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If you know me, you know I love food. Yes I cook, but sometimes when you have a craving, it’s just that craving.

The Manhattan from BooyeMonger, a delicious sandwich filled with cooked spinach, bacon and hot Roast beef with a house dressing; the crust from a wood oven baked pizza at Pizza Paradiso; the noodles in Bangkok Joes; and Tibs at madget.

I love Thai food, and it’s the first thing that pops to mind whenever the sun sets and I am hungry. When I first moved to the current dwelling, I went for Sushi nearby and ended up with an almost perfect Chicken Drunken Noodle.

The place called Yamazatoes, it’s really a Japanese spot with a fourth Thai dishes. I am not a big fan of ‘lets get two different types of cuisine in one location’ so that we can compete in two markets idea, so I was hesitant at first.

Anyways the dish was great for 11 big ones. Thus I started picking it up on my way home; at least once every two weeks and in some cases once a week.

One day I called to pick it up, and by the time It was time to pick it up, I was invited to a dinner gathering and so I skipped. Two weeks or so later when I called to make my order, the lady on the other side said hold on and brought the owner to the phone. He complained that I called and didn’t pick up.

Sorry it won’t happen again.’ And everything was back to normal, except the person who would pick up the phone would get some kind of approval before they accepted my order.

I always thought it was rude; so what! if I missed to pick up one order, I am a loyal customer and you should treat me as such.

If I had a choice I would have been a goner; unlike the Korean dry cleaner that was conveniently located next to my grocery store. I dropped of my corduroy sports jacket with the other usual stuff. Everything came back fine except they forgot to clean the jacket or something, because a particular large stain remained untouched.

I dropped it back the next time I went; the owner wasn’t there and I insisted they clean it for free, second time around. They left her a note asserting my claim.

When I came back to pick it up, she basically fought back and said I must have wore it again, because it was a while ago. I got animated and said you think I want to cheat you 7$, you didn’t clean it the first time around. And eventually I said I won’t be back. My average monthly dry cleaning expense will be spent elsewhere for ever.

Drunken Noodle was on my mind when I called to order but right after I hanged up I got a call from a girl, inviting me to dinner. I called right back and canceled the order, 2 minutes or so in between.

Next time I called, the owner got on the phone and said he is not taking orders from me. I explained the situation and he finally took the order.

A few weeks later I went to pick up…but this time I didn’t order ahead, I just arrived and ordered and he was at the front desk and told me that he is not taking orders over the phone from me.

Just come here and pay first, in his thick far eastern accent with a dismissive tone. I told him, you know I average 26 orders a year, 2 years and counting. Do you know how much money that is?

He said he knows, how much I order from them. I reiterated that the cost of me messing up twice or even 6 times in a year is minute. If you want me to pay for the missed and canceled order I will pay. But you have to realize that there is such a thing about business costs.

And he said ok! If I mess up again just add it up as a business cost.  But I was thinking ya, don’t let your black people prejudice affect your business; nevertheless didn’t say it out loud since I don’t want him to spit on my drunken noodle.

This post is dedicated to my big sister, who is the biggest foodie I know.

25 Responses to “The Drunken Foodie”

  1. 1 elbie

    now i’m hungry and it’s all your fault.

  2. 2 Nolawi

    @ elbie:
    oh there goes another foodie… I know how much you love food elbie… I see all your twitpics..

  3. 3 merhawi

    ive been banned from quite a few establishments. nowadays i always makes sure to snack as soon as i get home
    so i can take my time with the ordering or seeing who is around. for dinner

  4. 4 Seraqe

    Nolawi, I totally relate with what your saying. From my personal experience dealing with people, I have found Asians to be by far the most Racist toward black people. We still go right back and patronize their businesses.

    They don’t appreciate the business we bring and what we mean to their bottomline. That’s why when the LA riots happened in 1992, black people selectively went after Korean business and smashed it all up and down the street.

  5. 5 ....

    What about Ethiopia Restaurants that take your order but don’t make it till you pay. They always make me wait forever. If only I didn’t like Ethiopian Food that much

  6. 6 Anonx

    “don’t let your black people prejudice affect your business”

    Nolawi, I think you hit it spot on, my only problem would be that we target Asians excessively for holding a view about black people in general that every immigrant holds including habesha. I once had an experience with a West African bar owner that’s got me shook up to this day.

    I thought I would run a tab and gave my credit card. But I only had one beer and headed for the exist after leaving $5 on the counter. 30 minutes later, I come back to retrieve the credit card I forgot behind. I tell the guy, I left you $5 bucks on the counter, did it not find you? Instead of simply saying, ‘No, I did not find your $5′, this guy went on a rampage and started accusing me and calling me all kind of names…”Liar! you did not leave money here, LIAR!” Never went back to that place again.

    I paid with my credit for one beer, and left him a tip… I said “look asshole, I am even tipping, asshole’

    Credit to Asians and immigrants in general, they provide business service in the toughest neighborhoods in America. Places that corporate America has abandoned as unprofitable, and somehow immigrants find profit.

  7. 7 .

    What about Ethiopian Restaurants that take your order over the phone and wait to place the order till you go there to pick it up. They always make me wait forever. If only I didn’t like Ethiopian food so much.

  8. 8 kiki

    I am a foodie and I do eat out a lot. I am always surprised how “rude” a lot waiters, hosts, etc in Asian restaurants seem. I think they sometimes confuse speed with customer service. I wonder if along with the racism there is some cultural component that I don’t understand. The only way to deal with that kind of unacceptable treatment is to take your business somewhere else…
    Nolawi you should find another place to get your drunken noodles.

  9. 9 Tobian

    Ante QebeT, you don’t know their profit margin. I’m pretty sure his business model doesn’t say ‘for every 10 dishes we make, we’ll get paid for 9′. Like any sane business people, they expect a 100% payment rate.

    Also I don’t see how this is a racist action. Have you seen how they treat white or asian folks who order but don’t pay for/pick up their dishes? No. So, as far as i can tell, you’re racist for thinking he’s racist.

  10. 10 Nolawi

    @ Tobian:
    dude you are not a business person.. if you were you would know that free dishes are part of an expense for mistakes… at restaurants kitchen…

    ^ that is customer service 101

    And I know for sure that if I was white I would get treated better specifically at this restaurant…

    In fact I was told by servers that I know that there is a preconceived notion that most black people are bad tippers.. minamin.. and I think that constitutes judgment not the content of characters but the color of skin…

    and yes asians from asia due to the lack of interactions with black people and media bias tend to have more prejudice that you would expect..

  11. 11 Dinich

    On the asian bit….from closely working with one chinese lady for a few years I have come to a conclusion that asians are not as rude and as racist as they sound.

    Kiki is right. There are some cultural components that we need to understand. Even after a few years of working together, this lady still talks to me in a rude manner. She reports to me but she talks to me like she is my employer. But, the fact is I know that she got my back and I look pretty good because of a lot of the work she does. It took me a while to realize it but as rude as she sounds, I know she is not.

  12. 12 selam T


    My advice to you: You need to find another Asian restaurant (pick-up)unless you can’t live without their food.
    Maybe you can start cooking the same type of food. It can’t be that hard if you are a good cook.


  13. 13 Nolawi

    u guys i didnt claim all asian are prejudice eko… its just that new comer from a some countries tend to have some preconceived ideas about how black people are…

    if you read my efen comment properly u will understand.. this is not racist….

    that is it..

  14. 14 tpeace

    btw u should know that u’re to blame for me having thai food for dinner today cos of this post lol

  15. 15 Hiwot

    yum!! thai is my next fav after ethiopian :)

  16. 16 Pride

    I am such a foodie and a social eater. My current obsession is thai food and Peruvian food. They have this sweet potato fried dessert with molasses syrup that is to die for. Ok, just hungry typing this :-)

  17. 17 C

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I think it’s lame that you would call and then not go get if. Even if you ordered every day – that someone takes time to cook it and get it ready and then it goes to waste – that’s just crazy and I can’t even believe you tried to legitimize it because you’re a good customer. In this case, I don’t think it had anything to do with you being black but more that in this situation – you were wrong. The drycleaner issue is a whole other issue.

  18. 18 me

    What if you didn’t pick up the food because you got in a car accident? or something happened that’s beyond your control? If you’re a regular and this happened once, they should’ve just let it go….if you keep doing, it it’s another story. It’s too bad people complain about it and go back to a same place…they will never learn unless you tell them how important your money is and don’t show-up again.

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