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Episode 2

The Film continues, I am still hooked! I love drama, dating worE.

What do you think of this episode, I had wished they showed a bit more about the new girl that is kinda waiting for the guy at the bar.

And the funniest part of all, the guy picked that girl up for a possible one night stand. BesaQ!

77 Responses to “its an Habesha Life”

  1. 1 QebaTari

    Liked it a lot better than episode 1. The conversation between the two men and the lady bar tender at the bar was outstanding. Dog did a good job too :)

    Not sure what to think about the chick who’s wearing shades at midnight … but it’s alriht. I’m curiousified for ze nekst epsode.

  2. 2 munit

    loved it.
    “she is lesbian” clasic

  3. 3 The Uncle

    There’s absolutely nothing exciting about this film. You guys serious!… It’s just another mediocre habesh ‘drama’. Watching the 1st episode i was trying to figure out if its a reality show or a scripted play, not to mention it has absolutely no story line.

  4. 4 meskerem

    The Uncle.. You are so stupid because you can’t open your mind to the idea of a film about life.. this is about randomness and about the choppy nature of social life…

    Have you ever watched shows like seinfield or the real world…

  5. 5 tsedey

    much better than episode 1. there’s something to look forward to ep. 3.

    few things:

    if there were more people in the bar, perhaps it would have looked a bar.

    i expect more depth in story line on ep. 3.

    mamush is phenomenal!

  6. 6 Anonx

    I am liking it… and my gurl Eru is in it LOL

  7. 7 Mamule

    Better than the first Episode

  8. 8 story

    the Uncle- i agree with u.
    very boring! I will never watch this crap again. how the hell is this habesha life? the only habesha thing i see is the actors being habesha but the life is not habesha life. the title should be boring fake American life. I need typical habesha stuff man. this is wack.

  9. 9 The Uncle

    “The Uncle.. You are so stupid because you can’t open your mind to the idea of a film about life.. this is about randomness and about the choppy nature of social life…

    Have you ever watched shows like seinfield or the real world…”

    Wow wow Qe’brarit

    Open my mind? randomness, choppy …lol did you collect all this nonsense from fortune cookies at your neiborhood’s ‘all you can eat’ chinese place you go to?

    Yes I do watch Seinfield but no real world, one’s a comedy and other is a reality show – and your point is?

  10. 10 Dinich

    I agree: boring.

    I also watched the interview with Anbessa jir….He said he writes the scripts, does the shooting, does the editing…too much for one oerson…..

    It is painfully clear that he needs a writer…..but I see talent in shooting, editing etc….

  11. 11 yachilij

    seriously beautiful shots– robel’s hilarious..

  12. 12 Abdi

    This one of the great movies made by habeshas so far that clearly explains “how to make retarded movies”!

  13. 13 Nifas

    I liked episode one better, i got bored with the bar conversation after a little while. Besak motkugn when i saw the dog walking on the bar had to be my fav part of episode 2.

  14. 14 saronm6

    I can not take anymore of this BS.
    story, i could not agree more.

  15. 15 Dina

    The quality of these films is very impressive! The acting is also very well done (though there are still some minor moments of ameteurism).

    The use of ‘black and white’ does not fit though… Typically it is used when you’re going for a nostagic or historical feel (i.e. flashback scenes in full-color films are sometimes shot in black and white). This is just my oppinion, but I’d like to know what the director was trying to accomplish by shooting the episodes this way; what does he feel this adds to the films?

    The low point of the series thus far has been the scripts themselves. I understand the need to try to portray real habesha life, but this series does not acurately capture it. It seems that the sole theme for these films is sex. Even the conversations tend to all have something to do with sex; either the action or the pursuit of it. Is that the message these films will seek to portray? That Habesha Life is all about sex?

  16. 16 tpeace

    lol dina that’s actually a good critique tho i disagree bout the b&w and i actually like the flow and speed they have given the discussions. loved that way better than the dramatization of the last epi – tho there are some choppy awkward moments. this episode is way better than the first one, i thought. and robel as the new actor on the set did a nice job- thoroughly enjoyed the humor!

    the camera work was again – ON POINT – very artistic! the stories weave in better in this episode.

    filmmaker: how much is habeshalife about sex and if it is a lot about sex, to what depth will it explore the topic? so far it’s been surface level…

  17. 17 meskerem

    I dont know but I found this films to be so very kool

  18. 18 Anonx

    Habesha life: the men are awkward and the women are butteryflies. :)

  19. 19 Chico Alowishus Bereket Jenkins

    Interesting, there is a lot of criticism on both sides of the positive/negative spectrum. On the negative flip, many folks have concerns with the storyline. Can you pinpoint some examples and how you think those scenes could have been improved? On the positive side, I’d like to hear more detail of what made the show interesting to you. I’m not ready to throw my views out there just yet but I’m liking the convo on the blog. Keep it coming folks.

  20. 20 helen

    There are better actors in this episode than the last. I still dont know where this story is going, and frankly am not too eager to find out. I understand the story is building into something but I think it would have been better if the writer had introduced the players/characters better so that the viewer would care about them and want to follow their stories. Robel and the guy with the ubiquitous kaffiyeh are the only ones that have held my attention so far because they are both cute and interesting as well as the cute doggy. Home girl with sunglasses at night???… I do like the black and white though, it funky, sexy.
    Hopefully as we get to know more about the characters it would become more interesting.

  21. 21 QebaTari

    comments on comments …

    Once in college one of my friends walked out of her history class and told me she’d a funny class. Basically their professor started us out with the premise that history, all history, is about sex and then went on and pointed out how the root of many things come down to sex.

    so, for some people who’re complaining that this is too much about sex … yeah, well, it is. as every culture’s life is … unless you’re a catholic priest in abstinence, in which case it’s about unspeakable sex with minors.

    for those who say this is nothing like habesha life …and therefore they don’t like it. that’s weird. clearly it’s not the kind of habesha life you’re used to in your circles. so for the sake of curiosity, shouldn’t this be the more interesting? and if not, then what do you think about the fact that you don’t want to see habesha life that’s unlike your own?

  22. 22 tpeace

    QebaTari — u have a great point…
    if the webisode wants to explore sexual relations …i think it shud not just comb through it but take it somewhere deeper. ok so wht the dudes get into these quirky sexcapades? or chick with glasses is stuck-up on alemayehu who had sex with her and left? habeshalife can explore the meaning of sex in this kind of hybrid society – implications, emotions, the clash with conventions, the reasons ppl do things, the crazy compulsions that shape who they become…

  23. 23 SelamT

    It’s boring to me. Is this really Habesha life or Dc life?
    Ya I am Habesha but I have never seen or heard girls talk about sex with men like this.
    The black and white is interesting but still the story line is boring.
    Not interesting.The other thing is they keep interupting each other.
    call me old fasion but what’s the message here? just sex? Is that what makes women interesting? Oh please!!

  24. 24 Winta

    I have a question for you guys strictly from D.C area. Is this really how the Habeshas live in the East Coast? Chasing each other? The girls chase boys and the boys chase girls? Is that how it goes in your area? Otherwise they have to change the title of the movie, seriously.

  25. 25 story

    what ? are u for real to think there is real habesha circle like that. LOL. this is just a soap oprea. It reminds me of American day time soaps i used to watch. I know many women still addicted to daytime soaps while knowing it just fiction that has nothin to do real American life! so this is just like that no difference.

  26. 26 Chico alowishus bereket Jenkins


    The show and some of the stories are based on what happened as Ambessa said it “in a house on harvard st. Ambessa did say on his interview that some of the stuff was dramatized but the premises were real. As an abesha dude, I can tell you that stories and interactions of this sort does happen in abesha circles. The westernized abeshas interactions on matters tend to be blunt where more traditional folks tend to be a little more hidden with their agendas. Point is stuff like this does happen.

  27. 27 Ya ya

    this is the DC abesha life style. F@#$%ing each others girl friend or boy friend. what is this comedy? or trying to be Amercanized Abesha low life? if you have this kind of Konwldge you should have use it something else. I am really disapointed!! I know some of you in this movie are really really smart people but why. I also know your life is based on this drama too.. ena
    plz do something better eshi


  28. 28 tsedey

    so shouldn’t the title be “habeshas on harvard st.?” I’m not saying there aren’t a group of habeshas like that but the title is too generic to match with the story line. If it focuses on that circle of friends, then it needs to be named to reflect that.

  29. 29 Ya ya

    The Title should be “The DC area Abesha Drama Life” we don’t have that kind of Habeshas crowed in my area.. we are too far from that foreal.The Title is wrong. but I agree with the story I defenetly know some of the DC abesha folks life style exactly like that..

  30. 30 Nolawi

    lol tsedey…
    I am confused on the harvard street thing? what is harvard street??

  31. 31 tsedey

    “Ambessa kept most of his observations in the back of his mind as he prepared to complete his final thesis project Although he no longer lived on Harvard Street, Ambessa wanted his next creative project to be light hearted and fun, and kept toying with the idea of a film about young habeshas in DC. It clicked one day when he met Robel, who mentioned he’d written a few short stories of his own, based on his experiences of Harvard Street. “So I said me too, I’ve been meaning to do something, like a short film. Then Robel said, ‘If you do it, I’ll act in it’. I was like really? After that, things started rolling very quickly.”

  32. 32 dotish

    Should’t it be “It’s a Habesha Life” ?

  33. 33 Nolawi

    aha tsedey… betam interesting.. because your comments are not purely based on the films expression rather on the description..

  34. 34 WOW!

    Me personally, I thought it was better than the first one. Even though I really don’t know why, I just love the black and white. I love how the conversation is flowing so naturally specially at the bar they were cutting each other off and talking over each other, so realistic. I do agree though, maybe there should have been more ppl at the bar (but i can see how there might be limitations). Love the way it is edited and how it fits just so perfect.

    I was kinda lost during the episode b/c I didn’t know where it was going, but now I see that it might all come together later on and i like taking the ride and not knowing where it might all end up next episode.

    I think we, Habeshoch, love living in denial. Always claiming “habeshoch don’t do this…habeshoch don’t act like this”. Aren’t we human? We love unifying ourselves when it comes to great achievements, but when women talk sex with men openly, when people try things (art) that is out of the box (in our eyes, e.t.c we freak out and distance ourselves.

    I have lived in Atlanta and now in New Orleans, and believe me just like any other culture we have some scandalous individuals. Let’s get off our high horse.

  35. 35 tsedey

    both, nolawi.#5 and 28.

  36. 36 endalc

    .waw do you like ambesa . .what do you like .secend .wite . no im not agree with you because . im not black lady .im checlit celet . do you know somali jest like they are . so do like
    make good convection with me please tel me know baby
    do you cann to do some time with out enough resen .gesela . wow . im born in africa . ethiopia
    i have pest and meliti netuer . i know will hand .commform you do you like beby

  37. 37 anonx

    Endalc: I have to say your English is getting better…better while I am still hopelessly lost in what you are trying to say. Keep it up! :)

  38. 38 endalc

    anonx – until im write for you . you know im desaid with me .lost to my time with you . becaues you are .wayderful .friends .last time u are .wirte meny wored. .but you are not with me u live .very far away. .so im myself .because .no love
    until im deach a gril. i doent how to can .to. do.prosesing. of coure im not fite beby beby .

  39. 39 helen

    I must say even if I dont understand endalc, he/she makes more sense than some of the folks over at weyiyit…

  40. 40 Bete

    That was terrific I enjoyed it a lot. I can’t wait for episode 3 and toothpick you were goooooooooooodddddddddddddddd I love you. for the producer, director and writer, Please don’t get discouraged by the haters, you have more lovers …keep it comin.

  41. 41 Anonx

    “until im write for you . you know im desaid with me .lost to my time with you .”

    Not all time is lost Endalc. They say in America ‘Better late than never.’

    “becaues you are .wayderful .friends .”

    Thank you for the nice words.

    “last time u are .wirte meny wored. .but you are not with me u live .very far away. .so im myself .because .no love
    until im deach a gril. i doent how to can .to. do.prosesing. of coure im not fite beby beby .”

    I live very far from where you live. That is right! But Bernos makes the distance between you and I very short. And I think some of us here do show you love (including Dinich)… beby beby :)

  42. 42 Chico Alowishus Bereket Jenkins

    I must say that this exchange between Endalc and Anonx is getting a little annoying here. Endalc please learn to spell (lol)!!!!!!

    So what you all think of that great wall chick. What is she supposed to be, some abesha secret agent or something? What, are we gonna have some abesha “Bourne Identity” up in this joint?!? Mnelik looks like he’s got a thing for the Semhar character. I see a hook up coming in 2 episodes. Robel’s character and his buddies at the bar were excellent. The convo flowed naturally and was entertaining. I look forward to seeying if those other characters are just cameo folks or will they be consitant parts of the storyline.

    I’m trying to find out how things unfold between Mamush and mamacita. I bet you he sealed the deal with an “abatesh manew, manew!!!!!” lol

  43. 43 Totit

    Anonx….finally u r communicating with endalc… i am loving it…:)

  44. 44 Anonx


    Bring on the next episode. So far, if I may have the liberty to summarize, the verdict is: habesha life may be different from other lives, but habesha sex is not–it’s all pink inside.

    So far you haven’t lived up to your theme song: habesha life, trying to make IT….

  45. 45 lamour

    Hey guys;

    Nice start. I already make friends with them characters. Don’t leave us sprung Ambesa.

  46. 46 Kassahun

    This is a typical habesha lol

  47. 47 piter

    @ meskerem:
    Hello how are you

  48. 48 Temelso

    Wey ne Temelso!!! what habesha!!! nothing close to habesha life. this is a real American life. so don’t mix up the the two things. I can say the film is ok but the content of the drama is not represents the real message, try change the character or the title of the drama.

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