Christmas to Nol first and foremost for u put up with all the crap we bring on this website. U said u dont have patience but I don’t know where the ptience comes from to take it all in.

    The rest of you, my beautiful ppl, I ll say it again, my beautiful ppl, have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year.

  24. 24 Colleen Pradel

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  25. 25 Dale Fendley

    kova burcu

  26. 26 Shani Dahlke

    Great to have you share. As my uncle used to say “To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence” :-)

  27. 27 Suzanne

    That’s an awesome point

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