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Start off your summer with your new Bernos! In our brains since the beginnings of 2009 are two new bernos tees we are proud to present.

bernos buna tee

A protracted effort from all of us her at bernos, we took our time since our last launch. We’ve had a few local events including the ‘I am bernos: openhouse,’ which was a success thanks to our fans. We reproduced some of our existing concepts for wholesale on demand; details will come in the near future with a new section on our website with information on press and bernos vendors.


In recent years, there has been a push by East African coffee farmers to market themselves as throughout history they have produced the finest coffee in the world.

Celebrating the East African coffee ceremony is bernos’ Buna concept with the motifs of the Jebena (coffee brewer) & Sini/Finjal (cups). Our aim was to reflect that our culture, the coffee ceremony is more than a ‘coffee Break;’ the ritual is an expression representing a spiritual time of the day to look at our blessings and give thanks to our elders.

No to go cups here! We start by roasting some fresh Sidamo beans, and then enjoying the aromatic smoke of the roasted coffee beans. Then the roasted coffee beans are grinded into powder by hand and then brewed with no filter in the Jebena; we let the ground beans rest for a while before serving. Re-brewing is a must for a second round of serving and possibly a third round.

Presenting the bernos’ Buna;  now available on silver American Apparel tee for only $20.95.

African Warrior

bernos african warrior tee

More than defensive weaponry’ the African shield is ‘power, art & identity.’ With this concept we are trying to show that the African Shied is not just warfare equipment; it serves in multiple capacities as emblems of status, rank & art.

With that in mind we looked at a lot of African shields from all over Africa. We loved the texture & softness of the Azande shields from Congo; and the colors of the Masai Warriors shield and clothing. With inspiration to include the peoples of the Lower Omo Valley to the peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro we created our own ‘power, art & identity’ through the shapes, color and texture of the African Shield and Spear.

We call this concept the bernos African Warrior, and it’s available on slate American Apparel tee for only 21.95.

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  1. 1 Doro Mata


    I’m just…


  2. 2 Rahel

    ilve the buns with the jebena and sini’s this one is a very excellent design. Good job Bernos

  3. 3 Spacefog

    The Buna thing is perfect but the other one is yetelemede aynet naw

  4. 4 Wurgatu

    “yaltemuashe jebena” eko newu yihe….betam arif newu!
    lik endebuna sus yemtasiz konjye model!….bernos Rock!!

  5. 5 munit

    the jebena design is the best you did so far. I love it.
    Great job.

  6. 6 Nolawi

    its actually not “yaltemuashe” you are right the design color of the jebena makes it seem like that

    if you see it as a whole though since everything is one color you realize its a monotone motif… design.. thus it could be yellow or green and you look at it as a value change

  7. 7 anonx

    Kodus to you guys, I think you are getting better.

    But but, and I hope you take this as constructive feedback….

    I am still struggeling to know what makes Bernos Ts unique? Material? Yes! Color? Maybe! Cultural objects we all are familiar with appear as constants on many Bernos Ts. Nothing wrong with that and I understand there is a market for it, its just that I personally don’t buy into cultural pride and that’s not saying I don’t have pride, I have too much of it written on my face and speech thus I don’t advertise it. A touch of humor or seeing the intangible experiences is what I like on a T. Something like dancing jebenas or finjals or the unyielding indestructable shield, if there is such a thing

  8. 8 Anonx

    I am sure Shaka would have loved to have had a shield made out of titanium steel, only if he knew it was buried right under his feet. (Shaka, one stupid mf who missed a chance to save the world, now someone else has to do it :) )

  9. 9 tsedey

    Great design you guys.. lovely colors and concepts. i love anything ethnic let alone anything that represents Ethiopia or Africa. Digging the african warrior Tee more. For some reason it makes more sense if a man wears it, so i’ll buy it for my man :)

    Nolawi, was your new “Holga” in use for these pics?

  10. 10 saronm3

    i really love this two new products. i just need to check what colors they are made.

  11. 11 yachilij

    a lil bit in love with the jebena..

  12. 12 Saqita

    Nice. I likes. I likes the gasha specially. African Warrior should really be Urban Jungle Warrior … at least according to the picture.

    How come nobody’s commented on the girl’s whiskers yet? sayew besaq new yemotkut. meeeoowww!

  13. 13 Konjit

    i like some of your shirts. how come u only come out with 2 designs per year?

  14. 14 endalc

    betam kongo know .realy this is fun teishert . good diesagen . coper. with kanian .stayl. .you can embect .your new and modern metion .contniu. fabricat .

  15. 15 Nolawi

    per year konjit,
    this is our 5th design in the last 12 months….

  16. 16 Dawitk


    As Nolawi mentioned…this is our 5th design and we haven’t reached 12 month yet, and most likely we will introduce two more new designs before we reach the 12 month period.

    But we did take a small break from designing new t-shirts since the launch of our last design in order to focus on upcoming projects and reproduction of our existing popular concepts for wholesale on demand etc.

  17. 17 beshou

    No holgas were harmed or used in the artistic process of the pictures. a Nikon D70 was used to capture these bernos

    we should also thanks all the behind the scenes hands that were involved in making this photoshoot great!

    Nicole Alexis for the MAKEUP
    Mike Endale, Samuel Taye, Ephrem Girma for joining us and making the photoshoot fun!

  18. 18 Konjit

    When were the last new designs? I think around the soccer tournament or late summer, yes? Not complaining; or maybe I am. Just do more shirts; blogging can wait! Ok, maybe I am gurage. Make the money!

  19. 19 Winta

    Don’t like the Jebena thing. There is no way I am going to let my man wear Jebena on his chest. Sorry.

  20. 20 beshou

    Hahaha, winta. why not?! It’s funny, at our open house we had more guys by the Jebena then the women :) Maybe they’re getting in touch with their feminine side…i dunno.

  21. 21 George Russello

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  22. 22 Delana Masom

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  23. 23 Shakira Girdner

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  24. 24 Jamar Paulman

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