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bernos sale 14.95

Oh Ya, the choice of drink for me is Chivas Regal; it’s been a long time since I had a drink — about two months.

So on my way home from work on Tuesday I get a phone call from an old friend who I hadn’t seen in two years asking me to come by the bar for a drink.

chivasThe cute bartender at the outside patio bar was wearing a bernos t-shirt and really short shorts and sneakers. I sat there watching her reach of the drinks and my friend asked me to grab a drink.

I ordered a double Chivas on the rocks. The blended whiskey comes in two ages – 12 or 18 years in the barrel and when you order Chivas, it’s assumed you are getting the 12 years version.

After an hour of “how was your summer” talk, I am feeling the liquor drenching me.

The bill came up to be 30 something – Even though I thought the bill was steep I didn’t ask for an explanation, but I did ask for a receipt. Apparently she had given me the premium 18 year old Chivas at 16$ a pop and thus one double Chivas $32.

I was like sh** I can get two graphic tees for that, I told my friend and tipped the girl a generous amount since she was after all wearing a bernos tee at her summer bartending job.

And Super Summer Ends you can get two bernos tees for less than the price off a really good drink.

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15 Responses to “Super Summer”

  1. 1 MIchael Phelp Rocks

    Hate liquor. I like Bud Light, because that’s what Michael Phelps drinks. I wish she had given you a bud light and had told you it was the 32 year old Chivaz.

    And only charging you $3.

  2. 2 toothpick

    That has GOT to be the most bizarre user comment on bernos so far.

  3. 3 yachilej

    ‘rocks, I’m just not convinced that you’re a fan…

    i really wish I could develop a LOVE for whiskey like overnite…it will always remind me of my parents, who i wanna be like when I grow up :)

    so, y’all gonna play this shiyach by ear or you have an “out” date in mind? i want more than a couple so i gotta wait for a nice chunk of “overtime”..know what i mean?

  4. 4 Michael Phelp Rocks

    Tothpick – or shall we name you “Comment police”. Piss-off. Bizarre would be you and the rediculous ones like you that feel entitled to step on someone’s toe.

    Yachilij – Or should we name you “Yetowa Lij”. Fan? A fan of what exactly? I am a fan of Obama, a fan of Michael Phelps, and shall i continue? I think you get the drift. It is not easy to make a fan of someone. Please do not have expectancy of any kind. We don’t walk, look, and act the same. That’s what varitey is for you here.

  5. 5 yachilej

    what just happened?

  6. 6 Tobian


    This is brilliant.

  7. 7 maebel

    toothpick still rocks!

  8. 8 Mamitu

    I am lost! lost! I tell you. I couldn’t understand a thing any one is saying, it must be the age thing. :(

  9. 9 Mikematic

    Does super summer have any relation with the emergence of a new super power (Russia) ?

  10. 10 Lewis Ray

    The 18 year aged is great but the 25 that was released is amazing. It is one worth drinking. They also have 2 50 year old mixes but you have to specifically ask for them as they are not cheap. Chivas Regal is an amazing whiskey, well worth the money spent.

  11. 11 Nolawi

    @ Lewis Ray:
    thanks lewis i will try the 25 year old with my cohiba’s from DR a friend got me

  12. 12 Andrew

    I have to agree , I drunk Chivas Regal when I was at my friends party , it has a good taste not like other whiskeys.

  13. 13 Britt Borden

    Thank you for another informative blog. Where else could anyone get that kind of information written

  14. 14 Larae

    Right on my man!

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