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A ‘Crew’ for this blurb is a noun which Webster has nicely described as:

A group of people associated together in a common activity or by common traits or interests”

I do ‘get- togethers’ I call them; at my place on average about every two months. It’s a small place, except the kitchen, the kitchen is great.

It’s been an unwritten rule of sorts that I invite people from one crew. I don’t mix crews. My poker buddies, I call them — which are guys, about 5 of them. We have a poker and dinner once in a while.

Then there are the old lady friends, girls that are long been friends and it kinda becomes tea with chit chat and there are two or three girls who are platonic friends of mine.

A lot more often the bernos crew comes over and we hang out eat dinner and talk, although we haven’t done that in a while.

My really close friends, two of them never come to my place, we just meet out and eat dinner and have drinks or coffee and we party.

Once in a while I would invite the family dudes, uncles mostly, and we have Sunday breakfast with a lot of bacon. Everyone in my family likes bacon.

Over the last three months though I haven’t done anything mostly I was busy because of events or because I in between jobs.

But now, over the last week I went to holiday gatherings and for some reason I am in a social mood. I do enjoy the gatherings, the small gatherings with different crews without too much background music, so I am going to invite a few people from different crews.

On my birthday, I had a surprise party and there was like 25 people crammed in my apartment and it was so much fun and so interesting because most of the people didn’t actually hang out together before. We had fun and I had to kick some people out after 4 pm.

I think 25 is too much but 12 will be great, so I think I will have a Christmas party two days after Christmas and invite 12 or so people who in one of my crews but not necessarily involved with each other.

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  1. 1 Guadegna

    I sometimes have get togethers just for me and my girlfriends food drinks and music…..oooohhhh good times. We loose track of time and have a blast :) sometimes the get together is for moms and kids so the kids can hang out and we hang out. Nolawi thanks for the idea having post holiday get together sounds good :)

  2. 2 C

    I always think the more, the merrier. When there are lots of bodies, it forces standing room only and movement which means people are more likely to venture outside of their safety zones.

    Happy crazy belated birthday!

  3. 3 Tsilat

    Noly….You should have tour party on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday next week. I will be there. It was a last miniute thing that is why I haven’t told you about it. BTW I am staying with you.

    I will help you cook!

  4. 4 Nolawi

    last minute plans…

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