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Tens of thousands of Chinese couples rushed to tie the knot across the nation Wednesday, or 09/09/09, hoping that the ‘triple 9 day’ will bring them good luck and eternal love.

Few years ago when I was in graduate school, the graduate student association held speed dating event twice a years.When the next speed dating event was announced, my friends and I talked about participating.

We thought it would be fun to go and meet new guys since we were all new in school/town. I wasn’t dating anybody at that time so why not give it a shot?I have never been to speed dating event. I wanted to go and see what’s like to meet a stranger and converse for 5 minute.

Would anyone be interested in me after 5 minutes of conversation? Those where the types of the questions that I wasn’t able to answer for myself. At the last minute, I chickened out and decided not to attend. I guess fear of rejection got the best out of me.

Two of my brave friends attended this speed dating event for graduate students, who do not have that much chance to meet people outside of school. After wards, I have heard everything about the speed dating and about all the cute guys that showed up. Some of them were easy to talk to and some of them asked strange questions. In 5 minute, it must be difficult to evaluate if you have any connection or chemistry. You have to work with your gut feeling here. Some guys/gals do no make good first impression.

After the results came, one of my friends had no match, and the other one had two guys interested in her. Fortunately, she was also interested in one of the guys that picked her. They set a date to go out to dinner and I remember helping her pick an outfit for her first date. Things were really going well between them and as long as I remember she was dating the same guy throughout grad school. I have graduated and didn’t keep in touch with my friend. We both moved to our separate ways.

Fast forward to 5 yrs later

After long day of work, I am sitting home watching TV and surfing Facebook online. I was reading status updates and checking out pictures here and there.I just like to turn off my brain and do something that doesn’t require much thinking. I saw pictures posted from the same girl that met her man at speed dating. It was wedding pictures. My friend and the guy tied the knot recently. I love Facebook updates.

You never know where you are going to find your love or your life long partner. Keep your eyes, your mind, and your heart open.

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  1. 1 Mestika

    You know what they say about your other half? If You haven’t found him/her yet he/she is still out there, the only problem is he/she could be with someone else right now. So my point is that if she didn’t meet him at that speed dating event she would have met him somewhere else at another time. Cause that’s her other half in this planet.

  2. 2 Dinich

    The whole idea of soulmate is overrated.

    Ladies, forget your soulmate and marry that borcham melata dude who’s been begging u for 2 years now…:)

  3. 3 Nolawi

    @ Dinich:

    thank you dinich… some of the ladies need to stop complaining and lower their standards…

    if he doesn’t look like a model… he is probably a nice guy and will make you happy…

    if he is handsome, smooth, funny @ tall he is probably a jerk and will play your a$$

  4. 4 Leo

    Why would i wanna lower my standard? to me lowering your standard = I’m with someone I don’t like. I’m seeing someone who is nice but a mama’s boy who doesn’t have his own opinion but his family. I keep telling him to grow up and be independent but it’s not working so i’m just hanging out with him now but i don’t see any future with him. I’m straight forward person, I’ve always tell him exactly what i’m thinking but he holds everything inside and that piss the hell out me. I like a man who is confident, doesn’t mind taking a chance, nice, knows what he wants in life………. I don’t want to be with jerks and i don’t really care about what his face looks like but he can’t be fat.

  5. 5 Leo

    why don’t you do the same thing?

  6. 6 Dinich

    @ Leo:
    ” i’m just hanging out with him now but i don’t see any future with him.”

    I hope u have the guts to say that to his face.

  7. 7 Nolawi

    @ Leo:
    i have found many fishes i have never had a problem meeting fantastic ethio ladies…


    i am tired of you ladies complaining about the lack of men… because i know that your friendly neighborhood abesha is around the corner….

    the problem is that out of the ten guys in the room ever girl wants that one guy.. the rest of the guys are just sitting there waiting…

    that is why i write advice for women…. not for my own sake…

  8. 8 Leo

    we can say the same thing…sitting here waiting for those guys. So Nolawi why didn’t you stay with that one fantastic ethio fish?
    I did tell him that, i acctually told him that if somebody better comes by he is out. I think he is there thinking that i’ll change my mind and be his girlfiend but it aint gonna happen.

  9. 9 ep

    Leo wrote:
    I did tell him that, i acctually told him that if somebody better comes by he is out. I think he is there thinking that i’ll change my mind and be his girlfiend but it aint gonna happen.


    Sometimes, i can’t believe what kind of world i am living … and bernos can’t solve these relationship issue either…I am sure, i have heard this statement before in here…

    however, do you really think he is there thinking you will be changed or he is just enjoying the temp job till you find the perm

  10. 10 Leo

    we both enjoying eachother’s company so it doesn’t really matter what he is thinking.

  11. 11 ep

    Really? Look at what you wrote above…there is no integrity in you then..

    advice, don’t complain as if you want long term ..just enjoy what you have now…

  12. 12 Leo

    I did want a long term at first but i didn’t see any changes so i’m having fun now. Do you understand now?

  13. 13 Kok

    This whole soul mate bit is fantasy. In real life there is no such thing as a “perfect” match because we are all imperfect humans. A good match is when two people have similar values, are attracted to each other, and are good at compromising with one another. The truth is, there are multiple people out there that you could do these things with. Eventually people get tired of hopping around and settle down with one of the matches. I think of it more like % compatibility vs. match/no match (has anyone seen dating in the dark? i think of it like that number they give in the show.)

  14. 14 shtoni

    how many times is this topic gonna get regurgitated???? aydekmachihum?

  15. 15 veggie

    what are you suggesting? any positive feedback?

  16. 16 isat isat

    I think people shoould give blind dates a go too as most do actually work out I know its sad to tell your children when they are 16 we met after a nosey friend decided ‘we suited’ but people should be more open minded when it comes to dating. Those that are too proud are left standing 10 years later thinking they still got it hunny no no .

    please visit my blog http://isatnat.blogspot.com/

    for a no nonsence point of you coming from a PYT habesha girl!

  17. 17 Tobian


    Food for thought: some of my married friends are already getting divorced. Lesimu inkuan 30 algebanim. Hard to give a damn about the ‘qomo qer’ lablel. At least I know i’m not in marriage counseling, paying for a divorce lawyer, or worrying about single-parent felfelawoch … and I’m fine going on like this for many more decades.

    Picking some random guy for the sake of a possible ‘quCHit’ some 10 years down the road is ridiculous. Beteley when my current choices are likely destined to lead me to another kind of quCHit — the ‘min siaqebTegn izih wusT gebehu’ variation.

    Anyway, the prevailing thought in here seems to be that women are too picky. Well, how about this … men are too undiscriminating. Many men walk into a room and try to pick up women like women pick Qaria at a merket. Yaz, Tal, yaz, Tal … if not alemitu, then weletu, or beleTu … or me. Are. You. Kidding. Me?!?

  18. 18 Tobian

    Oh, the original article — I like. My comment was about … the comments that followed.

  19. 19 helen

    Tobian wrote:

    Many men walk into a room and try to pick up women like women pick Qaria at a merket. Yaz, Tal, yaz, Tal … if not alemitu, then weletu, or beleTu …

    hahaha Tobian… classic

  20. 20 Nolawi

    lol tobian.. very on point! besaq

  21. 21 elsa

    i couldn’t agree more tobian, men need to be a little more picky and up their standards!!!!!!!!

  22. 22 GoldenPrincess

    lol tobian can’t agree wtih you more!

  23. 23 luli

    lol Tobian, good one!!

  24. 24 maebel

    Tobian wrote:

    Many men walk into a room and try to pick up women like women pick Qaria at a merket. Yaz, Tal, yaz, Tal … if not alemitu, then weletu, or beleTu … or me. Are. You. Kidding. Me?!?

    I cant stop laughing…it cracked me up. sounds so very yummy! lol

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  26. 26 men.attract.men

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