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The 25th of the Ethiopian soccer tournament in DC was well organized and well executed. Now it is on to the windy city of Chicago, and ESFNA has been steadily improving as an organization. The vendors are becoming more noteworthy and offering better products for our niche market. The facilities have noticeably improved, since the venues of high schools and community colleges and so has commercial and monetary aspects of the tournament. People often complained about ESFNA and their inadequacies. However, we must disagree because they have come a long way, and love going.

What if any problems do you have with ESFNA?

AND what are you looking forward to in Chicago?

This year bernos is looking forward to topping the fashion show we had at LOVE, DC’s biggest nightclub, with a live photo shoot in one of Chicago’s hottest nightclubs.

We’ve decided to put a twist on our event this year. We will have Model’s and a photographer in one of Chicago’s state of the art Avila nightclub.

What is a Fashionista?

You. We believe that everyone has their own style and sets their own trends. We don’t believe in following a trend, we believe in making a statement. We’re working with Bernos’ own Beshou and her Rendez-Vous crew to pull off Thursday night, July 2nd, at Avila Night club.

The bernos booth

We are going to live for 7 days in Chicago, full time, full crew, stocked and ready to meet new Midwestern folks.  Come by the bernos booth to get your tees (including a limited edition of the original Addis Ababa Classic). Take a picture and get to know us.

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  1. 1 justme

    do you have BEKLA tee…this time??

  2. 2 Nolawi

    no justme.. that tee is retired. Aleqe… NEW better tees available.

  3. 3 Mitmita

    Loved your booth and your fashion show last year. I look for you in the windy city

  4. 4 RelativelyBravo

    “…put a twist on our event this year. We will have Model’s and a photographer…”


    As opposed to what?… your fashion show didn’t have models last year?
    I don’t see the twist or I am not understanding this correctly.

    Please elaborate.

  5. 5 Beshou

    Hello RelativelyBravo

    Last year it was a fashion show. This year, instead of having a fashion show…we’re doing a live photoshoot at the club with our models in the crowd.

    That’s the twist :)

  6. 6 NO ESFNA

    What most Ethiopians hate about ESFNA is that they have taken side in politics, they are financed by almudi. ESFNA is tightly controlled by a few families and friends its more like a family business than a professional organization. They were repeatedly asked to change the WAY the organization is governed but have refused. They could get financing from Ethiopians here and at the same time do many good things for our people back home instead of taking sides politically and further creating division among the people abroad. Last year when there was a slight drought they were staying in 5 star hotels and refused to allow other to collect money and help the people in need. I think we as Ethiopians have a moral obligation to help those back home. It was widely reported that ESFNA got $300 000 from almudi and I think that’s why they refused to do this. I think this is the reason many people have decided to not participate in this kind of event. I wish people would stop politicizing everything especially an event which is suppose to bring us together. God bless Ethiopia!

  7. 7 datdude

    bernos please don’t let politics pollute your wonderful blog, No Esfna should take his beef elsewhere.

  8. 8 Nolawi

    i think its also important not to censor peoples opinion on certain issues as long as the person is not disruptive.

  9. 9 NO ESFNA

    Datdude, this aint Russia or Pakistan haha I have the right to voice my opinion. I am telling the truth, not that I want to politicize this but to make the organization better I think constructive criticism is a positive thing. I don’t have hate towards ESFNA but what they did last year was wrong. Thank you Nolawi for not censoring my opinion, hope ESFNA get their act straight.

  10. 10 MoonWalker

    NO ESFNA – Actually you have no rights “to voice [your] opinion” on Bernos. The only reason you are able to do so is b/c Nolawi allows you & for some reason doesn’t believe on censoring anyone even trash talk i.e. politics. So when someone extends you such a privilege, try not to piss on it and have some decorum. The one great thing about Bernos is that it’s devoid of politics & all the hate that is all over the other ET blogs. I suggest you drop this subject. As far as making ESFNA a “better org”, last I checked Nolawi is not in anyway affiliated w/ them (maybe I’m wrong). I don’t call the Holy See to complain about LAPD’s brutality. Makes no sense brother…

  11. 11 datdude

    @ MoonWalker:
    tnks moonwalker, you stated way better what I perceived as NO ESFNAs comment. To me it bordered on the simply badmouthing, anyway Nolawi as a vendor who regularly attends these events must have found some truth to these allegations to let this go. Has ESFNA done anything except be a meeting point for ethiopians and a celebration of culture and sports? Nolawi please tell us of your experience, I assume you wouldn’t go there if these allegations where true. As for NO ESFNA all you did is badmouth and try to tarnish the organization and its leaders. I doubt you are sincere or interested in positively affecting the organization.

  12. 12 MoonWalker

    datdude – Sadly you have missed my point. My whole point was lets take the politics out of this site at least. There rest of the ET sites seem to have a strangle hold on that & thankfully so. People here for the most part seem to be interested in the social aspects of habesha life. Politics can quickly take us all into the gutter… As for NO ESFNA his points & views might very well be shared by a lot more people that you think, including me but I just don’t think the venue is this site. Thats all.

  13. 13 endalc

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