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They said record crowds, a moment in history and so on. So I went after a friend urged me. Although I was not looking to standing in the cold for hours, as I have done it a few times.

I have seen Obama a few times, at critical moments including the night before the election with 100,000 people.

Yesterday was crazy, I mean really crazy. The amount of people was astounding.

I was far, as you can see. I was my the monument, this form the statellite photos.

In context from the whole. Download this 51 meg picture of all the crowds.

52 Responses to “@ the Inaugration”

  1. 1 baby

    oh, whatever happened to not being excited by Obama anymore?

  2. 2 Nolawi

    when exactly did i say that baby. I clearly never said that – i might have said something else but u have to read it exactly as i said it…

  3. 3 Mestika

    Enkwan des yaleh Nolawi. You got to be part of a history. I wish I was there but couldnt. You can save this image to show your great grand kids. Oh wait! by then technology might not need you to tell them the story. They can find out on their own:)

  4. 4 mitimita

    How long did you stay there Nolawi?

  5. 5 Nolawi

    i was there for hours– basically it was four of us.. got some breakfast, then we walked there – got there at 10 am

    and it finished at 140ish

    we got stuck trying to leave

    then we walked to Georgetown had lunch and liquor – we finished at 4:30ish neger…

  6. 6 spacefog

    I was there. stood for 8 hours in total. A little bit annoyed with the tight security but everything was absolutely worth it.A thousand times better than watching it on TV

  7. 7 Nolawi

    Spacefog, so you came up from Costa Rica for the inauguration?

  8. 8 luli

    the entire time i was out there, found myself thinking ‘why couldn’t this be for ethiopia?’, even as I was saluting America. couldn’t help but envy all those people who were so proud of their country … looks on their faces, priceless!

  9. 9 spacefog

    Not for that … but I had things to do in NYC ..finished that and stayed for the inauguration.

  10. 10 Anonx

    Nolawi: I dont see you, can you zoom the picture a little in.

  11. 11 @Anonx

    Anonx, you must be joking. You can hardly miss Nolawi’s big head. Zoomed enough just fine for me.

    Nolawi, i hope you didn’t headbutt anyone with that big head of yours.

    Overall, nice day you had, historical one.

  12. 12 LoveJones

    WoW, WoW, WoW

    It was the most beautiful thing I have seen ever seen in my entire life. I was there since 7:30 AM and got to stand at the National Mall. Eventhough it was cold, it was worth it. People of all nations were there, people of all races, creed, age, and culture. Some of the different languages spoken in the crowd was spectacular. Spanish, Portugese, French, Italian, Swahilli, …etc.

    The best line is “I WAS THERE”.


  13. 13 Bez

    It was the most amazing experience I eva had, words couldnt describe that kind of feeling. I got to make it all the way at front so it made it even better lol. Wow!!! thats all there is to say!!!

  14. 14 Nolawi

    daym a lot of bernosians were there malete nuew… i am impressed.. gobezoch!

  15. 15 tpeace

    i was on the other side of the monument by the lodge thingie…can i just say i didn’t feel the cold one bit?? part of it was I bundled up reaaaal good– but also just so excited and energized! was incredible to see how inspired millions of people have been enough to brave the cold and such bad crowds i got to the mall around 9am and it was a fight to move around!! but the spirit was so friendly….talking to strangers…smiles around…helping each other rummage through the crowd.

    i am still in awe.

    i read this today and just couldn’t get over it…the rest of it didn’t even matter!

    “WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama is expected to issue an order on Thursday…”


    oh and luli…i feel ya sistah!

  16. 16 lilye

    Tpeace, I LOVE THE PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. 17 hewe

    Luli, I feel you on comment # 8-I was singing the star spangled banner and realized I actually don’t even know Ethio’s national anthem….it changes every time.

    BTW the hand & feet warmers work miracles, and so does thermacare for arthritis patients:)

  18. 18 tpeace

    me too lilye!

    here’re some more for u to enjoy

    the last one was just wow to me– if you know of the swazi ppl’s traditional cloth, they have the exact same one the lady is wearing with the mswati king’s image on it. the old lady in the pic looks like she got obama printed on the fabric…

  19. 19 tpeace
  20. 20 luli

    Hewe … its so funny, my roomate and I also tried to sing the whole anthem that day but failed! kinda embarassing … anyhoo, I’m posting a link to help you brush up on your skills ;)



  21. 21 Anonx

    Last tuesday I stayed home, had the entire house for myself, never turned my TV on. I dont feel bad now… looks like I had company like Dadude. And I donated money… I hope I live not to regret any of it but the feeling is I will regret one of it

  22. 22 Nolawi
  23. 23 Tsedey
  24. 24 Lulu

    I received the commemorative invitation with the raised gold color seal a few days before the event, that stated

    ” The Presidential Inaugural Committee requests the honor of your presence to attend and participate in the Inauguration of Barack H. Obama as President of the United States of America and Joseph R. Biden, Jr. as Vice President of the United States of America on Tuesday, the twentieth of January two thousand and nine in the City of Washington.”

    I am thinking I received it because I was a volunteer. Has anyone else received this invitation? Just curious. I heard they only printed a million copies.

  25. 25 Nolawi

    i got it too- i think anyone in the area that donated money got it

  26. 26 Anonx

    I got one Lulu. I didn’t volunteer. But I was an early early primary donor… that could be the reason if only a million are in print. They have something like 3 million donors.

  27. 27 Lulu

    Here is a link to a news site that talks about it


  28. 28 walid

    Yes, it was indeed an historic inauguration in every sense of the word. And those of you who donated and/or volunteered for his campaign should particularly feel proud for being a part of such an incredible history and help making it happen. Yes, get excited and more!


    “Oh, whatever happened to not being excited by Obama anymore?”

    Oh, Baby you sounded tired and disgruntled by all the euphoria surrounding Obama’s hard fought win and subsequent inauguration. But there is every reason to be excited (not to the extent of mania, of course) about him unless of course you are a wounded Hillary supporter. You surely understand why people throughout the world reacted as they were to his presidency. If it is any consolation, we will have plenty of time to bash him should he fail to live up to his promise

  29. 29 Nolawi


    classic pic

  30. 30 Ethio Jazz
  31. 31 justme

    ethio..those pictures were awesome..thanks for sharing

  32. 32 Anonx

    @ the person who pointed at me….
    Lemme say you are sick sick sick and wrong.
    You bruised my intestines, i had a hard time taking a shit the next day.

    this is for you from a friend who chocked at this..


  33. 33 story

    u r lucky to go!! I couldn’t go it was too cold for me so i watched on TV. I remember in 96 i went for clinton the weather was ok. I still remember it i saw his car drive by didn’t see his face but saw Hillary and Gore.
    It is special day u r really lucky u went there. did u get to see his car drive by would be nice if u share that story!!

  34. 34 hewe

    Story- aka tarik, just decided to delete my comment (by editing) cuz my sarcasm endayasdenegeteh/sh bemalet….but very tempting:)

  35. 35 Nolawi

    how about this… As Obama car was passing by I was stuck behind the 7000 porter potties.. scrunched in as the security closed us off from trying to leave..

    There was some people standing on the top of the porter potties= i was waiting for one of them to fall…

    there was a guy talking shit about his wife…

    and this is Nolawi freezing with caporta sweater/hoodie ear muffs and scarfs

  36. 36 story

    hewe lol that is my real name funny i was like is that my sister coz u said my real name lol!! i don’t know what u r saying but have nothing 2 do with your comments.

    nolawi omg!! guess things have changed since the 96 one!! i guess back in 96 there was less security coz ppl just lined up on the streets holding flags waiting for clinton’s car to drive by. post 9-11 i guess security is this tight from what i read in ur comment. thanks for u story. even if u didn’t see his car at least u got outside good job.

  37. 37 hewe

    Tarik- Kerstyan tesfa aykortem -you’re still thinking about the car:)

  38. 38 Ethio Jazz

    Anytime Justme. How are you by the way? Its been ages. I’ve begged Nolawi to restart BP but to no avail. Nolawi: benatih start it up again.

  39. 39 lilye

    I second Jazz, benatih, begzer, be addisu president RESTART BP PLEASE!!!!!

  40. 40 Dinich


    Hope all is well with ya…..lol @ be addisu president….

    I think u need this…:)))


  41. 41 Ethio Jazz

    lol @ beaddisu president. lilye, great to see you here. How’ve you been? I don’t think Nolawi will answer to our request. Completely qerqeronal!

    lol Dini.

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  43. 43 Earl

    That’s an awesome point

  44. 44 Valentina

    Right on my man!

  45. 45 sabai

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