Weird in Africa! 25 Comments

I find myself reading the weirdest things on the net. I thought I would share some of the things I find about on Africa every once in a while.

Inflation in Harare — a year ago I wrote about the inflation in Zimbabwe is whacking normalcy out of place. And now a teacher says that he can’t afford to work. Apparently the rate of his pay is decreasing on weekly because of fast fluctuations in inflation.

Charcoal Ban in Chad N’djamena officials apparently banned the use of charcoal in an effort to halt tree-cutting for fuel, which they said was essential to fight desertification. Now Chadians must find other ways to cook with out charcoal, and everyone is using furniture, cow dung, and trash.

Hey Dread Dreadlocks are now ok in Africa. I used to have dread locks about ten years ago as a teenager while in the Midwest. My grandmother and father came and saw it and were stunned shocked and begged me to cut it.

About a 3 year ago I had a conversation with a dreadlocked African American who was working for a year in various African cities. He said none of the business people could look past his dreads. Things are changing it seems. At least from popular culture perspective.

Goat Robber Seized Debunked this was big news all over the net last week, when it was reported that Nigerian police arrested a goat for stealing a car. Even BBC got a peace of it. Apparently the guy changed shape to a goat to avoid arrest. It seems the story is not over yet, but the government is appealing to the people to disregard the story as a Hoax.

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  1. 1 Beelu

    Well whaddya know? Bored at work and googling ur name after the FB e-mail i threw out…to find the meaning that is. Thanks for the permission to name my as-of-yet unconceived child after you. Now i remeber liking the name when i first joined ur e-mailing list @ Bernos wayyyy back…lost track…
    ** So what does it mean? **
    Did not check your archives to see if you did a blog about beautiful habesha names and their meanings…maybe too boring 4 your audience…
    and BTW, I am taking applications for the sperm donation thing you mentioned … beats the alternative of freezing my eggs @ 30. The application process is pretty exhaustive and extensive (is that redundant?lol)Anyhow…google ain’t got the meaning to ur name sooooo Nolawi = ????
    Goat Robber story…man, only in Africa!

  2. 2 Her

    i was laugn at the goat story …Ketchene style i remember this one time if am not mistaken it was in the year 1999 they said the caught this lady who has an evil eyeor what you call it ( Buda ) who could transform herself to Aya Jibo lol altho no one confirmed the real story

    And check out this one too… this is really weird

  3. 3 Nolawi

    I believe i sent a link to the meaning

  4. 4 eh?

    Dude, is the guy on the top left corner of that image hammering a nail into the “kid’s” ….??

  5. 5 Nolawi

    ya that is weird… the blood is spilling..

  6. 6 Anonx

    I see African ingenuity at work, African survival, not wierd. Wierd is all that egg freezing and cloning and sperm donation business… sorry Beelu–me think your baby should have Shakalokabangosha as a name :)

  7. 7 Sarah

    Just wondering wht a baby will looking like born from a frozen egg………..will it be normal human being……

  8. 8 Sarah

    I wouldn’t mind cloning ma self tho…..that be interesting

  9. 9 Beelu

    Got it Nolawi…thanks!

  10. 10 datdude

    zimbabwe is one country that shouldn’t be struggling. I know a few people who went to school there, apparently a very good educational system, fertile lands, just sad seeing what happened.

  11. 11 Nightingale

    Here is the link to the goat story if any one is interested. Kinda wierd.

  12. 12 helen

    It is a sad situation what is happening in Zim. It is/ was a great country. The problems they are having are as a result of policies instituted by Mugabe. Mainly the land redistribution issue – only about 8% of Zim land is arable, and more that 90% of it was owned by White Zimbabweans who are less than 1% of the population. To make the long and complicated story short and oversimplified, he took farms away from whites but didn’t give it to those who needed it and could farm but to his cronies, as dictators are apt to do. Economic chaos (>million % inflation), health crisis (3000 dead from cholera outbreak), food shortage etc, etc, etc… When in recent times Zim had food surpluses. I have oversimplified the issue a bit; Uk has a big role in this so do South Africa and other African countries by not holding Mugabe accountable and convinced/forced him to step down, China, US, UN etc. He is the stereotypical African despot. He is exactly like the fictional character “The Ruler” in Ngugi’wa Thiongo’s book Wizard of the Crow (highly recommended). It would have been funny if it wasn’t so tragic. The hope hope for Zim is, the country has good infrastructure; educated, passionate, and willing people so if there is change of gov’t (hopefully soon) they should be able to rebound and be great again.

  13. 13 datdude


    interesting breakdown,e i’ve been trying to keep up on Zimbabwe, Mugabe to me was someone I saw as an African hero, so i’m really saddened to hear how badly things are going there. My question though is who are those people you think the land should have gone to? because if the “capable” people means giving it back to the colonialists then I think he did the right thing. Anyway you must admit it is an impossible task to make everyone happy in such circumstances.

    The problem in African politics is people play this absolutist game, so the opposition will throw any and all allegations at their opponent (including colluding with foreign powers) to attain their goal. I’m not saying I disagree with you assesment but I know that Mugabe didn’t become such an ugly personality until the brits refused to pay for land reform in 97 (?), and they actively campaigned to smear him when settlers started taking over. Remember only a few years earlier he was Knighted by the Queen :)

  14. 14 helen

    Mugabe was a hero during the struggle for independence but he has lost everything of his hero status in the last few years.
    “My question though is who those people you think are
    the land should have gone to? because if
    the “capable” people means giving it back to the
    colonialists? ”
    There are plenty of black farmers who are capable and deserved the land more than Mugabe so called “war veteran” cronies. He wasn’t trying to help the people who were suffering but was only solidifying his power by rewarding the veterans. The Brits have are all in it as well, I agree. But the responsibility of the decline of Zim should fall on his shoulders. He sees Zim as his he is completely out of touch. I saw an interview with him about a year ago and the journalist asked him what he thought his people thought of him because of all the suffering they have been through lately – food shortage, hyper inflation, disease, etc… – he said I quote “My people think I am handsome” Can you imagine? He was being so glib about the suffering of his people and his hand in it. It was tragic. Because of his past hero status he gets a pass from other African leaders, Mbeki for one. Do you think it makes a difference to the people whether they are being oppressed and subjugated by one of their own or a European power?

  15. 15 datdude

    I guess the cronyism is the main problem, but I still don’t know how any kind of land distribution will not leave someone unhappy. So who is representing the ‘black farmers’ who could have capably taken over? Is this what the MDC stands for? Not a big fan of morgan, a western darling, but he seems to be the only opponent for the job. If you can point me to resources where I can read about this in detail i’d appreciate it.

  16. 16 Anonx

    I am ceaselessly buffled why the Brits especially whine and moan about Zim and allocate disproportionet air time to Zim…while in the scale of all things African, Zim is relatively peaceful, relatively democratic, relatively justful. Lets compare Mugabe with the other thugs the Brits cuddle and see which is a blood sucker. Things in Zim deteriotated so fast after many years of wait and I am to believe because Africans or the former fighters, orginally peasants and farmers mind you, dont know how to farm. I have bs alert on on this issue. This is just my beef on media coverage on Africa…

  17. 17 helen


    Check out this story. How tragic if true..

  18. 18 Armida Biley

    What a unique point of view. Is it okay if I Stumble this post?

  19. 19 bored

    do you have facebook or myspace?

  20. 20 Tara Dieterle

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